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Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 3


Ben Skrzypek FS 5-0 [P] Blair Alley


BQE DIY [P] Chris Martin

Editorial Nathan Keegan Holly Wood Mike Gustafson Andria Gemma-Rossi Bruce King

Staff Photographers: Chris Martin Sam McKenna Jimmy Collins Jon Wolf

Contributing Photographers: Rodent Ryan Wagner Mecky Creus Camden Moriarty Wes Cunningham Blair Kemp Kevin Leroy Madden Mike Greenwood Corey McKenna Zach Burke Blair Alley

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4 | Step Dad | Winter 2012

Zach Lyons Nosegrind [p] Rodent

Fred Gall

Wallride [p] Chris Martin

Nolan Lee

Frontside Flip [p] Chris Martin


Heelflip [p] Chris Martin

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 5


Nathan Keegan

Ryan Fonazo. I tried to figure out an article to write for this one, within that a good childhood friend passed away, Ryan Fonazo. Needless to say, he was an amazing skater but beyond that, he was a solid, good person. Even at a young age I remember talking to him about real life shit. We went our separate paths over the years but my memories of him and our best years of skateboarding will last forever.I haven’t forgotten anything. He was one of very few people that could crack me up. Best prank calls ever. You died way too young homie. You will be missed.

6 | Step Dad | Winter 2012

SHAWN CONNOLLY Words: Mike Gustafson Photos: Ryan Wagner & Mecky Creus

Mike Gustafson: What’s up Shawn? It seems like most of the footage I’ve seen of you over the years has been filmed in and around San Francisco. How long have you lived out in the Bay Area and who do usually skate with? Shawn Connolly: That’s true. About 98 percent of my footy has been in SF with the exception of a few summers in Philly. I’ve been anchored to this city for a while. About 17 years. This year I’m closing in on a 1:1 ratio of years living in Maine to SF. As far as having a skate crew, I will skate with whomever is down. I will follow anybody who is willing to show me their idea of a day of skating. I especially enjoy skating with Mecky Creus, Gershon Mosley, Jason Wussler, Greg Gardner, Big Pauly Harper, and I always enjoy being in the company of Carlos Young when I can. MG: In all that time spent in the streets, I’m going to surmise that you were privy to more than a few surreal experiences. What is one particular anecdote that sticks out to you? SC: Some of the most outrageous things that happen in the streets are the things

you second guess after they happen. Questioning if they happened in the first place. My first encounter meeting a fellow skater, Kenny Reed in Union Square was surreal. 16 years later I don’t know anyone with more skateboard spontaneity. Another story: On my old corner in the TL, we used to eat at Thai Noodle Cafe. I’m in line ordering take out and a guy walks in, and in one single motion, pukes on himself and the tile floor in front of him, and slips in it onto his back, flinging the pile of yack onto a table full of people eating food. All of this is done in one motion in a matter of seconds. It’s cool when something is so funny that you laugh even when you are by yourself. MG: I see your actively involved in the S.F. Skate Club. It seems like a really great thing to be doing for the younger generation of skateboarders. Can you go into a bit of detail about what the club does and how people can help support it?

“...go drink but

SC: Simply put, we create a safe space for kids to skate, make friends, and have fun being active and healthy. I have been running the program for 6 years now. Anyone that would like to learn more, can look us up at If people

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 7

would like to donate funds, then we have a not-for-profit arm, called HealThier Foundations that also oversees The Thrive House for Youth, another youth program that I am apart of. All donations made to HealThier Foundations/The Thrive House for Youth are tax deductible ( I consider myself lucky to be able to make an impact on some of the next generation of skaters - kids that will be skaters for a lifetime. MG: I know it’s been a minute, but congrats on the board you have with Circle-A. How did you get involved with them and how has that been experience been?

“I’m in line ordering take out and a guy walks in, and in one single motion, pukes on himself and the tile floor in front of him, and slips in it onto his back...”

SC: Thanks. I have had the pleasure of sharing a part with Mr. Gershon Mosley, a skater that affected me in my youth and remains an influence as a veteran pro to me and a bunch of people who know

Shawn Connolly SW Pop Shuv [p] Ryan Wagner

what’s up. I became involved with Circle-A through Gershon. Circle-A means anarchy, a political ideology that is often misconstrued. A belief in peace and freedom is actually at the root of anarchy. MG: Who else are you riding for these days and do you have any video projects lined up? SC: I also skate for Venture, Roughneck Hardware and FTC. I am working on the tail end of my FTC online part. So far, everything is filmed in SF. Anchored.

