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PHP Web Development—Learning PHP Part 4 in this series of posts for PHP web development we are exploring PHP coding techniques step by step to get clear and righteous coding practice so now we will go further in this way. In any PHP web development programming variable is something that represent another value. For instance you say “I like about� then you need to give numbers or other things that you like and this value you put for a sentence or word is called the variable. Here in our example like is a word and we can put any numbers or things as its value like 1-2-3. When you write the sentence to set its value you have to put that variable or sentence in quotation mark and use semicolon to separate lines or sentences or statements. When you put the value that is your another variable is called the integer and integer is never placed in quotation mark so you can differentiate variable from integer. If you want to print more than one variable in a line you can use period. You can print variable or integer within the same line under the quotation mark using$ sign as all integer are using $ sign at the beginning. You can use space before and after period that separating two variables. You can set another value for a variable to a string or numeric value. String value should be put in quotation mark but numeric values are not. Of course you can put an equation instead of a static number during PHP web development.

PHP Web Development—Learning PHP Part 4