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ASP.NET Development—Roles & Membership This is an era of user-centric website designing where we need to personalized the access of the web pages according to the choices of the users and the best way is to give them their personal Ids to ease the process. In another scenario many websites, mostly e-commerce websites and websites allow paid and free downloading of the stuff need to authenticate users to access the web pages according to their payment status. In such all cases we need an account for the user that give customized page views therefore user has to log-in and access the web pages. In this post we will see how to create a simple log-in page to provide use authentication and assign user some different options to select various roles or kind of membership. Here we won't discuss that how to create a page in ASP.NET development but we will focus only on authentication of the user and assign them various roles. Authentication is must because we need to know that the person we are dealing is right one is or not and what are their personal data like e-mail so we can decide that what should be shown them or hide. During ASP.NET development we can use many controls to authenticate a use like Login, PsswordRecovery. CreateUserWizard, ChangePassword and LoginName and the functions of these controls are according to their names. Web pages are configured against the role so if user is not belong to the role she won't see that page. For instance our website has three roles in our ASP.NET development like free user, regular user and premium user that means free user won't see the page that rest of two user role can and same the way regular user won't see the page that premium user can but she can see the page of free user while premium user can see all pages since she is fully paid user.

ASP.NET Development—Roles & Membership  

During ASP.NET development we can use many controls to authenticate a use like Login,PsswordRecovery. CreateUserWizard, ChangePassword and L...