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Connections Brighton Secondary School

Connecting with the past, building the future

Principal Comments

2013 will go down in Brighton’s history as a monumental year for innovation. The Expansion Project encompassed a 400 seat Concert Hall, a new Library, a Learning Centre with glass-walled classrooms, a dedicated Student Services Centre and refurbished Science, Home Economics and Technical Studies classrooms. $18 million was very well spent to support students long into the future. The new Bright Learning Centre which includes Science and Art laboratories, general classrooms and open common learning areas, will accommodate the Think Bright Program. Professor Martin Westwell from Flinders University volunteered his time as a critical friend to develop the Think Bright program. The Think Bright program is designed to extend selected students as well as encompassing action research to improve the teaching and learning of all Year 8 students. Year 8 students will learn with iPads in 2014 and have privileged access to classrooms and laboratories in the new Bright Learning Centre. Entry to this Year 8 program is by written application and interview. The successful students demonstrate their capacity for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as well as leadership qualities and commitment to service. The Think Bright Program is available to students both within and beyond the school zone. The sons / daughters of Old Scholars who are keen to follow in their parents’ footsteps are eligible to apply for the program. The Strategic Plan 2014-2016 was developed and published in a high quality document. The new International Programs document was published in the same style. A Greening Australia and ANZAC grant was secured to redevelop the Science pond eco system and to establish an ANZAC memorial boulevard as a permanent venue for remembrance ceremonies and personal reflection. A successful grant through the Asia Education Foundation has supported our school’s ongoing engagement with Asia. The Special Interest Volleyball program achieved the long-awaited storage extension. Ongoing refurbishment included the development of a Dance Studio to support the excellent Lift Dance Company. The 2013 Valedictory saw the introduction of two large video screens capturing the event to screen the younger students. The screens also created a more intimate environment for the audience. The F1 in Schools team which won the World title in November 2012, mentored the 2013 team to win the National title and qualify for the World finals in Austin, Texas in November 2013. Their teamwork and


selfless support of each other produced an innovative and competitive car. This Odyssey team came sixth out of 39 countries and won Best Folio; Best International Collaboration; 3rd Fastest Car and Finalist in the Pit Display. The Volleyball faculty organised a bus tour to Koonibba Aboriginal School for Brighton students to connect with aboriginal students. Brighton students described the tour as a life-changing experience. I negotiated a partnership with Port Lincoln High School to advance the opportunities and mutually benefit aboriginal students in both schools through an Arts program in 2014. The Music Choral Tour to China and Europe in November / December saw 89 students, 6 staff and 22 parents undertake an adventure to take our excellent music off-shore. Head of Music, Jeffrey Kong, secured a suitable Steinway grand piano for sale. His entrepreneurship brought us a wonderful opportunity to purchase this remarkable piano to attract audiences to the new Concert Hall. The new look Student Leadership Council raised the profile of student leadership with guidance from the Head Prefects, Lucie Soldan and Jack Newton. The prefects took their responsibility seriously, continuously acting on opportunities to improve school life for the students. Scores of students represented Brighton at state and national level as well as hundreds of students who enjoyed school sport at the local level, supported by teacher volunteers. I commend the teachers for coaching students in their lunch break to maximise their success. 50 staff rehearsed after school, twice a week, to dance a Flash Mob in the yard to the delight of the students. The Uniform Committee consulted the school community to refresh the uniform with more contemporary colours and styles in the shirts, shorts and trousers. The girls and boys will wear new charcoal coloured pants and shorts with a white and green pinstripe shirt. Great things are not achieved by one person, but by a team of people. The Executive Leadership team (Jill Brindley, Warren Eaton, Sandra Hall, Kane Hillman, Jeffrey Kong, Barbara Richards and David Thomson) continued to create a vibrant environment for teachers and students in which to learn and to grow. 2013 has been a busy and productive year. Old scholars can be assured that the school remains a vibrant and forward-thinking organisation. 2013 has laid the groundwork for an exciting 2014. Olivia O’Neill, Principal



New Building Projects 2013-2014


Bright Learning Centre The Bright Learning Centre, to be completed by April 2014, will include Science and Art laboratories, general classrooms and open common learning areas, a new Library, a cafeteria and a dedicated Student Services centre.


Brighton Concert Hall The Concert Hall, to be completed by the beginning of 2014, is a 400 seat, state-of-the-art concert hall with catering facilities, a large foyer and full amenities.





Valedictory 2013


Good evening Special Guests, family members, staff and, most importantly, a very good evening to you, the Class of 2013. If there is one lesson that life keeps teaching us, it is that nothing lasts forever and tonight we’ve come to one of those moments. This may well be the last time when the Class of 2013 is together as a group and it is fitting that tonight we celebrate, as a group, our marvelous successes and achievements as well as reflect upon the times that we have shared together over the past five years.

Cooperation - The idea of doing the best for yourself, for the world and for each other.

If you can, think back to that warm Monday, the 28th of January 2009. Gathering on the front oval, we pretended that we knew what was coming and acted cool, calm and collected as many formed groups from primary school whilst others stood quietly by themselves. Secretly however, I think we were all as nervous as each other - unsure what would lie beyond the boundaries of that oval. Year 8 was the year we can look back on and laugh. Not only at the shocking hairstyles, but at our experiences in a new environment!

Integrity - The ability to keep your word and doing as you say you will and having the courage to stand up for what you know is right.

Onto Year 10, we were given the opportunities to participate in memorable activities such as the Ski Trip and Australian Business Week.

Perseverance - This has been particularly relevant this year. Even when the going got tough and it seemed you were up the creek without a paddle, the quality of being able to push through, stick with the task at hand and finish the job properly was crucial.

