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FROM THE PRINCIPAL Olivia O’Neill with Katie Schleyer who, along with Sam Chalmers, James Liang and Olivia Byrnes, assisted as student volunteers at the recent International Astronautical Congress held at the Adelaide Convention Centre)

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Term 4 is a period when stress is accelerated across the school’s community, especially during exam time. If students are well prepared for their exams, it can be a great feeling like fireworks going off in their heads when they sit the exam. The more concentrated focus on studying, the better they will do. At the same time there needs to be a balance of exercise, eating properly, getting enough sleep and having a growth mindset. Managing social media throughout Term 4 should be a priority. Parents can be most helpful in this regard, more so from your habits throughout the year and not just in Term 4: no mobile phones at the dinner table and no checking texts or emails whilst talking to your child, for instance. We were immensely proud of the F1 in Schools Team with their 2nd place in the World finals (see full story within). F1 is but one of the STEM programs offered at Brighton. The special entry to STEM and to the Think Bright Programs in Year 8 set students up for success in STEM subjects in the following years. We are going to link with Cube Rider, a company which facilitates students’ science experiments being sent to Space stations to collect results. We will be the first Public School in Australia to be a part of this exciting initiative.

Dylan Rankine, James Gurney, Olivia O’Neill, Uri Hauben, Finn Galindo with the trophies won by the “Aurora” F1 in Schools team at the World championships

Recently there has been conversation amongst staff reflecting on whether we have a House system or a Year Level system. A random list of parents were phoned to seek parent opinion about how students may best be organised to deliver an inclusive and innovative pastoral care program. Currently we have a House system where each House has a quarter of the students in each of Years 8, 9, 10, 11. Each House has a House Leader, a member of the Principal Team and an Assistant Teacher to lead the team of Homegroup teachers and students. Students remain with the same Homegroup teacher from Year 8 to Year 12. The House system has links to the school’s past history (the Houses have been in place since the school’s inception in 1952) – over the years there have been House or Year Level


structures even though the students always compete against each other in Houses on Sports Day. Students have also been canvassed for their preference. If you were not phoned but you have an opinion for us to consider, please email me on Olivia O’Neill Principal


STUDENT SAFETY: The safety of students at Brighton Secondary School is paramount. Parents are reminded that it is illegal to stop to drop off your children on Brighton Road where the bike lanes are. Some parents have put children’s lives and others in danger.



6-10 Year 10 Outdoor Pursuits camp 6

Year 12 Exams begin


New Music night


Year 12 Art/Design Exhibition


Music Stage 1 Solo Performance


SIV Year 8/9 Knockout @ Heathfield


Remembrance Day Music performance

13 VSA Year 8/9 Beach Volleyball competition at Glenelg 14

Showcase 2 (Music)

14-16 Year 10 Outdoor Pursuits camp 15

Music Tour Farewell Concert


Year 9 Aquatics

16 Year 11 Drama matinee and Evening performance 17

Charities and Recognition assembly, 9.00am


Sports Presentation Evening, 7.00pm


Year 12 exams conclude


Year 11 lessons conclude


International Music tour departs


Year 11 Summative exam week


Year 7 visit


Shakespeare Festival for Year 10s


Year 8 and 9 panels



Year 8 and 9 Panels


Year 10 classes conclude


SIV Melbourne trip


Governing Council 7.00pm


Australian Business Week


International Music Tour returns

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to Isabella Conner and Manasi Deshpande, Year 8, who achieved gold medals in the International Education Perfect English championships. Vasil Samardzhiev, Year 8, achieved a Bronze Medal. Well done. Harry Edwards, Year 8, who was selected in the Under 15 Boy’s zone team trials to play in the ALA Living Choice Under 15 national lacrosse Tournament in Perth in October. Velvet Klass, Year 12, who was selected in the Secondary School Sport SA interstate (soccer) championships in December. Congratulations to Charlie Arthur, Year 10, who won second place in the prestigious Eden prize. This will be presented to Charlie at the Charities and Recognition assembly by Mr Malcolm McInerney from DECD.