MG: And, lastly, what is the highest amount of boards you have seen Ben Mugford break in one day? SC: When a man has a size-14, Shaqesque, white, Etnies Rap, even its shadow could break a countless number of average and modestly concave Menace decks.

8 | Step Dad | Winter 2012


Wallride [p] Chris Martin

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 9

Sawyer Driver-Schroeder Front Smith [p] Camden Moriarty

Taylor Spinney Feeble Pop Out [p] Wes Cunningham

10 | Step Dad | Winter 2012

Garrett Brooks SW Nose [p] Sam McKenna

12 | Step Dad | Winter 2012



Words: Mike Gustafson Photos: Kevin Leroy Madden

180 Nosegrind

Mike Gustafson: What’s up, Pete? Who’s gotten the worst prank call from you over the years? Anybody ever get real heated? Pete Moulton: Haha, I am not sure. None of them are very good and I don’t usually try to get people mad. It’s just funny to me if I can confuse people or make them think they are in a weird situation. MG: How long have you been skating? I know you used to roll pretty deep in that Dodge Caravan, was it? What’s a good story from the days of the van? Did any of the fellas ever pick up any sexy ladies in it? PM: I have been skating since I was about 13, so half my life. I used to drive my moms Honda Odyssey for about 6 years, haha. It had a terrible built in GPS and those automatic doors. We used to always drive in Boston and stop by either groups of people or just strange people and I could make

the back door slide open so the person sitting in the back would have no choice but to just be right there with the people staring at them, haha. Um, probably about 5 years ago we were at Peabody McDonalds with my friend Pat Gleason and he got a cheeseburger or something and he was upset about the service or the burger so when he came out he smeared a bunch of ketchup and his burger all over the outside McDonalds window. I drove away but some guy followed me and blocked us in the van on a dead end street and the police came. Gleason had run away but all they made me do was wipe off the windows I think, haha. MG: Where you skating these days and have you been working on any video projects? Filming with Leroy at all? Has he gone full Asian conversion yet or is he still in the transitional stages? PM: I’ve mostly just been skating little parks around Lowell. I went up and

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 13

skated with you guys in Portland with Mont and Dan recently which was sick. I haven’t really been filming anything, I tried to film some stuff in Portland with Jay. I wish I saw Leroy recently. He came down to Lowell a while ago with some guys from Boston which was really sick. Was he planning on becoming Asian? How would he do that? MG: What’s the farthest you ever took that van on a skate trip? That thing must have been a disaster afterwards.

which faction you belong? PM: I’ve never been to either. MG: Some people say you have a style very similar to Stefan Janoski, I agree with this statement. I think it’s the casualness in which you tend to skate. How do you achieve such a stress free aura? Is yoga involved? Eastern philosophy and meditation, perhaps? Or do you have a madam that you visit in a Thai “massage parlor” located in a back alley in Lowell, MA?

PM: Um, we went to Atlanta to stay at Leroys about two PM: Haha, I’ve or three years ago. definitely never It was a long drive heard that and I and Mukasa broke don’t think I have Pete Moulton the car. I think he any casualness, SW 5050 just presses on hahahaha. May[p] Kevin Leroy Madden both pedals at the be you’re making same time. It was fun of me. I’m not no messier than usual. Staying in At- sure. Sean calls me “Stiff Peter” which lanta with Leroy was the sickest. His I would guess is a more realistic deparents had a party on New Year’s and scription. they had a bunch of friends over. Mukasa knocked down some old lady I MG: What song would choose to sing think. Mont also passed out in Leroy’s in a karaoke bar? brothers bed and refused to get out, hahaha, and some dude was playing PM: I would never do that. on these buckets and started to chant “Any of you Boston fags wanna play MG: Well, I think that about does it. some drums?!” after we declined the You wanna add anything in? Sponoffer to join him. sors? Words of wisdom? MG: There seems to be two schools of thought over weather Anna’s Taqueria or El Pelon makes the superior burrito in Boston. Will you go on record as to

PM: Umm, nope, no sponsors, Danvers and Nashua Eastern Boarder are always super cool to me. I have no words of wisdom, sorry haha.

