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Design Portfolio/ Stella Papazoglou Dip Arch AUTH, MArch Urban Design, Bartlett, UCL




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STELLA PAPAZOGLOU Nationality: Greek M: 0044(0)7766023668, 00306945825344 A: 2 Praed str , W21JN, London E: Date of birth: 02 January 1985

EDUCATION 2010-2011: MArch Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (Merit) MArch Thesis Project: “Curative Parasite”, social based project with great emphasis on the reuse of unwanted material, also a response to the current regeneration projects. The project took place in Fener, Istanbul. Teamwork with Louisa Varelidi, Professorship Nicholas Boyarsky, Camila Sotomayor 2004-2010: Diploma in Architecture, Aristotel University of Thessaloniki, AUTH(grade:8.43/10) Diploma Thesis Project: “Through Means”, a suburban connection of the old train station and the settlement, also aiming to create a sculptural landscape. The project took place in the village Milies of Mount Pelion, Thessaly, Greece. Teamwork with Marianna Kazakou, Professorship Vana Tentokali, Grade: 10/10 2008-2010: Architecture based on issues of Gender and Space Series of four projects each of which lasted for one semester. 2003-2004: Guest Studies(2 semesters) in the Architectural Department of the University of Thessaly, UTH 1999-2002: Graduate of Arsakeion Tositseion College in Thessaloniki

WORK EXPERIENCE 2008-2009: Architectural Study of a traditional two storey house in Mount Pelion, Greece Taking part in this study as an assistant architect was a valuable opportunity and made me realize my interest in this sort of environment that could be named suburban. I dealt with the research part of the study as well as the creative one, (architectural drawings of the house) 2005-2006: Arxicon Architects Thessaloniki, Greece Dealing with the production of architectural and permit drawings. Mainly worked in 1:100 and 1:20( architectural details). Site documentation. Dealing with the city planning department of Thessaloniki 2003, 2004: International Fair of Thessaloniki- HELEXPO, Greece Coordinating the Egyptian Pavilion during the period of the Fair (The Fair takes places every September since 1926 for a ten day period.)

ARCHITECTURAL WORKSHOPS 07/2009: Beyond History - Contemporary transformations in the city centre of Athens (AAW1),Professorship Antonio Tejedor, Mercedes Linares, Athens, Greece 06/2009: Textile Workshop 1:1 Structures inspired from the world of fashion Professorship Asterios Agkathidis, Gabi Schillig 10/2007: “Routes through the myth of Ehedwros” ( a workshop taking place in Sindos, the industrial area of Thessaloniki, Greece) Professorship Vana Tentokali , Sebastian Ducque

CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS 10/2011: Graphic Design Seminar, in the project space ”Peirama”, Thessaloniki 07/2008: XXIII World Congress of Architecture in Torino 2008-2009: 14+3 lessons about modernism in MMCA (seminar) Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki 05/2009:1st PanHellenic Congress of Energy, Environment and Building, Thessaloniki


LANGUAGES Greek: native speaker English: IELTS, Proficiency of Cambridge and Proficiency of Michigan Spanish: Basico level, capable of basic communication COMPUTING SKILLS

POSITIONS OF TRUST 10/ 2011: Member of the Architectural Association of Greece 04/ 2011: Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece 10/2010: Member of the Aristotle University Alumni Association

Autodesk: Excellent knowledge Archicad: Conventional knowledge Adobe: Very good knowledge Microsoft Office: Very good knowledge OTHER INTERESTS Classic dance (attended classes for 6 years). Theatre, participations in small theatrical groups for 3 years. Interested in photography, cinema and scenography. Travels. SELECTED RESEARCH PROJECTS

•Kitsch in architecture (Thesis Research Project) •Theory of “essence or shape of an entity’s complete form” according to

Gestalt and Lynch •Public space_ Boundaries and sign •Vana Venturi’s house_ critical analysis •Four housing examples of gender identity’s re allotment •Study of Bo01 Malmo in Sweden in terms of sustainability and self-efficiency •Complete restoration research of an eclecticistic’s period slaughter house in Thessaloniki •Analysis of Coop Himmelblau’s rooftop remodelling in Vienna using the deconstruction theory


PUBLICATIONS 10/2011: Thesis Design Project “Through Means” in the SIMBIOSIS of the Thessaloniki Young Artists XV Biennale Collaboration between the Aristotel University of Thessaloniki(A.U.TH.) and The Polytechnic University of Istanbul(I.T.U.). 05/2011: Exchibition of the 1st Athens Architecture Workshop / Technopolis, Gazi @ DESIGN LAB SHOW International Architectural Workshop, taking place in the city of Athens. Tutored by people from the European architectural scene, from Lisbon to Athens. 10/2010: Perfomative Geometries/ Transforming Textile Techniques Published work of the Textile Workshop in the AUTH BIS publishers, Amsterdam Professorship: Asterios Agkathidis, Gabi Schillig