And before long, we had reached the important stage! SACE and Year 11 and then finally, Year 12 and 2013! It was the year of no hoods, no car parking space, parking fines, managed to turn an entire Facebook group into an outlet to post survey, after survey, after survey. As a group we’ve been through changing times. When we began in 2009, iPhones were rare, iPads non-existent, we had no Instagram, Snapchat or digital TV channels, Twitter was still getting off the ground and only a handful of us had ventured into Facebook land. At the same time, the school has dramatically changed. When we began the school enrolment was around 1300 students, now as we depart it has grown to 1450 and within the next couple of years, will exceed 1600 - the highest enrolment in the school’s history. So many people have helped you come to this night, have helped create the memories you will share for years to come and have helped you achieve the wonderful things you have achieved so far in life. Whoever they are, how pleased they must be knowing the difference you feel they’ve made for you and how proud they must be knowing that tonight you are about to begin a new journey in your life. As you leave Brighton, you can walk away saying you learnt one definite thing - the qualities of being a decent citizen and a quality human being. How? Through the Values taught at Brighton.

Excellence - Believing that near enough is not good enough and if you do well, you excel. Fairness - The ability to treat another person, as you would like to be treated and providing everyone with opportunities to succeed.

Respect - The ability to have a positive regard for yourself and for others regardless of gender, ability, race, culture, background, sexual preference or age. Responsibility - The ability to thoughtfully choose your behavior, the idea of helping others, caring for our belongings and doing what is expected of us. And one of my own that I would like to add to that list.

No matter how successful you may be, without these values entrenched in you, your chance of achieving even greater success will be severely weakened. They are values you can take away for life and pass on to your future family and friends. I know that the school’s greatest satisfaction is not in accolades or academic success, but in producing fine, young men and women who can make an impact for the betterment of this world. Now is that time! It is the time for you to show the world who and what you are and continue to strive to do all things well. I conclude with a quote by poet Madeline Bridges Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. How true that is. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be one of your Head Prefects in 2013 and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To you all - good night, good luck, be well and thanks.

Jack Newton Head Prefect



Good evening special guests, family members, staff and this year’s Class of 2013. This evening marks the end of a definitive chapter in each of our lives and the beginning of another. It’s been five years since we stepped through the gates of Brighton to gather on the oval on that very first day of Year 8… wearing our sharp, brand new and slightly oversized uniforms. Time rolled past quickly and soon we had made our way into Year 9, with our uniforms fitting slightly better, we were no longer the youngest in the school and we were also the first year to be privileged enough to receive laptops. Year 10 offered Australian Business Week, allowing us to dress up in our parents’ finest suits and business clothes. Work Experience Week showed us what it was like to be in the real world, the Ski Trip to Victorian snow fields provided a great experience and of course who could forget the thrilling Personal Learning Plan. We drove straight into Year 11 on our L-plates after that and soon the next big social issue became the tiring two block walk from the car to school every morning. Free study periods were the hype and sleep-ins were essential. It was the year before our last but of course that thought seemed too far away to comprehend at the time. And then before we knew it we’d arrived, Year 12, the last and final year of our long school journey. I especially admire how this year we all came together as one group and I’m so thankful to have spent my secondary school years with such a charismatic group of people. This is definitely a year that we will always remember … after all who could forget - the first day we got our Year 12 jumpers -a  quatics which seemed to be on the coldest three days of the year - the preparation involved in the Music Spectacular - the Formal, which for many was a highlight of the year -a  nd let us not forget Ms Kendall’s strike list for those with bags in the senior learning centre.


We were also the first year to help each other by using the Class of 2013 Facebook page as a hub for one too many surveys, class discussions, and rants. But now where do we go from here? What path do we take? And how will we possibly survive without a bell-regimented day? Without those surprise tests no one studied for? Without sports days, assemblies, getting under the desks for lock-ins and gathering on the back oval for evacuations. Brighton has provided us with a solid education and it has helped us to realise that we have the courage and the determination to do anything we set our minds to. So tonight as we gather here on this momentous occasion we thank our home group teachers and subject teachers who have been there to support and teach us over the years. We give a special thanks to Mr Eaton, Ms Forrest and Ms Kendall for their patience and support to all the Year 12s this year. And I also think we should congratulate ourselves for the courage, persistence and resilience that we have shown. I honestly don’t think any of us could have anticipated what would have been in this amazing year and I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to act as one of your Head Prefects this year. In the words of Steve Jobs, Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Class of 2013… I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to get to know you this year and I wish you all the very best for the future. Thank you and good luck! Lucie Soldan Head Prefect




School Leadership For the first time, in Brighton’s history, the candidates for Head Prefects prepared and presented speeches to the Year 12s who then cast votes. Lucie Soldan and Jack Newton won the prestigious positions to lead the Student Leadership Council for 2013.


Lucie Soldan, Head Prefect

Ryan Wilson, Deputy Prefect

Sonia Huang, Deputy Prefect

Bob Parton, Prefect

Chloe Bremner, Prefect

Tayne Redman, Prefect

Michelle Lennon, Prefect


Cherie De Klerk Ella Bergoc Zoe Lee Jack Thiele

Phoebe Chilman Audrey Lian Chris Buckley James Tsoukalas

Year 10

Taylah Payne Elijah Tardio Salomon Sverdlov Kaitlyn McKenzie

Mia Krecu Alexandra James Daniel Williams Anthea Hall Meica Martin



Year 9

Oliver Richardson Justine Zatorski Indianna Tardio Liam MacRaild Jordyn Binelli

Sam Franson Dylan Ward Shannai Sloan Stacey Nolan Blake Muller Jackie Langley

Year 8

Ryan Kantor Jenny Lennon Harrison Shickle Jaya Warner David Shiers Robert Watson

Duncan Vecchiarelli Connor Gurr Georgia Heatley Peter Khalil Lori Chandler Koby Sikorski



Year 9

Emily Lawson James Francesca Jake Rosenthal Brooke Martin Mae Napier-Traeger

Conor Baines Gillian Taylor Katie Gardner Clayton Burke Chris McDonald

Year 8

Blake Warren Myles Lowrie Lachlan Riches Kayla Ikeeboh Ella Warner Krisel Gonzalez

Callum Neilson Mikayla Link Rhiannon Corfield Tahlia Kalleske Tyrone Staben Lachlan Platten

To start the year over 40 students attended the Grip Leadership Conference to develop their skills in making an impact as leaders. This conference focussed on how to influence other students by building relationships, identifying real student issues, public speaking skills and sports leadership. All participants came away understanding the requirements of quality leadership and knowing how to make a difference.