12/11/60 - 12/6/12

James Engle

BS Noseblunt [p] Corey McKenna

Phil Engle

Front Tail [p] Corey McKenna

Robin Stoddard Crook [p] Zach Burke

16 | Step Dad | Winter 2012

Jay Brown

Fakie Back Tail [p] Sam McKenna

Winter Fall 2012 | Step Dad | 17 21

Chris Martin Ollie [p] JZ

Josh Riviere

Smith [p] Mike Greenwood

Ben Cironi

Backside Flip [p] Sam McKenna

18 | Step Dad | Winter 2012

Alex Maldonado Noseslide Revert [p] Camden Moriarty

Darryl Collins

Front Board Pop Out [p] Blair Kemp

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 19

Letters from the Inside Words: Bruce King

Entry #3 – The Distortion of Sexuality via Commodification Today the range is buzzing for mail call. Every mail call is the event of the day. I’ve even subscribed to 15 publications just to make it more likely that I will receive something as often as possible. What makes today so exciting, however, is that several inmates received this month’s new issue of “Smooth,” a black men’s magazine that showcases hourglass/ apple bottom type women. Being halfwhite and half Mexican, I find myself as excited as the next man—especially by the Latina women. Yet, I find myself concerned at the same time, not by the shape of these women, but rather the depiction of females as a whole.

I feel as though I’m living an extreme version of the Marathon song, “Photosynthesis.” More than anything, I fear that this will make it very difficult to accept any future mates as they are. I wish I could simply exorcize it all, but it is my only sexual outlet. The funny thing is that I’ve heard these sentiments expressed by other inmates with no interest in gender equality or social issues. Even without this barrier, having a relationship post-incarceration is hard enough. Perhaps such anxiety is inevitable.

“...pocket pussies made of rubber gloves, vaseline, hot water, and feathers.”

Living in an artificially single-sexed world can be a perverting experience. While pornography became contraband a few years ago, it is still readily available, as is just about anything else you could want. However, even mainstream magazines like Maxim and GQ contribute to my developing concern. Our only views of women in here are through television and magazines. These media tend to commodify sexuality and when they are exclusive creators of sexual perception, create an unreachable standard. Air-brushing, plastic surgery, and excessive dieting become the norm. Also, youth is worshipped in these images and they are creating unreachable expectations in me.

I am single, and my mother lives quite a distance away, thus I’ve only received a handful of visits, yet the transition is already becoming evident. I have surpassed the early stages where I find myself turned on by anything lacking a y-chromosome. I now find that, while in the visiting room, I focus most of my attention to the drug dealers’ girlfriends with excessive makeup and breast augmentation. The overall damage probably won’t be evident ‘til I hit the streets and attempt dating normal women. For now, I’ve little choice but to return to the world of FiFi’s (pocket pussies made of rubber gloves, vaseline, hot water, and feathers – they usually sell for 2 tunas), and to shower in stalls with photocopied porno plastered to the walls, and attempt to maintain perspective via the abstract.

28 Days Later

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 21

A month in rehab.

In connection with last month’s You better enjoy these fifteen minutes!!! This is a period of time when you can do whatever. Lot’s of article I decided it would be a people just segregate outside and chain-smoke cigarettes. great idea if I followed up with my 10:15am - 11:45am experience in and out of rehab This is what we call “Core Group”. (the longest through the years. and worst group in my opinion.) Basically, how I You’re getting ready to go to rehab and you’re understandably scared. You know you need help but you have no idea what daily life in a drug and alcohol treatment center is really like. And all of the questions you asked during the admissions process were hard to grasp, considering this is a life-changing decision. I want to put your mind at ease with this article by explaining to you how drug rehab works and what your life will be like for the next 28 days.


perceived it, was that it was a complete bitch fest. The woman and men are separated for this particular group. All the patients are mandated to attend this meeting. Theres anywhere between 12-14 of us. There is one counselor and she goes around the room and has us all check-in. How we’re feeling, what’s on our minds, the know where I’m going with this. And after that, it’s a free fall of emotions, anger, tears, etc. If you come out of that alive we have a break before lunch.

“If you come out of

To combat the highly addictive nature of heroin, physicians may use other medications to alleviate cravings and eventually wean addicts off the drug in a heroin detox. The medications that are most commonly prescribed usually have a specific schedule on which they must be taken to be truly effective. Sometimes there are other risks associated with taking these medications, and monitoring their use is often suggested. Heroin detox is time consuming. It can take weeks or even months to be free from the drug’s effects, depending on the severity of the addiction.

that alive we have a break before lunch.”

