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More than a gift

We have been maintaining the tradition of glassware and creativity since 1860 with the desire to offer you the best glass 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Glass is a healthy material. Ecological. It is infinitely useful and can be used infinitely. It is a miracle. It is an art. It is a fulfilment of wishes and dreams. With a carefully selected business gift, we show attention. We nourish interpersonal relationships. We build common success in the future. We simply say thank you. It does not matter whose hands have created the gift. How much knowledge is behind the product? How much love is invested in the production? Look at what almost 160 years of knowledge, tradition and development of glass can offer. What carries purity in itself? How much passion is invested into the development? And how heartily Slovenian hands can create.

We have been maintaining the knowledge of glassworkers since 1860.

Floral story

Exclusive manual work. ø 350mm/ h 175

Floral plate ø 340mm/ h 25

ø 200mm/ h 100

ø 150mm/ h 75


The CCIS silver award for innovation in 2016

360 ml / 125x 125 mm / h 51 mm

Choose your colour:


95 ml / 81x 81 mm/ h 33 mm







Thermo cooling tumbler - an ideal gift

THE FIRST. And the only. A revolutionary way of cooling.

Celsyum 260 ml/ ø 96mm/ h 99mm

Celsyum is a perfectly designed tumbler with a revolutionary cooling mode. It provides long lasting pleasure in your favourite drink.

Speak tumbler. Dynamic and playful. But with the right content, it becomes special and above average. Its peculiarity is a pointed base, which makes it dynamic at all

Polite 0,25l

times. It only stands

270 ml / ø 64mm/ h 164mm

still when placed on a glass base, which

A special tumbler that you can write and draw on.

can also serve independently as a candle holder.

Speak 320 ml / ø 88mm/ h 105mm

The look and feel of crystal.

Party tumblers

Moviestar LD

Moviestar WATER

480 ml/ ø 81mm/ h 160mm

350 ml/ ø 82mm/ h 106mm

Lines series A dynamic structure that expresses the playfulness hidden in classic elegance.

Jug 1l: 1100 ml / ø 125mm/ h 209mm LD: 350 ml / ø 80mm/ h 139mm WA: 290 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Steps Series A collection that is appropriate for all occasions. A structure that convinces, regardless of the content. Timeless, but with a trendy touch.

Jug 1l: 1100 ml / ø 125mm/ h 209mm LD: 350 ml / ø 80mm/ h 139mm WA: 290 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Bricks series Structure as a reflection of ice. We were inspired by the form of an icy igloo. Safe shelter for your drink.

Jug 1l:1100 ml / ø 125mm/ h 209mm LD: 344 ml / ø 80mm/ h 139mm WA: 315 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Honeycomb Series Sweet as honey. The Honeycomb series as a gift to nature and respect for teamwork. A structure that imitates honeycomb to the greatest possible extent.

Jug 1l: 1100 ml / ø 125mm/ h 209mm LD: 360 ml / ø 80mm/ h 139mm WA: 300 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Karo series A smooth grip with an extremely versatile interior structure. The Karo series is for those who find order in chaos and who see the challenge of creating chaos in the strictest order.

Jug 1l: 1100 ml / ø 125mm/ h 209mm LD: 360 ml / ø 80mm/ h 139mm WA: 300 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Big karo series The Karo pattern in a different dimension, which conjures up a completely different look for the product. A contemporary, special and harmonious structure.

LD: 344 ml / ø 80mm/ h 137mm WA: 287 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Crystal series Optical illusion creating the impression of cut crystal glass. A collection that shines in a crystalline cut.

LD: 355 ml / ø 80mm/ h 137mm WA: 300 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Butterfly series A collection for those who believe that something unforgettable and magnificent can come out of every simple story. A gentle butterfly structure that gives the collection a special grace and softness.

LD: 356 ml / ø 80mm/ h 139mm WA: 300 ml / ø 88mm/ h 98mm

The purchase of an individual item can be arranged.