11-15 1.00pm dismissal

2018 TERM DATES TERM 1 29th January – 13th April

TERM 2 30th April – 6th July

TERM 3 23rd July – 28th September

TERM 4 15th October – 14th December

Congratulations to Julia McDonald, Year 11, who was recognised at Government House on 23rd October for her dedication to both the notion of volunteering and putting the idea into action through mentoring younger students, running a robotics class and voluntarily teaching STEM subjects one day per week at the local primary school. Congratulations to Alex Scarabotti who is working in landscaping as an apprentice. Alex has been complimented on his eagerness to learn new skills, displaying maturity and good work ethics. Alex is studying his certificate III in Horticulture.

Congratulations to Amy Bell, Bailee Kendall, Allysha Sims, Owen Hughes, Oscar Ward, Sam Warner who represented Secondary School Sports SA in the 15 and Under Volleyball team in Mandurah in WA in August. Congratulations to Emily Jones Blake Tisher and Jay Muecke who participated in the Australian Volleyball Junior Development Squads in Thailand this year. Congratulations Jayden Fathers who participated in the Australian Volleyball Junior Youth Team in Asia and Tara Maland who participated in Italy. Congratulations to the following volleyball students who represented the state. SSSSA 15 and Under State Team Amy Bell Owen Hughes Bailee Kendall Oscar Ward Allysha Sims Sam Warner U15 State Alexander Book Esteban Cure Harrison Fuller Rory Hart Millon Jones Sebastian Key Jacob Roy

Callum Turra Mia Dilettoso Chelsea Doyle Leticia Giancola Michaela Kelly Ruby VanLoo

U15 State Development Squad Alana McEvoy Lucas Brown Daisy Page Andrew Terry Danielle Turner Lachlan Ward Louella Wallbridge U17 State Chloe Arnott Imogen Birt Paige Cleary Bonnie Hart Sasha Simmonds Alex Stewart

Seth Anderson-Hay Riley Arnott Charlie Champion Oliver Klos Jay Muecke Blake Tisher

U17 State Development Squad Maddie Blazincic Eliza Lynch Sofia Dilettoso Matthew Greer Charlotte Evans Dylan Longman Emily Jones U19 State Emma Catt Jayden Fathers Caitlin Francis Patrick Fimmano Caitlin Gould Coen Key Tara Maland Benson Muirhead Morgan Farrell-Oates Kyle Nicholls U19 State Development Squad Jack Turner

YOUTH CITIZENSHIP AWARD Earlier in the year schools across South Australia were asked to nominate worthy Year 12 students for the very prestigious Student Citizenship Awards. A number of students were nominated from Brighton Secondary School and Callum Neilson was chosen as one of the top 11 students to be presented to His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia. The presentation occurred on Wednesday 18th October at Government House where Callum was presented with a plaque and certificate by the Governor of South Australia at a formal ceremony. Callum received this award for his outstanding leadership within the school across the past five years which has ranged from Prefect, Music Captain, Sports House Captain and Student Leadership Council representative. He has been very involved in the school and wider community including White Ribbon ambassador and raising money for a number of charity groups. Callum is an exemplary student who has always displayed outstanding qualities. Callum is a very worthy recipient of this honour. Michelle Andersen Teacher Business Studies

YEAR 8/9 KNOCKOUT TABLE TENNIS On the 14th of September our Year 8/9 Boys Table Tennis team ventured to Mercedes College for the opening round of the SSSSA Knockout Championships. The four a-side format involved doubles and singles matches played in a best of seven set contest with sets first to 11 points. Our first opponent was Sacred Heart. The boys had a comfortable victory over their younger opponents dropping only four games to win six rubbers to nil. Our second and last match for the day was against the home team, Mercedes. Mercedes proved to be a far tougher opponent. The four singles matches were all tight contests with Brighton holding a slender lead going into the doubles round. It looked as though the lead would extend after both doubles pairs led 2-1. However, Mercedes fought back strongly to win both contests and seal the victory. The match play was of a high standard as was the behaviour and sportsmanship. Team members included Dion Zaric, Rory Hart, John Knott, Owen Davies Shane Durbridge Team Manager



