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Aluminum Manufacturing & Mill Equipment While aluminum is the 3rd most abundant metal in the world today, it is the most widely used. Aluminum is a strong, lightweight, non-magnetic metal. For over 110 years we’ve been relying on the same process to produce aluminum. Aluminum begins as bauxite ores, which are crushed and refined. The refined ores are then sent through “Bayer’s process”; a chemical process that results in the production of alumina. After the “Bayer’s process” the alumina is sent through the “Hall-Heroult processs”; the elctrolyyic process in which alumina is smelted in order to make 99.8% pure molten aluminum metal. The molten aluminum is then either cast into its final shape or into bar shaped sows (sometimes called ingots), in order to be shipped to an aluminum casting mill. Prior to re-melting sows, aluminum sow dryers/preheaters are used. Sow dryers/preheaters remove any excess moisture from the sows, which ensures the sows mold as desired. When melting scrap metal, rather than sows, mills utilize scrap dryers/preheaters. Stelter & Brinck designs and manufactures scrap and sow dryers/preheaters. Our aluminum equipment is used today in numerous mills, world-wide. We would be happy to help you with any of your aluminum drying/preheating needs. Below is a picture of one of our dual station sow dryers:

Aluminum Manufacturing & Mill Equipment