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vol. XXXII, issue 6 north carolina school of science and mathematics

may 2013

Inspiring speakers lined up for 32nd NCSSM commencement By Jungsu Hong As the 2012-2013 school comes to a close, seniors and juniors alike are anxiously waiting for the annual NCSSM commencement ceremony. The NCSSM 32nd Commencement Keynote Speaker has been determined to be Dan Ariely, a James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University. Considered one of the leading behavioral economists, Ariely is the author of New York Times bestsellers “Predictably Irrational”, “The Upside of Irrationality”, and “The Honest Truth about Dishonesty” and has appeared on National Public Radio and TED talks that have been viewed over 4.8 million times.

Ariely is an Israeli American who was born in New York City and raised in Israel. Ariely was a math and physics major at Tel Aviv University before switching majors to philosophy and psychology. He eventually solely focused his education in psychology and in 1991 received his B.A. in psychology. He continued on his education to receive his M.A. in 1994 and his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1996. With the encouragement of Nobel economic sciences laureate Daniel Kahneman, Ariely pursued a second doctorate in business administration from Duke University in 1998. Ariely taught at MIT from 1998 to 2008 after receiving his Ph.D.,

as an Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Behavioral Economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is a founding member of the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, which pursues research in subjects such as the psychology of money, medical decisionmaking, cheating, and social justice. In 2008, Ariely and his coauthors were awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in medicine for their research demonstrating that “high-priced fake medicine is more effective than low-priced fake medicine”. Ariely currently has appointments at Duke in the Fuqua School of Business, the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, the Department of Economics, and the School

of Medicine. Along with Ariely this year, senior Shaza Gaballah will be the student speaker at the commencement ceremony Each year seniors are given guidelines and a deadline to send in potential speeches and a selection committee blindly judges the speeches and chooses the speaker. “I guess because most of us would be valedictorians at our old schools and give the commencement speech, I feel much honored to be giving this commencement speech. My goal was to encompass what it was like to be here, for people to get what my experience was like at Science and Math”, said Gaballah. The NCSSM student body is looking forward to hearing the student given commencement

speech, as this is a NCSSM tradition. “I think Shaza is the perfect Student Speaker because not only do I pronounce her name differently every time I say it, but she epitomizes the positive Science and Math experience. Not only is she a leader amongst our peers, she is also a leader for our generation. I have immense respect for Shaza,” said senior Joey Lew. The commencement ceremony will be held on Watts lawn and is open to the public. The 32nd commencement ceremony will be a bittersweet event as seniors become grandseniors and begin new chapters of their lives, while juniors say good-bye to their beloved senior friends.

TEDx returns to NCSSM By Adam Beyer

On April 13, NCSSM students had the opportunity to attend NCSSM’s second annual TEDx conference. Featured this year were HIV researcher Dr. Myron Cohen, editor of NPR’s Science Friday Flora Lichtman, director of the Nature Research Center at the NC Museum of Natural Science Meg Lowman, and entrepreneur and NCSSM alum Carl Ryden. TEDx is a community organized event started with the same mission as the TED conferences and video series: “ideas worth spreading”. TEDx seeks to bring together speakers who are leaders in their respective fields to share their perhaps seemingly disparate ideas and research to encourage interdisciplinary thought in order to effect positive change

In this issue...

Meg Lowman, Flora Lichtman, Myron Cohen, and Carl Ryden, this year’s TEDxNCSSM speakers for the world. Since January, a hardworking committee of NCSSM students with the leadership of the Dean of Science, Amy Sheck, organized the conference, choosing speakers, coordinating details,

Senior Wills p4-7,10-14

Courtesy of TEDxNCSSM speakers

and publicizing the event. “Speakers were chosen by considering prominent figures who we felt were accessible and fit with our theme, “Turning Points,” as suggested by various members,” said senior Christie Jiang, member

John Green p3

of the executive organizing committee. “We looked for speakers with enthusiasm, relevance to our student body, and personal ties to NCSSM.” “My hope is that students were inspired to blend their varied passions with effective

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communication skills to be able to realize ways they can make a difference,” said junior Hannah McShea who attended and designed graphics for the event. “There was a strong sense of creative energy in the room and I felt students and community members had a good opportunity to connect.” In order to attend, students completed an application that included a field for a seven word or less description of their hobbies, skills and interests. This was displayed on their nametags in order to serve to catalyze interactions within the audience which was be comprised of approximately 60 NCSSM students and faculty, local Durham students, and dignitaries from the area who have contributed to or have a vested interest in science education.

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may 2013

the stentorian | ncssm

Student Life curriculum NCSSM fights to see major overhaul hunger with fourth food drive next school year By Su Cho

By Carl Yin Both junior and senior student life classes, starting next school year, will see significant changes in curriculum. The Student Life program will be rebranded as “Residential Education” (RE). Incoming juniors will begin Residential Education with a trimester-long course covering much of the SL101 health curriculum. Following the first trimester of SL101, juniors will be able to choose their next two Residential Education courses for the year. These courses are all a single trimester in length, and will cover a variety of topics. The topics covered next year will be Public Speaking 1, Public Speaking 2, Financial Planning, Marketing U, Leadership, and Diversity. Marketing U will be a course similar to thirdtrimester SL101 this year, where students will practice interviewing and making résumés. The new Leadership class will cover topics similar to those in the Leadership

seminars, and could eliminate the seminars for following years. These courses were chosen from the advice of juniors this year, who were asked to choose their favorite options out of twelve potential courses earlier this year. The possibility of courses being added and dropped to Residential Education is a possibility for future years to come. For rising seniors, Senior Student Life will be completely restructured, becoming more than a bi-monthly Monday meeting. In place, a new curriculum similar to that of the junior class will be put into place. Seniors will have to take two more one-trimester long Residential Education courses, which they are free to choose from the available courses as mentioned previously. The grading of Student Life will also be modified for this new curriculum. For future Residential Education courses, there will be an ABCDF grading scale instead of simple pass/fail. Moreover, the grades issued will factor into the GPA of students starting next year.

All Residential Education courses will be given a 4.0 weight, becoming the first NCSSM courses to have a weight below 5.0. The courses will continue to be once a week for all Residential Education courses available. The upcoming plans for the Student Life curriculum has seen generally positive views from students and staff alike. “There are some interesting topics in the curriculum”, said junior Samuel Lee. “Once a week is tolerable and shouldn’t be a problem.” “I think it’s a good idea”, stated senior Emmanuel Assa. “Those are important skills that many students do not get out of high school. By giving students options, it allows them to choose what they want to learn.” Emmie Corl, SLI on 1st Royall and Student Life Instructor, stated, “I think it is a very beneficial change. Students will get the chance to choose what their interest is, and get a further education in the basic concepts covered in the previous Student Life course.”

Anita Simha and Vice Chancellor of Academic Programs Steve Warshaw make a cameo in NCSSM’s LipDub video

Students helped fight against hunger by volunteering at the fourth annual NCSSM Food Drive on March 23. However, what makes this year different from the last three years is the school’s involvement with the Fox Fifty Lip Dub Project. The goal for this year’s food drive was to collect 50,000 pounds of food. Another goal for the food drive was to cross the one million pound mark since the first food drive four years ago. This year, the UNI’s Fighting Hunger Club hoped to bring the NCSSM community together. The club wanted to do the Lib Dub because the school has helped facilitate the Food Drive, and they wanted to give back to the school. The Fox Fifty Lib Dub is opened to high schools in North Carolina, and the task is to create a one-continuoustake music video “lib dubbing” to a song. “I think collaborating on this project really shows the unity here at our school. I mean we have teachers, faculty, staff, and students participating in the video,” said senior JoJo Drake, president of UNI’s Fighting Club. Some people who participated in this video included Chancellor Dr. Todd Roberts, Vice Chancellors Steve. Warshaw and Joan Barber, and instructors Kathy Berberian, Greg Jarvis, and Jon Miller. Different groups on campus such as the chorus, orchestra, and Dance Ensemble were

featured as well. In a close contest, the school did not end up victorious in the LipDub contest, losing out on the top prizes. If the school had won the $10,000 prize, the club had hoped to allocate $4000 of the winnings to NCSSM arts, another $4000 to NCSSM athletics, and the final $2,000 to be divided up amongst all of the other clubs. The UNI’s Fighting Hunger Club offered many different ways for students to contribute to the cause. There was a competition to see which hall could raise the most money for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. The hall with the most money raised won a flat screen TV, and the second most won a DVD player. Throughout March 15 – 26, there were local businesses that donated a percent of their earnings to the NCSSM Food Drive. Some places included Ben and Jerry’s, Elmo’s Diner, Randy’s Pizza, Pelican’s Snoballs, and Tutti Frutti. There were also different volunteer opportunities during the food drive, including food collectors, food bank truck volunteers, and street volunteers. “After four consecutive years of Food Drives, the Food Bank depends on NCSSM’s yearly donation collected from our Food Drive,” JoJo Drake said when asked why it was important that NCSSM holds an annual food drive. “Food should be a right not a privilege. Nobody deserves to go hungry.”

SG receives grants for solar power and more exam library hours By Anita Simha and Vincent Cahill

NCSSM Student Government recently applied for green initiative and campus innovation grants from the UNC Association of Student Governments, a student-run organization with voting delegates from all seventeen UNC-system schools. A Campus Innovation Grant was submitted to extend library hours during third trimester exams. The Committee on Finance and the Budget approved this request and, therefore, the Borden Mace Library will be open for five hours on Saturday and

five extra hours on Sunday the weekends before and during exams. These additional operating hours will allow students to have a greater degree of access to one of the most popular study areas on campus, which will prove especially useful for students who are working together to complete final projects or are studying in groups for final exams. The appropriated funding will also address the student body’s exam-induced anxiety by providing stressrelieving activities. Student Government recognized both the need

for supporting both green advancements and student inventiveness; both of these came together in the NCSSM delegation’s Green Grant proposal.

Student Government requested funding to build a solar-powered charging station based on an idea created by Tyler Hayes, class of 2012, and current senior Benson Robles. Combining NCSSM’s encouragement of STEM pursuits and its students love for working outside, such a product would allow people to work outside for extended periods of time while charging phones and laptops exclusively by the sun’s energy. Robles said that he and Hayes were inspired because they wanted

to “bring green energy to the school,” but did not want to do anything “too invasive.” Their brainchild will “allow students and faculty to use solar energy to charge their laptops and cell phones, showing green energy isn’t that difficult to produce for a community.” The primary purpose of the UNCASG is to unite individual campuses so that systemwide issues such as academic transparency, rising tuition and fees, and student affairs can be addressed cohesively. Funded by a dollar from every paying student’s tuition, the Association spends an annual budget of $220,000.

the stentorian | ncssm


may 2013


Stop taking Airband so seriously By Jordan Harrison

Lately I’ve noticed a common scheduling conflict popping up all over the place— Airband rehearsals. So-and-so can’t meet to work on a project because their hall is practicing after check. It’s making me wonder, how much do you really need to rehearse for Airband? It’s supposed to be fun and silly. Airband is almost upon us, but juniors, take note for next year. I definitely don’t want to discredit the good work people are doing with Airband acts, but it is entirely unnecessary to rehearse for an hour and a half every weekday. I have friends who quit their hall Airband acts because they were such a stressful commitment, which is ridiculous. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Airband has morphed from a lip-syncing performance to a dance performance. Where are the black and white face-painted KISS impersonators? Where are the over-the-top renditions of

Bohemian Rhapsody? Most acts, judging from last year’s performances and snippets I’ve seen from various halls’

made up most of the hall acts last year, many of which tried very hard to be flirty or sexy. I feel this excludes people who

Block Tango”, for instance. I am merely suggesting that we should have a more diverse group of acts.

want to be involved with their hall but don’t have that kind of physical confidence. Some suggestive Airband acts have in the past been very good—last year’s “Cell

I think so many people overdo Airband because of the mindset we often have at this school. Most of us run from one activity to the next with a “get it done” mentality.

We want to impress, to be perfectionists, but now is not the time for that. Seniors will soon be off to college and especially have nothing to lose, and juniors have very little time left with their senior friends. Now is the time to have fun, to laugh at ourselves, and to not be afraid to look a little ridiculous onstage. So stop taking Airband so seriously. My favorite Airband act from 2012 was “Second Hill and Friends”, which recreated a viral Youtube video called “Double Dream Hands”. It was well put together, but the choreography also seemed easy to follow—in fact, the song lyrics told you what to do. It was also the act with the most male performers that year. Basically, it was silly— by no means sexy---and it made me laugh, and honestly, at the end of the year, I want to laugh and have a good time with friends much more than I want to watch sexy, polished dances to Top 40 music.

Margo, from Paper Towns are very similar, if not, in essence, the same. Both characters are quirky, live slightly on the edge, have family issues, are spunky, and capture the heart and imagination of the main character in both of the novels. So why is it that so many teens have fallen in love with John Green’s novels? I would venture to say that it is his ability to reenvision the cliché, and to write with enough finesse to make it acceptable. John Green captures the heart of teen angst, crafting brilliantly cynical characters that appeal to a teenage audience. He creates characters that give voice to the feelings of our generation, but what he does differently is he makes them multi-dimensional Young adult writer John Courtesy of and real enough that NPR Green you can’t write them off as being whiny, but it certainly is not at the poorly written representations very top of the spectrum. In of every teenager. many ways his books are not The second thing he does so different from other young is to allow his characters to adult fiction novels. have the conversations that A problem I have with we wish we could have. They his writing is that the same broach subjects that for many character seems to reemerge teenagers are considered offin different books. Alaska, limits, and though we may from Looking for Alaska, and not have the courage or desire

to be these characters, we fall in love with them because in many ways they effortlessly disregard the boundaries society sets for us. Lastly, what makes his novels so wildly popular is that he is quotable. What he does with his novels is what young adult fiction writers have been doing for years. The difference is he does it in a way that deserves a standing ovation. His novels are littered with pithy, profound, quotable statements, evidence of his writing abilities. Surely anyone who can create such

fabulous quotes must be a phenomenal writer, we say. This is why he is so popular: he writes about cynicism and disillusionment so well, that his writing is not a reflection, but an embodiment of the cynical and the disillusioned. Overall, credit must be given where credit is due, and John Green deserves credit for his writing abilities. However, his books should not be confused with great literature. They lack an element of timelessness and originality to make them worthy of surviving beyond our generation.

