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LANDMARK #100,000 GS™-1932 What’s inside: 100,000 Genie® GSTM-1932 �������������������� 1 Challenges Bring Growth������������������������������ 2 Monitor & Genie Partnership ������������������ 2 Booms & Scissors Options������������������������ 3 Telehandlers Suit Australia �������������������������� 4

The Genie® GS™-1932 scissor lift is one of “Fittingly the Joyce family have been great those iconic models, seen the world over supporters of Genie for quite some time,” and perennially in demand. When a Genie® said Michael Scott, Regional Sales Manager GS™-1932 arrived in Australia as part of a for Genie. “They do a fine job representing ® ® regular shipment, the serial number 100,000 our Genie products and the Genie brand so we are delighted that our landmark scissor

attracted plenty of attention. After all, Genie has been manufacturing the GS™-1932 since 1997, so by any measure

New Telehandler Platform���������������������������� 6

that’s a lot of production and just as much

Raising The Bar�������������������������������������������������������������� 6

demand from the market. As fate would have it, Genie

Hydraulic Generator������������������������������������������������ 8

GS™-1932 with serial number 100,000

New Perth Complex ���������������������������������������������� 9

Monitor Industries sold the GS™-1932 to NH Equipment in nearby Orange. This is a local hire company which already has ten Genie® scissor lifts in their fleet.

AAH Puts Faith In Genie���������������������������������� 7 New Victorian Manager������������������������������������ 9

lift was shipped to Tamworth.”



was purchased by Monitor Industries in Tamworth. To commemorate the occasion, Genie Australia struck a special plaque and

Darren Schimming ������������������������������������������������ 10

presented this to Ben and Tim Joyce at their

Technical Support �������������������������������������������������� 10


GCS Eyes The Future�������������������������������������� 11 Battery Charger���������������������������������������������������������� 12

Ben Joyce (L), Michael Scott (M), Tim Joyce (R)

“The 1932 model scissor lift is very functional and exceptionally reliable,” said Tim Joyce of Monitor Industries. “It is obviously one of the most popular models in the access market and it is the scissor of choice for the construction industry.”


NOV - DEC 2010

CHALLENGES BRING GROWTH towards investing in people and products

in Australia and over the last five years

which will help our customers be more

have become the industry standard due to

successful in their businesses.

reliability and functionality.

We have

recently added more people to our parts and service teams so we are available where and when you need us.

Brad Lawrence, General Manager Genie Australia

meet increased demand for our products and services throughout Western Australia.

solutions and support to customers.


This new facility will allow us to expand

no other area is this more important than

our spare parts holding and increase the

technical support, where we have two

number of machines we have on the ground

team members who recently celebrated 10

available for immediate delivery.

experience are invaluable for our customers

The last few years have been a challenge

when a machine stops and needs to be

for everyone in the industry so it was with

fixed immediately.

#100,000 GS™-1932 scissor lift to a local company in Australia.

Monitor Industries

has been a great supporter of Genie Australia over the past 13 years so it was very appropriate that they were the recipient of this special machine.

have moved into larger premises in Perth to

Genie is renowned world wide for offering

Welcome to another edition of Blue News, the magazine for Genie customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

great excitement that we recently delivered

As part of our growth plans for 2010, we

years at Genie Australia. Those years of

So far, 2010 has been a very good year for Genie Australia but no doubt there still remains some uncertainty in the industry and whilst these volatile times persist,

This issue is also focusing on options

partnerships and friendships are more

available for booms and scissors in

important than ever before. We sincerely

Australia and New Zealand.

thank you for your business in 2010 and we

The latest

edition to our list of options for scissors is

look forward to striving to be an even better

our pipe cradles, which enable our lifts to

partner for you in the future.

be used in load-carrying applications such as the installation of fire sprinkler systems.

