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Hi, whoever sees this My name’s Ste and this is my


graphical depiction of you

Well, since you’ve gone this far (page 2!) and I have your attention, I’m just going to state my noble reason:

‘’Why am I reading this?’’

I’ve seen what your studio does, liked it and thought I’d send you some examples of my work in the hope that we’ll get to work together someday (or at least get to meet you and get an honest review of what I do). That said, the next pages will be a showcase of my work by category. If you reach the end you’ll find a more detailed explanation of my background, my creative process and contact.


(little arrow meant to guide you further)

Illustration editorial piece, portrait for an article

Illustration editorial piece, done for another article

Illustration print for a radio iilustration for their aniversary, featuring all their DJs

Illustration CD cover illustration made for romanian rapper Guess Who

Illustration postcard illustration done for a WorldVision social campaign

Illustration continuous illustration for a leaflet done for Burn energy drink

Illustration Poster illustration for Burn Tropical product launch

Poster illustration for Burn energy drink event

Illustration Campaign illustration for CinemaEdu, a cinema education project

Illustration Part of a series of illustration entered in a contest themed ‘’Future’’

Editorial illustration for an article in Arts&Crafts magazine

Illustration Fast illustration for a end of the year party poster

Storyboard illustration for some contraception product

Illustration Poster illustration&design for a choir concert

Poster illustration&design for some dubstep party

Illustration Cover illustrations for magazine

Illustration Poster illustration&design for an all you can drink party

Personal illustration experiment for a style I want to pursue

Illustration Personal illustration experimenting with different styles


T-shirt illustration +a comic that followed

Illustration Comic design, concept,illustration for a magazine

Identity Logo proposals for a health food company. They chose the one on the right

Identity left&right proposals for student association middle logo for advertising headhunting project

Web Design minimalist site for Corina Vladescu fashion designer in Romania

Web Design minimalist site content for Corina Vladescu fashion designer in Romania

Web Design site proposal&logo design for project management company

Web Design site design for OVI, a vocal&keyboard artist

Web Design web design&identity for a cinema education project

Packaging Tea Packaging project done with a designer friend for tea house

Packaging Tea Packaging project done with a designer friend for tea house

That’s the work, now for the

Process For each project I go through a series of steps; even if it takes longer I value a kind of holistic approach to things. These are the stages I usually go through to make things work:



The thing i do after I receive a brief and before I get to actual work. I search for similar projects, other people’s take on the subject, articles and other inspiration material.

Feedback After the final materials have been delivered the last fine tuning and changes begin. When they’re done and everyone’s happy, I send the original files and consider the project completed. Hooray.


About now all the details are planned out and I start working on the execution itself. I try to keep the commisioner posted on how things are going along the way.

After the research bit comes the concept. This is usually the most important step, as all the future work is going to be based on it

Style The concept is there, now it’s time to choose a style for the things that need to be done. This applies mostly to illustration. I go for different styles, depending on each client’s needs. Schetches, rough drawings, mock-ups and other preliminary materials are included in this phase


Next comes the planning of the materials that need to be done and in what time. This is when the deadline is set for the finished work

Skills Tech related, this are the programs I work with. I’ve also mentioned the ones I’m currently getting familiar with and plan to use in future projects.

And then the


Adobe Illustrator Illustrator Photoshop Photoshop InDesign InDesign Flash Flash After Effects Effects After Corel Draw Draw Corel 3D Studio Studio Max Max 3D Maya Maya Ableton Live Live Ableton

Total beginner

Can do a thing or two

Do whatever I have in mind

Know almost everything about it

Well, Well, That’s about it

Hope I didn’t bore you to death Here are several ways to find me, just in case that didn’t happen: facebook: linkedin: phone: +4 0752 127 955 behance:

Oh Ohyeah, yeah,and andthanks thanks


Stelian Dobrescu's portfolio

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