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DR550 Sales Mastery

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1. Which of the following reflects best practice regarding data retention strategies? A. Data retention strategies should be driven strictly by regulatory requirements. B. Technology availability and direction should determine data retention strategies. C. Business policies, processes, and procedures must be determined before considering technology. D. Data should be retained on disk rather than tape because tape media replacements are more frequent than disk subsystem replacements. Answer: C 2. The DR550 is positioned and sold to do which of the following? A. Tape backup solutions B. Primary storage solutions C. Disaster recovery solutions D. Policy-based data retention solutions Answer: D 3. Which statement describes the competitive advantage of the DR550 over the EMC Centera when considering TCO over a five-year period or longer? A. Warranties are longer on the DR550 than the Centera. B. Hardware costs on the DR550 are less than half of the hardware costs on the Centera. C. Software license costs on the DR550 are less than half of the Centera licensing costs. D. Hardware maintenance costs on the DR550 are less than half of the Centera maintenance costs. Answer: C 4. The DR550 Solution Assurance Review (SAR) will help do which of the following? A. Improve the functionality of the DR550. B. Improve customer satisfaction and the sales process. C. Ensure that the shipment will arrive in a timely manner at the provided address. D. Verify the knowledge and solution design skills of technical specialists in ILM solutions. Answer: B 5. The DR550 can provide a compliant repository for what types of data? A. All kinds of data regardless of format. B. Only structured data such as database records. C. Unstructured data except video and audio files. D. Only unstructured data such as emails and files. Answer: A 6. Which of the following is a competitive advantage of a DR550 solution? A. Tiered storage B. Works with Lotus Notes    

C. Five year parts and labor warranty D. Works exclusively with Content Manager Answer: A 7. Which of the following is the best source to find "how-to" technical planning and implementation information on the IBM DR550? A. DR550 Sales Kit B. DR550 User's Guide C. TotalStorage Solutions Handbook D. DR550 Specifications Data Sheet Answer: B 8. Which of the following concerns would most likely cause a customer to replace an installed 3995? A. That replacement media are not available B. The high cost of maintenance of the 3995 C. That service has been withdrawn for the 3995 D. That the 3995 will be withdrawn by IBM from marketing Answer: B 9. The customer has 4.8 TB of data to be archived to disk and requires a highly available implementation. Which DR550 configuration would be most suitable? A. 5.3 TB Express B. 5.6 TB Dual Node C. 11.2 TB Dual Node D. 5.6 TB Single Node Answer: C 10. Which of following software provides archiving for Oracle databases? A. IXOS / Opentext B. IBM Content Manager C. Symantec Enterprise Vault D. Princeton Softech Active Archive Answer: D 11. Which of the following statements is accurate regarding IBM Content Manager? A. IBM Content Manager does not support Centera. B. The primary competitor to IBM Content Manager is Symantec Enterprise Vault. C. The primary focus of IBM Content Manager is to manage email and instant messages for Lotus Notes. D. IBM Content Manager is a suite of software products which manages many types of content across all IBM server platforms.    

Answer: D 12. Which of the following is a compliance-related advantage of the DR550 over the competition? A. Disk can be used as archived media. B. Disk can be reused as archived media. C. WORM tape can be used as archived media. D. Read/write tape can be used as archived media. Answer: C 13. What is JIC (Just In Case) data? A. Data that must be kept in secure vaults for disaster recovery B. Data that an organization no longer needs for its operational systems C. Data that an organization needs all the time for its operational systems D. Duplicate data kept in backup media to be used in case of natural disaster Answer: B 14. What is the IBM 3995 Optical Library Dataserver? A. It is an optical library system used for write-once data. B. It is an optical library system supported only in the pSeries. C. It is a high capacity optical library often used for write-once data. D. It is a high capacity optical library that can contain up to 3.4 TB of data. Answer: A 15. When comparing the Total Cost of Ownership of the DR550 with that of EMC's Centera, which of the following best describes the DR550 advantage? A. DR550 and Centera have similar long term costs, but the DR550 has a clear purchase price advantage. B. Using the modular packaging and pSeries power architecture drives the key TCO advantages of the DR550. C. When comparing disk only configurations, Centera has lower TCO. However, when tape is added, DR550 has a significantly lower TCO. D. Reoccurring software licensing and maintenance charges represent the most significant difference between DR550 and Centera in long term TCO analysis. Answer: D 16. What are the minimum requirements to be a DR550 reseller? A. Any IBM storage reseller can sell a DR550. B. Only ILM Centers of Competence are authorized to sell DR550. C. Any reseller who is authorized to sell TotalStorage, pSeries and Tivoli. D. Any reseller who has passed DR550 Sales Certification and Technical Certification. Answer: C    

17. Which IBM Content Manager component can be included in a solution with the DR550? A. StorageView B. Records Manager C. CommonStore for Oracle D. CommonStore for PeopleSoft Answer: B 18. When does data typically become Just in Case (JIC) data? A. During the first week B. Within the first 24 hours C. Between two and eight years D. Between two and eighteen months Answer: D 19. Which THREE of the following are DR550 competitive advantages over EMC's Centera? A. ISV support B. Five-year warranty C. Archive performance D. Storage scalability E. Total Cost of Ownership F. Content Addressable Storage Answer: CDE 20. The most current list of ISVs who provide support for the DR550 should be located: A. In the DR550 Redbook. B. In the DR550 Sales Kit. C. By contacting IBM BPSO. D. By contacting IBM eSupport. Answer: B 21. How is the configuration for the DR550 prepared for pricing and the order entry process? A. It is prepared manually for the order entry process and pricing adjustment. B. It requires two separate configurators for the storage and pSeries components, and the two files are then merged by Partnerworld. C. It is prepared by configuring and pricing each brand component separately and sending the complete single output files to IBM for order entry. D. It is prepared by running the configurator for e-business tool to obtain the complete configuration output for the DR550 to be sent to IBM order entry. Answer: D    