A large part of the growth of Genie Australia

Another popular option is our world class

over the next few years will be geared

hydraulic generators which are fitted locally

MONITOR INDUSTRIES GROWS WITH GENIE With over three generations of family ownership, it is inevitable that a business evolves and changes. This has certainly been the situation at Monitor Industries in Tamworth, but the underlying family values of service, quality and integrity remain as the cornerstone of success. The Joyce family business was established as a diesel repair company. Growth was achieved


selling of machinery.




The sales business

prospered, so much so that the diesel repair segment was sold off in order that the family could wholly concentrate on machinery sales. With third generation brothers Ben and Tim Joyce in partnership at Monitor Industries with their father Col, Monitor Industries expanded into access equipment about 15 years ago. “We did a little bit of hire work, but we are

essentially focused upon the sale and support of access equipment,” said Tim Joyce. “Based upon success with the imported spider lifts, we needed to introduce general

Col Joyce is a qualified mechanic and thanks to also having a commercial pilot’s licence, he is able to personally service Genie® equipment supplied to customers in distant and remote locations. So, for example, when a Genie® unit was sold and set up for

lines of access equipment. We approached

Ergon Energy at Windorah in Queensland

the major suppliers but settled on Genie as

(near Longreach), Col and team happily flew

being the best fit for our business.”

the 1000 km from Tamworth to service the

“Genie has a great product range and we

equipment and train the operators.

have been loyal to the brand for the past


eight years. It’s a great, mutually respected

amongst the most impressive in the land,

relationship, one which we are very happy

the relationship between the Joyce family


and Genie couldn’t be better.

As a Genie reseller, Monitor Industries services a vast tract of Australia. customer





The from

Newcastle and Brisbane and as far inland as you care to imagine. The huge new coal mines in NSW are driving an unprecedented demand for access equipment and aftersales support in this area.






NOV - DEC 2010

BOOMS AND SCISSORS OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES All models can be customised with a variety of options and packages to fit individual needs and help maximise work site productivity.


Hydraulic Generator

Supplies power to platform when standard main power is not available. There is no need to rely on an outside power source and extension cords for operating tools. Air Line to Platform


Allows convenient use of pneumatic tools. An air line routed from the machine chassis to the platform allows the operator to connect an external compressed air supply at the ground level and use pneumatic tools or air nozzle in the platform.


240 V Power to Platform

Avoids the use of 240 V extension leads hanging from the platform. A power cable routed from the machine chassis to the platform allows the operator to connect an external 240 V supply at the ground level and use power tools in the platform. Pipe Cradle*


Provides a safe way to lift pipes when working from a scissor lift. Transfers weight away from the guard rails and onto the platform deck. This enables the scissor lift to be used in load carrying applications.

*Available for scissor lifts GS™-4390 RT / GS™-5390 RT (left) and GS™-2046 / GS™-2646 (right)


Platform Work Lights

Provides efficient lighting for work environments with poor lighting. Mounts easily onto the platform and provides adjustable lighting where the operator needs it the most.

Lockable Battery Isolation


Immobilises the machine to prevent unauthorised use or during maintenance.


NOV - DEC 2010


After many successful years in the Australian market, the range of Genie® Telehandlers has recently been redesigned. The result is a range of machines which feature enhanced capabilities and attributes that help minimize the total cost of ownership. are



The telehandlers also incorporate a new



Deutz engine. Exceeding stringent Tier 3

GTH™-3007, GTH™-4010, GTH™-4013,

emission legislation, the rugged but reliable

GTH™-4017 and GTH™-4514.

engine provides greater power than before,

Genie® six




All models are now supplied as standard with the Genie factory fitted Load Management

higher torque and an alternator with greater output.

System (LMS). The LMS indicates the load

Depending upon the work site application,

on the attachment in kilograms on a screen

Genie has the right telehandler to suit the

in the cabin and restricts further aggravating


motion of the load when the rated capacity of the machine is reached.

