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Today’s Trends in Cosmetic Procedures: Non-Surgical Liposuction in Beverly Hills Over the last 10 years the most popular type of cosmetic surgery for both men and women to get has been liposuction, and remains at the number one spot still today. The latest technology is now also giving people the option to get non-surgical liposuction in Beverly Hills which has opened up new possibilities for even better results and no doubt will cause liposuction to continu ally increase in popularity. As long as people seek out an easier way to get rid of stubborn unwanted fat, laser liposuction will certainly remain a top procedure in cosmetic enhancement. Of course, if you have never had non-surgical liposuction done before and do not know anyone who has, you are bound to want to ask a trusted cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills if it even would work for you – if this is the “real thing.” When you begin your search to find a good doctor to perform this type of procedure nowadays, it’s best to start online. More and more cosmetic surgery facilities are increasing their online presence, and finding good before and after photos are only a click away. Before you even step foot into a surgeon’s office for a consultation in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, you should be able to obtain a very good idea of what a surgeon is capable of by checking out information and photos on their websites. Usually nonsurgical liposuction is performed on the tummy and thigh area, but it can also be done for the face, neck, arms, breast (men are especially good candidates for this), back, and even the lower portion of the legs. Of course certain precautions and safety measures must be followed and each individual requires different care depending on what your problem areas are and what can realistically be achieved for your specific body type. Non-surgical laser liposuction is most successful when: It is performed by a quality trained and experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist to ensure safe treatment and the least amount of possible complications. Your expectations need to be realistic with a complete understanding of the risks and complications of the procedure you choose to undergo. Each person is different and you must understand that individual result do tend to vary from patient to patient, and you may not see full results up to 6 months after the procedure. Lastly, yet most importantly perhaps, is that you strictly follow any post-operative instructions given by your doctor and also that you do everything you can to maintain your new weight. It is safe to assume that your results will be rather fleeting if you do not make an effort to maximize your results by perhaps changing your diet and exercise routine. If you gain weight after your nonsurgical liposuction procedure you can definitely expect to go back to what you looked like before which is not your surgeon’s fault.

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