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Hello, my name is Maria Alejandra; I’m the write of this magazine. I am 14 years old. I live in Medellin Colombia. I like music, especially pop. I don’t like soup or vegetables also I like the fruit apple. This magazine is to inform more sweet news.

PISO 21 They are a pop music group. Are called Piso 21. Consisting of 4 people, all men.

Juan David, but also called “El Profe” is the greatest of all, with 26 years of age. The instrument handles is the guitar and backing vocalist. David Escobar, but also called “DIM”. Has 22 years of age. The instrument handles is the guitar rhythm. It a vocalist. It’s very lovely and flirtatious, it like to tell jokes.

It a

Pablo Mejia, but also called “Pablito” has 22 years of age. vocalist. He is a student of business administration.

Juan David, but also called “Llanero”. Has 21 years of age. It a vocalist. Is student of audiovisual communication. It is very spoiled and smiling. They are from Medellin, although his work requires traveling from one plane to another.

INTERVIEW ~Where do they live? We are live in Medellin ~Do they have a nickname? Yes, •I’m David, but call me “DIM” •I’m Juan David, but call me “El Profe” •I’m Pablo, but call me “Pablito” •I’m Juan David, but call me “Llanero” ~Do they have any pet? No, they aren’t having a pet. ~Do they have a crush on somebody? They are having a crush on somebody and we are very much in love. ~What do they do in your free time? We sing and we are with our family and friends. ~How do you get along with classmates? Very, very well. We are like brothers.

SORAYA’S PROFILE The cancer of breast is a curable illness, but when it is discovered in time, so the celebrities have the influence of publicity and they can help. SORAYA, for example, when she realizes she has sickness. She stars campaigns to prevent those diseases.

It is furry, spoiled, chubby and energetic. It like carrot, lettuce and water. It doesn’t like to be alone. It is while and brown color. It is very small. PLEASE CALL ME 2846527


Music: I like pop, romantic music. Technology: The movie, phones and computer.

Entertainment: The sports and TV. Parents: Love, affection

Clothes: informal Love: Kiss, embraces The brothers: friendship

Physical Appearance: I like my hair, face, hands, and feet.

Music: I don’t like the “vallenato� and country

Technology: The lost one gives personal communication

Entertainment: The lost one gives time Parents: The ingratitude

Clothes: indecent Love: betrayal

Physical Appearance: An allergy in the skin

The brothers: The betrayal and indecent

PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY Hello. My name is Maria Alejandra, but calls me Aleja. I’m 13 years old. I live in Medellin Colombia. I like music, especially pop. I don’t like soup or vegetables also I like the fruit apple. I don’t have a pet, but I like the puppy.

~Using connectors I am Maria Alejandra. I like music, so daily I listen pop in the transport and every places. I also read a lot of interesting books to me. I love my family and God. I’m very responsible and I like surfing on the web.

THE TURTLE CARRANCHINA This species is a native of South America. Only has seen him in Colombia. This turtle is semi aquatic and lives in the sections of few current in the rivers, creeks and marshes. It is the species of sweet water most threatened in South America. They remain thousand in Cordoba and Sucre. It is not consumed, but they fish her accidental, and not to lose the fishhook behead her.


~Before, during and after school First I read the everyday text in the morning. This text is a biblical book, and then I take a bath. I get dressed and have breakfast. After I comb my hair, after that I brush my teeth, then I put the shoes and finally I go to take the bus. When I arrive to school, first I greet my friends, and I used to go the bath, after getting in the classroom, start the class and during the class I participate active, then take a break. Later receipt the class again of twice hours, after that takes a break and continuous with the hours the class. Finally I take bus to leave the school. I get home and I take break, while my grandmother preparation the dinner, I eat the dinner and I watch TV. Often to light the computer and I do homework, I surfing on the web, I eating, watch TV and finally go to bed.



Writer: Maria Alejandra Gutierrez Medellin-Antioquia 2012 Edition 1


Cream! Sweet news

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