Compact Rough Terrain Telehandlers The Compact Rough Terrain Telehandlers (GTH™-2506 and GTH™-3007) deliver big performance in a small package. Design enhancements that deliver maximum value to customers include a strong, comfortable cab for increased operator productivity,


NOV - DEC 2010

STRALIAN MARKET increased load capacity at maximum

Telehandlers (GTH™-4010, GTH™-4013,

reach, a new engine to meet the latest

GTH™-4017 & GTH™-4514) deliver the

environmental emissions standards, and

reach and performance for demanding

a readily accessible engine compartment

jobs. These models offer lifting heights of

for ease of service.

9.82 m to 16.72 m while the spacious cab

LMS is fitted to

these machines, a feature not offered by

and responsive controls enhance operator

competitive brands on machines with a

comfort. Superior handling capacity, precise positioning and a wide variety of attachments available on Genie® models

maximum capacity of 3 tonnes. High Reach Rough Terrain Telehandlers Where the demands of the work site calls for particularly high access, the range of Genie® High Reach Rough Terrain

increases productivity on the worksite. Genie® telehandlers are an excellent all round multi-purpose tool, often rated as the first machines on the jobsite… and the last ones to leave.


NOV - DEC 2010


The new Genie® Telehandler Work Platform, the 3P/700 REM 4400 for the GTH™-4013 AU.2, is designed for complete performance while exceeding the demands of today’s worksites. The new Work Platform delivers high rated capacity (700 kg), dual extension decks (over 2 m²) and is suitable for a maximum crew of three people.

RAISING THE BAR No matter how good our products, the only way to keep our customers coming back is to really listen to them. That’s something we put a strong emphasis on, and again it has paid dividends for our customers! This time it’s in the form of our pipe cradle systems. In response to market demand for improved load handling facilities, our engineers at Genie have produced a range of pipe cradle

GS™-4390 RT / GS™-5390 RT

systems for select scissor lifts. Development is finished and now these locally designed and manufactured cradles are ready for purchase. These cradles will enable our lifts to be used in load-carrying applications such as the

For easy set up and operation, the Work

installation of fire sprinkler systems. They

Platform control system is fully integrated

are designed to be a field-fitted or factory-

with the telehandler’s control system. The

fitted option and are currently available for

telehandler control system automatically

the GS™-5390 RT, GS™-4390 RT and


GS™-2046 and GS™-2646 models.





is attached and accordingly limits the

These pipe cradle systems are just another

operating conditions allowing the operator

example of why Genie is a world leader in

to be in full control of the platform.

its field. No matter what you’re lifting, we’ll

With the new Work Platform, operators

make sure it reaches above and beyond

have the flexibility to operate in tight work

your expectations.

zones, inaccessible when using alternative equipment. Further, the Work Platform can be operated with the decks either retracted or extended. The size of the Work Platform and the unique adaptability makes this unit the ideal platform for a range of applications including railway overhead maintenance, tunnel and bridge work, quarry sites and plant facility maintenance. Designed




AS 1418.19 and AS 1418.10 and guidelines published by the EWPAA Inc., the Work Platform is a new attachment that greatly increases the versatility of the Genie® GTH™-4013 AU.2.

GS™-2046 / GS™-2646


NOV - DEC 2010


From a ‘greenfields’ start in June 2006, Trent Hogan has taken Australian Access Hire to a position of leadership in the access hire market. With a burgeoning fleet of more than 470 machines, Trent Hogan is glowing in his praise of Genie® equipment. “Over 90% of the AAH hire fleet is Genie,” Trent said. “There is absolutely no doubt that my investment in the Genie dominated fleet is the cornerstone of our success.” Servicing the construction, maintenance and bridge construction industries along with key government contracts, AAH has a comfortable spread of sectors to ensure adequate diversification. If one sector takes a dip, then another will be on the rise.

and deliver the access equipment that

Of course to put so much Genie® product

customers want, where it is needed and for

into the AAH fleet, there needs to be a

the duration required.

mutually strong relationship between Genie

“Genie has been the key factor that has made the difference,” Trent said. “The Genie® equipment is first rate. A case in point is the hydraulic generator fitted to the Booms and Big Deck Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts. We have over 100 Genie® EWP’s in the fleet fitted with these generators.” “The units themselves are first rate.

and the customer. “We regard the support that we receive from Genie as second to none. Their service, response to our needs and the rapport is the very best you could ever hope for.” Not content with the achievements that Trent


deliver all the power that tradesmen need on the elevated platform.”