ALL VOLLEYB Captain Taeuber, Cameron aptain White, C Hannah Riddle, Harrison tain Vice Cap alstead, Yvette H tain Vice Cap

On behalf of all the SLC, we thank Mr Mahar for his ongoing guidance, advice and care for the SLC. The time he puts in is unbelievable and largely goes unrecognised. We would also like to thank Ms Brindley, Ms O’Neill and the entire Principal Team for their support throughout 2013. Finally and most importantly, we would thank the entire 2013 student body for participating in and supporting the SLC activities. These would not be successful without this amazing support. Lucie Soldan and Jack Newton Head Prefects 2013





Year 12

Kostas Kontos Michaela Komarek

Cameron Taeuber Fontae Franks

Harrison Riddle Clare Djokic

Mani Ganiger Lucie Soldan

Year 11

Lewis Warland Haylee Tisher

Lachlan Tyler-Dowd Megan Checkley

Dylan Cox Skye Footner

Cody Kumnick Chloe Taylor

Year 10

Lewis Beckwith Taylor Hards

Jacob Kamara Taylah Eastwood

Lewis Kustermann Tahlia Bryant

Drew Crichton Molly Duncan

Year 9

Brian Lian Olivia Griffiths

Tom Polden Sam Franson

Stuart Taeuber Adele Beaumont

Travis Collins Scarlett Hosking



2013 Dux of the school Sonia Huang

This certificate is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding level of academic achievement in Year 12 studies in 2013. Sonia is a very worthy recipient of this prestigious award. Sonia excelled in all chosen areas of study, achieving a very impressive set of results.

Sonia Huang

Old Scholar Awards

The Brighton Secondary School congratulates Sonia on her excellent achievements.

YEAR 11 FRIENDS OF BRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL OLD SCHOLARS AWARD LACHLAN TYLER-DOWD This award is presented by the Old Scholars of Brighton Secondary School to a Year 11 student who has demonstrated leadership and citizenship qualities in the school community. Lachlan has demonstrated to his teachers and peers an exemplary level of commitment to study, observance of school policy, involvement in extra-curricular activities and service to the school and wider community. He brings honour to Brighton Secondary School.

Lachlan Tyler-Dowd

Lachlan is a most worthy recipient of this award in 2013.

YEAR 12 FRIENDS OF BRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL THE FAC OMNIA BENE AWARD CAMERON TAEUBER Cameron has demonstrated to a very high degree the school values of cooperation, excellence, fairness, integrity, respect and responsibility.


Cameron Taeuber




Anzac Day Good morning, my name is Lucie Soldan and this morning I am truly humbled as Head Prefect of Brighton Secondary School, to have been graced with the honour to stand before you as we join together today, to remember the people who fought for our country and lost their lives to make this nation what it is today. People still ask why we celebrate a military defeat. ANZAC Day is not a celebration of defeat. It is a time for reflection upon the ANZAC’s selflessness and their sacrifice to protect our country. We are not here to glorify war or praise victors, but to honor the heroism, determination and resilience of the young men who fought on the shores of what is now known as ANZAC Cove. On this day, in the darkness before dawn, our troops stormed ashore. Gallipoli lasted eight and a half months and in that time several thousand ANZACs were killed. Australia, a young country, 14 years after Federation, announced itself to the world. ANZAC Day is said to have been Australia’s baptism of fire. The soldiers took up arms with the noble intention of defending our great nation, showing qualities and characteristics of bravery, mateship and honour. These are the same qualities and characteristics that not only future troops have become known for and wish to aspire to, but all Australians. Time dims our memory of ordinary events, but not that of great events. The very term ANZAC is not a battle and ANZAC is not a place, ANZAC is our legacy.

Lest We Forget Lucie Soldan Head Prefect



Good Morning, my name is Jack Newton and I am Head Prefect at Brighton Secondary School. Today, it is with great pride and honour that I am speaking to you as one of the student leaders for my school. We meet here this morning not to glorify or to celebrate war, but to commend and honour those who have bravely served during conflict and crisis. It was on this day, April 25th almost a century ago, that the first ANZACs landed on Gallipoli. For the eight months following April 25th, these brave men, fought day in, day out, tirelessly against the Turkish forces. It was at this battle, whilst defending their country, that the lives of thousands of young, brave and courageous ANZACs were lost. Despite heavy losses on both sides, it bought about something of great importance to our country, the ANZAC spirit. This spirit entails courage, endurance, enthusiasm, bravery, discipline and above all mateship. As a 17 year-old, I cannot begin to comprehend the extreme experiences that these men faced and struggle to come to terms with the impact that the war would have had upon family and friends back home. These veterans were, and still are, an extraordinary group of Australians, all of them proudly demonstrating this spirit. On this ANZAC Day, I would like to share one of many stories about an Australian family and their journey as they fought proudly, heroically and passionately for our country. This story comes from service brothers Mr Dennis Seys of Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Mr Ian Seys of Woody Point, Queensland, and Mr Jeffery Seys of Goolwa, South Australia. Their grandfather on their mother’s side, the late Mr Ernie Taylor joined the Australian Imperial Force as a young man all those years ago. Ernie was a true-blue ANZAC who proudly served his country as a rifleman and driver during World War 1. He served in Palestine and on the Western Front and heroically demonstrated the ANZAC spirit qualities of courage, endurance, enthusiasm, bravery, discipline and mateship.

