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•O  riginal title : L’Algérie c’est beau comme l’Amérique • Authors : Olivia Burton & Mahi Grand • 180x250 mm • 180 p. • Pub. Date : 21/01/2015 • 20 € • Rights sold to USA


In the 1990s, she asks her grandmother to write her memoirs, but all she gets from her is a tired smile. And yet, as she is sorting through her things after she passed away, Olivia stumbles upon a file that is intended for her ; inside are all her memories from Algeria. Ten years later, she decides to go there to compare these stories with reality. She goes alone, taking with her the contact number of some local man named Djaffar…

Public rumor grows. A culprit is found and yet he stays invisible; the rumor deprives him of his identity. The same events happen again and again and yet we don’t seem to understand their meaning. The rumor distorted them. This narrative will take your breath away!

•O  riginal title : Amelia, Première dame du Ciel • Author : Arnü West • 200x260 mm • 104 p • Pub. Date : 21/09/2016 • 18 € • World rights available n 1920, Amelia Earhart’s first flight determines her whole future: flying will be her life. From 1922, she starts setting record after record: first woman to cross the Atlantic in 1928, then first woman to do it solo in 1932… In 1937, she undertakes a round-theworld trip and disappears in the Pacific.


• Original Title : Tu sais ce qu’on raconte • Authors: Cazanave & Rochier • Pub. Date : 18/01/2017 • 210x275 mm • 80 p. • 15 € • World rights available



A feminist activist, an accomplished adventurer, a beloved pioneer and a relentless lover, Amelia Earhart was all that…


he granddaughter of Pieds-Noirs, Olivia has always heard about Algeria. But between nostalgia, picture postcard images and war wounds, she has always been quite uncomfortable with this heritage.





hen the Gabory kid comes back to his hometown, which he left a few years earlier after a dramatic car accident, people start talking; details get sharpened; different versions of the story proliferate and people get worked up...that is until the masterful, tragic final ending!

TZIGANES • • • • • • •


 riginal title : Tsiganes O Authors : KKrist Mirror 230x320 mm 128 p Pub. Date : 19/10/2016 17 € World rights available

• • • • • • •


n April 6th 1940, a decree “constraints all nomadic people to be under house arrest and under police surveillance”. Vichy will make sure it is enforced. Near Saumur, more than 3000 Gypsies are committed to a concentration camp run by the French gendarmerie; the living conditions are unimaginable. Kkrist Mirror has met with several witnesses and he also wants to pay a tribute to Father Jollec, who gave his life for the Gypsy community. This is an exceptional and indispensable document about nomadic population under the Second World War.


O  riginal Title : Sécurité, open your bag A  uthor: Lénaïc Vilain  ub. Date : 08/03/2017 P 1  75x240 mm 1  60 p. 2 0€ W  orld rights available

énaïc is a security agent...but not in any old place! He works at the Eiffel Tower’s East Pillar! With a team of agents who are as overwhelmed as he is, he has to keep lines of Japanese tourists organized, answer a wave of questions he doesn’t have answers for, and, above all, he has to inspect bags, but quickly because you can’t slow the pace down. When security madness is upon us... Open up your bags please!

BANGALORE • • • • • • •

 riginal Title : Bangalore O Author: Simon Lamouret  ub. Date : 29/03/2017 P 1  80x250 mm 1  40 p. 1 8€ W  orld rights available


angalore has neither Kolkata’s outdated charm, nor Bombay’s spicy madness or New Delhi’s historical greatness; however, it didn’t prevent Simon Lamouret from capturing the essence and energy of this city by drawing its jammed motorway junctions, its concrete houses built in a hurry and its thick crowds. Beyond the folklore of the Hindu Gods, the ragged poor and the colorful markets, this fascinating travel diary transports us deep into the heart of contemporary India.

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Foreign Rights catalogue 2017