Hogan has achieved in the NSW market, he is already eyeing new opportunities with an expansion plan into Canberra.

“Our customers now specifically ask for these Genie® units. They are in high demand and

And, needless to say, Genie will be

we have never regretted investing in this

the new branch with product and technical


support every step of the way.

It out performs competitive

But the real key to Trent Hogan’s business

brands and is super reliable. The hydraulic

acumen is being able to read the market

generators have never let us down.”

alongside Trent and his team supporting


NOV - DEC 2010


Imagine being 20 m above the ground manhandling a heavy duty angle grinder, sparks flying as the blade chews through heavy steel. The last thing on your mind should be running electrical leads across the work site and up to the work platform.

The Genie® hydraulic generator features a

The Genie® hydraulic generator has proven

simple, press button operation. Because

contained unit, which tucks neatly away under the cowling on the chassis of the machine. Wherever the Genie® boom unit travels, there is 240 Volt power available on demand, at the work platform.

Consider these benefits: • Brushless generator – low maintenance • Double bearing arrangement – long service life • Electronic automatic voltage regulator (AVR) – minimises voltage variation as load changes

to be the ground breaking advancement

the generator is hydraulic driven, there

that has been embraced by all manner of

are no belts to wear or adjust. And with a


7 kVA alternator unit, electric tools with high

• High-efficiency bent axis piston motor – minimises frequency variation as load changes

Fitted to a wide range of Genie® Booms,

power demand such as stick welders and 9” grinders, are easily catered for.

• OEM approved and integrated into design of machine – “peace of mind”

the hydraulic generator is a compact, self

Our New WA Office Address | 126 Sheffield Rd, Welshpool, WA 6106


NOV - DEC 2010

NEW VICTORIAN MANAGER ON BOARD Genie has announced the appointment of David Greene to the position of Regional Sales Manager with responsibility for Victoria and Tasmania. A veteran of the hire industry, David Greene had for many years harbored the ambition of working for Genie. Like many before him, David used his experience in the industry to establish a specialised access equipment hire business. The business, Ifco Access, flourished and much of the success was attributed to 95% of the access equipment being Genie® products.

available. The previous Regional Manager left to pursue alternative business interests. “I was extremely proactive in applying for this position. Genie is a great company – I like the culture of the company, the way they do business and the great products that they have on offer.” “In my time in the industry I have never seen Genie take a short term approach, and that is something to be greatly admired.” The





strongly from the GFC and is quite upbeat. Unlike other markets, which are dominated by key segments, Victoria is driven by the

“I’ve always had a great affinity for the Genie®

construction industry, which has a good

“Even when I was

geographical spread and diversification

operating the business, I used to tell people

of companies and size of operation. The

that if ever a position came up at Genie, I’d

companies core market is the rental industry

be applying!”

which services the construction segment.

brand,” said David.

As fate would determine, poor health forced

“I’ve joined Genie at a good time, “ David

David to relinquish his interest in Ifco Access.

concluded. “There is a lot of upside ahead

But soon after achieving good health, David

of us.”

David Greene, Regional Sales Manager VIC/TAS

heard through the industry grapevine that a management position at Genie had become

GENIE RELOCATES TO EXPANSIVE PERTH COMPLEX A relocation that brings the entire Genie operation in WA under the one roof has been completed with stunning success. Genie has relocated to the industrial hub of Perth at Welshpool taking sole occupancy of a 6500 m² site.

The Welshpool location is particularly well

have the set up and systems to better serve

serviced in being close to Perth’s major

our customers.”

According to WA Regional Sales Manager

operations consolidated at the one site, the

Peter Stephens, Genie is now better

parts customer will be able to seek service

positioned to provide customers with a

direction from the service technicians who

consolidated, seamless support function.

will be readily available to assist.