Second Hill and Friends perform “Double Dream Hands” in Airband 2012 rehearsals, are focused so much on the choreography that people don’t pretend to sing. In my opinion, this focus has also created a gender imbalance in Airband: girl halls

John Green: Will his writing endure or be forgotten? By Marcy Pedzwater

After the release of John Green’s latest book, The Fault in Our Stars, it became nearly impossible to not have heard of John Green. Fans of his past novels became more vocal than ever, while a new set of followers emerged. But one question remains: what is it that has caused this cult following of John Green: is it his writing prowess, or simply his ability to devise and follow a well-calculated formula? I read my first John Green novel a few summers ago after a friend from camp recommended An Abundance of Katherines. I read it, enjoyed it, and promptly forgot about John Green until last spring, when I heard several people around campus raving about the novel The Fault in Our Stars. Over the summer, I read the book, and I really enjoyed it. It was poignant and moving, had beautiful language, and just enough sarcasm to keep it interesting without being annoying. Afterwards, I read Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska, which were also wellwritten and interesting. However, I find myself struggling to understand what it is about John Green that warrants the level of attention and devotion he receives from so many fans. I am by no

means attempting to dismiss his writing as substandard or poor and indeed, I will even venture to say that in many ways it is above average. I do, however, fail to find the deference for his writing that so many others have. His books may be on the upper end of the spectrum in regard to quality of books I have read,



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may 2013

the stentorian | ncssm

Spring sports finish seasons By Steven Liao

Kang. He really fires up the players and gets us ready for our singles games,” said Oh. Despite the team’s early success, Oh concedes the team is far from satisfied. “Our goal is to win our conference. And h o p e f u l l y, we’ll do well at the state tournament.” M e n ’ s golf is also in full swing, winning its first two conference matches by large margins, after failing to win any last year. Four NCSSM players are ranked top ten in the conference, and the team placed first at its conference championship and were crowned regional champions in early May. Left: Jin Kang competes in the state 1-A tennis playoffs at Jordan High The Women’s School. Right: Chris Panuski, Josh Rees-Jones, Chatham Ellwanger, and Soccer team rolled Benson Robles win the Men’s 4x800 Relay at the track and field state

It is springtime at NCSSM, and NCSSM’s Spring Sports teams are busy putting the final touches onto their seasons. Men’s tennis sprang into action early on, reeling off seven wins to start the season, including a sweep against Raleigh Charter High School.

Junior Danny Oh, who was undefeated in his single matchups in the first seven matches, attributed the team’s success to motivational ploys from team captain and NCSSM senior Jin Kang. “Our key (sic) to success are the pre-motivational speeches made by our great leader, Jin

Courtesy of The Herald-Sun and NCSSM Athletics

through its schedule, finishing with fifteen wins in the regular season and winning by an average margin of nearly five goals. Additionally, the baseball team started the season 5-7 and the softball team started 108. Both squads pitched their

senior night on Apr. 19. Finally, the Men’s and Women’s Track teams have been building off their Winter Track season, recently competing at the Carolina 12 Conference Meet, with the men placing third and the women placing fourth.

Powderpuff Football 2013: Seniors put juniors in their places with 46-7 victory By Steven Liao Despite drizzling rain and gloomy skies, flocks of NCSSM students came out to enjoy some hard-nosed Powderpuff football on May 18, 2013, in the school’s biggest (and only) official football event of the year. The Junior and Senior teams braved the sloppy conditions, battled fiercely, but at the end the juniors proved no match for the seniors, who posted a 46-7 victory. Powderpuff football features two all-female girl squads with male cheerleaders. The game is played 7 on 7 with flags and without punts, kickoffs, or extra points. The game is divided into twenty minute halves with a brief intermission in between. The junior squad’s game plan featured a two-headed rushing attack consisting of Kim Ngo and Catherine Farmar. According to junior coaches David Cuppet and Evan Miles, the two were chosen for their enthusiasm and were “obvious” choices for running the football. Down 19-0 at halftime,

Senior Jenny Wei runs the football for a touchdown Cuppet kept faith in his rushers, remarking “We’re going to try to run the ball some more.” Indeed, at the start of the second half, the juniors finally found success running. After snatching an interception on the first drive of the second half, Ngo ripped off two sizeable runs, setting up an easy score for the juniors. The newfound positive momentum, however, was short lived. On the very next drive, senior Jenny Wei

answered with two massive runs of her own, scoring on the second run just two minutes after the juniors had scored. The juniors never recovered, throwing three more interceptions and never advancing across midfield for the remainder of the game. So what was the secret behind the senior squad’s sublime display? While the juniors were content to play smash-mouth football, pounding the ball

Courtesy of Devin Finney

with their two pronged rushing attack, senior coaches Daniel Griffin and Quinten Stewart implemented a game plan based on speed. The game plan was described by Stewart as, “Run fast. Beat them.” Furthermore, the team received noteworthy performances from Wei and quarterback Carolina Sprinkle. After her touchdown, Wei recorded two more interceptions in the second half.

When asked about her noteworthy production, Wei was quick to deflect credit to her coaches and upbringing, “I had great coaches. I was raised by tigers in China.” Sprinkle was praised for her excellent play by her coaches, who compared her to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. “We have 100% confidence in her, and she has been making the right decisions,” noted Stewart. Stewart also expressed his belief that Sprinkle has the potential to play Division I football as long as she puts in the commitment. Sprinkle has yet to make known whether this is a pursuit of hers. Finally, according to Griffin and Stewart, the key to winning was the seven practices with full participation that the team had held prior to the game. In comparison, the juniors held only three practices with poor participation. With students that are fans of hard-nosed, smash mouth football, players with Division I talent, and dedicated fans who continue to attend games in poor weather conditions, it is no wonder NCSSM has been undefeated in football since 1980.

the stentorian | ncssm I, Jeffrey An, being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave Vany Nguyen my younger brother (who will make a wonderful junior brother), Zach Bradshaw chocolate chip cookies, Jonathan Marquardt cereal and ice cream on a plate, Duncan Brown a bag of dried cherries and his gift from the beginning of the year (the two are not related), Dallas Warren and Kim Ngo my love of Taylor Swift (which far surpasses theirs), and Chatham Ellwanger a complete and perfect Baby. ______________________ I, Marc Arrambide, leave my hype and energy to Elliot Holliday (aka DJ Blackjack): go hard with your mixers next year, make it thunderstorm during 4th West next year and follow your musical instincts. I also leave my love for musical theater, music arranging, late nights and acapella to Simon Wolf: You’ve got some long weeks ahead of you in your senior year, but I know you will rise up to the challenge like you always do. No matter how tough it may get or how many sacrifices you have to make, don’t ever sacrifice yourself and what you love. Finally, I leave my showmanship, my style, but mostly my passion for guitar to Andrew Adams. Always play to the rhythm of your heart (or love), never forget who you are, and dream big. I know where you want to go in life and I want to see you at the top of it! ______________________ I, Kristen Bagley, being of quirky mind and ordinary body, do bequeath to all members of the Initiative an enthusiasm for all shows. To Carson, I leave the articles of clothing I ate and bumper stickers. To Elizabeth, elf coffee. To Yvonne, meat. To Jay, ‘Hai’. To Paul, tape and Hawaiian shirts. To Jesse, a million positive sticky notes. To Adam, I leave data bus tickets, the institution of breakfast, and an eternal sibling love. ______________________ I, Tori Baker, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Bryon Spells, Travis McKay, Jumangie Smith, Russell Aryeetey, Ben Carlin, and James Hawkins all of my love; and Ciera Cipriani funny faces, sounds, and PFM dinner. ______________________ I, Emily Barbee, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Katie Morris Band-Aids and disinfectant, Gabrielle Beaudry an impeccable memory, Vanessa Ponce all the candy in her candy bowl, Abby Schatzman an endless supply of hugs, Lucy Su a shower that is longer than 2 minutes, Trey Faddis an Australian accent, and Nitika Arora plenty of egg free cupcakes. ______________________ I, Haleigh A. Baxter, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Mallory Carnes

senior wills all my cheerleading back spot power and nervous laughter, Ciera Cipriani memories of eating dinner in the PFM, my feet on her pillow and my confessions of a teenage drama queen, Carrie Wright THE NEW ANIMAL CROSSING, PRAISE THE LORD, norts~ and my senioritis, Josie Daniel my sassiness, all of the Miley Cyrus albums and good taste in denim, Kara Wheeler my domestic abilities and my first racquet ball experience, the new TRI-ROYALL RLAs, Kara Wheeler, Nicole Ward and Kanan Shah I leave the awesomeness of being a Royall RLA and my ability to be late to every possible RLA duty, to First Royall I leave an abundance of joy and sisterhood! And to all juniors, I leave a fantastic senior year! ______________________ I, Chris Bobbe, being of a sociable mind, do give Josh Rees-Jones an almost-highfive; of an athletic mind, I wish him, Mitch and Maureen speed and further success. Of a literary mind, I offer Bradley my praise for his poetry and singing, and of an adventurous mind, I wish continued good luck and good food for Jaehyeong Lee. In energetic spirits, I present caffeine to Matias Horst, whose company I truly value at any time of day; in an anatomical élan, I wish Rachel and Mia good health and plenty of cats. Of a mathematical brain, I leave late-night study notes for Soham and Ian, always thankful for their perceptive problem solving, real help, and off-campus food trips. To Amy, Chelsey, and Richard Lu, and to all the orchestra; to Alison, Kelly, Jessica, KidZNotes, and everyone in Measures for the Future—I’d give any amount, to laugh and play music again. ______________________ I, Felicia Branch, of sound mind and judgment, do hereby leave my room to Lindsey Locklear and Shayna Jacobs; the ability and creativity skills of an amazing RLA to Sheridan Earnhardt, H’Kera K’tul, and Lindsey Locklear. I leave the alto section and the lovely melodies of the Colours Gospel Choir to Kelsey, Andria, and Elarnta. I leave Africa Fest to the loving juniors in H.O.P.E , N. I. A, and Legacy. I leave my baby unicorn and RLA clip board to Lindsey.To the lovely ladies of First Beall I leave deep love, admiration, and two of the best years of my life. ______________________ I, Katherine Brey, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave all of the stupid ideas in world (as well as all of my love) to Maggie Caruso because it is 11:59 on the night these are due and she is a super cool. Yep! ______________________ I, Burton Burrows being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave to Karl trips to Joe’s and great talks. To Andrew the drive to do accomplish everything you

want to next year. To Chatham the ability to survive if even barely. To Zack, HT, Kevin, and Gabe all my knowledge and love, know that I believe in each of you 100% and if you ever need anything just ask. To the Promethean Players remember where you started, but don’t be afraid to branch out. To Ms. Blaine: Thank you. To Sean I give you back the ability to survive. To my wonderful junior sister Meredith I give crazy dances, ridiculous outfits, hallway shuns, and a j-bro who is at least half as awesome as you were. ______________________ I, Jay Buchanan, being of questionable soundness in all areas, do hereby bequeath humanities mentorship and math lamentations to Philip, Miller papers to Kanan, and K-haus hosting and care to Jesse and Paul. To Laura, I apologize for being a horrible senior brother. I leave bathroom-bonding discussions to Jonathan, bouts of uncontrollable laughter to Lindsay, fond memories of the THREE classes we shared to Madelyn, and eyerolling in math to Dallas and Tomi. To David, I leave love for SG and hatred for standardized testing, as well as the little bit of utter insanity we share. To Josie I leave only love…also pizza… also worries…I know it’s a struggle. I leave Erika our unclothed, Russian-identifying Ethiopian pet rock, Guadalupe) and the greatest hopes for joy as an Ambassador. I leave a theater obsession, a mutual appreciation for beautiful things, and my Student Ambassador jacket to Simon. I leave Annie Jo the Buchanan legacy, with all faith that she will do the family proud (and let’s face it, you’ll never really be free from me! Big Brother is watching). To everyone else I leave unlimited love and hopes, as well as almostunreachably high expectations. Oh, and my time turner goes to whoever finds it first. ______________________ I, Vincent Cahill, being of sound mind and body, in conjunction with Mr. Harris Alexander Hodges Short, do hereby bequeath the legacy, holdings, and offshore financial accounts of The Cloud to Mr. Chatham Ellwanger, Mr. Zack Polizzi, and Mr. Karl Widney. May The Cloud continue to always have a stocked fridge, late nights, and plenty of tomfoolery. I leave the title of World’s Greatest Attaché to Mr. Andrew Lash. Be sure to treat the title with the same respect and veneration that I always maintained. To the next Director of State Relations, best of luck to you. Be careful with Facebook and watch lots of Community! I leave the racquetball dominion to Ms. Kim Ngo and Mr. Andrew Peterson, who together form the best Junior racquetball team of all time. Lastly, I leave my telescope, Panini maker, bachelor’s seat, various facial expressions, Sports Illustrated subscription, sea urchin,