Give a smile J A bottle fitted with a convenient hook, which emphasises its character. Fill it, write an inscription and offer a personal gift. Pure glass, filled with passion and offered with heart = HAPPY. The Happy collection also includes a nice family of glasses - Rosie, Carmen and Max. Cheer up those closest to you or use them at a party.



Carmen Max

700 ml

350 ml

300 ml

360 ml

60 ml

Home is not a room it is a feeling We have carefully verified that your glass is beautiful, pure and free from defects.

Let your imagination run free.

Rondo 1600 ml/ 130x130mm/ h 211mm

It adds a trendy touch to the moment and space.

Flora 130x130mm/ h 199mm

Retro touch in your home For nostalgic moments.

Retro flowers Amantea LD

Retro flowers Amantea WA

Retro flowers Sodček 0,2l

Retro flowers Liberty L

Retro flowers Julia

350 ml

330 ml

245 ml

275 ml

170 ml

Playful dots Serious enough to express a touch of calmness. Lively enough to remain fashionable. Red and white playfulness on highquality glass. In dots or in just a tiny detail.

Red dots Brussels LD 320 ml

Red handle Geo big

Red handle Geo small

330 ml

265 ml

Red dots Brussels WA

Red dots Tina 25

Red dots Boston

300 ml

350 ml

265 ml

Red handle Boston 265 ml


Sheep in snow Cezar

Fox in snow Cezar

Rudolf Cezar

Blackboard e ect Santa Cezar

Blackboard e ect Snowakes Cezar

360 ml

360 ml

360 ml

360 ml

360 ml

Hot drinks with sparkling decorations for the cold days



Happy Santa Monaco

Beach Santa1 Cezar

Beach Santa2 Angelo

370 ml

360 ml

330 ml

Enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of the festive December Blackboard e ect Ileks Boston 260 ml

Red raindeer Liberty L 275 ml

Snowake Liberty L 275 ml

Gingerbread Boston 260 ml

Wintertrees Liberty L 275 ml

Fox in snow Liberty L 275 ml

Red raindeer Friends WA 300 ml

Snowake Friends WA 300 ml

Golden luxury

Vignette gold Amantea LD 350 ml

Vignette gold Amantea WA 330 ml


2018 Amantea VI 230 ml

Gold Puzzle 126 x 126mm

Gold Puzzle mini 81 x 81mm

Winter fairy-tale

Snow flower Friends WA 360 ml

Snow flower Friends LD 300 ml

Snow flower Liberty L 275 ml

Snow flower Boston 265 ml



Winter land Friends WA 360 ml

Winter land Friends LD 300 ml

Winter land Liberty L 275 ml

Winter land Carmen big


Silver blue elegance




Blue star Friends WA 360 ml

Blue star Friends LD 300 ml

Blue star Liberty L 275 ml

Blue star Carmen big



Galaxy Friends WA 360 ml

Galaxy Friends LD 300 ml

Galaxy Liberty L 275 ml

Galaxy Carmen big

Paint it over and over again! Colouring for children and adults

! e m r u o Col


Bear with accordion




Gingerbread house

250 ml

250 ml

250 ml

250 ml

250 ml

Mandala 1

Mandala 2

Mandala 3

250 ml

250 ml

250 ml




Xmas ball


250 ml

250 ml

250 ml

Olive oil PURAVIDA with golden fragments. Packed in a wooden gift box.

Love, passion and quality in glass Callisto 500 ml

Puzzle Chocolate set

Hot chocolate set

Winter tea set

Exceptional chocolate candies in a gold Puzzle bowl.

Cup for hot Cup for hot

drinks with decor,

drinks with

candied stick and

Christmas decor

tea bag.

and chocolate, so you can prepare and enjoy an exellent hot drink. The set also includes a wooden spoon. The option of laser engraving your logo on the packaging.

