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Benefits of PHP Application Development

Nearly 40% of the websites on the web is made up of PHP. This fact reveals the popularity of PHP as a language of computer programming. It is server side script therefore it can create dynamic web pages that conversely allow their users to interact with the website owner or other users. This is not only the benefit of PHP application development but others are on the horizon like:

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It is free: PHP cost nothing because you can download it without paying anything and install it on your computer and start PHP development without any hassle. No royalty: PHP has no royalty fee like proprietary software because it is not a licensed product. None will demand any royalty fee at all. Free from restriction: When you download PHP there would be no book to describe any restrictions for its usage. You can use it as per your requirements and you can even modify it source code because its source code is available to the PHP developers who can enhance it and let to use others. It lowers the overhead charges: PHP can use it on any server so you can use it on opensource servers like Apache and Linux thus you can lower your server maintenance bill considerably. It is mature language: PHP is older scripting language and it has grown by years so it is mature enough to handle any kind of project. PHP developers can go at any extent and can yield robust results. Wide database support: PHP is known to work with MySQL database flawlessly and apart from MySQL it also can easily work with MSSQL, Oracle OC18, IBM DB2, etc. This way if you migrate from other programs to PHP it doesn’t involve extra cost and effort. Large community: PHP has large community to support you in any problem. This community works relentlessly and prepares its regular updates. In year 2009 there were 3 updates and in 2010 there were two updates have been reported. Easy to learn language: Syntax of PHP is similar to C and C++ so it is easy to learn for a developer even novice can learn it within 6 months. This increase the number of PHP developers in the market and create a stiff competition among them.

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Benefits of PHP Application Development  

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