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Heat Source for the Cookie Industry Doesn’t it seem like every time you’re in the grocery store there are new items in the cookie and cracker isle that you’ve never seen before? With increasing sales since 1985, this obviously is, and has been, a growing and profitable industry. The ingredients found in cookies and crackers are mainly, flour, eggs, sugar, milk and some source of fat like oil, butter and/or cheese. These contents are mixed together with flavoring extract until a thick consistent batter is formed. The batter is separated into balls or injected into preformed-shapes and cooked. Industrial ovens and conveyor belts are used in order to process the large quantity manufacturers need to meet demand.

Indirect air heaters are often used as the heat source for industrial cookie ovens for a couple reasons. First, the temperature of indirect air heaters can be adjusted without affecting the humidity inside the oven. In addition, if direct heat was used, the by-products of combustion could permeate the cookie change the flavor. Every ingredient reacts differently when placed into heat and cookie manufacturers need to ensure that not one cookie looks too dark. In order to ensure every cookie is cooked to perfection, the temperature chamber through the oven must be even. For this reason, manufactures typically choose recirculating indirect air heaters, over non-recirculating heaters. For more information on indirect fired air heaters, visit or call 513-367-9300.

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Heat Source for the Cookie Industry