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July 2017

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1 Building a strong Foundation

2 We’re all in this Together

Building a strong foundation

2 New IDM minor kicks-off

Last year around this time the entire team at Stenden Thailand was packing for our big move to the campus of our partner Panyapiwat Institute of Management. It is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly and taking some time to look back to our first year of academic cooperation with PIM, it becomes evident that we have accomplished so many great achievements.

3 Stand Up to Fight World


3 ‘Crystal Anniversary for Community Based Tourism 4 10-year Anniversary


4 Global Disaster/Relief


5 Tourism 4.0 -

Team Up with Digital Influencers

5 APSWC Collaboration 6 Co-creation brought to


6 Retail Business School


6 Event Programme with

support from Meeting U

7 ITEPS Visits

In this newsletter you will find some inspiring stories of our successes and I can only conclude that together with our dedicated Stenden Thailand team, our 250 GT students that visited us, our regional and ever-expanding industry network and the Stenden colleagues around the globe, we experienced so many highlights and created memorable experiences for all involved. With all that we have achieved, we managed to build a strong foundation for Stenden Thailand and a strong foundation is what is required in order to build further on our successes, to contribute to Stenden’s internationalisation strategy and to expand our academic activities and regional network. It makes me excited to see what will be coming our way the coming years, but from where I am sitting now, I can see an exciting future ahead of us. We will be looking forward to be welcoming more Grand Tour students than ever before, exploring possibilities for another new minor, organising industry networking events and we will be taking the first steps in developing a new fulltime bachelor program, in close collaboration with our colleagues from Stenden the Netherlands. But of course, all of these plans and ideas would not be possible without our great Stenden Thailand team: Jens, Prantik, Chiedza, Joshua, Arm and Jezzy. We will be enjoying a well-deserved summer break! See you back in August! With kind regards Sandy Loup Academic Dean

July 2017

We’re all in this Together Life on the PIM campus has never been as exciting, loud and colourful as during the week of 19-22 June when Stenden and PIM united for the first ever edition of Diversity Week at PIM (#DWATPIM). Organised by an exceptional group of Stenden students in the Events Management minor, Diversity Week brought Stenden and PIM students together to dance, play games and sports and watch a movie. Themed “Around the World in 4 days”, Diversity Week 2017 took the students on a journey to get to know each other and cooperate in various activities together, learning and embracing each other’s similarities and differences as students from different parts of the world, different parts of Thailand and of diverse backgrounds. As Maya Angelou so poignantly said, “…in diversity there is beauty and there is strength." On Monday 19 June, students experienced this strength in numbers as approximately 300 of them danced in unity in a Flash Mob to the famous and very symbolic song “We’re all in this together”, thus starting the week with an extraordinary bang! Day 2 of the week brought some learning with a cultural quiz on countries around the world as well as a GameHall that included fun games for students to play in between classes on campus. The selected games were simple to play and completely diminished any language barriers that students may have had. Day 3 was a popular Open Cinema night where a golden oldie favourite “The Breakfast Club” was screened in the big PIM auditorium. Snacks and Q&A for discussion followed allowing students to discuss the moral takeaways of the movie. PIM, Stenden and mixed teams closed off the week, going head to head in a football tournament. An audience of cheers and support from fellow students showed that this Diversity Week 2017 was definitely a success and it was only the beginning. This event could not have been possible without the support of our partner PIM and the PIM staff and students. We are looking forward to next year!

New Integrated Digital Marketing minor celebrates kick-off The first-ever Integrated Digital Marketing minor has successfully been offered in Module Period 4. With 9 brave students joining us for us the first time, the minor programme explores new career paths and prepares students to be ready for today’s digital marketing age. Separated into 4 units with focus areas on digital marketing, webtechnology, graphic design and professional development, the course was developed in collaboration with the School of Media and Entertainment Management & Technology. With new teachers, new classrooms and many new lectures and workshops, the minor included a lot of ‘first-times’ and explored unknown territory. Although it was challenging for both students and faculty, the newness of the minor offered many opportunities for students to give input and feed back on the activities. Together with local experts, classes and workshops were tailored towards students with a keen interest in digital marketing and limited prior knowledge. Despite some unavoidable challenges, the programme can be considered a big success and some fantastic outcomes of personal websites, digital marketing plans for local clients and beautifully designed artworks prove how students have gained a proper understanding of the core concepts within Digital Marketing.


