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QUICKHELP: GPS Collective help social network for micro communities WHAT´S QUICKHELP? Quickhelp is a new free collective social network in real time for micro and macro communities. The concept is very simple, we'll use collectivity to fix all kinds of needs that people experience from day to day. This ranges from a coffee date to avoiding a possible rape. Our social network revolves around our QUICK button. When a user presses this button he will be able to access his needs (company, help, love, money, education, etc), just after a gps signal is sent . This signal will appear on the map of the main page of our website with your problem and your exact location, that way all users around you (or just the ones you choose) can see it and help you out. For example, when pressing "quickcompany" you can send your location and your need (to watch a movie, take a walk, meet someone, go on a trip) to other users in your comunity so the`ll be able to see your location and join you. On the other side you can use the "Quick" button to ask for help in really extreme situations, like if you are beeing robbed, raped, kidnapped, a medical emergency and many others. This means that if you are home alone and you break your leg, or you are having a heart attack, you can easily press the "Quick Emergency" button and you will send your location to all your friends, family and authorities in your area. This kind of social network can change the way we communicate and interact with other people. It's not longer just posting a "status" in your Facebook or Twitter, now you'll be able to really share your feelings and create a whole new reallity like never before. Basicly, if you are all alone at night and you notice that someone broke into your house and is about to robbe you or something worst, press the "theft" button in your mobile phone, tablet or pc and you'll instantly appear in our map before the authorities, your family, your friends, your whole neigbourhood, country or even the whole world, as you choose, so they can help you, Quickly in real time. You can set the propper priavacy for the messages you send.


QUICKHELP: GPS Collective help social network for micro communities  

<b>WHAT´S QUICKHELP?</b><br /><br />Quickhelp is a...