“At our previous location, our sales, parts and

arterial roads, as well as being close to the Perth domestic and international airport. Customers who visit Genie mostly come to collect parts. Now with all facets of Genie

Stock of new Genie® products are also

service functions were a little fragmented,”


Peter said.

location. The WA market is performing so well in a volume sense that shipments of Genie® products from the USA are being

“Now we have all of our core functions contained in one site. In addition to sales, administration, service and parts supply, we now have an excellent service training facility within our complex.”





freighted directly into Perth. “We’re all very proud of our new facility,” Peter Stephens concluded. “At Genie, we

Peter Stephens, Regional Sales Manager WA/SA

10 NOV - DEC 2010



In his role of Technical Support Manager for both Australia and New Zealand, Darren Schimming has the challenging task of handling the most difficult of technical issues. If a technical query is easily handled, Darren doesn’t get to hear about it.

at Genie, along with a whole assortment of

yard overnight and stolen the engine. Can’t

diesel fitters with hire companies and end

start an engine when there isn’t one.”


Having joined Genie in 1998 as a technician,

“The vast majority of our support function

Darren has worked his way through the

is handled from behind the desk with

ranks to his current management position.

telephone or email queries.


According to Darren there are still good

issues are very rare, it’s more operational

opportunities at Genie for youngsters to join

queries and service issues.”

the company as diesel fitters.

But as a 12 year veteran of Genie, Darren

In spite of the unrelenting string of diverse

“I’m proud of our training and customer

is able to manage everything in his amiable,

queries that come across his desk, the job

support regime,” Darren said. “We do our

friendly manner.

according to Darren is not without its lighter

very best for our customers to provide


timely solutions to their problems.”

“In this job, you learn something every day,” Darren said. “And you also quickly

“I took a call once from an operator who

come to realize that our biggest challenge

could not get any signs of life at all from his

is to keep pace with the rapid advances in technology that are being made by the Genie engineers. The design of Genie®

Genie® rough terrain scissor unit,” Darren

products is ever changing, all in the name of

“We talked through the start up procedures


and the indicator lights on the panel, but

product improvement.” Overseeing the technical support areas of Genie means that Darren and his team are responsible for roughly 15,000 Genie® units operating in the field in Australia.


units are supported by service technicians

GRAEME BREAR While a brand may have all the very best credentials, it can stand or fall on the basis of the level of technical support. At Genie, technical support is a key area where resources are readily applied to ensure customers receive expert product advice, promptly.

there was nothing. I eventually asked the technician to lift the cowling and to check on a connection.” “The problem was pretty evident to the customer.

Someone had been into the

Darren Schimming

knowledge and experience, we have all the

With a background as a qualified auto

technical manuals, an on-line resource and

electrician, Graeme Brear has seen massive

ultimately we can readily consult with our

technological changes come through.

Genie engineers in the US.”






“The back-up that is available is just amazing.”

modulated. Very little is repair; it’s replaced.

In his technical support role, Graeme deals

The real skill these days, as it always has

mainly with people who have experienced

been, lies in fault finding.

Customers and Genie team members who have experienced an issue with Genie®

a breakdown in the field.

substitute for hands on experience to







themselves in contact with Graeme Brear. Based at the Genie facility in Brisbane, Graeme wears the title of Technical Support, Australia and South Pacific with some pride. “We support all Genie® products, from

These could

be customers, or even in-house service

recognize a fault, and then fix it.”

Graeme is also frequently called upon to provide back-up support for the sales team. Prospective customers often have a specific technical query which gets referred to Graeme in tech support.

lighting towers, to diggers to telehandlers,”

And then there is also a legitimate need to

Graeme said. “And that includes electric,

provide essential paperwork to support

hydraulic and mechanical problems.”

machinery prior to it arriving on a work site.

“At Genie we have an exceptional technical

Many companies require data concerning

support system that we can draw upon

noise, load ratings or risk assessment, and

to help our customers. Beyond our own

that’s provided by Graeme.