KOKODA 2017 Through Reconciliation SA the Kokoda trek took place from the 28th September to 6th October. It was a life-changing adventure full of challenges, foreign sights, sounds and experiences. Eighteen months of planning, consultation and both physical and cultural training culminated in eight days of trekking through a hot, humid and very sweaty jungle. The purpose of the trek was to foster reconciliation between the six participating schools, build resilience, develop young leaders and to commemorate the feats and service of both Aboriginal and nonAboriginal servicemen who fought on the Track 75 years ago. These expectations were exceeded ten fold! It is also impossible to estimate how much impact our personal carriers from the Buna and Sanananda villages had on everyone involved. Suffice to say, strong and lasting friendships were formed. Before we left Adelaide a very touching Smoking Ceremony was performed by Uncle Moogy Sumner. The ceremony welcomed his and our ancestors to give us safe passage and to bring us all home safely. This was the first time that a Smoking Ceremony had been performed at the Adelaide Airport. Everyone was touched by the ceremony and felt inspired for what was to come. Harrison McLeod, Alexander Witty, David Thomson and Caitlyn Davies trained together for twelve months climbing Mount Lofty, Black Hill Creek and various other hills to prepare for the trek. Despite extensive training, the testing conditions of the Kokoda Track still proved a challenge for us all. Eight days of trekking in a hot, sweaty, sometimes raining and often sweltering jungle pushed all involved to their limits. Ten hour days which usually started at 4am along with slips, spills and falls only added to the difficulty of the trek despite having fantastic equipment, good quality food and near perfect health. All involved truly realised what the conditions for those fighting on the Track must have been like. We were in awe of the brave yet poorly equipped men who

fought over this terrain while battling disease and often a lack of food and munitions. The research we had undertaken prior to the trip was presented at significant battlefields along the Track. We came to understand the many difficulties the soldiers had to endure while still performing extraordinary acts of heroism for their country. Everyone had a personal reason for wanting to walk the Kokoda Track but these were overshadowed by the importance of what had been undertaken here and how we were walking in the footsteps of those who saved our country from the invading Japanese. All trekkers experienced personal challenge along the way such as physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, adverse reactions to malaria medication as well as rolled ankles and blisters. Despite these difficulties we have all grown through this shared experience. Before our departure we had often heard that people who walk the Kokoda Track are forever changed in some way. Now home safely and reflecting on our time in Papua New Guinea, we all feel the change. We are forever connected by this experience and are certainly privileged to have been there. A special thanks to all those involved in the March to Kokoda Concert and to those wonderful parents who empowered us to do more than we could ever hope. Harrison McLeod and Alex Witty Year 11 Students



F1 IN SCHOOLS – SECOND IN THE WORLD FINALS The 2016-17 F1 in Schools competition again saw Brighton leading the pack, from State to National and World stages. The team ‘Aurora’ (James Gurney, Dylan Rankine, Uri Hauben), an international collaboration between Brighton Secondary School and Fichte-Gymnasium Hagen, formed in late May 2017. The two groups of students were quick to start organising themselves into a world competitive team. Through the innovative use of cloud-based file management software, online team collaboration platform SLACK and twice weekly video calls the team was set for developing their F1 car and team for the World Finals in Malaysia. At the same time, the new entries for the 2017-2018 competition were gearing up for their State Finals. With three teams, one in each division, Cadet, Development, Professional, Team Brighton set out to show the state at the Royal Adelaide Show just what they could do. And show them they did, with each team placing first in their division. The students did a fantastic job with fastest track times and brilliant achievement in verbal presentations. The development team 'Perspective' and professional team 'Zenopulse' are now gearing up for their national entry in March 2018.

Through countless hours of hard work, industry collaboration, and sponsorship drives the students of Aurora set out for Malaysia in late September. The competition itself is like nothing else, with over 29 countries being represented by 51 teams and supporting adults the feeling from touching down, to the award night is nothing short of electric. Students are judged on their Enterprise, Engineering, Collaboration, and verbal presentations to name a few categories and Aurora performed at the best of their ability. Between practising their verbal presentation in every spare moment, making final adjustments to the race cars and adding detail to their engineering scrutineering there wasn't much time for sightseeing. Come award night the team was nervous but excited, as over the past few days of competition they had performed very well and had the Knockout finals ahead of them. After the finals (they came second) dinner was served before the awards presentation. With 21 awards made from architectural trophies to carbon fibre parts from real F1 cars, the atmosphere was tense. The team ended up the runners-up for five awards winning two, the Best International Collaboration and The Best Pit Booth. Come crunch time and final podium placement the team was rightfully ecstatic coming 2nd. They learned a lot, made many friends and showed that if you try hard enough you can achieve nearly anything. Finn Galindo F1 in Schools Teacher