22. A key sales opportunity for the DR550 is to replace which of the following? A. SSA storage attached to pSeries servers B. ESS on zSeries for low performance applications C. 3995s attached to iSeries for IBM Content Manager Applications D. Tivoli Storage Manager for HSM and AIX and Windows environments Answer: C 23. Which of the following best describes an ILM Center of Competence? A. An industry association of ILM consultants B. An IBM customer program to define ILM best practices C. A reseller committed to having DR550 skills and demo capability D. A group of resellers who are the only ones authorized to sell DR550 Answer: C 24. Which THREE of the following are the primary benefits of e-mail archiving? A. Encrypted e-mail B. Reduced backup windows C. Increased e-mail performance D. Reduced primary e-mail storage E. Elimination of duplicated EXE files F. Full text and voice context indexing Answer: BCD 25. Which capability is NOT provided by SSAM? A. A Java API to the DR550 B. Clients that run on application servers C. Backup and restore of DR550 and non-DR550 content D. Enforcement of retention policies on disk and tape Answer: C 26. After "Event Based Data Retention" is set for a file, deletion of the file is best characterized as which of the following? A. Immediate B. Programmed C. Pre-defined D. Policy based Answer: D 27. In a DR550 solution, SSAM is directly associated with which of the following? A. SAN Switch    

B. Client API C. Storage Drives D. Service Alerts Answer: B 28. What is an important characteristic of the DR550 data encryption feature? A. It is a chargeable feature of the DR550. B. It provides key management only by the DR550. C. It supports only 128 AES / 56 DES encryption. D. It can encrypt and de-encrypt using the application server or the DR550. Answer: C 29. Which of the following is INCORRECT with regard to Application Mirroring on the DR550? A. It is easy to implement and operate. B. It is included in the application software. C. It is compliant with government regulations. D. It has a relatively high Return to Operations (RTO). Answer: D 30. Which best describes IBM's role in enabling DR550 resellers to team with ISVs in selling DR550 solutions? A. IBM will assign the best ISV to address customer needs. B. IBM will suggest ISV candidates who could address customer needs. C. IBM will provide a teaming bonus when resellers team with an ISV. D. IBM will identify an engagement sales lead for each solution opportunity to facilitate ISV teaming. Answer: B 31. Which TWO of the following DR550 combinations qualify for a special bid? A. pSeries and tape B. IBM TotalStorage DS4000, pSeries, and tape C. Tape and System Storage Archive Manager software D. System Storage Archive Manager software and DS4000 E. IBM TotalStorage DS4000, pSeries, and System Storage Archive Manager software Answer: AB 32. Which of the following best defines Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)? A. The four elements of tiered storage B. Disaster recovery and backup processes C. Managing data, from creation to deletion D. Analysis of data as it traverses the network    

Answer: C 33. In addition to IBM Storage Business Partners, who can provide DR550 planning, evaluation, and implementation services? A. IBM Software Group B. IBM Global Services C. IBM Sales & Distribution D. IBM Systems & Technology Group Answer: B 34. The DR550 Express 1.1 TB Solution ships from the factory with which of the following? A. Rack and enclosure B. Flat panel monitor and keyboard C. MS Exchange Operating System D. Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drives Answer: B 35. Which of the following statements best describes why e-mail has become the focus for archiving and compliance? A. e-mail is often required to support litigation B. Employers need to detect misconduct by employees C. The Internet has fueled e-Commerce around the Worldwide Web D. e-mail has become the primary communication medium for business Answer: D 36. In which of the following situations would the DR550 provide the highest customer value? A. When low entry costs are a major customer concern B. When media portability is important to the customer C. When multiple customer application support is needed D. When high transaction volumes and low response times are required Answer: D 37. Which of the following is part of the QuickStart Service for the System Storage Archive Manager (formerly TSM for Data Retention) on the DR550? A. Configure the TCP/IP addresses B. Create and automate backup jobs C. Connect the network and signal cables D. Configure the file systems and volumes Answer: B 38. Which statement describes the purpose of a pre-sales Solution Assurance Review (SAR)?    

A. It is a technical inspection of a completed solution design. B. It is an administrative inspection of a completed on order DR550. C. It is a post-install inspection of a delivered and installed DR550. D. It is an inspection of the plant and manufacturing install records. Answer: A 39. The DR550 System uses which of the following IBM servers? A. zSeries B. iSeries C. nSeries D. pSeries Answer: D 40. Which of the following represents a unique DR550 capability that is NOT available in competitive offerings? A. Data Shredding B. Event-based retention policy C. Disk scalability to 128 TB (parity), 76 TB mirrored D. Use of Content Addressable Storage (CAS) algorithms Answer: B 41. After deletion/hold is set and released, when is the information deleted? A. Never B. Immediately C. When primary policy permits D. When primary policy is reset Answer: C 42. Veritas Symantec Enterprise Vault is supported under which platform? A. AIX B. UNIX C. Linux D. Windows Answer: D 43. Retention managed data is: A. Data under regulatory compliance. B. Non-production and dynamic database data. C. Data retained, protected and disposed of when appropriate. D. Backup and disaster recovery data including Just-In-Case data.    

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