July 2017

Stand Up to Fight World Hunger ”Stand Up To Fight World Hunger” was a direct result of Stenden Thailand deciding to increase its efforts in raising awareness towards the Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) initiative. On 14th June 2017, the Stand Up To Fight World Hunger event was held, including an official Guinness World Record attempt for the “Most arm-linked people to stand up simultaneously” all in support of raising awareness of world hunger. One of the key outcomes that students had was the chance to raise awareness for a good cause while experiencing and learning new skills. While the record did not work out as planned- the seeds have been sown for greater future success. One key learning outcome was that we must not take anything for granted and fight to make sure we achieve goals. While students successfully raised awareness towards the world hunger epidemic to the 135 participants from Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) and Stenden Thailand, our next step is to make sure everyone works together in fighting it. This is a great leadership challenge that all these students have now experienced and is real world learning at its best. Unfortunately, after reviewing the video material, we did not manage to break the record of 118 people to stand up simultaneously. With some students giving up and dropping out, and a few students not fulfilling the requirements, the highest number achieved was 112 students to stand up at the same time. However, the event was never about simply breaking a record, but raising awareness for Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) and Stenden’s involvement. We have achieved our objective to the fullest and are not upset about missing the record by a few students. Instead, we’re already looking forward to next year when we can try again to break the record!

‘Crystal’ Anniversary for Community Based Tourism (CBT) In the academic year 2016/2017, Stenden Thailand welcomed 20 students from different programs within Stenden for the Minor of Community Based Tourism (CBT). Since the start of this minor in 2002, approximately 135 students have participated in this minor. The interest in this theme follows the worldwide trend showing an increase of responsible tourism but also an interest of consumers to spend a part of their leisure time to volunteer- or aid projects. For the 7th straight year , the minor has been completely offered at Stenden Thailand. The first 5 weeks, students studied at the campus of Stenden Thailand and participated in excursions to relevant tourism stakeholders and communities. For the final 3 weeks the students spent time at a rural community that offers CBT products in Chiang Mai province. The CBT Minor was offered in collaboration with Community Based Tourism-Institute (CBT-I).


July 2017

10-year Anniversary Celebrations Panyapiwat Institute of Management, celebrated its 10th Anniversary in June of this year with a two-day International Conference on the topic of Academic and Industrial Convergence in Today’s Changing World. Key note speeches by CP All Chairman and Founder of PIM, Khun Korsak and PIM President Dr. Sompop were followed by a panel discussion where industry business leaders and academics shared ideas and best practices of how academic and industrial partnerships could further spark change in society. In the afternoon, Sandy Loup, Academic Dean, Stenden Thailand presented the many inspiring examples of how Stenden Thailand and PIM are successfully collaborating in the field of internationalisation and highlighted our unique Grand Tour concept. Furthermore, Sandy shared best practices on how Stenden’s three key pillars of internationalisation, research and PBL support the academic and industry collaboration across the Stenden multicampus network. With the entire event being attended by more than 200 representatives from more than 50 educational institutions in 19 countries, and special guests such as government embassies, private sector, and leading industry participants from Thailand, it was a great opportunity for Stenden to present itself to the many international and Thai partners of PIM.

A global Disaster/Relief Program for a Connected World At Stenden we value the expert input of industry professionals in our curriculum building processes for the enhancement of true Real World Learning. Stenden South Africa has been home to a BBA degree in Disaster Management since 2014. With the first graduates of this program now on internships in their final year, it become apparent that there is room in the industry for graduates of this program all over the world. Stenden University is now inspired to explore the feasibility for rolling out this 4-year BBA program at its campuses in The Netherlands and in Thailand. On 26-27 June, a gathering at the British Club in Bangkok to discuss just this, with expert participants from the industry including representatives from the Thai government department for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, a former United Nations organization leader in disaster response, the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, the Hague process on Refugees as well as Stenden Academic Leaders from The Netherlands, Stenden South Africa and Stenden Thailand. During these two days, participants scrutinized the global application of the DM Competency Profile, finding similarities and differences between Europe, Africa, and Asia and explored industry needs, setting up the curriculum to ensure that future DM graduates are job-ready. The two days concluded with a push for further establishing the reputation and standing of the program and development of a truly global competency profile and global curriculum that benefits from specialisations offered by the multiple campus sites. The participants agreed that there is a need for the degree program in Disaster Management on all Stenden campus sites, especially in Asia where the market demand can be expected to be significant.


July 20

Tourism 4.0 - How to Team Up with Digital Influencers Digital Influencers enjoy travellers’ highest level of trust and have a very powerful impact on travel decisions. These influencers are often seen as risks to the travel industry: a bad review here, a negative blog post there and we’ve lost a potential consumer before we could even reach out to them directly. But, Influence Marketing also offers enormous potential for tourism stakeholders and opportunities seem endless: Gain credibility with your influencers and you gain credibility with your end consumer. With Tourism 4.0 – How to Team Up with Digital Influencers, Stenden Thailand and the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce aimed at creating a casual and interactive panel discussion that provides practical knowledge on this topic. Together with a group of EM2 students, the event was held on 21st June and was a huge success. The panel members included representatives from a large hospitality organisation, a digital influencer agency as well as a net influencer: Ms Laura Rand, Cluster Social Media Manager at ONYX Hospitality Group, Mr Itthi Yossundara, Managing Director at Gushcloud, and Mr Sascha Funk, Founder of were the stars of the evening and created a fantastic atmosphere with loads of expertise shared. A true discussion developed right from the beginning with audience members joining in, asking questions and sharing experience in working with influencers. Big thanks again to our fantastic panel members Laura from Amari Watergate, Itthi from Gushcloud and Sascha from! All three have certainly influenced all of us with their insights and hands-on contributions! A big round of applause for the great hospitality of the entire team at The Work Loft; all panel members, participants and our student organisers. With the overwhelming feedback and positive response by all participants, we’re sure to have future Tourism 4.0 events under the NTCCxStenden umbrella.