CITIZENS FOR HUMANITY (CFH) PROJECT Council for International Schools Conference - Thursday 7th September - University of Adelaide (Australian Wine Centre) Adelaide - Home Group 10 04HO Last year, the students from 1004HO planned and undertook a year long project as part of their Year 9 PLP titled – No Water, No Food, No Life. In September this year, four student representatives from the home group shared with a large audience of international conference delegates, what they learnt from the project at both local and global levels. The students were welcomed and well received with positive comments by the conference delegates. Below is their account. “For our Citizens for Humanity Project presentation, we learnt a lot from preparing our group talk to explain the Project at the Council of International Schools Conference. The conference was about global perspectives in education – “Intercultural Education: Weaving a tapestry of cultures”.

After presenting our Citizens for Humanity Project, we had a workshop where teachers got into groups to discuss ways that classes and schools could explore this topic using the theme for this year’s UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development. We joined into these discussions and it was quite interesting seeing how other teachers would try to do this challenge as we did. Overall, this was a very new and eye-opening experience aiding me and the other students to learn more about human rights (children’s rights) and how we can together tackle supporting these rights on a global level”. Zoe Lyon-Griffin, Felicia Ting, Thomas Studholme, Ali Janabi Year 10 Students

Both the presentation and attending an International Conference were very new experiences for us but they were very beneficial to our learning. Though we were very nervous at first to present in front of teachers and principals from around the world, I thought it went well and we learnt about how human rights can connect at global and local levels.



FRENCH LANGUAGE NEW CALEDONIA TRIP Early on the 25th of September a group of teenagers gathered, eagerly waiting for everyone to arrive and shivering in the chilly air at Adelaide Airport. The early 5am start marked the beginning of a wonderful adventure of cultural and language immersion for seventeen students and two teachers. This trip offered an opportunity for students to develop a taste for learning French, to increase their knowledge of another language and culture, to develop their understanding of the relevance of learning another language in today’s global culture, and to practise their French in real life situations. After a brief stop in Melbourne we boarded a flight for the second leg of our journey and found ourselves surrounded by passengers chattering away in French. To the delight of our students, the pilot made his announcement in both French and heavily accented English. Immediately we found ourselves projected into another world, and we were enchanted. Arriving late in the evening, the time difference meant that it was still light and students began remarking on the heat and humidity. Customs was the first challenge as we had to fill in forms that had instructions and questions in French. Our students managed superbly and the customs officers were friendly, whisking us through very quickly. By this time everyone was a little tired and dusk was falling. After a 45-minute coach journey we arrived at our hotel. Everyone got keys to their huge and comfortable rooms, then regathered to find a suitable place to eat. The Pizza and Pasta restaurant nearby was just perfect and we all began to practice our French skills. Later, we strolled along the beach front shops, taking in the local sights and enjoying the relaxing island ambiance before returning to our hotel for a good night’s sleep.

On day one, breakfast was followed by a Tchou Tchou train sight seeing tour under the care of a very charming guide who spoke both French and English to the students, encouraging them to both ask questions and attempt to speak French. Later we all had lunch and then gathered for coach ride to a four hour French lesson in the afternoon at the Centre de Rencontres et d’Echanges Internationaux du Pacifique (C.R.E.I.P.A.C). Students had 12 hours of these wonderful immersion lessons and enjoyed them immensely, suggesting that we should perhaps use immersion in our classes back at school. After a huge breakfast on Wednesday we went on a Segway Tour. Students were divided into two groups and had ample training before they went out with three instructors and a teacher in each group. The afternoon was again taken up by French lessons. Friday was a 9.30am start and a coach ride to visit the multi million dollar Tjibaou Cultural Centre. Our charming guide, George, was entertaining and expert at involving students. We spent two hours celebrating the Melanesian culture and identity, coming away with a great deal more knowledge about and appreciation for the traditions and history of the local people. Again, after lunch students had an enlivening four hours of French lessons at CREIPAC. Saturday was a day that none of us will ever forget. We were lucky enough to participate in the Amedee Lighthouse Cruise. Glorious! Our bus took us to the docks where we boarded a ferry. The destination was an island on which there is an old lighthouse from which there are amazing views. Students enjoyed a perfect day of coconut tree climbing, sarong tying, swimming, snorkelling and exploring coral reefs, a ride on a glass bottomed boat, music, singing, dancing and feasting. It was lovely to see them starting to use their French much more confidently and a delight that they were having so much fun while doing so. Sunday we caught a local bus to the local markets, shopped for trinkets and souvenirs, chatted with local people, then returned via the Aquarium where, after a quick bargain over price, we stopped for two hours and learned more about local reef life, flora and fauna. All in all, this was a most educational and entertaining trip. Students did not want to leave New Caledonia as they had had such a wonderful experience. We look forward to the next trip and would like to congratulate all students for their excellent attitude and behaviour. Until next time…… Lindsay Dick Manager - Languages



