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Process Heat Equipment & Combustion Field Service Offerings. Direct Fired Process Air Heaters:

Environmental Systems:

Duct Style and Packaged Heaters

Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, Afterburners

Indirect Fired Process Air Heaters:

System Integration:

Hot Air free from the Products of Combustion

Packaging of Component Subsystems on Pre-piped, Pre-wired Skids Saves Time and Money

Gun Style Process Air Heaters:

General Industrial Equipment:

For gaseous and/or liquid fuels

Ovens, Furnaces, Conversions, Combustion Systems

Steel Mill Equipment:

In-House Equipment Test Firing:

Ladle and Tundish Dryers/ Dryer-Preheaters/ Preheaters, Scrap Preheaters

Fuel Oil/ Natural Gas/ Propane Testing; Capable of Duplicating Overseas Power

Aluminum Mill Equipment:

Combustion Field Services:

Aluminum Sow Dryers, Ovens, Furnaces

Preventative Maintenance, Rebuilds/ Upgrades/ Retrofitting/ Repairs


Process Heat Equipment & Combustion Field Service  

Overview of Stelter & Brinck's Offerings: Indirect Fired Process Air Heaters, Direct Fired Process Air Heaters, Thermal and Catalytic Oxidiz...

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