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Elmwood Brand the Boring Tree Surgeon Brief synopsis: ‘The boring brief ’ has been set to various universities this year. This brief is judged on giving a dull brand, a re-brand in the hope to create something exciting that stood out from the usual designs found in its field.

This was a relatively short brief lasting only 3 days.


Design Development

The designs above represent my different approaches to the development of the final logo. At this stage I was very happy with the concept of the logo, however it needed to be made more approachable and less ‘sharp’. The concept has been to combine two prime objects, continously used in tree surgery, SAW & TREE.

As you can see above, the form of a tree has been created through the build up of chainsaw teeth. Incorporating aspects of colour into my final design created a very perceptual logo, the form of a tree has been created without any attached components. The tree also looks as if it is placed in the ground and the chainsaw teeth add subtle depth to the logo.

The name; Safetree Surgeons - following the grain. Tree surgeons pride themselves on removing tree’s safetly and successfully, with this in mind I generated a company name that was approachable and re-assuring, when spoken ‘Safetree’ surgeons can be held to also mean ‘Safety’. Following the grain also emulates that the company is constantly on the search for wood to cut.


Design Drawings

My first point of call was to understand the process and equipment involved in the Tree surgery business, I also had to choose whether I was approaching this brand as an independant business or an industrial and commercial brand.

I created a very conceptual logo design which can be seen on the bottom-left, it displays two tree stumps next to one another, the gap from where the tree has been ‘felled’ causes a silhoutte of a full ‘felled’ tree. Quite clever really. However I’ve approached briefs in a similar fashion so I decided to keep developing my ideas until they reached the design emblazed on the side of the white van. The following board demonstrates my on-screen development of this logo...



The wood-cut and embossed business card demonstrates how the logo works as a sole character without any colour.



In light of the nature of the job and the timescale of this brief, I decided it was best to only brand the key resources used within the job. Using orange equipment again reinforces the idea of safety.

Because I’ve decided to brand this business as an industrial business rather than an independant business, I was able to incorporate the idea above. It depicts the company logo during different seasons of the year, this could be applied to different vans and dependant on the season they’re working, they could use that specific van. It just prevents the brand from becoming stagnant and adds a sense of fun and uniqueness to the brand.