YEAR 12 DRAMA PRODUCTION “It’s Friday night in the town of Almost, Tasmania, and as the clock strikes 9.00pm, the Aurora Australis ripples across the star scattered sky. At this moment, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in the strangest ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. Love is lost, found, and confounded. And life for the people of the town will never be the same.” In Term 3 Year 12 Drama students performed their major assessment piece, a staging of Almost, by John Cariani. Three evening performances were held over the week, culminating in the closing night cocktail party. Guests were treated to live music, food and drinks, followed by a viewing of the show. The students delivered funny, moving performances, in the culmination of their years in Drama at Brighton Secondary School. Kristin McDonnell Drama Teacher

MUSIC NEWS The last eight weeks have seen the music department engage in a very diverse range of activities at school and in the community. I would like to express my appreciation to Jasmine Duggan for performing the national anthem at the 20th birthday celebrations of the 7th Battalion of the Australian Army – otherwise known as the Porkie Shield. Following a performance by the Navy Band on the 14th of September, our students were made aware of career option for musicians in the Royal Australian Navy. Congratulations to Billy James and Michael Gillard on another highly successful Percussion Showcase on the 20th of September. Term 3 concluded with our Stage 2 performance students performing brilliantly in their final exams for the visiting SACE markers. Special thanks must go to Craig Bentley for his ongoing mentoring of these students. Most recently, the Amoroso String Quartet performed at an exhibition at the Marion Cultural Centre on the 21st of October to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Baha'u'llah. Rehearsals for the upcoming Scandinavian tour have escalated for the touring choir and big band, including an all-day rehearsal in the second week of the holidays. I wish to extend an invitation to the school community to attend a one-hour Farewell Concert at 7.00pm on the 15th of November in the Brighton Concert Hall (admission free). Andrew Barrett Head of Music



MUSIC NEWS continued Piano Masterclass On the 13th of September, Year 12 piano students Serena Duke and Esmond Choi, along with myself, had the opportunity to engage in a special master class with French concert pianist Jean-Efflam Bavouzet. He workshopped our pieces before a small audience of students and individuals from the community, sharing fascinating insight into various strategies and techniques to improve our overall performances. Speaking passionately about elements of music such as layers and dynamics, his advice proved to be applicable to each of us and transferrable to other instruments as well. After hearing us play and imparting wisdom regarding our pieces, he proceeded to play a few pieces himself – his rendition of Debussy’s ‘Reflets dans l’eau’ from his first volume of Images being particularly memorable, casting elegant imagery in the mind of the audience. Bavouzet captivated us with his playing and his knowledge, enabling us to move forward with our pieces with new information, and additionally, a renewed drive to improve the quality of our performances. Ashton Milton-Hine Year 12 Student