However, whilst serving in France, Ernie was gassed - wounded in action. He was sent to Scotland for hospitalization and treatment. It was here that Ernie met his future life-long partner Mary and the two married in Scotland before returning to Australia, on the Hospital Ship, Canberra. The couple quietly settled and raised a family at 42 Yarmouth Street, Brighton. Ernie strongly upheld the qualities of the ANZAC spirit and again answered the call in 1941 when he enlisted and served with the Australian Army during World War 2. Their grandfather on their father’s side, the late Mr George Seys served with the Monmorshire Regiment as a rifleman with the British Army during World War 1. George was wounded in action and awarded the Silver War Badge for his outstanding bravery, courage and commitment on the battlefront. After the war, George migrated to Australia with his family and settled in Lewis Street, Brighton. One of George’s sons was the late Mr WSG (Jock) Seys who joined the Australian army at the outbreak of World War 2. Jock served in New Guinea and in the Solomon Islands and continued to serve until he was discharged in 1955. Jock raised his family in Lewis Street, Brighton and later at Caroona Avenue, Hove. His threes sons, Dennis, Ian and Jeffery all attended my school, when it was known as Brighton High School during the 1950s and all served with the Australian Army. Dennis made the army his career and served proudly for 38 years. Ian and Jeffery served six years with the Citizens Military Force. The late George Seys, Jock Seys and Ernie Taylor all became members of the Brighton RSL and now all rest in peace at the North Brighton Cemetery alongside Brighton Secondary School. In honour, brothers Dennis, Ian and Jeffery Seys have reunited and are here together at this commemoration as a mark of respect to their family members and like every man, woman and child here this morning, to pay respect to the thousands of others who courageously served our nation in battle.

Lest We Forget Jack Newton Head Prefect




In Memorium

10 I

LEWIS McPHERSON 14/12/1994 – 31/12/2012 New Years Eve 2012, Brighton Secondary School student Lewis ‘Lewmac’ McPherson was tragically killed. Lewis had completed his Year 12 studies and had only just returned from the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup in Melbourne as a member of the Open Honour Boys Team. Lewis was a popular and much loved member of the volleyball program and the school community and he is sorely missed. The school volleyball (SIV) program have run many memorial functions in honour of Lewis and the tragic situation he and his friends found themselves. With support from his close family and friends a memorial evening was held in the volleyball stadium where many people spoke, a memorial video shown and a plaque in Lewis’s honour unveiled. Fellow SIV students were invited to make comment and sign the back of the 2012 volleyball banner, which is proudly hung above his plaque in the volleyball stadium. The volleyball program with the support of the ‘Lewmac’ family / foundation has also created yellow Libero tops, the position that Lewis held in the Open Honour Team. These Libero tops represent everything that Lewis stood for in terms of work rate, desire to succeed and integrity with yellow being his favorite colour. Each year every team will have this Libero top in Lewis’s memory. A volleyball tournament has also been created as the ‘Lewmac’ Memorial Cup held each year where the current Open Honour Boys Team will play the previous Open Honour Boys team in a three match series. The inaugural cup was fittingly won by Lewis’s team who defeated the 2013 team in three very tightly fought matches. The support from family, friends and even the media at these matches showed the respect that Lewis had within the community. The ‘Lewmac’ foundation has been created by his family and friends and runs many fundraisers to supports the Sammy D foundation, which aims to reduce youth violence. The ‘Lewmac’ family and foundation has been extremely supportive of the school with many family members travelling to Melbourne with the SIV tour to assist as players, coaches and supporting parents and the SIV program is honoured they are able to be involved with many SIV functions and events. Lewis was much respected, happy going and will always be fondly remembered with a special place in our hearts. We wish to take this opportunity to reflect on Lewis and everything he stood for and reflect on how precious life is and how we can all help to reduce senseless youth violence. Jeff Healey Brighton Secondary School Special Interest Volleyball Teacher Open Honour Boys Coach


Special Interest

Volleyball Australian Volleyball Schools Cup In December 2013, 21 teams travelled to Melbourne to compete in the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup over seven days. Overall, 12 of these teams medalled in their respective age groups. Brighton was named the Inaugural Girls Champion School of Australia for 2013. The boys achieved 3rd position in the Champion School and overall Brighton was named the runner up Champion School of Australia. At the opening Ceremony, Rob Onofrio and Vinnie Cavalaro who are our bus drivers received a 20 year Service Award as well as Lyn Maslen and Chris Prior who received a 10 year Service Award. Our success at these championships is not just measured by our results alone but also by the attitude, spirit and endeavour shown by staff, parents and students alike. It requires a significant effort in order for 254 people to be successful on court, looked after and managed and is only possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of all involved throughout the year.

Sue Rodger SIV Coordinator

Melbourne Australian Volleyball Schools Cup Medal Winning Teams 2013 Gold

Open Div 1 Boys

U15 Honour Boys

U15 Div 2 Girls Team 2


Open Honour Girls

U17 Div 1 Boys

U16 Honour Girls

Bronze U17 Honour Boys

U17 Honour Girls

U16 Div 2 Boys

U15 Honour Girls

U15 Div 2 Boys

U15 Div 2 Girls Team 1

SIV Captains 2014

Jack Whaley, Kelly van der Linde

Vice Captains 2014

Jessica Jones, Cody Kumnick



I 11

12 I


Special Interest Music

School Choir Tour 2013 The voices of 87 Brighton Secondary School students rang out across the globe as they embarked on a three-week global music tour from November 22nd – December 13th. The students, along with 7 teachers and 23 parents, performed in some of the world’s greatest musical cities including Shanghai, Berlin, Jessen, Leipzig, Prague, Pesaro and Rome. Students held major concerts across the globe to showcase the world class standard of music education in South Australia. The choir performed a range a compositions in English, Italian, German and Latin accompanied by some of the school’s most gifted instrumentalists. Many of the musical compositions were professionally rearranged by school music teacher Andrew Barrett. Some of the rearranged titles in the choir’s repertoire included classic Australian ballads such as Advance Australia Fair, Waltzing Matilda and Click Go The Shears. This was the eighth time that the school has performed internationally. Brighton Secondary School is home to many talented students who are able to perform as individual soloists and in a variety of ensembles at an international standard. The extensive program included major concerts at a range of significant venues including Saint Nikolas Church in Prague, Santa Maria in Trastevere and Santa Maria sopra Minerva churches and the Pantheon in Rome, as well as Saint Thomas Choir School in Leipzig. A number of school and community concerts were presented in Shanghai and Berlin. It was important that our students were able to experience music in locations which inspired some of the most talented and influential musicians and composers in human history. If we can inspire other students to pursue music in the process – whether from South Australia or from the other side of the world – we will have exceeded our greatest expectations. Our aim is to make sure our students have access to the best opportunities during the course of their education.

