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September 2016

1 Celebrations

1 A good start and a brighter future 2 Official MoU Signing Stenden and Panyapiwat 2 21st Century Skills: Academic and Industry Collaboration

3 Looking back: 10 years Stenden in Thailand 3 New minor Integrated Digital Marketing launched in MP4 4 Introduction to Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) 4 Stenden Thailand welcomes

new staff 5 UFWH continues to grow at all campus sites 5 14th Asia Pacific CHRIE and HLST-Summer Conferences 5 Stenden Thailand joins MICE Asia

Celebrations Ever since you read our last newsletter, sent in January, so much has happened at Stenden’s campus in Thailand. I don’t even know where to start, as there are many exciting events, achievements, and successes happened that would all deserve to be mentioned. For instance, we could highlight our succesfull 2 nd UFWH conference which was held in Thailand in June, or share experiences from students who joined our revitalised minors International Relations I & II. We could share more about our Spa & Health students who are collaboration with our partner, the World Spa and Wellbeing Convention in terms of contributing research. Another highlight could be that our colleague Prantik (Thailand) and David Proctor (Leeuwarden) experienced a succesfull 10-week staff exchange. Yet, the Stenden team and I simply had to make some choices on what we should highlight. Therefore, you will find a selection of succesfull achievements that we are in particular proud of and we feel are of importance for Stenden Thailand as they clearly mark our focus and expertise, not only in present time but also for the near future. And of course you can read about our Grand Opening Stenden Thailand in cooperation with our new partner Panyapiwat Institute of Management. For many reasons you will find that this newsletter is somewhat special. Since Stenden opened its first activities in Thailand about 10 years ago, we have welcomed more than 1,000 Grand Tour students, we have seen many of our FT- students graduate from our International Hotel Management BA program in collaboration with Rangsit. All of this could only have been possible because of our many passionate and enthusiastic colleagues who have all shown passion and drive to make the Stenden campus in Thailand a success. I feel it would only be appropriate, at this moment in time, to thank all people involved during the past 10 years, and who made it possible for Stenden Thailand to be right where we are at this moment. It’s time to cherish the past and embrace the future. Yours sincerely Mrs. Sandy Loup Academic Dean

A good start and a brighter future After around 10 fun and exciting years at the Rangsit University campus we are now being welcomed to our new home at Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) in Bangkok. For both staff and students settling into our new surroundings this is an exciting time. Walking around the new campus and visiting some of the new facilities we have- library, kitchen, auditorium, canteen, and class rooms, this can’t help but make us all more optimistic about what lays ahead. When we look at how this will benefit students the benefits are clear. Student accommodations are much more modern with more facilities (gym, pool, kitchen) as well as closer amenities like the huge Central shopping mall across the road containing everything you are likely to ever need. For Stenden staff, there are modern classrooms, increased industry contacts (which means more industry exposure for students) and a University (PIM) that is excited by our presence. Yes it is early and it will take time to fully settle in but we are excited by the promising future ahead. Stenden Thailand now has the ability to grow and develop further in meeting the needs of students and in keeping our courses relevant within ever changing industries. It’s a good start- and a brighter future.

September 2016

Official MoU Signing between Stenden and Panyapiwat The official opening of Stenden Thailand on 27 September 2016 was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) and Stenden University of Applied Sciences (SUAS). The MOU was signed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sompop Manarungsan, President, PIM and Mr. Leendert Klaassen, President of the Executive Board, SUAS. We’re all particularly proud to have welcomed H.E. Ambassador of the Netherlands to Thailand Mr. Karel Hartogh as the honorary witness. The MoU will facilitate the development of collaborative programmes in which the two institutions can work together and enhance exchange programmes between the two. Also present at the MOU signing ceremony were Mr. Phornvit Phacharintanakul, Vice President, Academic Affairs, PIM, Mr. Siam Chocksawangwong, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, PIM, Mr. Klaas Wybo Van de Hoek, Vice-President of the Executive Board, SUAS and Mr. Wayne Johnson, Head of Sites and Internationalisation, SUAS. Additionally, we were fortunate to have a lot of our colleagues representing SUAS and PIM at the MoU signing ceremony. SUAS was represented by Head of Schools of School of Hotel Management, School of Business, School of Media Entertainment Management and Technology, and School of Commerce as well as representatives from Corporate Communications, ESR and our sister campus in Bali. In total 12 of our colleagues made the trip to Thailand to be at the MoU signing ceremony.

