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Direct Fired Air Heater Data Sheet Stelter & Brinck’s Direct Air Heaters are commonly used in industries such as sand, printing, coating, cement and curing. Stelter & Brinck offers 3 different types of direct fired air heaters: duct air heaters, packaged air heaters, and gun style air heaters. Each of these 3 types of heaters is offered in different standard styles, depending on your application. In order to determine which direct fired process air heater you need for your application; you can either call Stelter & Brinck at 513-3679300 or fill out the data sheet below found at

DIRECT FIRED AIR HEATER Application and Request For Quote Data Sheet * = required * Company Contact

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City State Zip Code * Phone Fax * E-Mail

You Are (check one): Original Equipment Manufacturer Consulting Engineer End User

Installation Location

Project name

What type of quote would you like (check one)? Budget quote Firm Quote

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Projected purchase date: (Mo/Yr) Process Air Inlet Temp Max: Min:

Process Air Outlet Temp Max: Min:

Mass Flow (Air) Max: Min: Air Pressure Max: Min:

Describe the equipment you would like us to quote and the process: Fuel Type (Natural Gas, Propane, Fuel Oil, Etc.):

Fuel Pressure (PSIG):

Electric Service (volts/phase/Hertz):

Electrical Classification of Heater Location (If Hazardous Provide Class, Division, Group): Insurance or other codes: Elevation ('ASL):

Low winter temp(ยบF ยบC):

High summer temp(ยบF ยบC): Location (Check One): Indoor Outdoor

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Direct Fired Air Heater Data Sheet