Stenden Thailand continues to collaborate with APSWC Stenden Thailand continues to engage proactivity with the Spa and Wellness Industry. During the 2016-17 academic year, students from Event Management Minor worked with the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition (APSWC) to plan the APSWC Round Table 2018. The students of our Spa and Health Business Concepts minor had the opportunity to participate in the Round Table, helped in the organization of the event, and designed and conduct the expectation and feedback survey at the event. The Round table was attended by APSWC members from 12 Asia Pacific countries, and delegates from across Asia Pacific and as far afield as Europe. The Round Table was an opportunity for regional players to network and discuss real issues with their industry peers. An important outcome of the Round Table was the APSWC Round Table Whitepaper, that identifies the key issues that the regional spa and wellness industry face and the steps that needs to be taken, to address these issues. Our colleague at Stenden Thailand, Prantik Bordoloi also served as the Coordinator of the White Paper.


July 2017

Co-creation brought to life As part of the combined effort between Stenden Thailand and the School of Media and Entertainment, it has been agreed that the new Integrated Digital Marketing minor needs to be a true collaboration in line with Stenden’s striving towards Shared Responsibilities, Shared Benefits. To represent this co-creation, we were very happy to welcome Ms Bianca Harms, Senior Lecturer at Stenden’s Media and Entertainment Management programme in Leeuwarden, to join us for a week and teach various lectures in the Digital Marketing unit of our new IDM minor. Bianca has joined in weeks 2 and 3 to share her expertise and various fields within digital marketing including customer journey, business models, digital objectives & strategy, positioning & online value proposition, customer data and content marketing. Furthermore, Bianca has helped by consulting the student teams on their work with external clients and providing insights into writing their Digital Marketing plan. Overall, a great effort between Leeuwarden and Thailand to deliver the minor collaboratively and a good example for future faculty visits.

Retail Business School Trip During the first week of June, Stenden Thailand had the opportunity to welcome back or colleague Mr. Mark Pomper, senior lecturer at Stenden Retail Business School.

During his time here at Thailand, together with Stenden Thailand and PIM colleagues, Mark explored possibilities to further the collaboration between Stenden Retail Business School, our host institution PIM and CP-ALL. Concrete steps were taken to secure internships with CP-ALL and exchange opportunities at PIM for retail business school students. Mark is also preparing a 10 day study trip for retail business school students to Thailand, which will be hosted by Stenden Thailand and PIM. Furthermore, there were also discussion with the iMBA program at PIM to further joint research between Stenden and PIM colleagues. In addition, Mark met with some of the local Thai-Dutch industry representatives to look for meaningful ways of collaboration.

Event Programme with support from Meeting U We would be “nuts” if we didn’t farewell Ilse Hooiveld who was on loan to us for 10 weeks from Meeting U in Stenden Netherlands to assist us with our Event Management minor. On Thursday 29th June the team at Stenden Thailand had a farewell evening where we reflected fondly on what was not just a busy minor, but also for the contribution Ilse had made to our team and ultimately to success. While Ilse’s stay was brief, we all got to know of a professional, hardworking and fun person who dedicated herself to the student’s projects and ensured they received all the support they needed. Not to forget the challenges Ilse took on with accepting 3 different events in a completely new environment- all of which she handled with (relative) ease. This was on top of helping staff for different activities when needed- your help and contribution was appreciated. From all the staff at Stenden Thailand- thank you very much Ilse for everything you have done- we all have a new friend to visit in Holland when we return. 6

July 2017

ITEPS and Stenden Thailand With the number of international schools on the rise in the Asian region, the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS) and Stenden Thailand have started to explore the possibilities of setting up a fulltime Bachelor in Education in Bangkok. ITEPS is a unique program, offered by Stenden Netherlands, at the campus in Meppel, and educates young professionals to become a fully qualified primary school teacher to teach at international schools around the world. Current graduates are much in demand due to today’s globalized world that is characterized by the ever-increasing number of citizens who are working in countries other than their native country, there is a growing need for a certain level of globalization of the primary elements of the educational system. Being part of an initial feasibility study, Ingrid Jansen, Head of School of Education and Peter Elting, ITEPs program manager travelled to Thailand this spring to meet with various important stakeholders in the region such as International School of Bangkok, Singapore International School Bangkok, the chair of the International Schools Association Thailand and with the colleagues from PIM faculty of Education and Stenden Thailand team. All parties are very positive and enthusiastic and the coming months Stenden Netherlands and Stenden Thailand will collaborate to finalise the feasibility study and hopefully agree on an initial project plan.

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Stenden Thailand News July 2017  
Stenden Thailand News July 2017