may 2013

Democratic ideals, Ben and Jerry’s franchise, Presidential election win streak, pots, Jon Stewart season discs, elaborate hand motions, and ITunes library to Ms. Madeline Finnegan. ______________________ I, Elizabeth Carbone, being of sound mind and body, bequeath the following entities: to Maddie, navigating the Tornado Dorm Room; To Mary Boyd, accidentally lengthy and entertaining visits to the Tornado Dorm Room; to Annie Jo, complainofests; to Jay, Fife, Joe’s, and purely academic papers; to AbaGayle, the pulling together of musical ensembles; to Jesse, the pulling together of Shakespeares; to Emily, sixteenth-century catfights; to Carson, twentyfirst century brofights; to Yvonne, an enthusiasm for mixed-up music; to Kristen, an enthusiasm for adventuring; and to all members of the Initiative: an enthusiasm for shows. ______________________ I, Landon Carter, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Sammy Luo the unsolved problems of combotops; Chris Yuan hilarious recording sessions with the 201 triple in the wee hours of the night; and the rest of the Rchem class many confused stares at complicated chemistry - you guys will do that to your juniors as well. ______________________ I, Maggie Caruso, being of cheerful mind and body do hereby leave Katie Brey a neurologically brilliant fish and the best roommate ever award; Emma a water bear and an old soul; Hillary duct tape and cheese cloth; Tischan 500 miles; Sravya Japanese kanji and small cute things; Annie Walker an independent who likes to talk; Gabe Schweizer a water gun and latin textbook; Randi a constant smile; Ms Moose I leave Greece-ancient, present, and future; to Dr Allen all of my gratitude for one of the best independent miniterms ever; Fiona mountain balconies, door locks and excellent pictures; to my fellow student ambassadors early Saturday mornings and sunrises; to Peter the yellow fish on the biology floor a thousand good mornings; to Yohana I leave the Batmobile; to Luckshume I leave Tombecause that’s really all you need in life; to Alex Thompson a billion “hellos”; to Isabel Reid an awesome year of chorale and smiles; Will Duncan I leave trips around the world and a perfect senior year; and to NCSSM I leave my 4 year old self. ______________________ I, Darria Chance, hereby leave the little care I had left for physics to Paul Smith; the power of Lane 2 to Hunter Rideout and Julia Yu; and any sassiness I ever gave out to Tomi Ladipo. ______________________ I,

Alison Chang,



of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Nirmala an executioner to threaten bad housekeepers, all the fries and cucumbers in the world, and best wishes to spread happiness (with Mengmeng and Vany) through Random Acts of Kindness; Paul and David all of my love and my appreciation for being the sweetest, happiest, and quirkiest boys I know; the ladies of Greynolds, memories of running to MMM, late nights in the lounge, and being bad at IMs; Ashwin, awkward hellos and telling Morrison to hit you with his hammer; Kelly, Selina, and Elizabeth, memories of starting a new school together; Katherine, late night exercise sessions with Jillian and talk shows; Sam, truth talks and bad pickup lines; Chelyn, weekly trips to Bali Hai, all the cupcakes in the school store, and … I forgot; and my pet squirrel, Sherry, 2am karaoke sessions, shower parties, tucking each other in, trips to the vending machine, smiles, hugs, laughter, and meow! ______________________ I, Yvonne Chazal, being of sound mind and dance body, hereby leave the following: to Katelyn and Catherine, the studio and excessive Florence; to Mary Boyd, lazy nights and movies in bed; to Emily, cumbersome mic stands and my spot on the Woolworth floor; to Annie Jo, the legendary blue jacket with the M; to Maddie, the 3BL techie legacy and hysterical, frustrated laughter; to Sarah (and I guess H.T. too...), my spot at the sound desk; to J-Ashe, indefinite super-cool surprises and voiceovers; to Evan, I leave nothing, because you and my seniors taught me everything; to the Alliteration Crew, a headset connection that will never be broken; to the Tricycle, the Greek alphabet and the most amazing adventure of my life; and to the Unholy Trinity, my best memories of good music, lentils, and ridiculousness with two of the most interesting and wonderful people I know. ______________________ I, Meghan Cole, being of relatively sound mind and body, leave to Madelyn and Lindsay trips down Ninth Street, long days in the lounge “doing work”, talks about summer camps, the healing power of food, and the best prom experience ever; to Mary Boyd and Savannah long aimless walks through Paris; to the rest of the 3rd Beall juniors the ability to make 3rd Beall the best hall on campus, keep it that way; to McKenna, Madden, Mona, Madelyn, Carrie, Erin, Lily, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Shayna the soccer team and the hopes to another great season; and finally to Andrew, the hopes of finding a junior sister better than me. ______________________ I, Frances Cundiff, being of sound mind and body, leave Grace the duties as NCSSM DECA president, Continued on page 8


may 2013

Mouse, twerking, and cuddles; the triple late night laughs and ratchet braids; Cassidy all the times in the C212 last year that can’t be spoken of, Herbert, and the struggles of us doing homework together; Kate, Dana, and Anna spring break and prom; Taylor future trips to the train museum, coconut oil, prom, and late nights on the 2BL/4B; Hannah Pearl all her wondrous beauty and sparkles; Carrie my company and Zane; Nia all the Latin skills in the world and adventures as Spiderman; Hope the joys of being the same person, the tasks of being a Latin TA, and the struggles of being a senior with no cute junior boys; and Dr. Tougas, the fun of being a Latin TA all year and the knowledge I can carry on with me. ______________________ I, Kedar Dange in both sound mind and body, leave my final will. To my juniors, what can I give other than my love and gratitude for this wonderful year? Oh right, sweet, sweet material wealth. To Jonathan, I give my Guitar poster. Carry with it a love for music and playing guitar that you and I share. Care for it and pass it on to 3rd East’s next guitar player. To Zach, I give the unicorn poster. It was given to Wes and me by our very own RLA named Zach. To Gerardo and Tomas, we give our Marvel poster. We see a bit of ourselves in you. Next year, pass it on to another dynamic duo. To Brian, I give the Tinnes Can. Keep what you want and pass on what you don’t. To Teddy, I give the Dwight Schrute poster. I give it in memory of my RLA, Evan. He was a lot like you. To Kevin, I give my love and admiration, and a little bit of melancholy narcissism. You’re like me, but white and considerably different in many respects. To my juniors, I give my love, and my tearful departure. ______________________



Last Will and Testament: To Annie Jo, my sweet, sweet sister, I leave you everything in the world, and everything your heart desires. I wish you the best of luck next year! To Josie, I leave the title of Captain of UniChords, and every uncomfortable situation ever. To Ava, I leave my Breaking Free dedication, NEW YORK CITY (Josie can have a small portion of the city. Like Queens. Ciera can have that Applebee’s that we didn’t talk to one another at.). To the Quadeumverate, I leave Diplomacy, Communism, and entirely too much exclusivity. To everyone in Rising Son (Working Title), I leave you the glories of the theatre department, and I thank you so much for helping me become a man this year. To Nickeley, BUTLE ME THIS WILL. To Dallas and Mary Lynn, I leave Myrtle Beach and friendship, may you both go far; I know you will. To Kevin Parham, I leave you this quote: “Fine then, keep your secrets.” ~

senior wills Frodo Baggins. To Philip, I leave you that debt you owe at Hot Headz Salon (you really should eventually pay them), and those late night talks that I never fully understood. ______________________

Deepee, I, Steven do hereby leave Madeline Finnegan my excess of Ben and Jerry’s coupons to use on a daily basis and the Student Ambassador jacket I so proudly wore throughout this year; “Baby” Chase Hayhurst the Ping Pong Club that I built with my own hands and the right to be my successor in wearing an excess of Nike clothing each and every day; Kevin Parham my position of head director of Junior Civitan; Anne Lee my position of Elections Board Chairman of Junior Civitan and the love for food that we share; Julia Yu the right to believe that she is decent at “Scramble with Friends”; Harrison Rashley the right to wear colorful Nike Elite and Sequalizer socks that no one else owns; Rob Andrews a great thank you for all that he did for me throughout this past year; Ellis Johnson some type of reward for being able to put up with me on hall; and to Cierra Hinton all of the ratchetness that she thinks that I possess. ______________________ I, Yohana Dierolf, leave to Karter Lucas a reason to laugh anytime someone talks about either cats or dinosaurs and especially both, and chocolate after hard days; Simon Wolf memories of mischief, walks down Ninth Street and lazy days in the sun; AbaGayle Younts my unending belief in her abilities, lots of venting sessions, and a reminder to smile; Andrew Adams every ounce of my respect for your dedication and incredible intelligence, and late night phone calls about hating laundry; Elliot Holliday nail biter basketball games, Ox and Rabbit milkshakes, and lots of meows; Dallin Yost lots of head scratches; Zihui Yang lots of sass and the ability to do rolls in heels; Sam Christensen rants about environmental science topics that no one but us actually care about; Grayson Bodenheimer my promise to stay in touch and a love of good poetry; Marc Arrambide music, milkshakes, and long talks; Emmalee Todd lots of late nights and first friendship; The new Student Ambassadors an incredibly rewarding experience and an office full of amazing people to work with and learn to love next year; and my love to everyone here who has touched my life somehow. ______________________ I, Hillary Dimig, being of debatably sound mind and body, do hereby leave Emma Dedmond arm amputation, YOLOIYYOLOHEITL, and the wings we found in our ceiling; Randi Gibbs conversations in Ubbi Dubbi and Mandarin; Maggie Caruso (I mean Bob) neuroscience seminars; Katie Brey foosball

and the knowledge that Perchunky was always his name; Carmel Zhao our plan to terraform Mars; Sravya Kaniti vocaloid and a mutual dislike of pasta; Tischan Wade String Theory meetings; Tony Li aerials and double dream hands; Michelle Zhao adventures in wind ensemble; Megan Wicks acrylic painting and conversations in the laundry room; Herbert Hoffmann potato potato potato; Mitchell Tague evo labs and unfortunate face hugs, and all the juniors of Third Bryan an amazing senior year. ______________________ I, JoJo Drake, do hereby leave UNIs Fighting Hunger in the hands of Vany Nguyen and Andrew Peterson; leave

are always cared for; Sheridan Earnhardt the right to be an amazing friend to her juniors and make a friendship that will last forever, and to be the kind of CRAZY only she can work; Thamir Santillan the right to call anyone a “poop” stick whenever she wants; David Cuppett the right to be the best Senior Brother anyone could ask for and weird happy half conversations; Nicole “Nana” Ward gets my fast pants and all their glory; Caroline Conrad gets to keep the softball team laughing and the right to ask someone a question every 5 seconds; Ann Bingham gets the mother pants of the softball team and to tell them that they are crazy if they think they can play with half a leg; Courtney Bell gets to speak the truth

Katelyn Johnson the biggest and best girls’ single on campus, all my dance passion and zeal, and my RLA duties; Madden Brewster my craziness and outbursts, late night lab work the night before its due, and infatuation with Mr. Milbourne; My mini me, Nguyen Le, my shower singing and uncanny ability to make new friends like she and I did way back when on move in day; Su Cho fun choral times with good ‘ole Mr. Stuntzy and my RLA duties as she heads off to 3nd Bryan; Catherine Farmer the backpacking program at E.K Powe and love for 1C2C1D; Danielle Dejournett my notso-good wall-twerking skills, tapping dance frenzies, and my tendency to go off the wall nuts when bumpin’ at mixers; leave Jesse Hansen and Annie Jo my love for life, for acting, for performing, for the theater, & for the arts for that matter; leave Taylor Fort my sarcasm even though she has plenty and my “no-cussing policy’ that was hers first and that I actually don’t abide by; Gabe Shepherd what will hopefully be many trips to UNC. ______________________

with no filter; and last but not least, Maureen Xu, may she find a junior that worries her as much as she did me and may it bring joy to her when they finally understand what she’s preached. ______________________

I, Alex Elder, do hereby leave Madison Batten Room 419, my RLA position, clipboard, and a set of eyes and ears to make sure my babies

I, Warren Feng, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Derek Zhang the legacy of viscosity; Jeffrey, Hong, and Sammy the pride of