Curative Parasite/

Thesis MArch Project, Bartlett, UCL(Commendations) Given the current situation in Fener, with its complex social network, the historical timber building stock and the strong opposition of the inhabitants to the upcoming gentrification plans, we propose an alternative of how the city can sustain itself through a progression of events and processing activities. We experiment with the reuse of left-over space and material through the setting up of an enabling infrastructure that is slowly taken over by local inhabitants and turned into self-managed spaces; those spaces will gradually become productive, following a participative process with minimum cost. Elements that are considered as trash or debris can make up the raw material for the inhabitants to reconstruct their own identical space. Adopting a DIY attitude, curating the built environment and involving the people, will gradually result in adding a new layer of interventions to the area in the form of a temporal parasitic condition, which will find its own way to evolve through time. This project is about decisions and empowerment. It is an attempt to explore alternative ways of handling urban design by redefining the role of the designer and making him a tool to prepare the ground for a grassroots revival of a neighborhood that is currently at the edge of gentrification.

Year: 2011 / Professorship: Nicholas Boyarsky, Camila Sotomayor/ Teamwork with Louiza Varelidi


Peoples’ “portraits”/

Experiments in a specific block/


DIY Constructions and Tools/


Fener today_�Materiality map�/

Zooming in Fener 2014/



Site Evolution, 2012-2015/



Fener 2014_Future scenarios/ 13

Through Means/

Diploma Project AUTH

This project revolves around the old rail station in the village Milies, which is located in Mount Pelion of Greece and aims to connect this region with the settlement above. The train trip and the region, the mount of mythic creatures Kentaurwn, as a terrain, as nature, as a myth were the two main aspects that attracted us towards this approach. We are exploring what takes place between the routes and the stasis, that is in their in between, and trying to discover the relations who associate them. In order to find our tools for the design process, we used an approach which began with an impulsive tracing of the train route in text, a design and a model. Then we tried to describe it in structural terms, so that we could decode our own early synthesis .

Year: 20010 / Professorship Vana Tentokali/ Group Work with Marianna Kazakou/


Σχηματική απόδοση διάφορων χωρικών καταστάσεων/

Creating Sculptural Ground/


Different Model Views/

Model Evolution_Long Sections/


Site Analysis according to Victor Vasareli’s Grid/


Facades of different buildings/




Zooming in the site/



Perfomative Geometries/

Textile Workshop

This workshops’ aim was to built a 1:1 model initiated by the world of fashion, that can be either worn on human body or can stand on its own in the environment as a structure. Inspired by Christas’ de Carouge work in fashion design we constructed a model using wire and white fabric.

Year: 2009 / Professorship: Asterios Agkathidis, Gabi Schillig/ Group Work with Mariana Kazakou




Slaughter House, Thessaloniki, Greece

This work is a restoration of a slaughter house which is an eclecticistic building. The building is turned into a cinema center with a small fairground and it is placed among a nexus of cultural spaces that are located in the area of the slaughter houses. The main idea is the use, in different variations of the one and only primitive structure: the cube. And that is because only a morphology as simple as a cube can be successfully combined with a complicated eclicticistic face.

Year: 2008 / Professorship: Michail Nomikos, Maria Dousi/ Group Work with Argiro Poulivali


Morphological Analysis/


Long Section of the exterior space/

Site Topology Diagram/



Floating Life Box/

Architecture in Special Conditions This unit aims to provide immediate medical help and accommodation in affected by Tsunami regions. It fills the specifications of a small surgery unit. Vaccinations and small surgeries can be operated in it. Medicines, oxygen, supplements of diet, water and food supplies can be stored in it. A second typology provides accommodation to doctors and victims of the Tsunami. The unit is capable of housing up to 3 individuals. It consists of a one piece plastic shell and is able to float in shallow depths.

Year: 2008 / Professorship: Fani Vavili/ Assistant: Kostis Ougrinis, Eva Dova Group Work with Mariana Kazakou, Argiro Pouliovali




Traditional Residence/

Pelion, Thessaly, Greece_under construction This is a traditional house in the Eastern part of Pelion. Appart from the specific architectural characteristics of the built environment of the region, the spectacular view was another really importnat factor. Allowing the maximum possible view to the residents was a priority for the design. As a result the long front facade of the house breaks into an obtuse angle and opens up ΠΈτσι η πρόσοψη του κτιρίου σπάει σε in the form of a fan towards the Aegean Sea. The construction materials, mainly stone and wood, apply to the traditional architecture of the area. Roof Sketch Morphological Choice of the house/

Year : 2008 / Collaboration with Dimitris Karagiannis, Architect

East Facade/


Ground Floorplan/




Architectural Design Portfolio This a selection of projects during the period of my studies.


Architectural Design Portfolio This a selection of projects during the period of my studies.