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MAY/JUN 2016


The Bold & The Beautiful

Adam Stanley • Atelier Hårlem Daphne Nguyen • Gabrielle Brown• Harumi Hironaka • Japs Rodriguez Jess LaFrankie • Lauren Carney Liana Pearl • Micaela Mandorff Mikaela Phillips • Remark Samson Stephanie Baynie • Tina Nikolovski


Letter from the Editor

S this issue.

trikingly strong and powerfully poetic: attributes that define beauty and the beautiful; and what better words to represent all the amazing artists featured in

From the multi-talented Mikaela Phillips to the harmonic Liana Pearl, we admire the passion, determination and achievements of six talented women who are making a difference to the world with their craft. With our cover editorial shot by Jess LaFrankie and a collection of stunning editorials from the likes of Micaela Mandroff, Adam Stanley, Renmark Samson and many more, we welcome the cooler weather with a hot tray of fresh new industry creatives. If Autumn’s penchant for warm, structural fabrics and billowing silhou-

6 • STELL Magazine

ettes gets you more excited than its fondness for rustic and romantic knits, then the bold and the beautiful inspirations from our featured young designers will make your heart sing. Combining the dark, sexy latex pieces of Atelier Hårlem to the white, sleek pleats of Gabrielle Brown, this issue we admire the bold and beautiful. No heater needed to warm up your creative juices this month; these artists are already on fire.

Stephanie Thy Editor-In-Chief

We asked our contributors...


“Everything will turn out fine.” LAUREN CARNEY Illustrator

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” MIKAELA PHILLIPS Host / Actress / Writer

“¨Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I’ve always demanded more from the sunset, more spectacular colours when the sun hit the horizon. That’s perhaps my only sin.” - Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier HARUMI HIRONAKA Illustrator / Painter

“Never give up on what you really want to do. Dreaming is more powerful than the one with all the facts. I feel if you have the right attitude and work hard you can make your own luck and succeed. If you believe in yourself and have the passion and determination, you can do anything.” GABRIELLE BROWN Fashion Designer






stell features 18 Mikaela Phillips 22 Lauren Carney

26 Stephanie Baynie 30 Daphne Nguyen 34 Liana Pearl

94 Harumi Hironaka


stell fashion 40 Atelier Hårlem

44 Gabrielle Brown

50 STREET LUXE Photographed by Jess LaFrankie

58 PRISMA Photographed by Micaela Mandorff 66 EN PASSANT Photographed by Adam Stanley

72 SLICK Photographed by Tina Nikolovski

78 THE GOLDEN HOUR Photographed by Renmark Samson 84 SHADOWS OF AMBIENCE Photographed by Japs Rodriguez 8 • STELL Magazine




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FINDING DORY There are no other words to describe the excitement and hype behind Finding Dory. Almost 13 years after our favourite childhood movie Finding Nemo was released, this sequel is already set to smash box office hits. Get your popcorn ready and be expected to laugh, cry and reminisce over clownfish on June 16th.

Comic-Con is back with 5 epic events across Australia. Unleash your inner geek and join in to celebrate all things cool, awesome, and nerdy. Don your favourite cosplay, meet the celebrity guests and roam through expansive show floors full of the latest merchandise.


DRO CAREY ft. KUČKA QUEENSBERRY RULES Brought together by Australia’s fastest emerging names, Queensberry Rules is the first cut taken from Dro Carey’s new EP entitled Dark Zoo. With low thumping synths combined with Kučka’s bright vocals, this fresh beat the new anthem of Australian underground electronica.





Oscar Wylee’s new Winter ‘16 collection has just been dropped and we like what we see. Featuring a combination of rustic and modern frames, the collection features 10 new frames from clear crystal to the classic tortoise shell frame. The Winter ‘16 collection is available now with frames starting at only $99.

Within a few short years of launching her own business, self-taught cute cake baker Kerry Tang has racked up a long list of achievements and awards. For an overload of cuteness and adorable pastel coloured cakes, follow Kerry’s baking journey on Instagram at @cuppyandcake


VIVID SYDNEY Sydney shines during Winter from May 27th to June 18th when Vivid Sydney returns to the shores. From Taronga Zoo to the Royal Botanic Gardens, the heart of Sydney is filled with amazing light features, cutting-edge music and plenty of opportunities to turn your inspiration into action.

10 • STELL Magazine


LIANA PEARL DEBUT EP LIQUID GOLD Set to launch in October 2016, Liana Pearls’ debut EP depicts tales of losing yourself to insanity, the irony of humanity, loss and ascension. Influenced by various genres including soul/rnb, electronic and meditation-style music, this EP is one to watch!





Just a few hours drive north of Sydney, the Hunter Valley (famous for its Sermillon and Shiraz) During May/Jun the region celebrates its outstanding produce with themed activities including intimate dinners, cooking classes and fireside port and cheese tastings.

