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Using PHP MySQL Development When you are planning a new website you will have two choices, either static or dynamic. With static website you will show same content to each visitor. There might be more than one page on the website but content would be same in each visit while in case of dynamic website it changes with every visit because people add content constantly. For instance they add comments to see other visitors. Thus, with static website people can’t interact with each other while in case of dynamic website that is possible. They can fill-up the forms and provide you valuable information in case of e-commerce shopping cart, they can leave a comment to your blog and give you their feedback and they can create web page for you in case of article directory. These are the examples of the dynamic websites.

Static website consists of HTML files generated locally on your PC and uploaded on server to see others. If you are going to make any changes you have to rewrite the HTML file locally and uploaded on server again. This is big drawback of static website that you need the help of experts each time you made changes. Whilst in case of dynamic website you need script that web server reads and translates it into HTML and then sends to the browser. PHP is such a script and it is capable to generate dynamic pages for you.

If you have e-commerce shopping cart with lots of products or services you need database to connect with your website so you can add, edit or delete the data by your users or by you. PHP is capable to connect your website or web application with your database and MySQL enables you to manage this database as per your wish. This combination works astonishing ways. For instance Facebook, this is the best example of PHP MySQL development. If your project consists of massive database it is better you prefer PHP MySQL development. We have enough expertise in PHP MySQL development and we can serve you with reasonable price tag.

Using PHP MySQL Development  

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