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Dr Me Flags - Exhibition by LCA students Brief synopsis: Create a design solution for a flag in pairs that would ultimately be printed onto fabric and used within the exhibition. My partner was Suzanne Moore

The main focus for us was to experiment while still keeping the flag, looking like an actual flag. After-all that was the name of the exhibition.


Design Drawings

As this brief was set within University, we had a day to complete the design we wanted on the flag. After a long discussion with Suzanne we decided to explore negative space and turned our attention to ‘Noma Bar’ who specialise in such design. With this in mind we turned to a reasoning for the flag.

The concept was to; Create a contemporary flag for a small coastal village in California, using the Californian flag as inspiration. With this concept, our flag had a purpose and also challenged the conventions of normal flags. (The second image is Suzannes design drawing)



Due to the Flag’s purpose, I wanted to explore how successful the design would be when placed in context of its creation.

The images above are the only images I was able to obtain of the flag before it was took for the exhibition. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some at a later date.



I’d took so long getting my head around how I could combine two animals through the shape of one element, that I couldn’t just leave it there, producing these prints gave me an opportunity to explore the mixing of screenprint inks. Using vinyl at such a scale was also a new experience for myself.