I, Haley Erickson, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the C102 and (most importantly) the C102.0 to my beloved Mona, a love for squirrels, jokes, and inevitable distractions to Grace, a need to climb and the potential to succeed to Kevin, the best junior brother a senior sister could ask for, the official title of my “Favorite Junior” to Harrison, motherly love, cards, and all my best wishes in everything he attempts to my soccer son, Matt, control of Fifth Bryan and the Astronomy binoculars to Madeline, the power to push through drowning in Chemistry and Miller papers to my other Madeline, and finally, my noisy but always well-intended best wishes, support, and absolute love to my lovely ladies of 1C and 1C2C1D. ______________________

the stentorian | ncssm tre fo; Vishesh, D-Cupp, and Amir the patience to help new juniors become acclimated; Sam, Chris, and James the chemistry of our flag football team; Ugochi the prowess of our bernie; D-Cal the state of not knowing what to do; Lawrence, the potential to become the best Settlers of Catan player there ever was; Parth the portable generator soccer ball that we never made; Zack and Anshul the ability to model with differential equations; and Gabe Shepherd five and a half chickens. ______________________ I, Luke Fernandez, being of sound mind, do hereby leave the annex late night council meetings, shower conversations, and loud

music; the cuatro unparalleled brotherhood; QS two years of crazy shenanigans and laughter to the point of tears; HS stars, soccer, a magical smile, adventures, and a heart of pure gold; EM a view on life and a goal for the future that I can truly admire; CE a love for nature, horrible jokes that no one else should be allowed to hear, the best running conversations, late night jam sessions, and a passion for music; ZP legendary 1st Hunt status and the mind of an inventor; HT tolerance; KN the best jumping hugs and a zeal for life that should make the world envious; AE and RD my friends at UHOO and heartwarming moments; MA my not-so-silent admiration; and AL an intoxicating laugh, third tri bonding, and future adventures at UNC. ______________________ I, Devin Finney, being of sound mind and body, do leave Priya and Ali all the love of their senior mommy and high hopes for next year as the best groyall RLA’s ever. To 3rd Beall juniors the best of luck with marmar and incoming baby junz, may you always love your time spent in that blue hallway. To Madelyn, I leave never doing Chinese homework and fangirling over Continued on page 9

the stentorian | ncssm Li laoshi. To Lindsay a nut free life and the most inappropriate groping’s. To Kim Ngo, the best AT miniterm memories and my roomie. To Mary Boyd, Mary, and Maddie, good luck in the triple as well as the joy of finishing physics, may you never have to take it again. To Savannah the longest boy talks and naps. To Paige, the knowledge of your beautiful looks and the love of everyone ever. Last but never least, to my roommate Allison, I leave memories of workless nights in the 312, awful Netflix movies, and uncountable moments of roomie bonding. ______________________ I, Taylor Firn, being of veracious mind and body, do hereby leave Jeshua Ray the enormous struggles encountered this year and how much stronger we are because of them, the excessive time in the weight room, and the Trio’s trip to Wendy’s, which was truly unforgettable: Josh Babich the late-night calls we made to your friend Benjamin and how he never failed to prepare us for the journeys we made to our mutual friend Ray’s humble abode. The amount of learning done this year will forever be unparalleled; Hope Jania the fun and excitement of late night movies in the Woolworth with lots of Coca Cola. Will and Burton, I leave you the trials and tribulations of living with someone who is not always easy to love, but the care and effort you both put into making it work, to which I am eternally grateful. Last but not least, my beloved Nicole, I leave to you the love and care you never cease to let shine, the unmatched amount of effort invested into everything you did, and our month of freedom that will forever remain the best month of my life. ______________________ I, Kate Ford, being of sound body but seriously strained mind, do leave countless memories to all of my baby juniors. To Maureen, I leave countless awkward, loving encounters. To Lamara, I leave wall-sits, abs and snuggling in your top bunk. To Gabby, I leave long conversations, anatomy studying and playing with your weave. To Matt Nichols, I leave fond memories

senior wills of the best leadership seminar and doing the Wobble in your room. To Ugochi,I leave always going crazy at mixers. To my junior brother Gabe, I leave adventures downtown and memories of swapping clothes for Gender Bender Day. To Karter, I leave many late nights, both of studying and not. To Angel, Madison and Emily, I leave the dearest thing to me: my hall and my RLA position. Take care of all of my babies, and your new babies, and keep Mom happy. To the rest of Fourth Bryan, I leave more laughs and smiles with the best hall mates I could ask for, along with dancing in the hall at check. I’m so lucky to have a personal connection with all of you and you will always be my family. ______________________ I, Edward Foyle, of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath unto Jack Allen the 6’ X 2’ “First Hunt” poster that hangs above the window in my dormitory, permission to come play racquetball at any time in Atlanta and endless midnight shenanigans; to Kavi Jain, as promised, I give you 100 days of happiness; to Karl Widney, I leave you with salmonella from the bucket of raw cookie-dough we made/ate and confidence that you will one day get your laptop to work with 2 external monitors; Trevor Howarth, Jordan Clark-Brown and I jointly will Captain-ship of the S&M Ultimate Frisbee team to Nathan Kwon and Elisabeth Parker; to the rest of the SMUF team, I give you many hours of productive, fun practice and improvement as a team; to Zack Polizzi, I give you even more crazy inventions than you’ve already made and loud music—lots of loud music; to Madelyn Krebs, I give you more obnoxious twitter pickup lines; and to Chatham Ellwanger, I give you as many back-flips to show off your amazing calves as you want. ______________________ I, John Fraser, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Chase Hayhurst Chatham county, and annual Chatham county convocation picture; to Chase Hicks I leave my soccer balls; I leave the Gene Team to Danielle Dejournett and Dr. Monahan

in hopes that the name will live on; to Ellis I leave my ability to use the Cruciatus Curse on unfavorable juniors; to Kevin Parham I leave bedtime stories; to a brave and capable junior I leave the position of Mike Newbauer’s best friend; and lastly to my beloved Lamp, I leave all of the light that you have brought to me, we will always be the most dynamic duo. ______________________ I, Shaza Gaballah, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following: Speech Club and Joe Van dates to lovely Madeleine Gonzalez, all the sibling love and support to my darling Jay-Bay Andrew Peterson, all the torture of Chemistry and Hamlet to the ever-inspiring Madelyn Krebs, and all the 307 memories and RLA sass to my dearest and most precious Roomdawg, the charming Lindsay Macchio. ______________________


I, Jessica Gao being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Michelle Zhao the wondrous bond between two unlikeliest of people; Nirmala Shivakumar, a pair of good gloves lest you turn into Spiderman; Mallory Lowe, the deep talks we snuck into the shallowest waters; both Megan Wicks and Matias Horst, the feeling that had we more time, we could have been friends. To my junior brother Jeffrey Zhang, I leave you sporadic chats and beautiful spring days, and constant smiles. To Alison Chang, hugs as you enter the room, and karaoke nights; Soham Amin, debates of the universe; Hayley Stratton, our peaceful timelessness; Lilly Vang, our running innuendos; Kelly Eom, my continual love and faith; Jaehyeong Lee, the way we exist. To Bo Kane, Sam Xie, Ying Qi, Katherine Walker, my gratitude for your constant inspiration. To my William, steadfast support and a sunny future. To all the OSB members—I’ve loved you all! To all the Philosophy Club goers—you’ve given me what I came to NCSSM for. And best for last, to Greynolds, I have zero doubt in my mind that all thirty-two of you beautiful souls will soar and soar and never stop. You are perfect.. ______________________ I, William Ge, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Soham Amin a homey bungalow by the sea to visit anytime, where sharing worries and facing adventure is everyday. I leave Bo Kane with unwavering hope and the reality that sometimes, oftentimes, everything can be okay. Kenny Jung, I leave you with BIG moments and promises of heartfelt kindness; to Halston Lim, late nights and silly, carefree laughter. I leave Bryant Su with the kind of reliability that ties families; Kelly Eom, the memory of four being the very best number; Anne Kelley, an innocent, loving bond that can never be decomposed by any kind of logic. Alice Wang, I

may 2013

owe you future happiness— look for it in a cupcake box. Ian Maynor, I leave you with ratchet epilogues of RBio, college, and life (and endless patience); Jaehyeong Lee, the running confluence of two hopeful scientists; Joey Lew, the promise of the next four years. I leave Stephen Tang and Edward Zhao with beginnings. I leave my RBio juniors an open inquisition of your life paths; to OSB, a bond beyond buzzers. Last of all, I leave this school with an interminable gratitude. It’s been very real. ______________________ I, Denise Gersch, being of unsound mind and body, hereby do leave Travis a junior sister, orange soda, and basketball lessons worth a gajillion dollars. To Mary Lynn, Elliot, Chase, and Alexis I leave fysix. To my dearest sweet protege Niraja I leave leadership skills, sassiness, brown love, laughs and my heart. And to the amazing girls on second Bryan I leave the lounge, my craziness, and peace & quiet. Amen ______________________

Max Goodman:


burgh- Kielbasa Commandant of Grill time, my board (from the lineage of Zach Fowler), and dear, sweet Sasha with her medieval shirt. Darko-Tarp Czar, Ride that pony-pony, the posters of Eddie, and the spirit of the 2W Richard Wranglers. Wesonga- You get my room, and the futon. If Bryant and I do not need it. So don’t get too comfortable. TimothyThe one, the only, THE FIRE MASTER! For the rest of the juniors, I leave my brilliant leadership, unquestionable dignity, and eternal grace for the purposes of inspiration. I know you’ll have a tough time following company of 2013, so I also leave some of my swag to help you along. Max Goodman, out. ______________________ I, Alexa Gregory, of sound mind and body, hereby leave Josie Daniel and Ciera Cimpriani guitar jam sessions, walks to Joe’s, and lifechanging baptisms. To Katelin Humphries I leave walks to


Joe’s and my coffeemaker. To Josie Daniel, I leave popcorn and Oreo eating until we die, Grey’s Anatomy watching, and Greyhound bus rides. To Ava Gruchacz, I leave the willpower to eat healthy and the motivation to run/bike everyday along with walks to Joe’s and Humingbird’s Bakery. To Sheridan Earnhardt, Harrison Rashley and Ava Gruchacz, I leave the position of YoungLife CoPresident, the will to follow Christ wholeheartedly and the ability to bring others to Christ through YL and your faith. To Andrew Peterson, I leave my love, in hopes that you will find a junior sister who you adore as much as I adored you. To Jenna Reynolds, I leave the intensity and drive to continue being an amazing dancer and choreographer, in hopes that you will keep challenging dancers in your pieces the way you challenged me this past year. To Kara Wheeler, I leave late night math tutorials that turn into life talks and the Royall road sign. ______________________ I, Daniel C. Griffin IV, being of sound mind and

body, do hereby leave Walker Powell my RLA clipboard; Allie Anagnos the status of being NCSSM’s token Greek; Ryan Phillips my appreciation for dressing with classic style; Madeline Finnegan one box of Downy dryer sheets (stay Linty); “Baby” Chase Hayhurst my Journey album, Departure; Danny Oh the fun of doing science labs with someone you hardly know; Ms. Moose, who’s love for Greek culture matches my own, the Greek flag that’s hung in my room for the past two years and a CD of some of my favorite rebetiko and laika. ______________________ I, Amy Guo, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Jungsu Hong a first-stand position in orchestra as my favorite derpfish. I leave my kohai Brooke Huang undying admiration and good luck for the college process (you can do it!). I leave Continued on page 10


may 2013

college map

Seattle University (1)

the stentorian | ncssm

US Air Force Academy (1)

University of Washington (1)

Stanford University (6) University of Southern California (1) California Institute of Technology (2) University of California, Los Angeles (1) Harvey Mudd College (2)

Brigham Young University (1)

NYU Shanghai (1)

Oklahoma Christian University (1)

Wash in St.

the stentorian | ncssm

college map

may 2013


Knox College (1)

hington University . Louis (2)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2) Notre Dame (1)

Smith College (1) Rochester Institute of Northwestern University (1) Technology (1) University of Chicago (1) University of Michigan (1) Williams College (2) Ohio Northern University (1) The Ohio State University (1)Cornell University (3) Earlham College (1) Case Western Reserve University (3)

Bates College (1) Wellesley College (2) MIT (7) Northeastern University (3) Harvard University (2) Boston College (1) Brown University (1)

Carnegie Mellon University (1)

Yale University (5) NY Polytechnic (1) Columbia University (1) Princeton University (2) Drexel University (1) Haverford College (1) University of Pennsylvania (3) US Naval Academy (1) Johns Hopkins (1) University of Delaware (1) Georgetown University (1) George Washington University (2) Howard University (1) American University (1) Hampden-Sydney College (1) University of Richmond (1) Virginia Tech (3) Randolph College (1) Greensboro College (1) Wake Forest University (8) Salem College (1) Elizabeth City State University (1) NC A&T (2) Elon University (1) UNC - Greensboro(1) East Carolina University (6) North Carolina Central University (2) Duke University (11) UNC - Wilmington (5) NC State University (52) UNC-Chapel Hill (129) Appalachian State University (7) Wingate University (1) Davidson University (2) UNC-Charlotte (3) Mars Hill College (1) UNC-Asheville (1) University of South Carolina (2) University of Georgia (1) Agnes Scott College (1)

Vanderbilt University (1) Tulane University (1) Rhodes College (2) University of Kansas (1)

University of Alabama (2)

Oxford College of Emory University (2) Georgia Tech (6) Oglethorpe University (1) Florida Atlantic University (1) University of Miami (2)


senior wills

may 2013

Nathan Kwon ownership of the family business. I leave Lin Cao an A+, a gold star, and frustrated beavers, because she is special and she should never forget it. I leave 3rd Beall housekeeping duties, wasps at hall meeting and— surprise—banana pudding. I leave the UK Miniterm group a reminder that kilts are a lie. I leave Chelsey Lin six years’ memories of Ziggy and Zaggy, Honors Orchestra, ice1cube videos, and a whole lot of love. And finally, I affectionately leave members of the 315 (official and honorary alike) late-night vending machine runs, TV marathons, real talk, questionable rapping, and endless laughter. ______________________ I, Ankit Gupta, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Samuel Lee all of my basketball skill and finesse, so that one day he may tell a junior to “shoot it” to his dismay; David Choi a packet of pear tree seeds, so that one day he might be able to grow one or two; James Um high fives and hugs; Wilson Slagle a constant reminder of how cool and chill he is?; Ryan West boxes and boxes of whey protein so he can become biggest man on campus; Kim Ngo smiles, hugs, and a good luck wish for her senior year; Jessica Lee my hard work earnings and ownership of all of the school’s valuable money(use it well); Saurin Kantesaria good luck for senior year and a heartfelt thanks for helping me with prom asking; Chris Yu and Vishesh Varma an identical sliding door/car; Kieren Valakuzhy, Vivek Pisharodi, and Anshul Subramanya friendly waves and gestures from the windows of Room 231; and finally Akash Patel a pet monkey and the remainder of my worldly possessions. ______________________

