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Pros and Cons of E Cigarette Electronic cigarettes are a micro-electronic technology which provides smokers a real smoking experience. It gives you a fireless, no tobacco, no carbon monoxide, no ash environment of smoking but with the pleasure of real cigarettes. It is a nonflammable product from which the smokers will get their nicotine without the harmful side effects of traditional cigarettes. It can easily help you stop smoking traditional cigarettes which contain real tobacco. It is the best alternative of a nicotine delivery system. It has been observed that E smoke is free from dozens of highly harmful chemicals that are found in real cigarettes. Even the amount of nicotine present in electronic cigarettes has been identified as being a healthier solution by physicians. Each e-cigarette allows you to take a few puffs and save the rest for next time .This makes you smoke less which generally does not happen in traditional cigarettes as you tend to finish it. E cigarettes are a lot less expensive than smoking regular cigarettes as they have a refillable component. Every time you take puff, electronic cigarettes produce water vapor. They produce no smoke and no air pollution like traditional cigarettes. Each time you use an electronic cigarette you will breathe out pure water vapor which contains no odor. No more smoke smell like when using regular cigarettes. Smokers can enjoy smoking without any restriction of place and complaints from surrounding bystanders. There are even reports of businesses allowing e cigs into the workplace. They are allowed virtually anywhere. Now smokers can experience better health and quality of life. This better experience is because E smoke does not contain toxins and cancerous chemicals which are found in traditional cigarettes. You will have relief from poisons that you would normally get with each smoke of a traditional cigarette. It is very convenient to use E smokes as it is nearly equivalent to half of a pack of cigarettes. E cigarettes also taste good and smell better. No one around you will complain as you are smoking. E smoke does not have the same problems as general smoking but this device has 10 to 15 times more nicotine as compared to general cigarettes. There are a few concerns for nicotine poisoning that can come from inhaling flavored vaporized smoke. Some anti-smoking groups have raised concerns that use of this device may still carry health risks. It may attract non-smokers due to its newness. E smoke may be appealing to children for its flavors and claims of safety. Some electronic cigarettes are very expensive and cost effective. Due to its advantages, E cigarette are a positive alternative over traditional cigarettes.

E Smoke