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February 2017

In this Issue: 1 A full week of Co-Creation at it’s best 1 2nd UFWH Charity: Sing for the Win

A full week of Co-Creation at it’s best

2 Industry Day 2 An Amazing Race towards inter-campus teambuilding 3 IR students: World Leaders for a weekend 3 IDM at full capacity for 2017-2018 3 Stenden Thailand co-hosts first International Insight Forum 4 School of Commerce visits Stenden Thailand 4 NGO internships 5 Joint Chambers Tourism Luncheon 5 2nd International Leadership Development Program (iLDP)

In late January, Stenden Thailand welcomed colleagues from all Stenden campus sites and various schools to join the first-ever Stenden Conference on International Curriculum Development. For many years Stenden’s MoCo Conference has been the event of the year for academics from all campus sites to meet and exchange ideas for curriculum development. So far, the annual conference was specifically tailored to faculty from the IHM school. Hosted by the Stenden Thailand campus for the very first time, this year’s conference experienced a few changes to previous years as it specifically encouraged participants from all Stenden schools to participate. Under the theme of Innovation, Integration, Motivation, the Stenden Conference on International Curriculum Development was an outstanding success. In total 42 Stenden colleagues from 11 different programmes, 6 schools and 7 different campus sites have created an atmosphere of true co-creation throughout a very busy, but exciting week! Read more about the conference that was co-organised by a group of students from the Event Management 2 minor in this newsletter. We at Stenden Thailand are proud of the conference’s success, thank everyone who contributed and look forward to next year’s event. Many more photos can be seen here.

2nd UFWH Charity : Sing for the Win

6 NUFFIC Neso and Stenden IT visits Stenden Thailand organized the 2nd Annual Stenden UFWH Charity Fundraiser on 24 January at Live Lounge Bangkok. The event was conceptualized, planned and implemented by a group of students from the Event Management minor. Through activities such as a karoake contest, mystery box silent auction and raffle draws the event raised THB 47,100 for the charities, The Courageous Kitchen and Jungle Aid. Stenden Thailand would like to thank all participants for joining also big thanks to the venue for the great support, Talley Berry and DJ Scar for the contributions and last but certainly not least the sponsors who helped to make this event happen in the

February 2017

Industry Day On day four of the conference, participants were given the opportunity to explore the region and to get up close and personal with some of Bangkok’s most passionate industry professionals. The Aim of this particular day was to offer Stenden colleagues a general overview of Thailand’s economy, latest trends and development and in particular what makes Bangkok such an attractive and dynamic city to work and study. Hans van de Born, executive director of Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) and Stenden Hotel Management School Alumni (graduated in 1989) hosted the entire day and started by sharing some insights regarding Thailand’s latest economic, social and political developments. Afterwards, Bert ‘Bow-Tie’ van Walbeek, ‘Master of Disaster’, convinced the Stenden audience that risk and crisis management are of utmost importance not only for the industry but in particular to educate our future generation and ensure these topics are part of each curricula. Two of Stenden’s South Africa students, who joined the Stenden Thailand International Relations minor for one semester, shared their experiences about studying and living in Bangkok and their passionate presentations made it clear how important it is for students to be able to travel and study abroad. Last but not least, Carl Heaton, from Web Course Bangkok, enlightened the audience regarding the latest digital marketing trends and proved that Stenden Thailand made the right choice in developing its new minor Integrated Digital Marketing. And on top of this all, participants could experience the latest culinary trends while enjoying an excellent lunch at the Dutch fine-dining restaurant Savelberg, where maître D’ Christian Vera demonstrated his excellent hostmanship skills.

An Amazing Race towards inter-campus teambuilding

With the Stenden conference on International Curriculum Development coming to an end we have a chance to sit and reflect on some of the lighter moments that helped make the event a success. Thanks to Event management students, a highly entertaining “Amazing Race Bangkok” was organised as a team building activity which had Stenden staff from South Africa, Qatar, Indonesia, Thailand and the Netherlands battling it out. Some of the challenges included finding, buying, and eating a traditional Thai dessert in one of the major shopping malls and spotting the famous Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok and buy a unique souvenir (restaurant supports family planning and has received support from some famous philanthropists). Teams also had to complete a challenge at Escape Hunt- easily the most challenging group assignment with groups needing on average 50 minutes to solve clues and escape from a locked room!! After a Rush Hour challenge, teams had to list the ingredients of an unknown cocktail that was given to them for tasting in the final challenge- by far the toughest of them all. A great time was had by everyone, and after meeting back at the hotel lobby afterwards it was great to see everyone sharing stories and bragging about their problem solving abilities. Thanks to everyone for participating and thank you to the students for organizing what was 2 an exciting and fun day.