There’s little

Graeme Brear

11 NOV - DEC 2010

GCS EYES THE FUTURE “Anyone can go out and buy a few scissor lifts or boom lifts and be in the access hire segment,” said Dave Duddington, General Manager of GCS Hire.

What was just as important as the equipment

product itself is beyond reproach.” GCS has found that customers are delighted to use Genie® platforms and booms. The

While GCS put several access suppliers to the test, it was only Genie who saw beyond

The scaffold gear was soon supplemented with site huts, ablution blocks, lighting towers, generators and so on. The GCS vision was taking shape.

The final piece

in the equipment jigsaw was access equipment.

Their pricing, product back-up and the

that went into the fleet, was forming a solid business relationship with our supplier.”

At a time when the GCS Group was regarded as a company solely hiring scaffold equipment, management was working steadily on bringing a vision to reality. GCS had set a goal to become a serious player; a onestop-shop supplying the building and construction industry with everything required of a hire company for a building or construction site.

“Genie took the long term view to support us, and we very much value the relationship.

“We took a long term view of our business.

Dave Duddington, General Manager of GCS Hire

has paid handsome dividends. The entire access fleet at GCS is Genie.

the immediate unit sales involved and worked with GCS to achieve a long term objective. To say the relationship has flourished would be entirely apt. Two years ago GCS did not have a single Genie® product in its hire fleet.

few times that there have been technical issues, Genie has responded quickly to resolve them.

The Genie equipment is

easy to operate, with various models having unique features that are highly valued by customers. “GCS is an emerging company in the access market, but we have received the same

Today there are in excess of 150 units, all

support that a larger organization could

under two years old, all bristling with the

expect,” said Dave Duddington. “And that

latest in technology and all in high demand

counts for a lot, as far as we are concerned.”

from customers.

“We are well on our way to becoming a major

“We started out with the smaller scissor lifts

player in the WA market, as we expand

and booms in the 34 and 45 range,” said

further in the oil, gas and mining segments.

Dave Duddington.

“Now that we have

It’s all about realizing potential and to that

expanded from the building sector to make

end we are delighted to have Genie in our

serious inroads into the mining sector, there

corner working alongside us.”

is demand for the bigger 60 and 80 booms.” The decision to put their faith in Genie

12 NOV - DEC 2010

NEW BATTERY CHARGER FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE Battery life being the key to productivity, Genie Australia has introduced a new battery charger. It is available for Genie® slab scissor models: the GS™-32 and the GS™-46 Series. The new slab scissors deliver better performance coupled with an improved battery life.

“Through extensive field research and customer feedback, we decided to improve the performance and durability of the charger,” said Brad Lawrence, General Manager, Australia. “The new battery charger offers overall improved battery performance





products.” Four primary improvements were made to the new battery charger. The charger plug was relocated from the side to the rear of the scissor to improve the overall durability and make it less susceptible to damage. An optimized battery life, specifically designed for the Genie® slab scissors models, was created by working closely with the supplier. An AC power indicator was added to verify to the operator that the charger is plugged in to an AC power source. The charger also offers better diagnostic capabilities.

Now available on the Runabout™ models:

For previously purchased slab scissors, the

GRTM-15 & GRTM-20, GRC™-12 and the trailer-mounted articulating booms: TZ™-34 and the TZ™-50.

new charger is available to order through the Genie service parts department. The rear charger cord kit is sold separately.

Thank you for your business! Products and services listed may be trademarks, service marks or trade-names of Terex Corporation, Genie Industries, Inc., and/or their subsidiaries in the U.S.A. and many other countries. All rights are reserved. Terex is a registered trademark of Terex Corporation in the U.S.A. and many other countries. Genie is a registered trademark of Genie Industries, Inc., in the U.S.A. and many other countries. Genie is a Terex Company. Copyright 2010 Terex Corporation.

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Queensland Brian Clifford

Victoria David Greene

New South Wales Michael Scott Brent Markwell

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