Boston 260 ml

Julia 170 ml

Slovenia vodka

Kolenko vodka

Raspberry wine

Slovenia vodka is a

This raspberry

Kolenko potato

brand of super

wine, produced by

vodka has a full yet soft taste. It is

premium class vodka.

following the

It is made from

classic method of

produced manually

selected wheat and a

the highest quality

to maintain its

pinch of the best

wines, originates

quality. This vodka is

Slovenian buckwheat,

from the PavloviÄ?

a premium product

which gives a special

ecological farm in

of the Kolenko farm.

softness. The special

Metlika. Best

shape of the bottle

served with

ensures it stands out

desserts and

from other premium

various dishes.

class vodkas.

700 ml

Beverages in selected glass packaging

700 700ml ml


The Green Heart mug with a chip


The exquisitely finished beer mug, created by the master of design Oskar


Kogoj, fits beautifully into the hand and is exactly the right size for beer


tasting. The glass is equipped with a chip that allows you to fill the glass 6x

honey liqueur

(1dcl) at the Green Gold Fountain of beer in the city of Žalec.

Medica for winter warmth with friends that are close to you.

700 ml

260 ml

Honey gifts in glass packaging

Honey with apricots

Tea set

Honey with

A cup with a

apricots -



motif, a mini

honey with the

jar of honey

addition of the

and a bag of

special, velvety

herbal tea

taste of homegrown apricots.

Stephanie jar 212 ml

Busy as a bee SodÄ?ek 0,2l

Medica (Honey liqueur) SodÄ?ek 0,1l

Tea with honey Cezar

245 ml

120 ml

360 ml

Cezar 360 ml

Unique glass jewellery and accessories You can see the products in the online store

Bow tie


Earrings Necklaces

Jewellery is available in glass packaging.

Made with love and the joy of creation, innovation and upgrade. We present unique glass jewellery made by polisher and glass artist Renata Kobale. She has created earrings, necklaces, glass bow ties, rings and more. Her pieces of jewellery are little artworks that will find their place under the sun.

In addition to hand-made jewellery, we also produce glass bow ties with a fastening strap. Unique products are hand-made and suitable for anyone looking for something different.

Excellent perfume in timeless packaging

Perfume for men

Perfume for women A perfume that

This elegant, sensual

opens all the doors.

and feminine

A seductive and

fragrance will inspire

unique perfume for

you to meet all the

a modern man.

challenges that the

Fresh lemon

day brings.

fragrance and bergamot,

Passion Callista 100 ml

bergamot, lemon,

interwoven with

mandarin and apple;

orange blossom,

you can also feel the

wood flavours,

breath of orange

lavender and

blossoms, jasmine

tarragon. With this

and honey. Behind

perfume, you will be

the note, you can


feel the kiss of

seductive and elegant.

For a perfume sample, please write to

A collection of top-quality perfume bottles High glass perfumes

A fruit note with 52

Heart Fuji 100 ml

patchouli, sandalwood and white musk.

Candles for special and romantic opportunities

"Blowing out someone else's candle won't make yours shine brighter" (author unknown)

Viola sprayed Carmen small

Classic 1 Carmen small

Blue sprayed Carmen small

Vintage 4a silver rim Carmen small

Yellow sprayed Carmen small

Vintage 3c Carmen small

Pink sprayed Carmen small

Lace Carmen small

Golden lines Carmen big

Puzzle mini candle

Gel wax candle

Scented holiday candles with various fragrances,

Decorative gel wax candle in glass packaginig, with

which you can combine freely.

inserted figurines or corporate logos.

Puzzle candle holder in a gift box.



Zip WA


220 ml

95 ml / 81x 81 mm/ h 33 mm

Puzzle candle holder for a lively table

Puzzle candle


You can choose the colour of the wax.



360 ml / 125x 125 mm / h 51 mm

How do you mark your own Anniversaries and birthdays – or just pay small attentions? A gift made with love in Slovenia will give your opportunities a real boost. Personalized glass products with laser engraving Select a glass

Select a motif

Surprise the gift recipient


Najboljša babica


Najboljši mami

With the help of a UV printer, you can save emotions, experiences and memories in an original way forever.