February 2017

IR students: World Leaders for a weekend International Relations students were challenged to put all of their research, public speaking, debate, negotiation, and acting skills to use at the Thammasat University Model United Nations conference. Together with other undergraduate students from Thailand and the Southeast Asian region, they spent 3 days role-playing as leaders of countries and discussing global issues in a simulation exercise as if they were in the real United Nations. Stenden Thailand students represented Russia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Mexico and Mongolia in different committees. Congratulations go out to our IR student Jessica van Schalkwyk who was awarded a certificate of honorable mention for her excellent role-playing of a representative of the Russian government in global discussions about climate change. Bravo!

IDM at full capacity for 2017-2018 Recently introduced to Grand Tour students, Stenden Thailand’s brand new minor programme Integrated Digital Marketing has already reached the maximum amounts of sign-ups for the entire 2017-2018 academic year. The new minor is offered for the first time in module period 4 this year and will be offered in MP2 and MP4 as of next year. After overwhelming feedback and interest from students at various marketing events, the minor has already proven to be of interest and use for many students. We’re looking forward to an exciting new programme!

Stenden Thailand co-hosts first International Insight Forum (IIF) One of the major benefits of going on Grand tour is the matchless exposure to diverse peoples and cultures in your host country. Stenden Thailand students are fortunate to be based at Panyapiwat Institute of Management, which in addition to tens of thousands of Thai students, has a growing number of international students from around the region. In the spirit of celebrating this diversity and seeking growth and learning from each other, Stenden Thailand and PIM came together for the first ever International Insight Forum (IIF), a workshop facilitated by Stenden Thailand’s International Relations students and their MoCo Chiedza Skyum. The content of the workshop was developed by a collaborative team of Stenden Thailand and PIM’s iMTM and IMBA faculties. Students explored each others’ traditions in song, dance, sports, family and food. The workshop was enriched by the multiple countries of origin in the room including the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Nepal, Vietnam and others. It was a welcome non-academic activity filled with laughter in the middle of a busy module. We are looking forward to the next workshops in this IIF series.


February 2017

School of Commerce visits Stenden Thailand With PIM being Stenden’s new academic partner in Thailand, many new opportunities in the area of academic collaboration are presenting itself. And with CP All being the mother company of PIM, Stenden Thailand has immediate access to a fast industry network of this retail giant. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Stenden School of Commerce, offering the successful BA program in Small Business and Retail Management in the Netherlands, eagerly took the first opportunity to visit Stenden Thailand at the PIM campus and met with colleagues and few industry partners. Hanny van Geffen (Head of School of Commerce) and Mark Pomper (Senior Lecturer SBRM) met with Stenden Thailand and PIM colleagues. Since September this academic year, PIM offers an international BA program in retail management, called International Modern Trade Management (iMTM). During the fruitful discussions that took place between the two partners it became clear that there are many opportunities for academic collaboration such as joint research activities, internship possibilities as well as both student and staff exchange. “Stenden can learn a lot from the dynamic developments in retail industry here in Asia whereas at the same time Stenden can contribute when developing international curriculum. We have only started working with PIM, but I see many exciting opportunities” Sandy Loup, Academic Dean, Stenden Thailand

NGO internships In order to forge an even closer relationship with the industry and Civil society organisations and NGOs in the Asian region, International Relations students spent the final two weeks of their semester in Thailand interning for local NGOs in Bangkok. In true Real World Learning format, they geared up and battled the Bangkok traffic daily to go and from the centre of the city for a real 9 to 5 job with an NGO. As the first IR group to do this internship activity, they had the following to say; “When I began this degree, advocacy organisations were not something I had given a lot of thought to. Now, Human Rights as a fundamental principle is more clear and important to me as a result of the International Relations Minor and the OUTBKK internship. I would definitely work at a similar organisation in the future.” -Warwick Windell (OUTBKK - Organisation for LGBTQIA rights) “Looking back, I would like to think I have made an impact and the work I have done will be beneficial to Wedu.”-Aminath Izdhiha Rushdy (Wedu – Women’s organization that gives scholarships to girls in need) “On the last day of my internship I presented my recommendations to the executive director which was a great opportunity for me to show my contribution and ideas… I must say that this two weeks work experience at Freeland has been my favourite part of both International relations module 1 & 2.” Nicholas Taylor (Freeland Foundation – Anti-wildlife trafficking and Environmental Organisation)


