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Sewing Machines Australia

Who We Are

• We are a company for sale and servicing of all types of sewing machines

• Lightweight to heavy duty sewing machines – we have the best brands available • Also available is quality spare parts and replacements • We offer guaranteed services at client sites

What We Offer • Industrial sewing machine

• Heavy duty sewing machine • Spare parts • Accessories • Belts

• Sewing machine oil

• Benches and stands • Needles by system

• Bobbins by machines • Scissors and clippers • Cotton stands

Why Us • Guarantee on spare parts and replacements • On site services available

• Repair and remodel of all types and sewing machine models • Service available for all industries • Best value for client investments

Contact Us • Postal Address : PO Box 178 Albany, Qld 4035


• Call : (07) 3298 5320 • Fax : (07) 3298 5324

• Email : • Online Contact Form :


Purchase Online Spare Parts of Industrial Sewing Machine  
Purchase Online Spare Parts of Industrial Sewing Machine  

Now purchase online new or used or spare parts of industrial sewing machine. Sewing machine Australia provides you the swift and easy platfo...