Jeff Kong Head of Music


I 13

Subject In Focus 2013 Outdoor Pursuits Outdoor Pursuits has been introduced into the Year 10 Health and Physical Education curriculum as a new semester based subject in 2013. There are two classes each semester in 2014. Students study risk management techniques, first aid, sustainability and the environment, nutrition, hydration and minimal impact camping techniques. They apply this knowledge in adventure-based activities, which include kayaking, surfing and a three day canoeing expedition. As a component of our environmental sustainability studies we team up with the Holdfast bay Coast and Biodiversity officer to care for an area of the Minda sand dunes at Somerton. Students revegetate the dune with native vegetation and remove rubbish and introduced weeds from the area. Students develop an appreciation for ecosystems and sustainability at Monarto open range zoo. We participate in a safari, where our students are encouraged to ask questions and seek knowledge from a volunteer guide. At Port Noarlunga aquatic centre students learn about the coastal environment and the effect of the weather on ocean conditions, while learning the skills of surfing and kayaking. As a culmination of their learning students undertake a three day canoeing expedition in the backwaters of the Murray River near Loxton. Students navigate and lead a section of this trip using a route plan they prepare. They set a menu plan and cook their own meals using lightweight Trangia stoves. We practise minimal impact camping techniques by leaving only footprints and taking only photos. While on camp there is a focus on environmental awareness and developing knowledge of indigenous perspectives. Students leave their technology at home and immerse themselves in the natural environment. Students have represented themselves and our school values extremely well on camp and while participating in the variety of lead-up activities. They have valued the experiential learning that outdoor pursuits adventure based education has offered them.



Lift Dance 2013



Following the success of Rock Eisteddfod and Lift Dance Theatre over many years at Brighton Secondary School, several old scholars return to school and continue to mentor and contribute to Lift Dance Theatre. In 2014 Phoebe Fisher (2012), Colin Griffin (2012), Mark Oakley (2011), Lauren Cox (2008), Alex Bachmatiuk (2012), Tasma Jefferies (2012), Nikki Lodge-Preece (2012) and Veronica Buhugiar (2010) were involved in supporting students and teachers.

I 15

Lift Dance presented two new works in 2013. The Silence of Nothing was part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Place was shown in a work-in-progress format in August. In its revised form it will become part of the 2014 Fringe.

The Silence of Nothing was an experimental piece based upon the random movement of a crowd. Dancers were given a canon of moves but could choose the order in which to perform them so no two performances were quite the same. In similar fashion much of the soundtrack was written by the Colin Griffin trio, again using the idea of repeated phrases that were improvised and then recorded. This was a huge and complex dance piece codirected by choreographer Lauren Cox. We began thinking about Place at the end of 2012 and workshopped some of the ideas through November and December with an almost entirely new cast of junior dancers. Phoebe Fisher took over as co-director and choreographer and much of the choreography was developed from the ideas of dancer Kaitlyn McKenzie. The concept of Place was a gathering of people who meet, interact and leave carrying with them whatever memories have been created. In August we toured the short version of Place to Glenelg and Brighton Primary schools. This had the added benefit of exposing a new generation of dancers to the way Lift works and the Q&A afterwards gave the dancers the opportunity to explain the production. We expect to see a number of new dancers signing on in 2014. The dedication and perseverance of the Lift dancers has to be admired. For most, this would have been the first time they have created and performed in a work of this length and complexity and the demands on their time were extraordinary. As the now resident company in the Performing Arts Centre and having a dance studio on the campus, we are already planning a new production Sui Generis and expanding our horizons to include links with the Australian Dance Theatre. Alan Todd Artistic Director



16 I


Old Scholars After interviewing an old scholar from the 1970s for an English assignment, I decided that I would like to explore the rich, 61-year history of Brighton Secondary School for my Year 12 Research Project and what I discovered blew me away! Did you know that over 60 years, more than 1500 members of staff and over 40,000 students have passed through the doors of this school? Did you know that Brighton Secondary School was formed as a result of the amalgamation of Brighton High School and Mawson High School in 1993? Did you know that the government threatened to close Brighton High School in the mid-1970s? Did you know that Brighton Boys Technical High School was one of the first single-sex technical high schools to convert to co-educational in the mid 1970s? I certainly did not and as a result from my project, I have been able to gain a remarkable understanding about how Brighton Secondary School has become the school that it is in 2013. With full access granted to the school archive it was full steam ahead and I began the frantic process of researching the history of the school as well as arranging interviews with former members of the staff. Messages were sent out on the Old Scholar Facebook page in which a number of former pupils contacted me, all excited to share with me, their story about their time at the school. The stories varied, with each person sharing their own unique and often humorous insight into school life. These stories included tales about the strict segregation of boys and girls, about “Stickman” cruising the streets in his Kingswood at lunchtimes to catch students out of the school without their lunch pass, about the strict uniform regulations (some things will never change!!), about the long, tedious assemblies in the Quadrangle, about the camps to Chambers Gorge, about the range of subjects that could be studied and about the high level of sport and co-curricular activities that took place, providing the school with a rich ethos. Funnily, the tale most often told is by students from the 1970s, who recall the day that Principal, Mr. Farrow, allowed students to wear trendy ripple-sole shoes. He was elevated to “legend” status in the schoolyard.

In total, I conducted 42 interviews with staff and student from all the school. Notable interviews included: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

 r. B. Saint (Headmaster, BBTHS 1967-1972) M Mr. R. Farrow (Principal, BHS 1976-1987) Mr. G. Nicol (Principal, BHS 1988-1993) Ms. N. Schupelius (Principal, BSS 1994-2001) Mr. P. Mitchell (Principal, BSS 2001-2004) Ms. E. Jolly (Teacher, later Deputy Principal, BBTHS/Mawson 1970-1980) Mr. D. Purser (Deputy Principal, BHS 1973-1985) Mr. G. Hervey (Deputy Principal, BHS 1975-1983) Mr. L. Johnson (Deputy Principal, Mawson 1980-1993) Ms. J. Kennedy (Deputy Principal, BHS/BSS 1983-1997) Mr. M. Bawden (Teacher, BBTHS 1971-1972, Deputy Principal, BHS 1984-1993) Mr. J. Culley (Deputy Principal, BHS/BSS 1985-1994) Mr. T. Potts (Teacher, later Deputy Principal, BSS 1993-2004)

• Olivia O’Neill 2005 All of the interviews were recorded either on film or on audio with the intention of being placed in a time capsule to be opened to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the school in 2052.