Harrison, I, Jordan being of exhausted mind and theatrical body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Kyle Frid, I leave a game of punchbuggy stretching on through eternity, ALMOND TOFFEE, and my love. To Skye Frame, I leave my gratitude for your constant supply of baked goods and for having you as a DM and a roommate. To the Dungeons and Dragons Club, I leave 30 magic missiles, General Beefcake Wellington, and a creepy turkey. To my fellow Rbio seniors, I leave lots of seaweed. To my Rbio juniors, I leave the best of luck. To Katelyn, Vany, Caroline, and Hannah, I leave the leadership of 1E2E2Dhave fun on Pelican’s runs with Sue Anne! To Karia Dibert, I leave my “Imagine” poster for her excellent taste in classical music. To Jay and Carl, I leave the horrors of InDesign. To Jackson Zerkle, I leave the line of Banquo stretching out to the crack of doom. To Coleen, I leave Molly’s Girl (on Netflix). To anyone ever involved in Smath theater, I leave a hearty ZOOM and the knowledge that most importantly, it’s about us, us, us! To all Smathers, I leave

my love and solidarity. ______________________ I, Wil Hoffmann, being of sound mind and body, leave behind Chem TA status to Mary Sims, courtyard-length frisbee throws to Zach Bradshaw, and the bass clarinet section to AbaGayle Younts. ______________________

Seok-Jae (Albert) Hong, being of sound mind I,

and chubby body, leave Derek Zhang the nickname, Panda, leave Kieran Valakuzhy and Lawrence Bacudio the “queen bed,” manly love, and evidence of embarrassing memories, leave Madden Brewster and Allie Anagnos infinite love and adventures with Maggie, leave the FFFL

crazy moves on the dance floor, leave Kim Ngo all my blessings in SG, leave David Choi love and joy of finding a long-lost twin, leave Madeline Finnegan hope of studying together as Quakers and adorable cheeks, leave Angel Chukwu dazzling smiles, leave Meredith Dorminey, LinLin Liu, and Karia Dilbert fantastic memories of becoming master mathematicians, leave Katelin Humphries gratefulness for being a great junior sister, leave Priya Desai, Sarah Augustine, and Ali Eakes cute winks, leave my leadership class apologies for our (the teachers’) comments and actions, leave Jungsu Hong the best last name ever, leave Allison Melling awesome Spain memories, leave Josie Daniel, Annie Jo Buchanan, and Simon Wolf the voices of angels, leave Annie Jo Buchanan awkward snapchats, leave Hong-Sheng Lu a well-endowed body, leave Ava Gruchacz happiness and tranquility, leave Luke O’Daniel scoops, leave Jeffrey Zhang infinite mysteriousness, leave 4th West everlasting love, Big Poppa, and hand sanitizer. ______________________ I, Trevor Howarth, being of sound mind and sexy body, leave everything I (never) learned in chemistry to Madeline, Chatham, and Jessica; Hill 106 to three incoming juniors who can never hope to live up to its legacy; and the SMuf facilities to Nathan and Elizabeth, in

hopes no one ever throws shot put there again. ______________________ I, Ivy Hubbard, being of sound mind and hot body, do hereby leave the following: Brooks Estes and Jake Nester tripping, a lot; Amber Woodington cheer stunt perfection; Ayano Annis bullying; Harrison Rashley ground watts; Chase Hayhurst having the loudest and most annoying fans at basketball games; Elisabeth Parker axe body spray; Phillip Wilson the struggles of a half panther half unicorn; and all of the 2nd Bryan juniors peace and quiet. ______________________ I, of

Rachel Hurst, relatively


being mind,

do hereby leave lots of 2C memories to my lovely adorable juniors. Lucky – I leave you lots of emotions about TV shows. Margaret, keep Lucky in line! Lucy, my little sister away from home – I leave you all of our chemistry pains! Gabrielle, I leave our many, many late nights and the hopes that maybe one day you’ll be as hardcore as me. Sarah and Catherine, I leave you the memories of all the times you’ve found me sleeping in the lounge. To Anna, Holly, and all the 1C2C1D juniors, I hope you have a great senior year! ______________________ I, Carson Hsiao, leave Chase Hayhurst as the only one I’ll call mine; Julia Yu a spoons ally and hours of scramble, even though she quit on me; Chase Hicks all the hugs I can procure; Elisabeth Parker and Layla Namak the best Miniterm experience and cake, Jessica Lee all the food items I find before an extended, and the right to be in my family; Michael, Steven, and Trevor my double run; Shan Yu the rights to room with my sister; Daniel and John all the zombies they want; Susan Ngo happy work service memories; Ga Kay walks down the street and to the mall; Shaun my excellent hygiene and allergies; Urvi Sinha my Protobowl skills and words of advice; Anabel a hope that we’ll still be best friends even though eight hundred miles separate us, and an amazing

the stentorian | ncssm

time over the last two years; and finally, I leave Maggie an appreciation for making my senior year memorable, endless conversations, countless Friday nights, and a future that will include me for another senior year to come. ______________________

and snuggles, dates to Cuban Revolution, and moments that feel like lifetimes. I leave memories of laughter and of “I wish you were here beside me.” I leave the things that will never change and an incredible year of joy and love and peace. ______________________

I, Sungwon Hwang, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave James Um, David Choi, and Samuel Lee the legacy of Second Hill Koreans. I hand down my old cleats to Samuel Lee. It will probably do you no good; I just don’t want them anymore. I wish David Choi best of luck as Senate President and as a “loving” senior on hall. I send James Um spiritual barriers that will aid in protecting his

I, Christie Jiang, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave CZ and CE the responsibilities of becoming awesome seniors and senior brothers to continue the best senior/junior sibling family line ever; SW, AJB, JD, and CE full rein over Unichords, the fortune of gaining fantastic new members, and a year filled with more performances and good music; MT petty talks about boys, frequent visits

purity and innocence from certain notable predators. I pass down my knowledge and experience to Sarah Chong. Good luck in running KWAVE and Korean Seminar next year. Last but not least, I leave my junior sister Jungsu Hong everything I know to assist her through her senior year. Although I won’t be on the same campus, don’t forget you can still ask me help of any kind. Good luck next year, and may you be a better senior sibling than I was. ______________________

after Multi, and no shame in asking for friendship; VN my love of sweatpants, too many selfies, and naps; CZ, KJ, and MT my love for you all and adventures in Texas; KN trips to Pad Thai and all the positivity in the world; RD all my chem knowledge to impart upon juniors and brightest smiles; HW laaaaaaate nights and Asian food appreciation; TW admiration of his softblanket-like demeanor and Panamanian memories; VN and MP adoption of new RChem juniors to trudge through Conrad; AE, PD, and SA late night laughter and the practice of adopting roommates (011 and 009 hosted parties every night!); all of RChem foresight, diligence, and enthusiasm; and all of GRL [in]sanity, community, and humor. ______________________

I, Zane James, being of somewhat sound mind and dilapidated body, do hereby declare Benjamin Porter as the heir to my estate and all property therein. To Hunter Rideout, I leave good work ethic and the will to stay up through multiple all-nighters as well as a way to dispose of Twinkie wrappers; to Noah Wilson, I leave my incredible poise on the golf course plus or minus six strokes and a few thorns; to Tyler BoquetCaron, I leave my metabolism; to Ryan Phillips, our shared impeccable sense of style and Thursday G-blocks; and to Spencer Yacos, I leave one matching grapefruit. To Mary Lynn Smith, I leave forgotten sibling dates and the promise that we will make up for it; to Hannah West, I leave my confidence in myself; and to Katie Sause, I leave a thousand hugs. Lastly, to my dear Carolyn Alice Emerson, I leave endless hours of Netflix

I, Casie Jingle, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave G2 with gossip; Celia with the lounge; Thamir with the table for her earrings; Karter with “freshman”; Madison, Emily, and Angel with the ability to be awesome RLAs; Jessie with more time for socialization; Sarah Chong, my wonderful, amazing roommate, with an unforgettable senior year; and all the juniors with good luck and a low-stress year. ______________________ I, Samuel Joo, do hereby bestow Sarah Chong rights to Continued on page 11

the stentorian | ncssm punish my brother if need be and promise to always be the loving senior sibling I have always strived for since the beginning of the year, whether if I’m in college or in heaven with our loving Father. To Sam Lee, I bestow the late night talks of NBA and how it’s rigged and the poster of Jayquan Brown, to James Um, I bestow the 180 DVD to symbolize the late night movie dates, to David Choi, I bestow a loving restraining order and the 2nd Hill Rock, to Alice Wang, I bestow to you my dangerous senioritis and the hope that you will never use it, to Danny Oh, I give him the hope that he will be successful and the moments we spent during comp sci, to Chase Hayhurst, I give you the responsibility to forever promote “Sauce-Kay” and your future generations, Seraphina Wong, I bestow my nosy tendencies and the new 38 members in Archers in the Hood, and Chris Yu, I bestow you my “broken-ankles” and the promise that “you’re ankles will be broken soon. ______________________ I, Sravya Kaniti, being of somewhat unsound mind and body, do hereby leave Regina Lee all the Asian food and adoration I owe her, Katrina Bootes my subpar guitar abilities and KH save file, Evelyn Webb, Sarah Kohrt, Kasey Marshall, and Melissa Mason our hall discussions and LOTR-watching, Kera Ktul good music, all my other 1st Beallians a fantastic senior year, Sarah Chong KWAVE choreographing duty, History and Roly Poly my thanks, my Japanese class two years of fond memories ですが, Saurin Kantesaria my best wishes and apologies for not being the best sister, Rachel Jackson samurai flicks, Tessa Jones candid photos, Elizabeth Christopher two-hour bus rides, and Mr. DeHaven, Dr. Miller, and Suwa sensei my utter admiration. To the best friends I could have asked for, Tischan Wade, Anna Dubovitskaya, Maggie Caruso, Emma Dedmond, Hillary Dimig, and Katie Brey, I leave trips down 9th street, heated philosophical discussions, ice cream, milkshakes, and future visits. And to my creative writing class and four of my beloved seniors, Erna Woyee, Christopher Nellis, Alexis Ruth Frady, and Jeremy Reece, I wanted to say thank you for everything you have taught me, and I leave you my promises and love. ______________________ I, Anne Kelley, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following: To JH I leave endless hugs, questionable Chinese phrases, and never ending gratitude for that can of Diet Coke. To CY and KP I leave Spring Break adventures, unproductivity in class, and the demand that you not bully your juniors. To the future Science Olympiad captains I leave the best of luck and a conviction that you can accomplish great things. To KN I leave imminent success and the expectation that

senior wills you’ll be a better leader than we were. To MD I leave the ability to see through stories that border on lies, especially as they pertain to team dogs. To AK I leave the party life. To CV I leave Friday nights on hall, long conversations full of advice, and a certain incident involving laundry detergent. To AS I leave dancing in the lounge and that picture of my face after you left me. And finally, to the Class of 2012, I leave a successful senior year and the duty to be good to your juniors. ______________________ I, Andrea Kirk, being of sound mind and hard body, do hereby leave the following to the mentioned students: to 2nd Bryan, I leave the lounge; to Ayano Annis, I leave unlimited twerk lessons in the lounge; to Harrison Rashley, I leave a junior sister to take my place; to the NCSSM girls’ soccer team, I wish you the yellow cards and memories of Wendy’s and bus rides; to the volleyball team, I leave a little bit of drool; to Russell Aryeetey, I leave loud fans at every game; to Jeremy Nortey, I leave the word “supple”; to Travis McKay, I leave a free ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s (sike); and to all of the other black kids, I love you so you get everything else ever. Good luck next year! I love you all! ______________________ I, LaMecca Knoll, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Ga Kay Gao latenight physics parties; David Choi obsessing over k-pop and teenagery gossip; Zihui Yang spoon shenanigans and carpool/ gossip sessions; Karl Widney and Chatham Ellwanger crazy, sugary, sticky cotton candy adventures; Hannah Walrath awesome tea-tasting and emotional talks; Kim Ngo track fun; Dallas Warren stressing and eventually laughing over ecology; and Sarah Augustine, Ali Eakes, and Priya Desai pointless but hilarious gossiping <3. ______________________ I, Svend Larsen, being of sound mind, declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. To Urvi Sinha and Jessica Lee, I leave puns. To Ga Kay Gao, I leave endless fake tears over moving up two spaces in the alphabet. To Samuel Lee: I am glad that you enjoyed the membership to Sam’s Club I gave you. To Josh Jiang: I hope your pan gets treated better next year and Nana abandons you less frequently. To Ryan West, Caleb Rogers, and Jake Bringewatt: I told you so. To Saurin Kantesaria: don’t ever forget how cute and funny you are. And to Wilson Slagle, I leave concerts; frustration at Bali Hai not being open on Sundays; staying up until 2:00 even though we had all of our homework done, like, four hours ago; playing Borderlands to excess during exam week; Ryan West; and, of course, our favorite pastime: yelling at our roommate, Gus. ______________________