8:00am - 10:00am After your initial detox, you will enter the community. We have morning circle Monday through Saturday. Morning circle is a time when we as a group, men and women, listen to the stories of other addicts in recovery and we discuss the feelings and issues we may be experiencing while we learn how to not depend on drugs and alcohol. A sense of community is felt and any conflicts between residents can be resolved at this time. Morning circle also prepares you for attending aftercare once drug and alcohol rehab is completed.

10:00am - 10:15am Break

11:45am - 12:15pm Break 12:15pm - 12:45pm We all sit down as a community and have lunch together. I will say the food was pretty good.

12:45pm - 3:05pm This group is a educational presentation. Sometimes we have a visitor from the outside world come into the facility. It changes week to week on what the presentation is about.

3:15pm - 4:30pm This is called health and wellness. If staff allows we can also partake in acudetox. It’s pretty much free time. We can participate in sports/outdoors activities, yoga, board games. Acudetox is when a qualified liceansed doctor will come. You sit in a quite circle with the lights off. He then goes around and put’s these tiny neddles into your ear. Your supposed to be able to relax at this time, but I found nothing about being poked with needles relaxing.

4:30pm We set up for dinner and eat as a community. After all is said and done that’s pretty much sums up the day. For more information on where to get help visit or

Jon Green

Noseslide [p] Mike Greenwood

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 23


Holly Wood

Amazing...actually, there was nothing amazing about it... As a twenty-year-old girl I was lost; then again I am sure that I am still a bit lost at 31. For a few short months I spent some of my days re-organizing and judging people. Who was I (while making $8 an hour) to judge anyone, let alone those extra creepy frat boys who came in to the store to rent fetish DVDs? The memories from that time are a bit foggy but I am sure that can be attributed to the large amount of pot I was smoking in the employee’s bathroom during my shifts. There are two distinct things that do stand out. One involves a man who would come in and masturbate while looking at the covers of the rental videos. I was always left wondering why he didn’t just spend the $3.99 and jerk his little dick in private. I know if I was a man - with such a small member - I would never have let it see the light of day. Even right before he left his man germs on the wall, it was never bigger than a taquito. (I would always hold my ground and refuse to clean his mess up claiming that I had a phobia of germs and would vomit and have a melt down). I bet his mother would be proud. The second memory was the never-ending need to replace our video head cleaner inventory. I wish that I could describe the bottle and exactly how it worked but I never could work up the nerve to even open the bottle. I could not for the life of me understand why anyone would buy a cleaning chemical to inhale as they climaxed. Who ever realized that your orgasm could be enhanced by the stuff used to clean a VCR must have been really bored and unsatisfied. As I stood there on Friday nights I would wait for the Ram Rod (the gay club next door) to open up so that the men could flow through the store to buy their ‘load exploders’ as we started to call them. Sales were never anything I was very good at, I couldn’t sell water to a dehydrated camel, but in this situation I excelled. As the supply of load exploders would get low I would inform the fine gentle-

o ahead and the whiskey, don’t jump.”

men of the situation. They would double their purchase and I would send them out the door with a perfected right eyewink. It was one of those ‘you owe me’ winks that I am sure haunted them as they clamped up their nipples and took the whippings all while trying to inhale.

“Who ever realized that your orgasm could be enhanced by the stuff used to clean a VCR must have been really bored...” I am, and have always been, a firm believer in the ends justifying the means. I assured myself each night before closing up the store that the demo DVDs that I was ‘borrowing’ would never be missed. I was right about this, at least while I worked there. Anyone who smokes large amounts of pot knows that a reasonable high cannot be maintained on a measly $8 an hour. My first stop on my way home was always at my buddy’s house where I would trade the DVDs for an eighth, hoping that it would be enough to get me through the following day hustling garbage to the people you would never suspect of purchasing the nastiest of movies. Part of me wishes that I didn’t smoke so much while working there, I would remember more of the funny stories but maybe they just are not meant to be remembered. So to all the frat boys who came in to rent something for their weekend house porn parties I would like to say I am sorry for switching your rentals out with something I knew would embarrass pee porn. Actually, I take that back. I hope you were ridiculed for weeks.

Winter 2012 | Step Dad | 25

Juan Carlos Backside Flip [p] Jon Wolf

26 | Step Dad | Winter 2012

Patrick Farrell’s fantastic tattoo.

Seavy and Trevor shotgun.

Step Dad Winter 2012