Sydney’s Tella Ball Dessert Bar has created Australia’s newest dessert craze: a Nutella kebab. Fresh slices of bananas and strawberries wrapped in fresh cream with a healthy dollop of Nutella, the Tellabab is the next dessert on the must eat list.


SOH CANDLES When Kristine Brown was on maternity leave, rather than sit around the house watching Days of Our Lives, she decided to launch The Scent of Home. Made from only the freshest, natural ingredients, The Scent of Home is a beautiful collection of highly concentrated, 100% soy, coconut and almond oil wax candles.


FOR LOVE & LEMON The lingerie label synonymouse with feminity and lace detailing has dropped its 2nd ever swimwear collection. Featuring floral prints and ruffle accents, the Summertide Summer Swim 2016 Collection doesn’t sway far from its lingerie counterparts with tangles of lace and lattice details throughout.


BLOOD TATTOO CHRYS PHILLIPS Blood Tattoo is a graphic novel trilogy series full of action, drama and myth turned reality. Catch the best-selling author, Chrys Phillips at Melbourne’s Oz Comic-Con event in June at the Blood Tattoo booth and come face to face with the characters from the books.




Whimsical characters covered in deliciously sweet colours with a punch of childhood nostalgia. We chat to Brisbane based illustrator LAUREN CARNEY’ on her inspirations and fiery passion for the art industry.


ased in Brisbane, Lauren graduated from Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Animation yet has gone on to pursue a career in illustration. Her quirky and adorable illustrations have been projected on large-scale walls, hung in galleries and sold in international stores. With awesome collaborations under her belt including Azealia Banks, Angus & Julius Stone, Delta Goodrem, Australian music festival Splendour in the Grass and our iconic fashion label Blackmilk Clothing, this polly pocket sized artist is the epitome of following your passion. Hi Lauren! When did you first get into illustration? I was always into art as a kid, nothing made me happier then creating. So I figured, why not make a thing of it in the grown up world. Spending every day drawing had a real appeal to me, and it’s pretty much what I always wanted. I went on to do a Bachelor of Animation at Griffith QCA but didn’t really have the heart for creating moving images, so took what I learnt and chased the dream of being an illustrator. What made you take illustrating more seriously and make a career out of it? Ha-ha, to be brutally honest hatred for my job at the time gave me motivation to leave and kick off my artist career. Retail sucked the life out of me and I thought ‘Now is the time to really take things seriously, if you want to leave this place, you have to make it work’. I wanted so badly to be an illustrator but didn’t know if the whole thing would flop, but I put in the hard yards and things fell into place.

22 • STELL Magazine

Your art is quite bold yet soft and delicate at the same time with your choice of pretty colour schemes. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I can’t really explain it – I always think my colour palette is quite ‘Spring’. After I create an image I know what the colour scheme is. I love wearing blues and cool tones, but I’m drawn to warm colour. Japanese culture really embraces pastels and soft tones for their fashion and advertising campaigns, so I guess I’m trying to do the same with my work. What materials do you enjoy working with the most? Even though I’m predominantly a digital artist, I’m always happiest when I play with paint. Using Windsor & Newton watercolours on recycled paper or 300gsm watercolour card to create originals. It just seems more tangible, and ‘real’ to me and I always create finished product really quickly.

What’s your favourite place to visit for a shot of creative inspiration? Oh man, Japan is my all time fave holiday destination for an inspo recharge. But locally I’d say anywhere new – that I haven’t been before. Art Galleries, cute cafes, gardens. Basically something that gives my brain time to recharge and my peepers something new to look at. Please take us through your design process. Where do you start? Everything starts off in my little black book. I take it everywhere. If I have an idea, I’ll jot down a thumbnail and mini explanation. My rough drafts are drawn on paper and scanned onto my Mac. Sometimes I draw the whole design straight into Photoshop, depending how I feel - But I think it’s important (for me) to keep the process semi traditional, and putting pen to paper changes my mood completely when it comes to

creating. I use my Large Wacom Intuos Pro to draw over the scanned draft with and colour in Photoshop. And that’s how my drawings come to life! How have you evolved from the first days at this craft? My style has evolved in a huge way, along with what I draw. When I first started my designs were tailored to suit the illustration trends at the time. Vintage fashion was in, earthy tones were popular along with woodland themed everything. There was this real messy, disproportioned, child-like illustration trend going around so I figured I would study what was happening, and fit in to get work. Nowadays I’m taking more time to polish off an image, where the line work is tidier and the characters are anatomically proportioned. I’m not shy with colour anymore either. If I want something to be pastel, it will be.


PRISMA PHOTOGRAPHY: Micaela Mandorff MAKEUP & DESIGN: Holly Wilson MODEL: Ilana @ London MGT

58 • STELL Magazine


EN PASSANT PHOTOGRAPHY: Adam Stanley MODEL: Daniel Soulidis @ Finesse Models

66 • STELL Magazine

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