I, Kristen Larson, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath Karl Widney and Sam DeHority my caffeinated legacy and fond relationship with the Joe Van Gogh’s staff; Kasey Marshall late night conversations, witty one-liners and vocal harmony; Regina Lee my excursions out of my room; H’Kera Ktul my weirdest faces and strangest dancing; and Duncan LeMay all of my musical serendipity. ______________________ I, Brandi Lawrence, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave Ground Royall in the capable hands of the future RLAs Priya Desai, Dallas Warren, and Ali Eakes; late night Mario Kart marathons and too chocolately hot chocolate to Caitlyn Collier; a love for owls that borders on the insane to Rachel Dango; and weird faces/noises, good music and all the love two roommates can share to Mary Lynn Smith. ______________________ I, Jason Liang, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Josh Rees-Jones, Matias Horst, and Bradley King room 201, and warn them not to disturb Gabe and especially Mr. Newbauer (as we probably did); Urvi Sinha and Adam Beyer, the new Quiz Bowl captains, our hatred of (and respect for) Raleigh Charter, East Chapel Hill, and ECG; next year’s Science Olympiad captains, whoever they may be, our blessings and confidence in them; Vany Nguyen and Jessica Lee my love (well, just Vany); and last but certainly not least, Jennifer Wu all the memories we made together and my thanks for being the best junior sister ever :) ______________________ I, Chelsey Lin, being of crazy mind and Asian body, bequeath the following: Danny Oh-ESL classes, advice that is “disregarded” and sibling hangouts; Stephen Yang-unlimited cuteness and anime; Nathan Kwon: pandas, lemons, and a heart; Wanlin Xie-Stephen and Naked juice; Margaret Tian-eggs, makeup, and my forever love; Mengmeng Fang-soulmate status and late night talks; David Choi-coffee dates, FOOD, and best friend status; Samuel Lee-my favoritism, hugs, and Nathan; Chris Yumuscles, health food, and the cuhtherhood; Lin Caodates, “subpar”, and derping around; Jungsu Hong-derpfish and girl talks; Luckshume Ketheeswaran- grabby hands, tumblr, and fangirling; Lucy Su- unlimited sass and Mia; Lily Zhang-Food Network shows; Sahana Raghunathan: hotty status, immunology class, and a dog licking screensaver; Mallory Carnes: a DECENT viola concerto and amazing orchestra pieces in general; Jack Allen“qurlll”, a better mentor, and a successful research project; to the Cuhtherhood: my everlasting love, my baking, and family hangouts; to the

may 2013

RBio juniors-lots of food and ISEF/ INTEL/ Siemens/ etc. wins; to 1C2C1D juniors-a beastly hall and amazing SLI; and to all juniors in generalwishes for a successful senior year. I’ll miss all of you dearly and you all hold a special place in my heart. We will certainly meet again! ______________________ I, Mia Madduri, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Parth Patel trips to Chubby’s, all of my Senior Sister love, and our sibling moments; Lucy Su all of my best hugs; Chatham Ellwanger and Karl Widney my forgiveness (my fob will never be the same again); David Calvert this sentence: me tumse pyar karthi hoon (as a friend); Stephan Yang my thanks for being such a perfect lab partner; 1C2C1D juniors the best hall in the world; and to all of my senior friends the great memories we shared over these two years. I’ll miss you all! ______________________


I, Reba Martin being of somewhat sound mind and body leave Coleen and Cristin, adventures with very fresh breath. To all of the Greynolds juniors, I leave you a hall. We may be a little weird at times but we’re family. I love you guys. To Heenal, I leave a rock. To Alice and Emily I leave you with all the ramen and tea that you will no longer give me. To Tomi I leave you access to awesome adventures. To Michelle, I leave you the NONRLA clipboard. To Brooke, I leave you the Greynolds book of love. To Mer-Bear, I leave you a memory neither of us will ever forget. To my robotics team, I leave the lab to you. To Josh, Gabe, Evan, Jacob, and Peters I leave you with all the pizza trips we didn’t get to make and the memories of the ones we did make. To Neenerz, I leave adventures and black magic. To Casie, I leave you meals together and a blanket of friendship. To the Panama group, I leave you with memories of one of the best weeks of my life. Lastly, I leave the junior class with a senior year. Good Luck. ______________________

McCarthy, I, Kelly being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave UHOO to Rachel Dango and Ali Eakes, the 007 to whoever gets it, late-night talks and all the interesting roommate memories with Abby Thurman, GRL Airband choreographer to Ali Eakes, my Young Life senior leadership position to my YL juniors, and my love to all of my GRL babies. I’ve had an amazing year with y’all and I know you’ll make me proud next year! ______________________ I Tristan McGregor, being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave to Chase and Chase, the futon of the 113 in hopes that they may love it as I have. To Kevin, I leave a hug. To Taylor, I leave a flamboyant flick of the wrist followed by a


“Hey girl!” To Harrison, I leave Tank-Top-Tuesdays, Sun’s out Guns out. To Hannah West I leave awkward encounters in the hallways. To the juniors of Lane 4, Erin, Hannah, Abby, Gabrielle, and Chase, I leave the legacy that is Lane 4, may we stay a cult forever. And to Danielle, I leave the Gene Team, in hopes that she may find a better name, and all of the rats in D.C. because, yes, they do actually live there. ______________________



Right away, Wesley; to Tomas Romero, I hereby bequeath my Skyrim poster, as I have yet to meet a gaming enthusiast more worthy of the poster. To Jonathan Marquardt, I hereby bequeath my musical talent, may it help you as it has me. To Josie “Darling” Daniel, I hereby bequeath my hopelessly antisocial nature, may it curse you as it has cursed me. To Duncan Brown, I hope you someday have a roommate who is exactly like you in every single way. To Dallas Warren, I hereby bequeath my taste in music, may it help you grow out of your Taylor Swift stage. To Zack Bradshaw, I see much of myself in you, as we dealt with similar situations regarding our residential life this past year. ______________________ I, Anabel Medrano, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Mona Amin my clipboard, my room, and 1C; to Gabrielle, Shraddha, Anna, and Mona the RLA position in hopes that 1C2C1D will continue to be wonderful; to Isabella Hernandez I leave HCC in hopes that she will make me proud; to Vanessa Ponce many empty bowls of candy; to Taylor Fort the hopes of better senior siblings; to Trevor Howarth many more building threats, better movie choices, and non-passive personalities; to David Spencer many more unexpected friendships and wonderful letters; to Carson Hsiao a marriage contract and a lifelong best friend; finally, to The Mob I leave many more finished sentences, late night conversations, a pseudomother, and love. ______________________ I, Tatiana Miller, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave endless jars of peanut butter to Abby Smith; Infinite late-night duck faces to Kaneka Chhak; and ridiculous amounts of fruit to Julia Hu. To Alex Smith, I leave on-hall twerking and 4 AM rants on life, school, and everything in between. I leave gumbo to Claire Vallery, along with numerous Chinese pickup lines. Congratulations, I officially love the two of you. I leave my awesome mommy skills to my baby, MengMeng Fang. To my babies, Anushri Adhia and Niraja Pancholy, I leave the glorious exchange between Oriental Ramen and Maggi. To Mona Amin and Shraddha Rathod, I leave Continued on page 12


senior wills

may 2013

the essence of a prosperous and fun Dance Marathon. Amber Woodington and Addie Jackson, remember that I will forever be in your presence. I’ve spent enough time in your current and soon-to-be rooms. To Angel Chukwu, Lamara Parnell, and Gabby Masseaux, you’ll always be my triple babies. To the rest of <3B and my other baby junes, I leave you the freedom to do anything that I would do. I more-than-like most of y’all, but it’s time for me to graduate. Make senior year kick rocks! HOLLAA HOLLLAAAA!!!! _____________________ I, Sid Modi, hereby leave my ambassador jacket to Saurin Kantesaria and my Maggi noodles to Aakash Patel. I also leave my basketball skills to Samuel Lee in the hopes that he will use them to better himself on the court. To James Um I leave my mac keyboard. I leave David Choi my passion for SG, and I hope he will use it to help those at NCSSM and to pay attention in SG meetings. I leave my speakers to Isaiah Bryant and my bed to Harrison Rashley. I leave my Jsis Anne Lee an XXL bag of M&M’s and Kim Ngo my love for scary movies. Finally, I leave my chips to Josh Jiang, hoping that he will finally find some salsa to compliment them. _____________________ I, Katie Morris, being of questionably sound mind and body, do hereby leave Anna Strawn my room, Kat the Cat, York Peppermint Patties, and conversations about everything under the sun; Emily Barbee zombies to kill, trips to Chubby’s, and memories with Scarlet; Erin Mayo (my twin, George Weasley) and Grant King amazing happy-half conversations and summer plans; Vanessa Ponce trips to the bank, pokes during hall meetings, playing X-box, and being fatties; and all my beautiful softball ladies all the fun (and not so fun) times we had playing the game we all love. ______________________ I, Hannah Munro, leave to Gabrielle and Lucy, my room, the D104. Treat her well! To Shraddha and Mona I leave all of the laughter we shared. To Heenal I leave the awkward face poke. To Mallory I leave the viola section, counting, and an awesome work service. To Priya I leave our daily encounters, crazy essays, and smiles. ______________________ I, Susan Ngo, hereby leave my senior will. To NCSSM class of 2014, I leave you guys the endless stacks of Asia textbooks and best wishes for yet another year of stressful, overwhelming loads of schools work (oh and college applications). To the cutest and amazing junior brother I could’ve ever asked for, Stephen Yang, I leave you all the cucumbers and lettuce in the PFM and the responsibility to exercise at least once a day.

To my wonderful breakdance partner during Asiafest and my twin, GaKay Gao, I leave you bags of ramen and the “swag” walking skills we learned from Jin. To the most hardworking study buddy, Shan Yu, I leave you all my physics notes and trips to Joe’s during the weekend. To the super smart, genius, Wanlin Xie, I leave you the best wishes of dealing with my junior brother. To my beautiful 1st Royall juniors, I leave you the mystery of missing trash bags and many visits from Ophelia. And to my future ACC officers, I pass down the torch of honor to represent the Asian culture and responsibility of organizing the biggest fest on campus. ______________________ I, Nina Ondona, being of tiger mother mind and short stature leave my dear junior brother Chris the potential to become a legend – do it big your senior year JBro. To Meredith and Jungsu I leave my Asiafest act. To Harrison I leave the opportunity to redeem himself. To Josh, Trace, Isaiah and Vishesh I leave my baby, TSA. Good luck with everything, bring back lots of shiny things, and make tiger mama proud. To Catherine and Katelyn, I (and Yvonne) leave dance ensemble, my passion for dancing, hours in the studio and crazy dance breaks in front of a webcam. To Alice I leave perfect lab reports. To Catherine, my darling daughter, I leave you all of my fatherly love, a spot on 1D, and a seat at mob family dinners. To Samantha and Katie, I leave adventures down 9th street and senior year shenanigans. To my breakdance babies, I leave all of the swag I can as a pseudocaptain. To my dancer babies, I leave exhilarating senior performances. To 1C2C1D I leave my loud presence at hall meetings. To 2W juniors, I leave my legacy as the one small Filipina hallmate per year. ______________________

Christopher Louis Panuski, being of stuntin’


mind and body, leave 100% of my abilities to Kavi Jain for his future successes in competition math (and academia in general), 60 miles a week and lots of DC jokes to Chatham Ellwanger to keep him entertained, plenty of allnighters working on research and trying to figure out exciting new ways to blow something up (or just do awesome stuff with physics) to Zack Polizzi, all the ladies to my immaculate playa slick Jack Allen, a life to Danielle DeJournett, my consummate and professional tennis moves to Danny Oh, lots of love to ZuZu pet, watermelon out the game (with Jin Yoon, of course) to Yvonne Lei and Anne Lee, a debt collector to Sydney Muaka (in hopes that one day I will get my well deserved $5), any Ultimate talent that I may have to Nathan Kwon, and my best wishes to all of the RPhys juniors and the future of Research in Physics Program.

_____________________ I, Marcy Pedzwater, of fairly unsound body and completely unsound mind, do hereby bequeath the following to my beloved juniors: to Amber Woodington, Amy Blew, and Su Cho, I leave the task of making the 3B awesome next year; to Abby Smith I leave sitting in the lounge and sharing stories; and to all of my 3rd Bryan ladies I leave the task of making your senior year the best year yet!!! ______________________ I, Ally Pfotzer, being of fine intellect and large smile, do hereby bequeath my fun times in the cold mountains to Camille Fulbright, Andrew Green and Henry Seiler, my rockin DC adventures to Ryan McCord and Tristan McGregor. Late night talks to Rosalia Preiss, Madison Boice and Jojo drake. Dancing nights, musicals and pool parties to Suzanne Philips and Christy Powell. Physics I throw at Jack Doyle as a thank you for getting me through it. Prom I leave to the hot Lisa fan and soulful Ingrid Lorese. My hall I leave to Caroline!!! Soccer games and mentorship bus rides to Garrett Powell. And my heart now and always to phoebe Castelblanco. It’s been swell smath! ______________________ I, Suzanne Phillips, leave Ali Eakes all the memories of making up spicy Spanish songs in Srta. Smith’s Class, and being the best Spanish partner I could ever have. Dallas Warren, I leave you way too many snap chats, and so many great days not paying attention in Spanish. Spencer Yacos, I leave you a metaphorical jersey for TEAM BLUE and all of my phenomenal volleyball skillz that you always wished you had. Dallin Yost, I would leave the best hugs ever and the most loveable personality ever, but you already have those <3 To Catherine farmer, I leave the awesome times ahead of you as the best attaché and being the 1C2C1D dance queen! Jenna Reynolds and Alex Smith, I leave you sexy dancing. Use it wisely. Evan brooks I leave you the Service Learning Board, making stuff happen with it, and ultimate Frisbee lameness. Matt Weaver, I leave you the knowledge that Helen Christy always loved me more. ______________________