Personalized glass products with UV printing Select a glass

Select a motif

NajboljĹĄa babica


Surprise the gift recipient

Jabolcni kis


Personalized glass products with UV printing

Medica Williams eau de vie 2

Drinks and beverages

Williams eau de vie 1

Walnut liqueur Callisto 750 ml / 70 cl / 50cl

Medica 2

What you have made with love should be equiped with superb image. Personal décor as a final touch to your unique content.

Diabolo 750 ml / 70 cl / 50cl / 5 cl


Walnut liqueur

Medica 1



Plum spirit „Slivovka“

Blueberry liqueur Blueberry liqueur


Personalized glass products with UV printing Cherry liqueur

Drinks and beverages

My watter

Cherry liqueur Saturn 750 ml / 70 cl / 5 cl


Raspberry syrup

Juniper schnapps


Olive oil

Personalized glass products with UV printing

with lemon

Lavender oil Olive oil

Drinks and beverages

Herbal vinegar Gordon 500 ml / 35 cl

Apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil with lemon

Lavender oil

Personalized glass products with UV printing


I t is quite possible this is not water.

Maybe this is



Maybe this is...

Funny inscriptions

Quite possible ... Diabolo 750 ml / 700 ml / 500 ml / 50 ml





complicated is

I do not have time. I am retired.



The best boss Callisto 750 ml / 700 ml / 500 ml

How beautifully...

I do not have time


maybe not. Maybe it is vodka...

I DON’T WANT TO. I don’t have to.

RETIRED. I don’t want to...

Personalized glass products with UV printing

Ethno motifs Ethno 3

Ethno 4

Diabolo 750 ml / 700 ml / 500 ml / 50 ml


Ethno 1

Ethno 2


Personalized glass products with UV printing


MEN are born in MAY Real men...




Taurus Diabolo 750 ml / 700 ml / 500 ml / 50 ml




in J UL Y


are born

IN MAY TAURUS - real women

Queens July Jupiter 500 ml




Can’t do anything about it. Gemini


Personalized glass products with UV printing

Eighteen Twenty Eighteen




Forty Fifty Forty


Fabolous 40


Diabolo 750 ml / 700 ml / 500 ml / 50 ml



to you!

50 but 18+

32 years of


experiences Happy birthday Callisto 750 ml / 700 ml / 500 ml

Happy birthday to you

I’m not 50...


A gift is a tangible object that says - I think about you. Made with love in Slovenia. Since 1860.

and carefully verified...

Made with passion...

From Hrastnik with heart Steklarna Hrastnik exclusively offers an entirely new experience. We invite you to experience the almost 160-year-old tradition of producing topquality glass.

The tour includes a visit to the factory with state-of-the-art technology for making premium bottles of various shapes from the purest glass. You will also learn more about our tableware, lighting and packaging programmes, which now include the perfumery segment as well. At the end of the tour, we will invite you to our store ''GlaSHuta'' with wide range of products and where our collegues will gladly advise you on possible purchases. To book a tour, please contact Ms. Rosanda Kladnik by emailing: or tel. No.: 041/772-017 and arrange your visit. Please announce your arrival at least a week in advance. You are warmly invited to visit us and learn all about us – we will be delighted to meet you!

OPEN: MONDAY - FRIDAY from 9.00 to 18.00 SATURDAY from 8.00 to 12.00 SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS CLOSED

Podkraj 62, 1430 Hrastnik • Tel: 03 56 54 0811 •

Not only products on the shelves, but also the people are our references. Visit us at our store in Hrastnik.

Purity is a source of wisdom. Passion is a source of dedication. Heart is a source of love.

STEKLARNA HRASTNIK d.o.o. | Cesta 1. maja 14, 1430 Hrastnik, Slovenija | | T: +386 3 56 54 600 | F: +386 5 56 44 418


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