February 2017

Joint Chambers Tourism Luncheon Along with our partner Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM), Stenden Thailand hosted an exclusive “Tourism Luncheon” organized by Netherlands-Thai Chambers of Commerce (NTCC) in collaboration with Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCTT). The topic of the luncheon was ‘The road to 30 million visitors, what’s next?’ with a well -respected tourism analyst, John Koldowski, Head of the Service Innovation & Development unit, College of Innovation, Thammasat University. In his talk, Mr. Koldowski talked about How did Thailand’s tourism sensation happen, and what can we expect in the next 10, 20, 30, or 40 years. He emphasized that the tourism sector moves into a very much service-based economy (visitor economy), the prevailing mindset also needs to also move from what has been until now a largely ‘Goods Dominant Logic’ (GDL) to a ‘Service Dominant Logic.

2nd International Leadership Development Program (iLDP) Former IR student Aminath Izdhiha Rushdy contributes to this issue of our Stenden Thailand newsletter with a short report of her experience at the 2nd iLDP program. Stenden Thailand made a unique impression before we even got here with an email inviting interested students to participate in the 2nd International Leadership Development Program (iLDP). The program organized by CP All Public Company Limited and supported by Panyapiwat Institute of Management to be held from 10 – 11 September 2016. After the application, selection procedure, jet lagged and fresh faced we went on the program. The warm welcome from the first second we stepped in gave the reassurance that it would be amazing. The aim of the program was to encourage networking among student leaders of International Programs and equip them with the leadership skills necessary in life and working world. I have personally attended numerous leadership development programs, I expected more or less the same. However, the two days were not suffocating packed. It was very relaxed and put you on your toes looking forward for the next session. It was thought provoking and quality information, knowledge and experiences shared. Rich friendships and networks were built with student leaders from around the world. Jessica, a participant of the iLDP said her ultimate take away from the program is “There are many different kind of leaders, it is not the one with the most information who is the best leader it is the one who knows how to use their team’s information to better the circumstance of the collective group”. In conclusion my message to the next batch of students who get the chance to participate in this program is “When you see the opportunity pop up, grab it, this is once in a life time opportunity and it will help you identify your leadership capabilities and your weakness. And gain the unique experience of being surrounded and working together with dozen other unique leaders from around the world”. Last but not least, on behalf of the Stenden Thailand representatives Jessica van Schalkwyk, Alex Victor, Lennart Heitzhausen, Tobias Rast and myself, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to CP All Public Company Limited, Panyapiwat Institute of Management and Stenden Thailand for this life-impacting opportunity.


February 2017

NUFFIC Neso and Stenden IT visits Now that Stenden Thailand is settled into the Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) it is pleasing to see some of our visitors who are showing an interest in building and improving ties with us. Some visitors that we welcomed were Nuffic Director Mr. Theo Hooghiemstra and Agnes Niehof who is based in Thailand. We also had a visit from Stenden IT- Peter Beerta (IT Architect) and DaniÍl de Vries (IT Project Manager) These are great opportunities for Stenden Thailand to showcase who we are, what we do and also how we operate. Nuffic gained some very meaningful insights from students who expressed some very open, and honest feelings during a student interview session. Overall these were positive and left staff feeling energized that student needs are being met. We have also heard that their meetings with PIM were highly successful. We also had two visitors from Stenden IT who travelled from the Netherlands with the purpose of assisting the alignment of our IT experiences across all IBC’s so that staff and students can have consistent and seamless experiences at all Stenden properties. Also as part of their visit all Stenden Thailand staff received training and help with the new IT policies and procedures which was greatly beneficial to us. It is pleasing to know that we share some common goals and we can see that progress is being made towards improving our IT experiences. We are looking forward to welcoming all new guests in the coming months.

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Stenden Thailand News February 2017  
Stenden Thailand News February 2017