Phuong, I, Vanessa with great sincerity and deep affection, do hereby leave Paul Kim Raisin Bran cereal and yards of gray fabric for making quilts; Andrew Peterson all of my pathophysiology knowledge because I know he’s going to place first place at nationals for the both of us; Lucky Ketheeswaran trips to Joe Van Goghs and all my Super Junior fan-girly goods; Anne Fang a thousand apologies for not being the senior sister I thought I would have been; To Ga Kay Gao I

leave spicy seafood ramen, a lifetime supply of seaweed, trips to Chubby’s, late night real talks, Eskimo kisses, a fart or two, and all of my love; All the girls on First Royall good luck and best wishes for the next year; Susan Ngo a life size doll of Joseph Vincent— complete with singing when you push his belly button—a pantry full of granny snacks, and actual pillows; Natalie Ung a golden crepe pan, karaoke nights in the car, the baby of Totoro and Hello Kitty, and the honor of being my bestest friend/3rd or 4th cousin ever. And lastly, to Austin Sun I give layered bean dip, cat pictures, Farmers, Markets, Loops, and 10am. ______________________

Helen Christy Powell:

To Madden Brewster I leave the duty of making Mountain Cultures Club legit, a feat no

other leader has yet been able to do. To Gabrielle Beaudry I leave 1D. Make sure it’s awesome, even though my room wasn’t good enough for you. I also leave you the ritual of ridiculously long dinners after swim practice with Jack Allen and Kevin Parham, and the cardboard cut out of me that shall be placed at every meal. To Matt Weaver I happily leave my senior year. To Gabe Shepherd I leave Matt Weaver. ______________________ I, Harish Pudukodu, being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave Shouri Gottiparthi, Dallin Yost, and Paul Smith the mess we’ve left behind; Priya Desai and Ali Eakes the reason to smile all the time; Parth Thakker and Matthew Kornberg the job to help students; Anshul Subramanya all those slaps in dance practices; Pranay Orugunta the tools to advance RPhys… so long as Dr. Bennett approves; and Duncan Brown and Trace Birchfield the legendary corner triple. ______________________ I, Maddi Putman, being of sound body and mind hereby leave Kera Ktul my awesome RLA skills, calling people princess, obsessing over Chuck and Blair, and the right to make one of your juniors ask you to semi; Elizabeth Westbrook ‘Murica, oatmeal, and half of my basket of candy (come see me!); Lindsey Locklear the right to be a wonderful 1st

the stentorian | ncssm Beall RLA; Shayna Jacobs sassy pants; Melissa Mason an intimidating softball face and the right to be the most supportive voice in the dugout; Kasey Marshall lots and lots of cats; Kiya Walker my room and the perfect Ethan Whitehorse; Sarah Kohrt borrowing your stapler and making perfect man lists; Thamir Santillan the right to yell at people for being too loud at basketball games; David Cuppett awkward meetings at the t-shirt signing dance and the right to take tons of selfies; and last but not least my best friend, Sheridan Earnhardt, my RLA position, my room, my clipboard, sleepovers, ordering pizza, watching TV instead of doing work, and most importantly the right to find a junior best friend make your senior year as perfect as you made mine. ______________________

I, Cassidy Ring, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave 1D in the loving hands of Gabrielle Beaudry; my ability to play soccer with my left foot to Mona Amin; numerous running adventures, late-night street soccer, and excessive “hello’s” to Madden Brewster and McKenna Reed; all my motivational snacks and cards to my wonderful soccer son, Matt Nichols; a spot at the lunch table to Baby Chase; giant hugs to my best friend Ugochi Nwamara; falling asleep in Spanish class to Nquyen Le; a strong defense to Madelyn Krebs and Erin Rymiszewski; physics and unstoppable leadership skills to Alice Wang, thank you for everything; my motherly love and bonding time with the mob to my doting daughter Catherine Farmer; being happy to Travis McKay because he could always put a smile on my face; the ability to confirm and deny Abby Thurman’s outrageous stories to Meredith Dorminey; superb aquatic experiments and wonderful lab partners to Matt Weaver; all the ways to avoid broken noses and concussions to the women’s soccer team; future success to the cross-country and indoor track teams; and all my happiness and love to the wonderful ladies of 1C2C1D. ______________________ I, Sophia Rowland, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave Caroline Conrad the honor of reading Continued on page 13

the stentorian | ncssm Guts to continue this great hall tradition. I also bestow on you the snake painting with over my desk with a dolphin drawn on it. To the fair and gentle Katelyn Johnson, I give Lehman the unicorn. Take care and love him as I did. To Blair Killian, I give the giant pink bean-bag chair so you will always have space for company in your room next year. To Ann Bingham, I give the purple unicorn Luscious so you may add to your pillow pet collection. Tessa Jones, I bestow on you all my star wars memorabilia, on the condition you have at least one light saber battle. To my Latin buddy Liz Hayes I give the pink unicorn Brad and to Su Cho I give the colorful Carl unicorn. To my lovely running juniors I give our many runs, the beautiful sights and great times. May you all marvelous juniors have wonderful senior year, and know that if want, you can always come live in my closet. ______________________ I, Julianna Ruggiero aka Jules, leave adventurous runs through Durham, team bonding fun, and making team shirts to the cross country girls. I also leave random Friday night work outs, karaoke nights, watching crime shows in the lounge, frosting pops, tanning, and venting sessions to Alex Smith and Claire Vallery. To McKenna Reed, I leave all of our twinlike tendencies. Lastly, I leave the cross country team shirt stencils to my little sister, Meredith Dorminey, and Kim Ngo. ______________________ I, Diya Sashidhar, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Danielle Dejournett my metabolism so she won’t have to exercise ever again; Adrian Wood: memories of our wonderful bowling night without Danielle, Lin Cao: Nutella for those stressful nights, Sahana Raghunathan: my beautiful Rainbow tan; Kanan Shah: my senioritis and procrastination (you work too hard); Layla Namak: just dance marathons; Jeremy Wesonga: trips to ox and rabbit, my ability to quote tv shows (like Modern Family), and lemonade. “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, “What?!?!” ; Madeline Finnegan: my awesome senior schedule, and Elizabeth Parker: I leave my athletic skills, although they won’t do you much good. Finally, to my baby Diya-Brooke, I leave an album of our fondest memories so you will never forget Brooke Whitfield and me. You’re Welcome. ______________________ I, Henry Seiler, being of occasionally sound mind and body, will to Sam Dehority, Karl Widney, and Matthew Kornberg ungodly quantities of Joe’s coffee, to James Hawkins my Thor hammer and love of throwing things at people, to the wrestling team my hopes and dreams, to Zach

senior wills Bradshaw one of the cleanest rooms on campus, to Jonathan Marquardt my musical talent, charm, and rock-hard abs, to Russell Aryeetay my position as third wheel RLA, to Paul Smith my director’s chair as well as Alli Vo’s Red Cross t-shirt, to all future Physics students my pity and sympathy, to Quade Robinson my respect and hope for his military success, to Sam Dehority my passionate love, to Maggie Pazur my sincerest apologies, and to the Quadeumvirate my desire that they graduate senior year, make many memories, and not do anything I wouldn’t do. ______________________ I, Carson Shore, being of sound mind and body, I leave the last piece of pizza to Coleen, the rock quarry to Duncan, and an open stage for Emily, AbaGayle, and Paul. I leave the 311 to my 3rd Beall junes, the missing puzzle piece to Amy, and trips to Party City to the baby MPCs. To Kristen, Elizabeth, and Jay, I leave all the llamas and boomchickas. And to my dear friends Yvonne and Jackson, I leave the unholiest of trinities. ______________________ I, Jamie Smith, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the Third Bryan lounge to Abby; the wonderful duty of being an RLA to Amber, Amy, and Su; speech to Madeleine; learning about tea, tumblr, and supernatural to Annie; myself to Addie; Duke Splash and fun times in the lounge to Claire; trips to the student store to buy candy to Alex and Claire; and of course, to all of my juniors, being a senior and having juniors of your own. ______________________ I, Peter Soewordiman, leave Zach B the purple gaga ball, with the hope that he will spark hall pride and excitement. I leave Jonathan M the 3rd East Championship dodgeball with the hope he can hold down hall legacy. I leave Marlee B both ZB and JM, yall are the best trio of friends I know. I leave Dallas W JM - I wish y’all the best. I leave Kanan S chill pills - so she can stop panicking and chillax. I leave Meredith D my brother to be her Jbro, with the hope that she will care for him as I cared for her. Be a great SSis to him! Lastly, I give Jeffrey A, Henry S, and Grant K my best wishes as they’ve put up with all of my crap the last 2 years and have been my best bros. Hit me up in Boston! ______________________ I, Caroline Sprinkle, officially leave the spacious 217 and illustrious two-person sofa, handed down to me by Tess Stohrer (’12), to Isabel Reid, as well as hope that her senior year as RLA on 2nd Bryan will be marvelous; to Madeline Finnegan, I leave a leisurely senior year (this will be enforced) and watching Cheetah Girls 2 and eating Chinese food on an un-comfy futon; to Ava Gruchacz, I leave

late night talks and sleepovers, the dynasty handshake, and a glorious and happy senior year; to Kevin Parham, I leave the opportunity to be a way better senior sibling than I ever was and an awesome next year as RLA; to Ciera and Josie, I leave a banging miniterm, sense to buy less expensive water bottles, chicken noises, and belting High School Musical; to Sahana, I leave love and forgiveness that you took Physics TA as well as a chill senior year. ______________________ I, Emily Stark, leave my baby, the YAG delegation to Kara Wheeler and Niraja Pancholy. They’ll be sure to get stuff done and continue to grow the NCSSM empire at conference. I also leave salsa hips and attractive partners to Zihui Yang, Ali Eakes, and Bryon Spells. Finally, I leave crappy diet grade soda and type 1 diabetes to Brooks Estes. Good luck with the new diabetic on campus, hope you can complain with him. ______________________ I, Princess Stone, being of sound mind and body, hereby leave Elarnta Darden, Andria Boone, Camille Johnson and Marlisha Blakeney nights of doing hair and having life talks, the will to stay strong throughout the upcoming year, Colors memories, and the ability to see themselves as the strong beautiful ladies that they truly are. To Nicole Ward I leave Prince Lucky Stone-Ward, hard basketball practices, hide-and-go-check, and talks about life. To Hope Jania and Courtney Bell I leave talks about life, food and boys. To Travis McKay, Bryon Spells, Jumangie Smith, Russell Aryeetey, and Jeremy Nortey, trips to Biscuitville, dissing contest, and rap battles. To Derek Zhang, I leave the will power to be the best RLA fourth west has ever seen, Coach Payne and Dr. C’s stories at track practice, laughs about our childhood, walks down ninth street, talks at happy-half, the ability to make a difference on campus and countless memories to come. ______________________ I, Hayley Stratton, being of somewhat sound mind and body, do hereby leave Su Cho the Reynolds fashion poster; Blair Killian the tie-dye sheet and mac & cheese dates; Katelyn Johnson the magazine paper cranes and Just Dance; Ann Bingham the rainbow paper cranes, Shakespeare, and Myth; Madden Brewster a very special poster; Caroline Conrad the unicorn picture and unlimited visits to my dorm at UNC; and all my juniors lots of love. ______________________

Bryant Su: In no particular

order. To my Enthalpy family, I leave open practices and long rehearsals. To Josh, Trace, and Vishesh, I leave TSA, with the hopes that you’ll get things done ahead of time. To Evan, I leave the graduation cords of an Alum, so old that I can’t

even remember how many generations it goes back. To Vosburgh, I leave the pieces of the RLA Dragon Stick, whose curse I’ve broken. To Wesonga, I leave Jose’s checkboard. To Steven, I leave a particular ping-pong paddle. To Nush-nush, I leave the bamboo found when walking along the tracks to downtown Durham. To Soham, Kyle, and William Ge, I leave marathons of Adventure Time. To Nina, I leave being the best, best friends and acting like a couple to confuse people. To Hayley, I leave being friends during happy half, and taking walks around the neighborhood. To Sajan, I leave working on choreography every Thursday 10-3. To Anthony, Wey-Wey, and Eric, I leave the memories of DSG. (From Soham) To Matias, he leaves the Axe of the Sun. To Navina, Drew, and Sajan, I leave Friday night mall trips, and general shenanigans that turn into great times with friends. ______________________ I, Sri Sure, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Amber Woodington trips to Ninth Street and bubble tea; Grace Guo Dance Marathon publicity; Julia Hu and Abby Smith the joys of being a Physics TA; Nirmala Shivakumar the rain garden and PFM cucumbers; Jingyi Zhang ethics bowl study sessions and depressing Spanish stories; and Heenal Patel gold eyeshadow and bhangra hugs. ______________________ I, Mitchell Tague, will my year-long TTS schedule

to all of these juniors because they deserve a break. ______________________ I, Thomas Terrell, being of sound body and mind, hereby leave Heenal Patel adventures in Durham and my Student Ambassador jacket, Mallory Lowe my friendly disposition, Tomi Ladipo my judging looks and intense track practice, and Christopher Yuan my Mr. Uni Taxi as well as my desk chair. I’m gonna miss you guys! ______________________

may 2013


I, Abby Thurman, being of sentimental mind and sleep-deprived body, hereby bequeath all of my worldly possessions to next year’s seniors as I travel to the Great Beyond. To Catherine Farmer, the legitimate captainship of the cross country team. To Meredith Dorminey, Taylor Swift runs and knowing all the lyrics to songs. To Will Duncan, Laura Goodman, and all my other MUN babies an awesome club and the responsibility to win DUMUNC next year. To Jovan Baslious, the Ellwanger/Thurman collection of Esperanto writings. Kuregi fasti! To Blair Killian, food fests and astro homework. To Kanan Shah, responsibilities of writing tutoring to next year’s juniors. To Kim Ngo, late nights, fast runs, my knowledge of the Vietnamese language, and the privilege of living next to the coolest kids on campus. To the future occupants of GRL 007, holes in the wall, surprises in the ceiling, and a toilet that doesn’t flush. Adiaŭ kaj bona ŝanco! ______________________ I, Emmalee Todd, of questionably sound mind and body, hereby bequeath the following: To AbaGayle Younts, the unicorn hat, as well as the knowledge that hammocks can be hung under lofted beds, clothes are overrated, and the “add water” instructions on most foods can be ignored; to Jenna Reynolds, whatever is left on that Starbucks gift card and the fond recollection of many random hugs; to Annie Walker,

