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I heard the Chief Executive of the Department for Education and Child Development, Rick Persse, speak about continuous improvement in schools and in the Department. I was particularly taken by his comment, “we need people to stop looking up and to step up”. We see this time and again in schools where the students do not take personal responsibility, but look to their teacher to do the work for them. We want the students to be self-directed learners. We want them to have an inquiry mindset so we should be seeing students asking questions and wondering about their world. We want them to solve complex problems so we should be seeing them applying their knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts including project-based learning that involves multi disciplines. Learning happens best when students think for themselves and are actively involved in their own learning. The Curriculum Leaders are working with their staff to develop teams for peer observation because we know that teachers observing other teachers is a key improvement strategy. We also know that students perform better when they experience more autonomy in the classroom. They flourish when they experience peer assessment and self-assessment. The international educator, Lee Crockett inspired the teachers at the recent professional learning day where he explained his ‘10 Shifts of Practice’.

Brighton staff are each exploring one of these shifts of practice to better engage the students and to improve their performance. Recently, we held separate assemblies for girls and boys to discuss good citizenship and team work. We touched on appropriate behaviour, keeping a clean environment and uniform. Many students would like the Uniform Committee to introduce a tie and a rugby top. Sixteen students volunteered to join the Uniform Committee. It has been pleasing to see most of the girls wearing the uniform correctly. Please check the website for details regarding the uniform. Visit: uploads/2017/03/BSS-Uniform-Policy-2017.pdf to view a full explanation of the uniform requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further clarification about any of the stories published in this newsletter. Olivia O’Neill Principal

1. Essential and Herding Questions 2. Connection Through Context and Relevance 3. Learning is Personalised 4. Challenge of Higher-Order Tasks 5. Research Component 6. Process Oriented 7. Learning Intentions are Clear 8. Learner-Creation Focus 9. Assessment is Mindful 305 Brighton Road, North Brighton SA 5048 P:+61 8 8375 8200 E:

10. Self and/or Peer Assessed




25  Year 10 PLP Focus half day –

24–6 Hakuo Study Tour


Music Stage 2 Ensemble performance

subject counselling


Year 9 SIV Challenge

Closing date out-of-zone SIM applications


Music Stage 1 Solos


House Assemblies (Buffalo & Cygnet)



Finance meeting, 5.45pm


Music Spectacular Concerts

18-22 Year 12 Drama Production


Finance meeting 5.45pm



School Counselling Years 10 - 11

20-22 Year 12 Drama performances


SACE VET assembly


SACE Year 10 & 11 Parent Evening 6-7pm



Grade 5 & Year 10 Band Workshop


Subject Confirmation Day


SIV State Cup


World Peace Day


Governing Council 7.00pm


SIV Year 7 inzone trial 1


House Assemblies (Holdfast & Rapid)


SIV Out of zone trials Years 8-11

14-19 Year 10 Ski Trip


Governing Council 7.00pm


SALA Opening


Music Stage 2 Solos


Music Linkage Performance


Year 12 Trial Exams

16-17 Music Ellington Jazz Festival


Student Free Day (Staff Training)


Poetry presentation)


School Closure Day

 ear 10-12 Parent / Student / Teacher Y interviews 3-8pm by appointments

11-17 Primary Schools Music Festival


12-15 Year 12 Trial Exams

23-24 Music Spectacular Rehearsals


SIV Year 7 inzone trial 2

23-24 Band Festival


Q & A Event

CONGRATULATIONS Jay Muecke, Blake Tisher, Charlie Champion, Oliver Klos, Riley Arnott and Seth Anderson-Hay who were chosen to represent South Australia in the 2017 Men’s South Australian Under 17 Volleyball Championship team in September. The championships will be held on the Gold Coast. Thomas Lightfoot, Year 9, selected in the Secondary School Sport SA interstate swimming championships in December. Riley Byrne, Year 11, selected for the Under 16 Rugby Union State Team to play in Melbourne. Bohdie Fry, Year 10, selected in the Under 16 Rugby Union State Team to play in Melbourne. Erin Taylor, Year 8, selected in the Secondary School Sport SA interstate swimming championships in December.