With the information gathered, the plan is to collate all of it into a book, for the entire community to share in the rich history of the school. The next few months will determine whether this becomes a reality or not. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the project and as a result, I have developed as a person with a greater understanding and respect for the school and for the people who have made it what it is today. I pass on my thanks to the Old Scholars Association for their support and Ms. Graham and Ms. Parsons for allowing me unrestricted access to the archive and for generously allowing me to borrow many items. I would also like to give special thanks to Mr. Kong for his support and wisdom throughout the project. Jack Newton 2013 Head Prefect

BHS as it appeared in 1952

Where are they now?


Old Scholars Celebrate University of Adelaide Golden Jubilee Every year, the University of Adelaide is proud to welcome back alumni to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation. Often travelling from overseas and interstate for the special event, alumni enjoy an unforgettable day of celebration and reminiscing. The Golden Jubilee has proven to be one of the most popular events on the University alumni calendar! The University invited all graduates from 1963 to attend this very special event where they re-enacted the graduation ceremony and received a special certificate. It is a day fondly remembered by all who attended. The University of Adelaide holds a Golden Jubilee Commemoration Ceremony each year for students who graduated 50 years ago (across all Faculties) and this year celebrated those graduating in 1963. There were some listed from BHS who began at the BHS school in 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1955. Honours Degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering: Dieter Gartelmann Diploma in Arts & Education: Lorraine Hossack, Roger Taplin Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Michael Dunne Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Physics: Malcolm Golley Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry: Terence Martin Degree of Bachelor of Science: Egils Burtmanis, Nerida Gersch, Donald James Hood, Uwe Proske, Astrida Smildzins, John Tomlin, Stephen West, Roderick Worley Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts in English: Beverley Fryer (nee Hill) Degree of Bachelor of Arts: Christine Berry, Roslyn Linke, Jolanta Ulrichs (nee Larsens) Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering: Neil Pearce Diploma in Pharmacy: David Merry Diploma in Secondary Education: Anne Honey Degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering: Charles Gulliver The standout graduate in terms of high achievers was Nerida Gersch (Ellerton), who achieved a double PHD in Physical Chemistry (U of A) and in Mathematics Education (Victoria University of Wellington NZ). She was appointed a Professor in Mathematics at Illinois State University, Professor and Dean of Education at the University of Southern Queensland, was a Professor at Edith Cowan University and Deakin University.



I 17


Where are they now?

18 I

LACHLAN MARTIN Lachlan Martin is a 2005 graduate of Brighton Secondary School and the son of current teachers Ian and Therese Martin. Since leaving Brighton Secondary School, Lachlan has been following his dream of a career in the performing arts. He always loved music and dance and even as a three year old didn’t want to leave the stage after volunteering to be the magician’s assistant. Lachlan spent a great deal of his childhood creating plays and performing in amateur theatre. In high school he embraced all of the artistic opportunities that Brighton Secondary School made possible like Music, Drama and a personal favourite, Rock Eisteddfod. After graduation he was accepted into, Adelaide College for the Arts where he studied Acting. He then moved to Victoria to undertake more study but this time a degree in Music Theatre. “Something I love about acting is that you are constantly growing. Even when you’re working professionally, you’re experiencing new things. The University of Ballarat, Arts Academy was exactly what I needed. I was able to focus on all facets of performing with singing, dancing and acting. I loved it.” Based in Melbourne now, Lachlan has kept himself very busy throughout his first year as a graduate, opening himself up to a variety of artistic adventures. He has toured as one of Australia’s favourite Bananas, B1, with Giggle & Hoot & Friends (finally being able to use his height as an advantage in the nine foot costume). It was a thrill to conclude the tour at the Sydney Opera House. Lachlan was invited back to the Ballarat Arts Academy to direct the 24 hour show, High School Musical, where the whole play is cast, lines are learnt and the performance happens, all in one 24 hour period. He enjoyed this first chance to direct and plans to do more of it in the near future. Lachlan has immersed himself in Melbourne’s independent theatre scene and has acted for numerous companies in productions like Killing Game, The House at the End of the Line, 33

Variations and A View of Concrete. Lachlan has just finished a sell out season in Melbourne of Anthony Horowitz’s psychological thriller Mindgame, which received rave reviews. Lachlan and Baker’s Dozen Theatre Company are hoping to bring the production to the Adelaide Fringe sometime over the next few years. You may have seen Lachlan earlier this year as he presented his critically acclaimed cabaret Grey Picket Fence, a humorous look at his own life, in the Adelaide Fringe. Having not performed in Adelaide for a number of years, he was delighted to have audiences full of Brighton Old Scholars and teachers. Brighton nurtured Lachlan’s passion for the arts. It was teachers, Mr. David Reed and Mrs. Sue Tulloch who first introduced him to the unique work of Baz Luhrmann as part of the 2003 English and Drama curriculum. After watching Strictly Ballroom he was completely enticed by the quirky and theatrically iconic storytelling. Flash forward to 2013 and Luhrmann has cast Lachlan in the recently announced musical adaptation of that very movie. Baz Luhrmann is one of Lachlan’s favourite artists and to personally work with him is a dream come true. Lachlan is looking forward to playing Clarry, when Strictly Ballroom opens in April at The Lyric Theatre, Sydney.


I 19

TIM ROSS Old Scholar, Tim Ross (2002) has been starring in a lead role as Steve Beaumont in the Channel 10 series ‘Wonderland’. Tim was lured to Melbourne after an acceptance into the VCA’s drama course. In 2011, Tim made his Melbourne Theatre Company debut playing Laertes in Simon Phillips’ production of Hamlet, followed by MTC’s world premier of Return to Earth. Since graduating from the VCA, Tim has also appeared in various television commercials, several short films and television series with most recent credits including Neighbours, Rush, Underbelly and Mrs Biggs. He is a core ensemble member of independent theatre group, Red Stitch.

