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|PS3.NoXx| |PS3.NoXx| |PS3.NoXx||PS3.NoXx| |PS3.NoXx||PS3.NoXx| Rainbow Six Vegas ( [OPM] Alpha ) Achievements: - Won the first RSV ConsoleGaming Tournament - Finished 3rd on the CG ladder - Won The Crown - Beaten every Top 10 Clan Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ( [eM'] Electronic Minded ) Stats: 58-20 Achievements: - Second place on the first CG Ladder, disbanded shortly after because of Leader problems. - ‘Spacid’, ‘xMaThY’ and ‘ArQuLa’ in the Belgian CG team (that won the CG country tourney) Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ( [KaoS] Contingency MGC ) Stats: First ladder: 23-2 Second ladder: 64-16 Third ladder: 60-15 Achievements: - 1v1 Lan GameAddicts@Amsterdam Winners (‘ArQuLa’) 250 €

- 4v4 Lan GameAddicts@Amsterdam Winners (‘ArQuLa’, ’Djokke’, ’xMaThY’, ’Land3ros’) 400 €

- King Of The Hill Third CG Ladder

- Winners CG Doubles Tournament (‘xMaThY’ and ‘BobbyJoeKing’)

- Runners Up CG Doubles Tournament (‘Spacid’ and ‘lolnr1’)

- Winners ClanBase Promod Cup (‘steveybrown’, ‘rhys136’, ‘ArQuLa’, ‘xMaThY’, ‘Spacid’) 5x Clanbase T-shirts

- Winners Search ‘N’ Destroy Decerto v2 CG tournament

Call Of Duty 5: World at War ( [KaoS] Contingency MGC ) Stats: First Ladder: 37-1 Achievements: - Won the First CG Clan Tournament

- Runner Up First CG Bolt Action Tournament

- Finished Second on the CG Clan Ladder Other Achievements - 1st The GameHouse Lan @Antwerp Time Race X360 NFS: Shift (‘Spacid’) Hardware (X360 Elite) - 1st The GameHouse Lan @Antwerp 1v1 PS3 Fifa 10 (‘xMaThY’) Hardware (PS3 Slim) - 1st The GameHouse Lan @Antwerp 1v1 PS3 CoD4 (‘ArQuLa’) Hardware (PS3 Slim)

Management: Tom ‘Foobree’ Van Heymbeeck, Mathias ‘xMaThY’ Spiessens and Sten ‘Spacid’ Viña Team Codename: ‘PS3.NoXx’ Sources: ; ; ; and

|PS3.NoXx| |PS3.NoXx| |PS3.NoXx||PS3.NoXx| |PS3.NoXx||PS3.NoXx|


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