Year 10 Outdoor Pursuits Aquatics Percussion Showcase


Year 11 Outdoor Education Aquatics


Year 9 Focus Day


Year 8 Immunisations


Caledonia trip departs

25-27 Music SACE Final Performance Exams 28

Oz Asia Day


Kokoda trip departs


End of Term 3, 1.00pm dismissal

THINK BRIGHT SCIENCE In Science this term, students have been busy learning about cells. We started the term with a Cell Metaphor task, where students came up with a product that demonstrated their understanding of cell structure and organelles. Their dedication and hard work in this unit saw them produce outstanding work which was showcased at the Expo in week 3. Some examples of products include 3D models, graphic novels, games coded from scratch, videos, scavenger hunts and a fully functional operation-style game complete with an electric buzzer and light. We then started looking more closely at fungal and bacterial cells and went on an excursion to Alexandrina Cheese Factory to learn more from the experts. Students enjoyed hearing about the many places good bacteria are found on dairy farms, and hearing from their chief cheese maker about the role bacteria plays in producing some of their favourite dairy products. A final cheese and yoghurt tasting gave students ideas for their own Microbe Project, where they are using their understanding of microbes such as yeast and bacteria to create a food product of their own. We’re looking forward to our feast later this term. Aimee Shattock Think Bright Science Teacher



CAREER INFORMATION My name is Hayley Reid and I’m the Personal Learning Coordinator at Brighton Secondary School. Some of my roles at the school are to coordinate and manage students who are undertaking VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses as part of their schooling eg Carpentry, Plumbing, Hairdressing, Fitness and Childcare. I also oversee the Year 10 Personal Learning program, give career advice to students and coordinate opportunities for them to develop work ready skills through varied school community programs. I’m the person to contact as well when students are wanting to organise work experience.

PLP – Career Expo On Friday 12th May all Year 10 students attended the ISCA Careers Expo at Unley High School. As a part of their PLP (Personal Learning Plan), students were required to use the experience as one of their career interactions, by investigating and asking questions at selected displays and recording their information, as well as taking photo/ video evidence. Some of the exhibitors that were on show were the Australian Defence Force, a variety of TAFE SA sectors, Flinders University, Adelaide University and University of South Australia.

Schools in Auction Program Georgia Dinnison, a Year 10 student participated in the Schools Auction program. The program consisted of Georgia meeting with a mentor, Bianca from Harcourt Real Estate, once a week for 12 weeks to work on developing auctioneer skills. Georgia then competed in a state competition at Pulteney Grammar back in May to sell a house in front of an audience with bidders. Georgia did a fantastic job and just missed out on finals but will be a real contender next year if she competes again. Georgia was able to develop her public speaking skills, self confidence, social relationships, sales techniques, presentation skills and develop a deeper understanding of real estate. Well done Georgia!

The evidence collected by students, along with other planned career interactions, will be used to create a presentation to show their home groups about the information they have researched to help them make decisions about their future career pathways.

Community Programs

Subject Counselling - Term 3

Jeff Teoh, a Year 10 student challenged his learning in a program called Emerging Entrepreneurs. Emerging Entrepreneurs Holiday Startup Summit was hosted by Jeremy Borgas, an Adelaide teacher alongside with Helen Ahrens, the CEO founder of Good Things Marketing and a partner in Little City, and Bec Harvy, also an Adelaide teacher who has a unique skill in helping people develop and progress on their own journeys.

Term 3 will be seeing many students during home group and outside of school time investigating school subjects and TAFE, University and VET courses to help them decide on their subject selections for 2018. I will be available to discuss career options throughout the Term 3 period, especially those that are thinking of undertaking a VET course in 2018.

Emerging Entrepreneurs was an exciting, hands-on program that focuses on developing enterprise skills and personal strengths, where students will come up with a business idea in three days, using a backward-by-design process. Jeff’s groups’ idea was starting a cross SoundCloud and Tumblr music community where musicians can gain inspiration. Jeff admits that he learned a lot more than what he signed up for and if he was to do it again, he definitely would. Well done Jeff!

Below are some useful websites for students to further investigate career options: If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me on 8375 8268 or email Hayley Reid Coordinator Career Development and Personalised Learning



OUTDOOR PURSUITS In weeks 2 and 3 of Term 2 the three Year 10 Outdoor Pursuits classes went on Canoeing Camps to Katarapko Creek, Loxton.