ALL THE STARS ARE ALIGNING FOR HANNAH VIRGO-COLBEY’S FASHION CAREER After being offered a full-time job as a junior designer at Adelaide’s design company, ‘Finder’s Keepers’, Hannah won the 2013 Australasian Young Designer Wool Award and Handbury Scholarship at the launch of Hamilton’s Sheepvention in August, 2013. The award’s $10,500 cash prize will go towards a two-week residential course in Fashion Design at Milan’s famous fashion school, Istituto Marangoni. The 21 year-old, former Brighton Secondary School student, in her final year of an Advanced Diploma at TAFE South Australia, entered the awards for the first time. It was also the first time in the awards 22 year history an interstate designer has taken the award home. And another first, it was the first time Hannah had worked with wool to create her cherry red, floor length, backless evening gown. Featuring an extended shoulder and a detachable harness, Hannah said she “played on the strength of wools texture”. Hannah was overwhelmed with her win, but said it would be ‘incredible’ for her career. Victoria Premier, Dr Denis Napthine, was on hand to present the winners with their awards. Hannah is the daughter of Old Scholar, Nanette Virgo (1977).

Join Brighton Secondary School Old Scholars Dear Alumni, If you would like to provide an article(s) for future ‘Connections’ newsletters, please email with 100-200 words of text. If you have a particular photo(s) to include, please attach this to the email. Thank you in anticipation. Lynlee Graham Coordinator Community Development php?gid=33353778702&ref=ts Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook every day to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet. Here is an opportunity to connect with past scholars and staff from time spent at Brighton High School, Brighton Boys Technical High School, Mawson High School and Brighton Secondary School.




Where are they now?

20 I

ROBERT SAINT Former student, Robert Saint has recently taken up an appointment as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Strategy) at the University of Adelaide. Robert attended Brighton High School from 1967 to 1970. He topped the State in the Leaving PEB examinations, was fifth in the state overall in the Matriculation exams and was School dux and Head Prefect in 1970. He gained a First Class Honours degree in Science and a PhD at the University of Adelaide. After a period of time at Stanford University in California, he held research positions at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and CSIRO and then held university appointments including Professor of Genetics at The University of Adelaide, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Development at the Australian National University, Dean of Science at The University of Melbourne and now Pro ViceChancellor at Adelaide. He has received a number of significant Awards for research in Genetics and has been a member of national and international academic organisations, including currently being a member of the Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC).

‘THE BLOCK SKYHIGH’ WINNERS Former Brighton Secondary School students, Alisa and Lysandra Fraser (1997-2001) were the 2013 winners of Channel 9’s ‘The Block Skyhigh’. The twins were both part of our Volleyball program and successfully pursued careers in the police force. The twins, who are both mothers, plan to spend part of their almost $400,000 of winnings on starting an interior design business, while continuing to work part-time as police officers. Alisa and Lysandra’s ground-floor apartment sold for $1.435 million, some $295,000 over the reserve. They were awarded a bonus $100,000 for winning the series. Alisa and Lysandra’s apartment went under the hammer first and they then had to wait out the other four auctions before learning if they had won the bonus cash. “That was hell. That was worse than the actual auction,” Alisa says. The twins say living with the other couples for 12 weeks has been challenging. “In normal life you are not forced to be around people that you don’t like or get along with,” Lysandra says. “And here, you have to.”

ALAN MUNN 1975-1979 Married with one son. Graduated with BSc from University of Adelaide, PhD in biochemistry from Australian National University (Canberra), did postdoctoral research training at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Biozentrum at the University of Basel in Switzerland. I have run research groups in Singapore, Brisbane (University of Queensland) and now in Griffith University (Gold Coast). Alan Munn back row second from left


I 21

WILLIAM HARRISON 1962-1966 Married. Lives in Wangaratta, Victoria. Qualified as: Warrant Officer (Class 1) Electronic Systems Engineering - 1976, Associate Member (Technical) IREE Australia – 1986, Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment – 1998, Graduate Diploma of Vocational Education and Training – 2003, Founding Member Australia Institute Hotel Engineers, Victoria – 2004, Advanced TESOL Certification – Australian Training Academy 2007/09.

1989: Appointed as Honorary Australian Consul to the state of Qatar for the duration of the Gulf War 1999: Gained qualifications as a Advanced Diving Instructor in the British Sub Aqua Club 2004: Founding member of Australian Institute of Hotel Engineers – Victoria Chapter 2005: Ultra-Light Private Pilots License

Employed: Vice Principal – Student Affairs, Gizan Economic City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Chief Engineer – Fiji Beach Resort and Spa, Hilton; Chief Engineer, Castaway Island Resort, Fiji; Lecturer in Facilities Management, Australian College Kuwait; Regional Engineer Victoria, Ascott Group, Australia; Deputy Director Engineering, Sheraton Addis, Ethiopia; Technical Officer, Australian Government, Tasmania; Sales manager, Direct Security, Tasmania; Warrant Manager, ATA Defence Industries, Taiwan; Technical Officer, Special Police, Qatar; Apprentice to Projects/ Maintenance Engineer, Australian Army. 1974: Appointed as a Justice of the Peace for the State of New South Wales 1979: Gained qualifications as an Austswim National Swimming Instructor 1986: Accepted as a member of the Science Club Melbourne 1988: Elected as President of Doha Sub Aqua Club, Qatar



22 I


Leaving or Retiring Staff JENNY FORREST, ENGLISH TEACHER Like many teachers, Jenny began teaching in the country at Meningie Area School in 1977. Although secondary trained, Jenny’s first class was Year 2, where she enjoyed the challenge of working with the class in small ability groups to ensure student needs were met. Her passion with literature, literacy and language remained strong, even though she taught Geography, Social Sciences, Biology and Asian Studies over the next decade. Eventually though, with further qualifications, Jenny began teaching only English in 1992. While at Meningie Jenny took on many roles and responsibilities within the wider community, one of which was journalist and editor for the weekly newspaper for 13 years. She also was Director at the Meningie Kindy for a time, enjoying working with pre-schoolers and parents. In 1994 Jenny moved to the city after winning a Coordinator job at Hamilton Secondary College, where she took on the design and development of the school’s marketing materials, community liaison, promotion of VET courses, adult and senior school counselling and Year 7-8 transition programs. She continued to teach English, being actively involved in writing and delivering PD activities through the department and the English teachers association and becoming a Year 12 English Moderator. Jenny spent happy and busy years working mainly with senior students and the adult campus before moving to Adelaide High as a Marketing and Promotions Coordinator in 2001. Working with at the state’s Special Interest Language School meant that an increased range of cultural activities were on offer. Jenny hosted many teachers and students from overseas during this time, taking them on trips to the Yorke Peninsula to see rural South Australia, as her husband was living and teaching in


