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iPad Game Development—Reasons Behind Failure iPad is considered as a game friendly device so it tempting many iPad game development companies to invest in. unfortunately the success rate for iPad game development is somewhat lower than expected and there are many reasons behind this so in this post we will some of the reasons in brief. Most of the companies are thinking that iPad is nothing but a giant iPhone but this concept is away from the truth because we you observe that how users use the iPhone and iPad you will find that both are different in size so user behaviors are changing accordingly. Users hold iPhone in the palm and operate with thumb or finger gestures and sometime nestled in two hands and operate with two thumbs. This sort of gestures are not possible with iPad. With iPad you can use more than one fingers or two hand for variety of gestures like multi-finger drags, swipes, pinch, etc. fast flipping with two hands is possible in case of accelerometer sensitive games. Another thing is the during iPad game development developers prepare content and scene for the iPad first and scale them for the iPhone but here they are making big mistakes as you have seen above that user behaviors are altogether different for two devices so gaming experiences so the best way is to create iPad games exclusively for iPad and iPhone games exclusively for iPhone so don't port the just scaling. Same the way frame rates for iPad games are different than that of iPhone because iPad has high resolution and more processing power so if you go with low frame rates like lower than 60 per second than user experiences will disrupt while in case of higher frame rate is not advisable.

iPad Game Development—Reasons Behind Failure