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Having your car break down at an inopportune time and in an inconvenient place is frustrating enough, but if you happen to call a poor quality towing service to take it away, your day will get a whole lot worse. Although it may seem like a basic task for a professional, not all towing companies are created equal, and some will make your experience a lot more tolerable than others. Keep reading to learn how you can choose an effective towing service that will do right by you and your car.

Rather than wait for something to happen where you need a tow, do some preparation ahead of time so you already know who to call. Trying to figure it out after you’ve been in an accident or your car has died will only increase your chances of ending up with a poor quality towing service. Do some research ahead of time, so if you do need a tow, you know exactly what you’re getting into.

When searching for a reputable towing service, there are several places you can look. 

Ask friends, family or coworkers who they recommend

Ask your insurance company for a recommendation

Search online and look for reviews and testimonials

Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask lots of questions until you’re satisfied you’ve found a good company.

Taking the time to prepare for a good towing service won’t do you any good if they refuse to travel where you and your car broke down. There’s no guarantee that you’ll break down close to home, so find out hoe far they will travel and how far they are willing to tow your vehicle beforehand.

To help eliminate any confusion or surprises when

your vehicle is towed, ask if you have to pay for the service at the time, or if they will bill your insurance company directly.

If it’s a situation where the insurance company isn’t going to cover it, find out the payment protocol so you’re ready when the time comes.

If you come across towing companies that don’t

offer 24/7 service during your search, pass them by and move onto a new one. The last thing you need is a company that is closed if you need a tow after hours or on a Sunday.

Finding a towing company that provides various

roadside assistance services will give you some peace of mind that any predicament will, be covered. Sometimes, you might only need a jump start, a new tire or some gas to get going. If your towing service offers these kinds of services, it becomes a lot more convenient for you.

While you’re waiting for the tow truck, it’s important that you stay out of the roadway and out of harm’s way. If there’s been an accident, you’ll

want to contact your insurance company to get the claim process started.

Try to remember what happened or write it down so you can relay the information to the driver, and never try to fix anything yourself. Towing Rankings City Body Shop

How to Choose An Effective Towing Service  
How to Choose An Effective Towing Service  

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