Student feedback included:

The classes canoed for three days to different spots along the Murray River and camped for two nights. We cooked using trangias and went to the toilet in long drops. Everything the students took was packed into their canoes when they were paddling. All the students and their tent partners set up menu plans for their meals over the three days. The students had to learn and know the route they were travelling along the river, each pair had a go at being the leaders, back markers and front markers. All the groups received a tent, tarp and trangia to share. Every student had a water-proof bag, a rain jacket and a head-torch each. The weather whilst camping was very good, it was about 19-20 degrees during the day and about 4 degrees over night. There wasn’t really a cloud in the sky which made it cold at night but great during the day. There wasn’t much wind which made it great to paddle during the day. Everyone had a blast, and enjoyed getting to know each other a bit better in the outdoors.

• Outdoor Pursuits is one of the best classes I’ve ever done. It’s a class for everyone. This class helps you socially and its very educational.

Heath Wingard Year 10 Student

Three classes of Outdoor Pursuits classes enjoyed their hiking through the Belair National Park.

• My favourite part about camp was being able to get to know everyone individually and make new friends.

• Our favourite parts of the canoe camp were being able to talk to everyone in the class and find things that you had in common. We also liked canoeing and learning about all the different techniques and strokes. • I loved getting to know my class and spending time out of school with them. At the end of the term we felt like a little family. • My favourite part of Outdoor Pursuits had to be the camp. I really enjoyed canoeing around the Murray and learning about the environment. I have always enjoyed canoeing and I was overjoyed when we did that for a few days. I got to know everyone well and I learnt a few things about people I never knew before. I have never been off the beaten track before the camp. I was privileged to spend this first time experience with a great group of people which made this a very memorable camp which I will never forget.

MOUNTAIN BIKING Each of the Year 11 Outdoor Education classes had a great day on 6th and 7th June, mountain biking at Kuitpo Forrest. The days included some hard work, a few stacks and plenty of laughs. The students were praised by the instructors for being one of the more advanced groups they’d worked with, and significantly, for the resilience they showed when faced with a challenge. The excursion was a heap of fun.

SA AQUATIC CENTRE TOUR On Tuesday 6th June our Sport and Recreation class had a tour of the SA Aquatic Centre by the General Manager, Adam Luscombe. Our focus was on education and employment opportunities in the sport and recreation industries. Adam provided examples of pathways students could undertake to gain employment at the centre and in the wider industry. He introduced the class to a number of employees, who shared their story of how they became employed in the industry. During our tour underneath the pool deck, it became evident to the students that there are a wide variety of jobs required to sustain a centre like this. Peter Vowles Coordinator Healthy Lifestyles



YEAR 8/9 GIRLS KNOCKOUT FOOTBALL The first round of Year 8/9 Girls Knockout Football was played against Reynella East College and Wirreanda High School. The team demonstrated some excellent all-round football skills and had the ability to control the game to create plenty of scoring opportunities. The girls won both their matches and will play Banksia Park International High School in round 2. Scoreboard: Brighton 8.17 (65) def. Reynella 0.0 (0) Brighton 12.7 (79) def. Wirreanda 4.9 (33) Matt Fuss Physical Education Teacher

ATHLETICS SA SCHOOLS KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP The SA Schools Knockout Championship is a fast and fun competition that gives students the opportunity to participate in a team-based athletics competition. This year Brighton Secondary School entered a Junior Girls, an Intermediate Girls and a Senior Girls team. Each team had a set number of athletes who had to compete in at least one individual event. Instead of getting points for their place, they received points for their performance. Throughout the day we had some outstanding performances with many of our athletes finishing in a place. Congratulations to the Junior Girls who won bronze, Intermediate Girls who finished fourth, and Senior Girls who won silver! Matt Fuss Physical Education Teacher

OPEN GIRLS KNOCKOUT NETBALL On 5th June, the Open Girls Knockout Netball team competed in a four way round robin clash. It was a toughly contested day with great passages of play throughout all games. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the experience of playing as a team on a weekly basis. Congratulations to the girls for their tough, resilient performance – well done! Lori Mulhall Physical Education Teacher