DECD students work with International Recorder Player Genevieve Lacey Students studying the recorder with DECD Instrumental Music were provided the opportunity to meet and work with Australian internationally acclaimed recorder player Genevieve Lacey. Genevieve is a recorder virtuoso, collaborator and artistic director, with a significant recording catalogue and a career as an international soloist. Genevieve is the recipient of two ARIAs, a Helpmann Award and Australia Council and Churchill Fellowships. Her performances have included playing for the Queen in Westminster Abbey, representing Australian culture with a performance at the Lindau International Convention of Nobel Laureates and as soloist with the English Concert and Academy of Ancient Music. Approximately 30 students from seven DECD primary and secondary schools attended Marryatville High School last Wednesday to participate in a workshop with Genevieve. Genevieve shared stories regarding her career and answered many questions from the students regarding her experiences. She demonstrated many beautiful sounds on a wide range of priceless instruments. She also worked with students on techniques specific to advanced recorder playing and guided them through some Renaissance dance music as a large ensemble. The following day students were invited to attend an open rehearsal at the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Grainger Studio where they watched Genevieve rehearse with the ASO in preparation for the upcoming concert. Genevieve also found the time to interact with the students and talk with them regarding the repertoire and her performance. Genevieve’s time, effort and genuine interest in the students was a true highlight. Her kindness towards the students as well as her support of their playing and musical development made the two days extremely meaningful and beneficial. Bringing together 30 recorder players created camaraderie and created new friendships. Students gained new confidences and an appreciation for the pathways available to them as recorder players. Amelia Monaghan, DECD Instrumental Music Recorder Teacher, IM Leader, School Program Development

Emali Early Learning Centre Performance In Week 8 of Term 3, music students visited Emali Early Learning Centre to run a music workshop with the kindergarten students. Year 8 students Casey Gulliver and Tori Munn were the stars of the show, playing a number of songs on viola and cello to a very excited audience of 1-5 year olds. Casey and Tori also worked with Miss Simmons to do some musical activities, dance and singing with the children, and showed wonderful leadership and community spirit well done, Casey and Tori! Brighton music students will have further opportunities to perform at Emali this year, as this is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the local community and share our love of music. Georgie Simmons Music Teacher

Kindermusik Workshop

AMEB Exam Results Congratulations to the following students on these fantastic AMEB exam results: Zade Barnes

A (Grade 4 Piano)

Samantha Black

A (Grade 3 and 5 Piano)

Jessye Campbell

A (Grade 6 Singing)

Tara Chapman

A (Grade 5 Flute)

Daniel Courts

A (Grade 4 Flute)

Callum Cunningham-Byrne

B+ (Grade 6 Classical Guitar)

Jayden Doe

A (Grade 5 Flute)

Hannah Goodburn

B (Grade 3 Classical Piano)

Mina Johansson

B (Grade 7 Violin)

Eilidh MacPhee

A (Grade 4 Flute)

Niamh Michael-Roubos

A (Grade 5 Violin)

Jonathon Nelson

A (Grade 4 Piano)

Kathryn Schleyer

B (Grade 7 Flute)

Gina Sinclair

A (Grade 5 Bassoon)

Kane Stewart

A (Grade 4 Flute)

Emily Vadera

A+ (Grade 5 Piano for Leisure)

Shannon Whitehead

A+ (Grade 6 Violin)

Holly Williams

A (Grade 3 Flute)

In order to provide our students with a real world learning context, my Year 10 Musicianship class has spent the semester working together on designing and presenting a Kindermusik class. The activities the students are designing are based on Early Childhood music pedagogies such as Kodàly, Orff and Dalcroze. We invited Kindermusik instructor, Deb Johnson who came with her twin boys, to demonstrate the structure and purpose of a Kindermusik class. This was a highly useful activity in casting vision and setting a context for our students’ learning. The Year 10 Musicianship will be presenting their Kindermusik class to the students of Somerton Park Kindergarten later in the term. Deanna Whelan Music Teacher



MUSIC NEWS continued Lunchtime Concert Series As part of the SACE Stage 1 Sound Technology and the student well-being program, a series of Thursday lunchtime concerts was again run during Term 3 and 4, 2017. Term 3 Week 10: James Brown Experience 1 Week 9: Duncan Vecchiarelli, Alex Witty and Marcus Formato Week 8: Ben Waltho and Charlie Waltho Term 4 Week 2: Jazz Under The Tress: Big Band 1 and 2 Week 1: Staff band; Richard Gohl, Phil Smith and Ben Syme During the Week 9 concert, in conjunction with the house teams, we created a carnival atmosphere with a series of fun house activities in the quadrangle and Learning Laneway. The concerts have been a great success and the Sound Technology students have found it very beneficial in preparing for their practical exam at Jazz Cabaret at the end of Week 2, Term 4. Billy James Sound Technology