Kimba Area School

1984 – 1992

Victor Harbor High

1993 – 2000

Waikerie High

2001 – 2013

Brighton Secondary School

Maitland and Kadina. Since then, Jenny has visited China, Vietnam, Germany and Scotland to stay with students and teachers she’s hosted and visited their schools. During this time, Jenny also continued her work as a Year 12 Moderator and exam marker for English. In 2005 Jenny came to Brighton Secondary School where she’s taught mainly Year 10-12 English. During the past nine years Jenny has continued to design, deliver and evaluate units of work to meet the needs of the evolving SACE and Australian Curriculums. She has also spent the last few years working as the Year 12 Assistant Manager, working with Senior School students. In retirement, Jenny looks forward to further volunteer work doing oral history writing with patients at the Mary Potter Hospice, reading newspapers for community radio, as well as travelling to Bhutan and Japan next year. Her love of writing and organising and presenting educational materials will continue with her role as SA Manager of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and the continuation of her family history research. She has loved being a teacher, sharing her passion of writing and reading with students and is a little sad to not be at Brighton as the school moves into the new buildings and strengthens its work in shaping students for the future. She says the staff at Brighton remain committed and passionate about their work and students’ learning. Learning is life-long and Jenny certainly will continue on her own personal learning journey.


I 23

Leaving or Retiring Staff SANDRA LARSEN Qualifications: 1981

 achelor of Arts Degree, B University of Adelaide

1988 Diploma in Education, University of New England 1998 Certificate IV in Workplace Training, TAFE SA 2000 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, TAFE SA 2006 Graduate Certificate in Careers Education and Development, RMIT 2008 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, ASC Training and Development 2009 Certificate IV in Careers Development, TAFE SA Employment: 1981 – 1984

University of Adelaide

1985 – 1986

Kangaroo Inn Area School

1987 – 1990

Millicent High School


Prides Business College

1993 – 1999


2000 – 2008

Millicent High School

2009 – 2013

Brighton Secondary School

Professional Memberships: Professional member of Career Development Association of Australia (since 2001) Financial member of VETnetwork Australia (since 2009)


Teaching Scholar

1970 – 74

Adelaide Teachers College

1974 – 75

Supply (relief) teaching in London

1975 – 1978 Thorndon High School 1979 – 1984 TAFE various contracts with Education Programmes for Unemployed Youth – West Croydon, Torrensville, Challa Gardens, Port Adelaide. Education Department – Norwood High School 1985

Contract at Fremont High School

1994 – 1995 Marion High School, part time German teacher at South Road Primary School 1996

Mt Barker High School

1997 Voluntary PAT Norwood-Morialta High School, Hamilton Secondary 1998

Christies Beach High School

1999 – 2000 Mitcham Girls High School


Brighton Secondary School


Blackwood High School

2003 – 2009 Mitcham Girls High School, Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience (Learning) – completed 2011

1985 – 1987

P layford High School, Elizabeth East

1988 – 1991

Waikerie High School

1992 – 1996

Underdale High School

1997 – 2003

Seaview High School

2004 – 2013

Brighton Secondary School



2010 – 2013 Brighton Secondary School


24 I


Leaving or Retiring Staff BARBARA BLECKLY 1972 – 1974 Western Teachers’ College/Torrens College of Advanced Education Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) with Home Economics as a major 1975 – 1991 Woodville High School Home Economics (Years 8-11) Science (Years 8-9) Maths (Years 8-9) Health (Year 8) 1992

Seaton High School Home Economics (Years 8-10) Child Studies (Year 11) Science (Years 9-10) Maths (Year 9)

1993 1 year leave from Education Department Worked in the hospitality industry – cooking at a motel restaurant and working in housekeeping in the motel 1994

Morphett Vale High School Home Economics (Years 8-11) Maths (Year 8)

1995 Terms 1&2

Brighton Secondary School Home Economics (Years 8-10)

1995 Terms 3&4

Course Development, Open Access College Developed the Year 8-9 Home Economics courses for Aboriginal Education


Course Development, Open Access College Developed the Year 8-9 Home Economics courses for distance education

1997 – 2013 Brighton Secondary School Home Economics (Years 8-10) Child Studies (Years 11-12) Science (Years 8-9) Maths (Year 8) 2005 – 2013 Brighton Secondary School Coordinator Student Wellbeing Extra Curricula involvement – a lot • Coaching numerous sports teams • Staff social committees • Staff representative on School Council • Wide range of school committees e.g. timetabling, curriculum, BSS 60th Anniversary Committee • School Year Book production • Wide range of other school activities e.g. organising catering for many school functions, exhibiting in Brighton Secondary School staff art show, stage managing for music concerts • Photography for range of school events e.g. sporting, music.

Friends of

Brighton Secondary School


Please print this form, complete and return with payment to Brighton Secondary School, 305 Brighton Road, North Brighton SA 5048

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Name at School: ________________________________________________________________________________ Postal Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ Suburb: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Postcode: __________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________ Phone [h]: __________________________ [w]: ________________________ [m]: ___________________________

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I would like to join Friends of Brighton Secondary School [$20 full membership]

c c

I enclose a cheque [made payable to Brighton Secondary School] for the total payment of $20.00 I wish to pay the total payment by credit card

c Visa

c Mastercard

Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Expiry Date: __________________

Card Holder Name: _____________________________________

Signature: ___________________


c Brighton c Mawson High

c Brighton Boys Technical High

Years Attended: ___________________

c Brighton Secondary School

Brief summary of activities, work and family since leaving school. Photograph now and/or then, optional. (Sorry, photograph can not be returned.)









BSS Connections Newsletter 2013  
BSS Connections Newsletter 2013