21st Century Skills: Academic and Industry Collaboration

As part of the Grand Opening on 27 September, Stenden Thailand celebrated the freshly signed Memorandum of Understanding with a seminar on 21st Century Skills: Academic and Industry Collaboration. The chosen topic of discussion fantastically summarized the new collaboration between Stenden and PIM as both universities emphasized their incorporation of practical skills in the curriculum. For Stenden, this concept is called Real World Learning, our new partners at PIM follow a similar credo called Work Based Learning which pursues very similar objectives to expose students to the industry as much as possible and provide a dual learning approach. The speakers and panel members represented the topic perfectly. Khun Phornvit Phacharintanakul, Vice President for Academic Affairs, PIM, started the afternoon with a talk on “Academic Perspectives : How Real World Learning Makes Real World Professionals”, followed by “Industry Perspectives : Competencies of the 21st Century Professional”, presented by Mr Hans van den Born, Executive Director, Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) and Stenden Alumni. The two key note speakers were followed by a very interesting panel discussion, joined by Sandy Loup, Academic Dean, Stenden Thailand and Noppasorn Siripakde (Oy), Director of Human Resources Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park. The discussion was moderated by our very own Prantik Bordoloi.

September 2016

Looking back: 10 years Stenden in Thailand Looking at where Stenden stands now compared to 10 years ago, it has become evident that the role of Internationalisation of Higher Education has taken up a prominent role within Stenden. Because of its efforts and experiences, Stenden has been recognized as a key player and a center of expertise when it comes to transnational education in The Netherlands. An achievement to be proud of. Of course Stenden has seen its challenges that had to be overcome; it’s ‘part of the deal’ when running an organisation outside of your home country. For Stenden in Thailand, previously known as Stenden Rangsit University, there indeed were obtstacles. Other than the usual start-up challenges and organisational changes, Stenden in Thailand has also seen quite some external impacts: political protests, bombings, floods, you name it. When looking back at our 10 turbulent years I can conclude that despite ups and downs there is a clear and consistent trend to be noticed and it is a positive one. A trend of enthusiastic and passionate colleagues who have gone beyond in making it work for Stenden in Thailand, eager students who are willing to broaden their horizons and to go out and explore. Stenden has proven to be flexible, open and willing to learn from newly gained insights, not afraid to further professionalise its operations. Together with our academic partner Rangsit University, we have been able to learn so much and to gain many insights. Although Stenden and Rangsit have jointly decided to take a different road regarding their future, we cherish our past and our current friendship. We should feel proud about where Stenden Thailand is right now: 10 years of experience of operating an IBC in Thailand, access to a broad academic network as well close connections to key players in the industry and above all a bright, new and exciting future!

New minor Integrated Digital Marketing launches in MP4 New partner, new campus, new colleagues. Why not add a brand new minor programme to the list!? Starting in Module Period 4, Stenden Thailand adds Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) to its list of minors. The 10-week programme is offered in collaboration with the School of Media Entertainment Management and Technology (MEMTEC) and is offered to all students who want to follow the Grand Tour in their 3rd year. The programme is an introduction to digital marketing, including units to train basic Graphic Design and Webtechnology skills. Students will also work on a complete Digital Marketing Plan for a local client. A personal development component will further add professional management skills, cultural learning and self-reflection to this exciting module. The initial idea to offer a digital marketing minor was quickly backed up by several industry representatives that have confirmed that Bangkok is the leading location in the region and one of the fastet growing markets with high online engagement by consumers. After a visit of a small delegation from Leeuwarden in June, all lecturers involved are equally excited to develop the first-ever minor as a collaboration between Stenden Thailand and MEMTEC.

September 2016

Stenden Thailand welcomes new staff

Sermsak Srasri (Jezzy) joined Stenden Thailand as per 1st of August and he will be your key contact person regarding all Grand Tour processes and student related activities. Jezzy will also be the first contact person for our Grand Tour students. We are all very excited to have Jezzy join our team: he is an official tour guide which for sure our students will appreciate, enjoys working with people, is enthusiastic and has good level of working experience in an international (educational) working environment. Ms. Pussacha Jangsiripornpakorn (Arm) started to work for Stenden Thailand as our new Management Assistant. Ms. Pussacha will be responsible for all general processes at our campus, overseeing the processes related to student activities and will be responsible for all financial and administrative processes. Pussacha has international experience in purchasing and with her newly gained experience during the international MBA program at PIM, she is eager to broaden her horizon and work for Stenden Thailand.

