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Michelle. Philosophy.

I believe in happy. I think beauty and joy have a lot in common and both are a blessing. I don’t think design can be good if it does not help people.


I want to be the means for change during my life and I think design is the answer. Power controls people in a way that is against their will, but beauty invites, it by beauty willingly, gladly. That’s why I know the world will be changed by beauty, and I want to be a apart of that change.

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Interior Design.






Nothing is beautiful that is not useful, nothing is useful that is not beautiful. -Japanese saying

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Interior Design.

My Bobbi Brown pop-up make-up station exudes the classy, powerful energy of the modern day business woman and hints of the soft femininity of peonies and pink nail polish. It is compactable and moveable, and the station also features storage, branding for Bobbi Brown make-up, and space for the make-up artist to work with a padded bench for the makeover client to sit and enjoy.

Bobbi Brown Station.


My residential loft in Cincinnati, Ohio was specifically designed for a home-schooling family of six. Many fun loft, secret stairways, classroom, and ballet studio blend with the simple and colorful elegance of a couple that loves to entertain. A few of the challenges involved giving this family privacy, and maintaining the open and airy atmosphere of the space, and creating areas that will adapt and change as this large family grows

Residential Loft.


An excercise designed to stretch how we view the five senses. Using precedent spaces, we identified the way one would experience each of the senses in isolation and created a model based on this. Our final model aimed to embody the three senses we wished to focus on in our next identified sound as being controlled and constained (top, left image). The sight model represented the way our sight wraps and bends in spaces (middle, left image). The model for touch embodies the reaching, pointing, and striving that touch involves (bottom, left image).

Sense Exploration.


The greatest challenge of my Alzheimer’s Center was to design a space that was intimate but also highly functioning for its residents‘ varied needs. I arranged the residents’ rooms in pods that gave them private space to welcome family & friends, hang personal photos, and have a quiet provided a calming, low maintenance moss & cypress garden in the center of the of the opaque light and soothing hues of green, brown, and crisp white.

Alzheimer’s Center.


My TOMS store design celebrates this compa-

TOMS shoes Retail.


I created the brand, “Cocoa Tree” to -


This studio focused on trends in office design in a 20,000 s.f. urban space. My selected client, Dwell with Dignity, is a non-profit interior decorating organization that gives previously homeless and underpriveleged families beautifully decorated homes. Dwell with Dignity refurbishes most of their pieces, so alot of my design concept focused on the idea of re-using and refurbishing. My space highlights refurbished wood and an ecclectic furniture selection.



The role of art is not to give us pleasure, but rather to present us with something that we did not know before.

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Project Name. Photographs.

I’m not trying to imitate nature, I’m trying

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Project Name. Paintings.

These studies in realism were done from life and


Oil On Canvas.


Girl with a Pearl Earring, Johannes Vermeer

Conferring with the Sea, Steve Hanks

Untitled, Steve Hanks

Dancing Shore, Steve Hanks

Artist Studies in Watercolor.


This is a progression of my drawing skills. The first is done from one of my own photographs and in pencil and graphite over about twenty hours. The second was also done from one of my own photographs at a

twelve hours. My final was a conceptual drawing personifying the rafters watching the us, drawing students, below. It was a four hour study done in several different mediums.

Drawing Progression.


A semester of abstract painting helped me to develop a keener eye for color, layers of spatially v a r i e d relationships,and enhance my conceptual depth and process. Through studying artists such as Cecily Brown and Jenny Saville, I began balancing abstraction and realism. Simplification,reflection, and viewer experience helped guide each Unlike realistic works, I began to use the medium in a new, expressive way and applying the paint more thickly. My canvas sizes also started to increase, allowing me to use more brush variety and expand my range of detail and simplification.

Abstract Paintings.


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Michelle Steinman's interior design, photography, and painting works from 2008-2012.