SPORT AND RECREATION PARINGA PARK SPORTS CLINICS The SACE Stage 1 Sports and Recreation class planned, organised and delivered sports clinics to Paringa Park Primary school students on Tuesday 23rd and 30th May. Our Year 11 students delivered clinics for netball, soccer, basketball and football. This was a collaborative task, where our students learnt to work in groups, learn about each others strengths and support each other in areas of development. Our Brighton Secondary students were positive role models to younger peers and received very good feedback from the students and teachers. Peter Vowles Coordinator Healthy Lifestyles



YEARS 9 AND 11 EYRE PENINSULA VOLLEYBALL TOUR On Monday 3rd April at 6:15am we packed the bus and got ready to hit the road. It was an extremely long drive. After arriving in Ceduna and unpacking all of our things at the caravan park we had dinner at the Ceduna Hotel. We then headed out to go fishing off the jetty. It was really cold but a lot of fun. On Tuesday we all piled back on to the bus at 9:00am and drove to the Ceduna Area School for our first coaching session. It was lots of fun getting to teach kids that had never really played volleyball before and seeing how much they improved in just one session. We also learned about opportunities that they have like the Years 10, 11, and 12 are involved in the local water quality testing program. The next stop on our trip was Koonibba Aboriginal School. When we arrived we were given buddies, we had a look around the school and played lots of games. We all were able to try some delicious roo burgers and damper. That night we stayed at Scotdeso which is an Aboriginal Community. When we arrived there we had to set up our tents which was a struggle for some. Swimming with the sea lions at Baird Bay was an amazing experience that not many people have the opportunity to experience. It was amazing how close the sea lions were, close enough to touch! Even though the water was really cold no one wanted to get out because it was so much fun. After a big day of swimming with sea lions we arrived at Elliston caravan park. We were extremely tired but soldiered on as we set up our tents again and went out for dinner. On Thursday we woke up, packed up our tents and once again piled back onto the bus and drove to our next coaching session at Elliston School. When we arrived, half of us took the first coaching session and the rest of us stayed on the bus and two of the students from Elliston School jumped on the bus and gave us a tour of the local area. They showed us all of the beautiful surfing spots. Then we swapped around so everyone got to see the surfing spots. The South Australian Governor, Mr Hieu Van Le was also at the school and came to watch and talk to us. After Elliston, we went to Cleve for lunch on the way to Whyalla. We headed off to our last coaching session of the trip on Friday to Whyalla Primary School. It was a lot of fun and we had become much better at coaching by the end of the week than we were at the start of the week. It was really interesting to see how much fun and excitement the little kids were gaining out of a sport that we play everyday. The Eyre Peninsula trip was incredible, we had the opportunity to see and do things that others won’t get to experience in their lifetime. Brooke Wingard Year 9 Student

YEAR 12 VOLLEYBALL AQUATICS On 29th - 31st May our Year 12 Volleyball classes ventured to West Lakes Aquatic Centre to complete their third practical component of the year. Whilst it was cold, the weather did improve throughout the three days. Sailing was a popular choice this year whilst the windsurfing and kayaking teams also had solid numbers. Many thanks to the team of instructors at WLAC who again provided excellent tutoring and much needed support for our students. Shane Durbridge Volleyball Teacher



MUSIC NEWS The major focus of the Music Centre this term has been preparing for the Adelaide Choral Eisteddfod, including some warm-up performances. Young Adelaide Sings was the first of these, taking place on Sunday 28th May in Elder Hall featuring the Treble Choir, Concert Choir and other school and community choirs. All four extra-curricular choirs travelled to the Woodcroft Christian Centre to entertain a Vision Impaired Group on Tuesday 6th June. The students thoroughly enjoyed performing for and interacting with the audience, and our efforts were much appreciated. Following these lead-up events, the choirs competed in the Eisteddfod in Week 7 with some pleasing results in their respective divisions: Boys Chamber Choir (1st place); Concert Choir (3rd place); Bel Canto (honourable mention); Treble Choir (5th place). The other June highlight was the performance by the NAK Trio – a visiting jazz group from Poland. This concert on Wednesday 7th June, presented in partnership with the Polish Honorary Consul to Adelaide, Gosia Hill, also featured supporting performances by the Tour Choir and Big Band 1. Showcase 1 will take place on Tuesday 4th July at 7.00pm in the Brighton Concert Hall. This snapshot of learning in Semester 1 will involve all year level curricular choirs and ensembles. Admission is free for this concert with an expected duration of 90 minutes. Andrew Barrett Head of Music

