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Sube Homeschool License agreement Please review the following terms and conditions Who is Eligible To Purchase the Sube Homeschool Product The following individuals are eligible to purchase the Sube Homeschool Product: • Parents teaching Spanish at home to their children. • Parents that are homeschooling and are certified homeschoolers in their state. • Multiple parents who are part of a homeschool group that purchased the Sube Homeschool product and are teaching rom the home The following K-12 individuals are NOT eligible to purchase the Sube Homeschool Product: • Public or private educational institutions • Language schools or institutions that are charging for their services • Any individual charging for their language instruction services, or associated with a school i.e running an after-school program at a school. License agreement and use The Homeschool product will be accessible through the website after the verification process has been completed. You will receive an email with an assigned login code within 48 hours if you have been approved. Please check your spam filter if you have not received your welcome email with access information, and contact us if you have any problems. Any violation of the licensing terms of this agreement will result in a non-refundable cancellation of services. Multiple users from the same homeschool group can send us their name/email address and we will provide individual username access.

Statement of Eligibility I represent that I am a member of one of the defined groups above eligible to purchase the Sube Homeschool Product and that the products being purchased direct from from the Sube website are for being used exclusively for non-commercial language instruction as outlined above.