an IOU for that cake I promised and gratitude for explaining “yellow car;” to Annie Jo Buchanan, the irrefutable fact that you are awesome; to Chris Lagaly, the fond memories of your time as the human space heater; to Fourth Bryan, all the love and leftover barbecue I possess; to everyone who has ever visited the 408, an idea of how not to clean your room; and to the entire school, the confidence to wear pajama pants every day Continued on page 14


may 2013

and everywhere. ______________________ I, Katherine Treacy, do hereby leave Ava Gruchacz my Princeton letter and the Book of Gold. Danielle DeJournett, I leave you head RLA. Make me proud. Madeline Finnegan, I leave you Pip pot pie, saran wrap, and too much love to put in words. Chase Hicks, I leave you a carton of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor in hopes it will make me seem like a not-so-neglectful senior sister. Travis McKay, I am leaving you with the winner’s club. I know I wasn’t president or anything but you better find someone awesome to take my place next year. Jake Nester, I leave you extreme procrastination abilities and delicious brownies made with love. ______________________ I, Natalie Ung, with much love and many memories, do hereby leave Julia, Jessica, Maggie, and Urvi, all the sassy class it takes to be a first Royall girl. You’ve made my senior year the greatest. I leave Brooke Huang and Lin Cao love, diff eq memories, and random pettings. I leave Shan Yu, the kindest junior sister I could’ve ever been blessed with, infinite amounts of hugs and love. You are far more cute than Wall-E, and I’m so glad to have been able to have met you. I leave David Choi hopes for the best senior year imaginable, and I swear I will take you to Chipotle one day. I also want to re-adopt you into the family. You’re welcome. To James Um, I leave happiness and innocence because that’s what I loved the most about you- please don’t ever change. You are the most perfect person in every single way. I promise food and many visits next year! And lastly, to Ga Kay Gao, I leave room 113, late nights watching Naruto, random singing when I’m bored, and a little bit of sadness, because I never wanted to see the day we’d part. I love you. ______________________ I, Tischan Wade, being of sound body and mind (most of the time), do hereby leave adventures and cold nights on the Appalachian Trail and food escapades to the wonderful Tessa Jones. To all of the boisterous first Beall juniors I leave procrastination movies in the lounge and the hope that you make our hall as amazing next year as you did this year. To my incredible best friends (Katie, Maggie, Emma, and Hillary), I leave all of the fantastic adventures and dances we shared and the confidence that we will keep our friendship as strong as ever as we are heading off to college. Last but certainly not least, I leave random dance parties (and other adventures that shall remain undisclosed) in our tissue-box-of-a-room to my magnificent roommate, Sravya. ______________________ I,

Katherine Walker,

senior wills being of sound mind and tiny body, do hereby leave Devin The Office, dirty dancing, and kisses. To Best Friend, I leave felicificability, omphaloskepsis, and coffeefilled days of garden wandering. I leave summertime scandals, lions, and the month of April to Nathan, as well as junior year. To Carson, I leave joyful jogs, futon talks, and nature. I leave BOOFANG ohmygod to Mr. Gotwals. I leave stories to Bo Kane, but I will keep story time for years to come. I leave the hospital’s rule, Fridays full of fish, and double-takes to Kevin, who also gets the promise of trips to the 114 (but who really gets trips to DC). To Kyle, I leave train rides, stolen shirts, nose-poking, and a perfect summer. ______________________ I, Yu Wang, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will all my things to my little juniors. To Margo, my junior sister, I leave my academic motivation (or lack thereof) and my love, so that she can succeed in life and everything, and at the same time still make time for people (especially her senior brother). To Timmy, my mini-me, I leave my LoL poster so that he can be lazy for club fair next year and my bro-talks, because there is no one else I see myself in as much as my Timy. To Jennyfur, I leave my college-get-into-ness so that once again she and I can be reunited when I miss her next year. And last, but definitely not least, to Vany, I leave my everything, and maybe a free pizza or something if I’m feeling generous, because she has influenced my life in a way no one ever has and has shown me what it’s like to truly love and care for another person. ______________________ I, Laura Weng, being of sound body and mind, do hereby leave Lin, Brooke, and Sahana my undying best friendship, suggestive songs and jokes, winks, and late night conversations. To Lin, I also leave all the roly pollies that can possibly be found on this campus. To Sahana, I also leave my molgen notes and best of luck to senatorship next year. To Matt, I leave the classical pieces I never played on the piano and all the strange things I’ve said. To Gabrielle, I leave my nonexistent tennis balls and all the green apples in this world. To my 3rd Bryan girls, I leave the best of luck to your future endevours where ever you choose to live next year. ______________________ I, Katherine Whang, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave to Max Tucker, an adorable junior sister, my mannerisms when you mock people, and an undiscourageable ambition to achieve anything; to Adam Beyer, an impeccable taste in music, stacks on stacks on stacks of scientific papers to complain/bond over, and all the hugs in the world; to Vany Nguyen, meaningless bets, microwaveable chicken,

late-night laughter, admiration of your selfless passion in everything you do, and an L-shaped piece of my heart; to Chris Yuan, successes to define yourself and failures to learn from; to Brooke Huang, an unlimited supply of ramen that’s not mine, secret tumblr blogs, and reassurance that everything will turn out fine; to Michelle Zhao, a passion for ornithology; to Lily Zhang, a great sense of humor and an always open door; to Allan Jiang, prairie dogs yelling your name and awe at your multi skills; to Julia Yu, matching nude flats and confidence in yourself; to Matias Horst, postIndie music and kudos for your dedication to NASA HUNCH; to Jessica Lee, Kara Wheeler, Bella Hernandez and Kasey Marshall, passing the ‘stink’ to opponents’ bags, short school buses, and another great season of golf. ______________________ I, Sam Xie, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Ethan Anderson, Jason Han, and Timothy Qi the NCSSM E-sports Club; Jessica Gao friendship since convocation and all-nighters working on Research; Lin Cao chemistry labs and complex projects; Ying Qi early morning Joes trips; Shan Yu dinner at Pad Thai; Matthew Ellis roommates for two years; Leslie Cao and everyone in my prom group best night of senior year; and fellow third westers Cici’s pizza challenge, Avatar nights and random late night talks. ______________________ I, Amy Xu, being of rollercoaster-y mind and body, do hereby leave Jennifer Wu too many secrets to count, blue painter’s tape and printer paper, bouncy polymers and slippery soap, late-night twoperson dance parties, good time management (oh wait, that was never mine to begin with), 11:11 wishes, ten little dancing angels, and the Best Roommate Ever Including After I’m Married award; Christopher Yuan four-person

happy half, Rchem inspiration, and a ticket to Iron Man 3; Anne Feng too much energy for both of us; Gabrielle Beaudry a truly deserved note in sparkly pink pen; Yvonne Lei an extra hour of awesomeness after every practice; Emily Hagstrom a vote for when she turns 35; Max Tucker, Matias Horst, and Catherine Farmer the ability to defy gravity; Christopher Zhen, Hannah Sloan, Julia Hu, Margaret Tian, Michelle Zhao, and Parth Thakker immeasurable love and fifty different types of wood; Ashleigh Cleveland, Erika Munshi, Erin Rymiszewski, Josie Daniel, Maddie Waggoner, Puja Patel and Shraddha Rathod slightly uncoordinated ‘GO UNIS’ cheers and a variety of animal sounds; and to all of NCSSM, one word: yayyy! ______________________ I, Carl Yin, do hereby bestow my roommate Chris with my love for good music and my love. Make sure to treat my cousin well as a junior sister. To Kavi, Danny, Max, Jack, Chris, and Slightly Below-Average, I leave you with again my love and best wishes. I’ll be sure to visit next year. To Philip, I leave my mentor and his poster. To my boy, Stuart, I leave my tietying expertise. To Chatham and Lukas, I leave you with my impeccable knowledge of multi. To David Zhu, I leave you with my basketball skills... so I leave you nothing. To DCupp, Vishesh, and Amir, I know Jack and I have left the hall in good hands, and I leave you with my blessings as RLA’s. To Adam, Jungsu, and Su, me and the other E-I-C’s leave you with the responsibilities and fun times that come with being editor-in-chiefs next year. To all the editors and writers with the Stentorian, I also hope that you continue to write and do amazing things. It was a pleasure working with all of you guys. To the MUN juniors, I hope you pull some good pranks for me next year at conferences. ______________________

the stentorian | ncssm

I, Jackson Zerkle, being of sound leptons and hadrons, do hereby bequeath and relinquish all responsibility of the Pink Floyd poster in 212 to Matias Horst, and though he can and should do as he pleases with his possessions, it is my firm hope that he will replace all six pieces of tape (he knows where) and pass said poster on to the most worthy/needful junior he happens upon next year. As for the other poster in 212, the one displaying such phrases as ‘Surrealism- fish happens’ and ‘Politically Correct- internally processed, nutritionallydrained biological output happens’: it is bequeathed unto whichever current 2nd West junior should first come into the room and remove it with neither my foreknowledge nor my consent. If you do it while I’m asleep, you don’t even need to be a 2nd West junior. Godspeed, gentlemen. To the theater people I leave my love and trust; to the other people I leave my initial suspicion and eventual acceptance. To Carson Shore I leave the 2nd West Balcony and rooftops of campus, and to Yvonne Chazal I leave the paths around Hill and my ENTIRE itunes music library. ______________________ I, Jin Zhang, being of reasonably sound mind and body, leave Ciera Cipriani petty annoyances, BYOB acapella, and midday bottom bunk naps; Kevin Parham complaining on the swim bus and a fantastic prom date; To Josie Daniel leather jackets, “Maria”, and overall crazyness; for Mona Amin and Shraddha Rathod all the advice I can give and a spectacular time in HOSA; To Julia Yu, Gabrielle Beaudry, and Kevin Parham I leave a fight to the death for the title of Princess of Swimming; To Carrie Wright I leave walks to Joe’s, complaining about Spanish, dramatic chair turns and Batman, baby Attache, and a single tear; and to all 1st Royall juniors I give fun times on the 1R, empathy for their incoming junes, and all the love I can. ______________________ I, Connie Zhong, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave Sri, Ying, Hillary, Yvonne, and Caitlin plenty of green, innovative ideas and much success in your AGC endeavors; Andy trips to Locopops and Bali Hai and a junior sister lucky to have an amazing senior brother who can impart his wisdom; Katherine all the hugs in the world; Alison something to trap your overwhelming cuteness in to bring a smile to someone else’s face; Laura plenty of unstressful days and luck with college applications; Stephen and Rachel physicsless days and much fun with Science Days; and all the incoming juniors and seniors a wonderful year filled with optimum levels of sleep, study, and socializing.

features This Year in Pictures

the stentorian | ncssm

Ibukun Ademoyero and friends celebrate commencement

Madden Brewster and Corey Su in March of the Flags

NCSSM Bhangra performs at Asiafest

Courtesy of Albert Hong

Courtesy of Ryan McCord

Courtesy of Zihui Yang

Nia Crews, Logan Herrera, Tori Baker, Anita Simha, Charlie the Unicorn, Chris Yuan, Catherine Farmer, and Rachel Dango at Operation Toy Drop

The cast of How to Succeed in Business poses in “Brotherhood of Man”

NCSSM students enjoy the Holi festival

Class of 2013 graduation picture 3rd Beall shares a moment at Prom

Courtesy of Devin Finney

may 2013


Courtesy of Logan Herrera

Courtesy of Zihui Yang

Courtesy of Devin Finney

Courtesy of NCSSM


the backpage

may 2013

the stentorian | ncssm

A Message from the Editors-in-Chief Writing and working for the newspaper has been a great experience for all three of us, and we hope that the student body has enjoyed reading the Stentorian. We have put a lot of time into the newspaper over the course of these two years and it’s been a fun journey for all of us. For everyone who has been a part of the Stentorian, we would like to thank you for your hard work and effort throughout the year. Together,

we have put out good issues throughout the course of the year. Seniors with the paper, we would like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in. Rosalia, Mia, Marcy, Sarah, Mitchell, Jacob, and Anita, you guys have been great as editors. We would like to congratulate next year’s editors and editor-in-chiefs. Editing and formatting the paper is a hard skill to master and can take hours on end, but

it is rewarding. To all the juniors, keep on writing and contributing, because more than anything, the newspaper is yours. It’s

your writing that goes in makes the paper what it is. We’re going to miss all of you next year. To the seniors, good luck and have fun in


college. To the juniors, have a great senior year and don’t stress out too much.


the north carolina school of science and mathematics 1219 broad street, durham, nc 27705

Editors-in-Chief: Carl Yin, Jay Buchanan, Jordan Harrison News Editor: Rosalia Preiss Features Editor: Mia Madduri Entertainment Editor: Marcy Pedzwater Opinion Editor: Sarah Lee Sports Editor: Mitchell Tague Puzzle Editor: Jacob Dixon Advisor: John Kirk Writers: Adam Beyer, Sarah Colbert, Su Cho, Ava Gruchacz, Jungsu Hong, Stephen Liao, Andrew Peterson, Kanan Shah, and Hannah Walrath Photographer: Zihui Yang Your now-former editor-in-chiefs

Courtesy of NCSSM SG

Stentorian May 2013