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Aluminum Sow Dryers Aluminum is used a variety of applications, such as: cars, aircraft, cans, foil, windows, sinks, electronics, baseball bats, cooking utensils, ect. Obviously each end application requires aluminum to be molded into different shapes. While aluminum is the 3rd most abundant element, is not frequently found in its purest form. Alumina is typically produced from bauxite ores using the Bayer Process. After the Bayer Process, alumina is smelted to make molten aluminum, which is 99.8% pure. Aluminum oxidizes quickly, so if the aluminum is for future use, it is poured into casts to form aluminum sow slabs. When the time comes to mold the aluminum into its final end use, the sows are placed into a melter. Before going into the melter, sows are typically placed into a sow dryer/preheater. The sow dryer/ preheater incinerates any dirt and removes any moisture present on the sow. Sow dryers also save energy by providing dry charge and allowing for the production advantages of a preheated hot charge to the aluminum melter. Stelter & Brinck is one company that designs and manufactures aluminum sow dryers/ preheaters. They offer two versions: a lift-off portable unit that can be moved to new locations with ease and a dual station, fixed model. Both of Stelter & Brinck’s models are custom designed to fit the customers’ load and geometry requirements.

Picture: Stelter & Brinck Dual Station Sow Dryer

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Aluminum Sow Dryers