2017 YOUTH POSTER AWARDS EXHIBITION Celebrating SA Refugee Week Congratulations to Fiona Liu, Year 9, who was selected to exhibit her poster in this year’s SA Refugee Youth Poster Exhibition. The exhibition is currently on display in the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, University SA City West Campus. Fiona’s work was selected from the hundreds of works entered this year. Her entry proudly explores issues of equality amongst all peoples of the world. Fiona, her mother Melody and Ms Paterson attended the opening on Monday 19th June. The students participating in the exhibition investigated many themes and ideas about migration and refugees. Although many of the visual stories explore sadness and difficult experiences the audience was very inspired and a message of hope for the future certainly was felt from the works and the positive comments by student and official speakers. This exhibition displays work from primary to tertiary students in South Australian schools and will tour to major Council gallery spaces during 2017. Yasmin Paterson Coordinator The Arts

SUBJECT COUNSELLING - TERM 3 Important Dates for Course Counselling: • Wednesday 2nd August (Week 2) - SACE Year 10 & 11 Parent Evening from 6.00-7.00pm in the Brighton Theatre. • Thursday 31st August (Week 6) - Year 10’s only from 1.40pm - 3.15pm, Year 10 & 11 from 3.30pm - 7.30pm • Friday 1st September (Week 6) - Subject Conference Day, 8.30am - 3.10pm • Friday 1st September (Week 6) - Year 8 and 9 students will complete a self-directed challenge task at home on this day as part of their personal learning program requirements. You will receive details via a letter early next term.

In Term 3 students will be using extended home group to investigate subject choices for 2018, including VET courses for senior students. Students will also understand how SACE works and what information is needed to know more about further study such as at University or TAFE. For further enquires please contact Tristan Kouwenhoven (Senior School Assistant Principal) or Hayley Reid (Career and Personal Development Coordinator).



PREMIER’S READING 2017 On 25th May all of the Year 8 students gathered in the Brighton Theatre to watch a presentation about the Premier’s Reading Challenge. The speaker was an Adelaide United Soccer Club player named Ryan Kitto. Student comments included: • He provided a good message that literacy and English is important in our schooling future and every day life. He talked about his journey through soccer as a child and how he progressed as the years went ahead. He reflected on how he uses literacy and English every day, even in soccer. Within his journey as an athlete, there were a lot of set backs and he felt like giving up but he showed persistence and perseverance and kept going until he achieved his goal. • It was nice to hear him talking about challenging yourself. • I liked the way he used the level of difficulty of books in comparison to balls. • He talked about his lifestyle and career and how reading has changed his everyday life.

• Everyone is at a different stage in their reading, so finding a book that suits your own personal level of difficulty helps you to enjoy the book and extend your reading abilities. He spoke about how even as a sports person, having the ability to read and understand communication is crucial. He said that to understand the tactics and strategies of other teams, being able to read and analyse is important. • He enjoys reading autobiographies as they are about other people’s lives and how they became who they are. The message that he gave us all is about how reading and education is an important part of life and how both sport and literacy can connect. • Out the front he had laid out 3 items, a balloon, a soccer ball and a small soccer ball. He then asked people to juggle them. He linked up the skill level of books with how easy it was to juggle the balls. The balloon he linked up with a children’s book, the big soccer ball with an adolescent’s book and lastly, the hardest of all, the small soccer ball was linked to an adult book.

YEAR 11 DRAMA “The Hood” was a great success and celebration of the learning students have undertaken in Drama this semester. Each student worked closely on a contemporary Australian scene to understand the motivations of the characters they played and portrayed them truthfully and believably. For this, students have been studying the naturalistic techniques founded by Russian writer/actor/director Konstantin Stanislavski who said: The main factor in any form of creativeness is the life of a human spirit, that of the actor and his part, their joint feelings and subconscious creation. We have worked this semester at discovering the spirit of the actor as described by Stanislavski. Catherine Carter Drama Teacher



This year, we have subscribed Years 8 and 9 students to a literacy website called WordFlyers. This interactive English program is designed to build students’ essential literacy and higher-order thinking skills.