Q AND A EVENT AT BRIGHTON SECONDARY SCHOOL Brighton Secondary School held its second Q and A event on Thursday the 14th of September in the Brighton Theatre. The theme of the Q and A was ‘Respectful Relations and Diversity’ and was sponsored by the White Ribbon Campaign Stand Up / Speak Out. The panel included Blake Evans, Year 12 student and member of the White Ribbon Action Team, Brighton Secondary School; Katrine Hildyard, MP, Member for Reynell, representing the Minister for Education, Ms Susan Close; Kyla Sipthorp, Head Prefect, United Nations Youth Delegate, Glenunga International High School; Dr Rob Manwaring, Senior Lecturer, School of Social and Policy Studies, Flinders University and White Ribbon Ambassador; Chelsea Chieng, Year 12 Prefect, Brighton Secondary School; Fiona Mort, Director, Office for Women and Shewar Mehar, Year 12 Captain, Nominee Channel Nine Young Achievers Reynella East College. Corey Wingard, MP, Member for Mitchell and Old Scholar, compered the event. Panel members were presented with a series of thought provoking questions from the audience, covering a range of topics, including, gender based violence, discrimination, breaking down stereotypes, racism, lowering the voting age and imagining school and the world for the future. The audience this year was made up of Brighton Secondary School students and staff, as well as invited student leaders and staff from other schools, including, Adelaide High School, Glenunga International High School, Reynella East College, Norwood Morialta High School, Charles Campbell College, Thebarton Senior College, Victor Harbor High School and Christies Beach High School. Our Q and A event proved once again the power of engagement with ideas and how people from different generations, backgrounds and beliefs can contribute to the conversation. Jill Brindley Assistant Principal



VISUAL ART NEWS Amongst the projects this term in Art and Design are some exciting links to three dimensional art work. Year 8 students have explored the ideas behind the art from the Tiwi Islands through painting Totems and constructing relief blocks with an emphasis on negative space. The art of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers has inspired Year 8 sculptures made from found object materials. Year 9 students have created contemporary mini ‘junk’ sculptures as part of their folios and referred to the art of Fiona Hall. Year 10 students are developing folios on personal themes with links to consumerism and materialism. In Design, casting and mould making with resins are being produced to create three dimensional chocolate designs with links to contemporary architecture. Individual themes leading to final products are being developed by Year 11 students in a variety of styles and media. The final exhibition of Art and Design work for the Year 12 students will be held in the Concert Hall foyer at 5.00pm-6.30pm on Tuesday 7th November. Refreshments will be available and parents, students and friends are most welcome to celebrate the creative achievements of the 2017 cohort. Yasmin Paterson, Coordinator The Arts

CAREER DEVELOPMENT NEWS In August we had many Year 10-12 students head to Flinders University Open Day. Students were able to get a taste of Flinders with a range of interactive activities, demonstrations, campus tours, and more than 140 information sessions. Some of these sessions focused on Exercise Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, Social Work, Paramedic Science, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Tourism, Nursing, Midwifery, Education, Law, Criminology, Creative Arts and Media Arts. Students certainly left with their eyes more open and excited about future possibilities! We have four Year 11 students participating in the Australian e-challenge based at Adelaide University. The students attend workshops and lectures at the University for 12 weeks and compete against other schools to develop a ‘BIG’ idea. The team turn their idea into a business concept and then showcase their idea and pitch it to potential business people. If they make the top five, they attend the Awards dinner at Adelaide Oval and go in the running to win $5000. We wish them all the best over the next few weeks!