Introduction to Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM)

Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) is Thailand's first and largest Corporate University which has been offering fully accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs since 1 June 2007 and doctoral degree programs since 2012 and International programs since 2013. “Panyapiwat” means prosperity of intellect, characterized by academic and moral excellence and the striking green and golden yellow colours of PIM represent prosperity, growth fullness and academic excellence. PIM was established under the flagship of CP ALL Public Company Limited, a member of the Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group. CP All is the sole operator of the 9000+ 7-eleven convenience stores in Thailand and the CP group is home not only to 7-eleven, but to mega companies like True Corporation, Siam Makro and CP Freshmart. What distinguishes PIM from conventional universities is that it operates as a corporate university. A corporate university is a university that is set up by a private company and particularly designed to develop and train workers in skills that match the requirements of a job. This is why PIM has adopted a different system of teaching and learning called work-based learning which has the specific goal of ensuring that their students gain necessary professional exposure. To achieve this, in addition to attending regular classes, PIM undergraduate students in every program will undertake a paid work placement every semester gaining valuable professional and real world experience. The objective at PIM is to transfer knowledge from the business community directly to students to produce academicallyskilled and job-ready graduates. In 2013, PIM broadened its student base by launching International programs – a bachelor’s degree International Modern Trade Business Management (iMTM) and an International MBA (iMBA). Among the many possible career options for PIM graduates are employment opportunities with CP All, its subsidiaries, and other businesses in the retail industry.

September 2016

UFWH continues to grow at all campus sites After the summer break, Stenden UFWH is back with various events throughout the year, growing both in size and numbers at all campus sites. The best example for this is Stenden Thailand's UFWH Conference that was held for the 2nd time on 18th June. Again organised by students of the Event Management programme, the oneday conference has evolved into a more interactive gathering compared to the previous year where focus was put on presentations and guest speakers only. This year the organisers again managed to get high-profile speakers, and added workshops to the programme that triggered active participation and learning by all participants. With students joining from 5 different universities, UFWH has started to raise interest in Thailand. Another good development is that students managed to get sponsors on board that have helped to make it an entirely self-sufficient event. Great prospects for the upcoming charity fundraiser at the end of MP2 in January.

14th Asia Pacific CHRIE and HLSTSummer Conferences Sandy and Prantik were active towards the end of Academic year 2015-2016 in attending international academic conferences held in the region with an objective to give a fillip to research by staff at Stenden Thailand. The first conference that Sandy and Prantik attended was the 14th Asia Pacific CHRIE (APacCHRIE) conference held in Bangkok from 11-13 May 2016. Asia Pacific CHRIE or better known as APacCHRIE is a Federation of the I-CHRIE. International CHRIE (ICHRIE: Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education), a non-profit professional association, is the premier association in the area of hospitality and tourism that promotes higher quality in global education, research, service and business operations. It was a great opportunity to interact, network and listen to researchers from all around the Asia Pacific region and also around the world. Incidentally, our colleagues from Stenden Leeuwarden, Dr. Sjoerd Gehrels and Jurgen Coerts also participated at the conference and hence it was great opportunity to catch up with them. Sandy and Prantik also presented their research on “Relationship Between Value Orientations and Eating Attitude and Behaviour” at the 2016 International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sports, and Tourism - Summer Session (HLST-Summer 2016) held in Kyoto, Japan from 12-14 July 2016. Amidst Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage, it was a great opportunity to present their research, get feedback, and also get inspired by other researchers from Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, South Africa to made a few countries.

Stenden Thailand joins MICE Asia With over 100 students expected to join the Event Management 2 minor at our campus this academic year, Stenden Thailand has eagerly prepared the minor programme. After the very first Stenden-wide EM Conference in Leeuwarden last November, our Module Coordinator Jens has recently joined the MICE Asia Exhibition and Conference to meet leading mice organisers, suppliers, venues and other stakeholders. The event was held in one of the world's leading MICE locations, Singapore. The ever-changing industry trends and developemnts including VR applications, beverageserving robots, event personalistion and many more will certainly leave their mark on the future of the programme.

Stenden Thailand News September 2016  
Stenden Thailand News September 2016