We recently welcomed Start Smart to deliver their free, financial education workshops to some of our Years 9, 10 and 11 students. Delivered in class to students by a facilitator, Start Smart changes the way young people learn about money. By making money management interactive, engaging and fun, our students were equipped with the confidence and competence they need to make smart decisions about money.

To access WordFlyers at home on desktops, laptops and tablets, simply visit and click on ‘Student’ to log in. Your child has their own unique login and password to access WordFlyers at home. Please feel free to browse the site with your child. If you have any questions about the program or problems accessing it at home, please contact me using the details below. Deborah Smith English EAL and Literacy Coordinator

Our school has proudly joined the Commonwealth Bank’s Start Smart Program in its mission to improve the financial literacy of Australia’s young people. Overall, the program proved to be a highly beneficial experience for students and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. For more information on the program and each of the workshops we encourage you to visit Femia Bakuszkowski Coordinator Mathematics

BRIGHTON POLO SHIRTS BRIGHTON POLO SHIRT LAST SEASON STOCK SELL OUT! UNISEX AND FITTED STRIPED POLOS REDUCED FROM $42.00 TO $35.00 EACH OR 2 FOR $60.00 ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST!!! *Specials available in store or online at No returns, exchange or refunds on these items.



RECONCILIATION WEEK On Friday 9th June Brighton Secondary celebrated the end of Reconciliation week and Eddie Mabo day with many different events. The Year 9 cohort was involved in a Pledge Circle on the oval. Each Year 9 student wrote a pledge or a promise about what they feel they can personally do to help the Reconciliation movement move forward. We then all stood on the oval in a circle and linked arms holding our pledges. Whilst everyone’s arms were linked, we listened to an Acknowledgement of Country, an Aboriginal song and some students read out their pledges. Caitlyn Davies Aboriginal Education Community Officer

RESPONDING TO RACISM ACT NOW THEATRE As part of the Reconciliation Week activities around the school, Act Now Theatre performed their award winning theatre piece ‘Responding to Racism’ to Year 9 and 10 students. This interactive performance challenged students to consider how they might fight racism that they witness in their community. Responses from students were insightful, and allowed students to try out strategies they could use in everyday life. As part of the workshop, students were asked to write down answers to four questions: • What am I? • What do I want? • Where am I from? • Where do I belong?

Here are some of their answers: • I am human, I want to make a difference with knowledge, I am from Adelaide and the chain of evolution, I belong here. • I am a girl, I want to succeed, I am from Canberra, I belong on the stage. • I am a dreamer, I want to write best selling novels, I am from Adelaide, I belong everywhere. • I am human, I want inner peace, I am from England, I belong outdoors. • I am a creator, I want happiness, I am from America, I belong here. • I am a human, I want to live a life worth living, I am from Belgium/ Israel/Australia, I belong wherever my friends are. Kristin McDonnell Drama Teacher

BRIGHTON SUNDAY MARKET Changes to the process for holding a stall at the Brighton Sunday Market Due to the success and popularity of the Brighton Sunday Market, we have grown beyond the winter capacity of Brighton Secondary School’s ovals. Starting in July 2017, we are trialling a new booking system for winter designed to alleviate the stress associated with queuing up for a spot at the market and potentially missing out due to the restricted number of sites available (particularly in winter).

Bookings will be open from 5.00pm Thursday until 7.00pm Saturday immediately prior to each market. The markets are held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Please bring a print out of your booking slip with you to show to the market volunteers on the day.

Bookings will be made through the Brighton Sunday Market website





Movie / TV Show

WHEN Saturday 19th August, 2017 6:30pm for 7:30pm start / 10:30pm Finish

QUESTIONS Sport, Music, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Entertainment etc

WHERE Brighton SS Gymnasium




$10 Adults / $5 Students

Return with payment to Student Reception OR Scan and email to :

Supper & Drinks (Liquor license in place)

SIV Quiz Night -BOOKING FORM Student Name: __________________________________________ Table / Team Name: ______________________________________ No. of Adults: ______ No. of Students: ______ Total Amt: $ ________

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT Name on card: __________________________________________ Credit Card (please circle):



Card No:



Fun & Games

Best Dressed

Best Dressed Table

Auction Items

Mystery Wine Sale

Lucky Coin Toss

Expiry date: ____ / ____ Signature: _________________________



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