What’s coming up? In November, Year 10 and 11 students have an opportunity to attend JobEX at the Convention Centre. The event showcases jobs in emerging industries such as Energy and Mining, Defence and Shipbuilding, IT and Creative, Health and Research and Tourism, Food and Wine. A great way for students to investigate possible career pathways for the future that will be in demand. In Week 8 of this term, Year 10 students have an opportunity to participate in the Australian Business Week (ABW) Enterprise Education Program from Monday 4th December to Friday 8th December. The ABW program is designed to encourage independent and cooperative learning skills and to develop an enterprise mindset prior to entering the workforce or proceeding to further study. The students will develop a number of employability skills, encouraged to take initiative and exposed to a variety of communication techniques and technologies. Hayley Reid Coordinator Career Development



YEAR 9 VOLLEYBALL CHALLENGE On Monday 18th September, Brighton Secondary School participated in the annual ‘Year 9 Volleyball Challenge’. Heathfield were our guests as three boys and three girls engaged in a series of round robin matches. Hallett Cove also hosted a similar event that included a further six Brighton teams competing against a range of year levels. Year 11 Volleyball students were responsible for coaching our Year 9’s and in some cases joining them on the court. They were supportive of their younger peers and provided valuable feedback. This year we were particularly impressed with their preparation and diligence. Players shared officiating duties including refereeing and scoring. On the whole, they performed these tasks admirably, helping to ensure the day ran smoothly. Although the challenge was informal and official results not kept, the matches were played in a competitive yet friendly spirit. And with time remaining at plays conclusion, Heathfield and Brighton played together in mixed teams in different versions of ‘Champion of the Court’. A great way to finish the day before farewelling our guests for another year! Many thanks to all the teachers and students from all schools for what was a great day where volleyball was the winner! Shane Durbridge Volleyball Teacher

SIV “CORKA” PATHWAYS DAY 1 During lessons one and two on Tuesday 19th September our Year 9 SIV Girl Volleyballers welcomed a group of Year 7 students and their mentors as part of their ‘Corka Pathways Day’. We started with some fun relays to raise energy levels and make our guests feel welcome before teaching them some of the finer points of the game. Even Caitlyn Davies (Aboriginal Secondary Education and Transition Officer) got involved! After the coaching session, we mixed up all of the students and played mini volleyball games. Not only did they enjoy themselves, they impressed us with their athletic capabilities. Congratulations to our students who have been responsible for many similar situations throughout the year. It was another opportunity to ‘give something back’ and once again they did not disappoint with their levels of enthusiasm, patience and coaching expertise. A job well done! Shane Durbridge Volleyball Teacher

OPEN KNOCKOUT VOLLEYBALL COMPETITION On Thursday 14th September Brighton Secondary School’s Special Interest Volleyball program’s Open Girls and Boys teams competed in the 2017 Statewide Knockout competition. Between both teams, 18 students from Years 10, 11 and 12 were selected to compete against surrounding South Australian schools. The event took place at Heathfield High School, requiring both teams to be piled into the bus for an 8.00am departure. Upon arrival, all teams were wished good luck and given a short debrief regarding how the day was to run in order to be successful. This initiated the commencement of game one where both Brighton teams started the day with a convincing win. This set the tone for the rest of the round games, with the girls and boys teams both finishing top of their pool. Through the crossovers and preliminary rounds both teams remained consistent with strong performances, therefore securing a spot in both the girls and boys grand final against Heathfield. With hard work, commitment and determination both Open teams finished the day with gold medals and important wins over Heathfield. The day was a great success for the Special Interest Volleyball program having both teams achieve the greatest possible result. It was also a timely opportunity to play competitively in the weeks leading up to Australian Schools Cup in Melbourne, preparing both Honours teams for our trip away. Tara Maland and Connor Gurr Special Interest Volleyball Program Captains




On Thursday 28th September, Ms Callisto せんせい’s Year 8 semester classes made おにぎりonigiri.

おにぎりOnigiri is a Japanese snack made into a triangle shape with a ‘surprise’ inside. Ingredients include: Steamed rice のりNori (roasted seaweed) Water Flavouring (dried plum sesame, etc) How to make it: 1. Make sure your hands are wet 2. Get rice and cover with flavouring 3. Roll the rice into ball with your hands 4. Form the ball of rice into a triangle 5. Put a slice of nori on the bottom of the onigiri 6. Serve and enjoy! Before eating, we said いただきます (itadakimasu) which is usually said before any Japanese meal and then ごちそうさま でした (gochisou samadeshita) after the meal. Onigiri is a fun, quick snack that tastes really nice. Depending on what flavours you put on, it can taste like sour plums or sesame seeds. I quite enjoy おにぎり onigiri and some of us will be continuing to make it at home. Chris Challans and Jack Jones Year 8 Japanese Students

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