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Scrap Dryers & Preheaters Scrap Dryers and Preheaters can be used in any foundry, where metal is melted in a vessel. Aluminum, iron, copper, steel, tin, zinc, lead, and chromium are some of the most common molten metals produced that use scrap preheaters/dryers. The scrap preheater/dryer serves multiple purposes and provides various benefits: -

Scrap pieces are typically kept outside and get wet/dirty. By heating the scrap with the dryer/preheater the dirt is incinerated and the moisture is removed from the metal. When moisture comes in contact with molten metal, it expands by almost 1600 times and could cause a super explosion due to an imbalance in pressure. Thus, in any foundry where the scrap has been kept outside, scrap dryers/ preheaters are essential.


Scrap preheating increases furnace melting rates and efficiency. When preheated scrap is placed into the vessel of molten metal, it will melt quicker than if the scrap was placed into the vessel at room-temperature. This enables the foundry to improve production rates and throughput because of the decrease in melting time.


Preheating scrap saves energy, which would have been otherwise wasted. The scrap preheater/ dryer can use hot waste gasses from the melting vessel.

Below is a picture of a scrap dryer/ preheater designed and manufactured by Stelter & Brinck.

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Scrap Dryers & Preheaters