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• Original title : Lulu et son dragon • Pub. Date: 19/04/2017 •3  2 p. • 9,95 € • World rights available

L MISS POTIMARY’S PECULIAR STORE •O  riginal title : L’Étrange boutique de Miss Potimary • Ingrid Chabbert & Séverine Lefèbvre • Pub. Date: 25/01/2017 • 230 x 305 mm • 54 p. • 10,95 € • World rights available


etty is nine years old. On her birthday, she enters the strange shop of Miss Potimary - a proper shambles overflowing with weird stuff and amulets. Betty sets her sights on a delicate Japanese secret box. The strange Miss Potimary warns her: this box holds mysteries, and it must not be used randomly! Back to her place, the little girl struggles to solve the puzzle, but with no success. A few hours later, in the middle of the night, the mechanism finally opens… Betty and Dare-Dare, her pet mouse, are sucked in by a powerful whirlwind and find themselves cast 30 years in the past!


ulu is a little girl with one and only great passion: dragons! She loves them in every shape and form and from every angle. Her favorite thing? Drawing them! One day, a storm breaks as Lulu is drawing her most beautiful dragon drawing. The ink and color run to the floor: what a pity! The same night, something knocks on Lulu’s window. She almost falls flat on her back: the dragon from her drawing has come to life, in full-size! His name is Zygo and he is really neat. He quicky takes her discovering the island of dragons.

Ingrid Chabbert is the author of numerous comic books for children. Cédrick le Bihan is a graduate from Emile Cohl school in Lyon. He is currently working on the series Mulo (Dargaud) with Pog.




TESS • • • • •

Original title : Tess Pub. Date: May 2017 48 p. 9,95 € World rights available


fter using a strange shampoo of her own making, Tess discovers that her incredible blonde mane of hair is magical! You wouldn’t believe it, but her hair is now acting of its own will. Now that’s a daffy power that Tess will have to learn to control! A little modern times Rapunzel, Tess is a goofy super-heroine who will experience many adventures!

In another life, Christine Naumann-Villemin was a speech therapist. She started inventing stories for her little patients in the first place… and today she’s writing them! A make-up artist by day and a cartoonist at night, Sess first got himself noticed for his blog, in which he told the story of the arrival of his first child…. It became Papa pas prêt, published by Warum!

SOCIAL KIDS • Original title : Social Kids • Authors : Mike Zonnenberg & Giovanni Jouzeau • Pub. Date: May 2017 • 48 p. • 10,60 € • World rights available


orking-class youth depicted with humor and cynicism: a French comedy à la British! Léo and Paul are two friendly teenagers who live in a working-class neighborhood. Their favorite way to pass the time? Sitting on their favorite bench and sharing some French fries. To sum it up: they have it good. However, they also have to sneak around to avoid Big Bobby whom they owe money to, dodge the mayor’s attempts to put them on the right track, and clumsily try to flirt with neighborhood girls. 9

Foreign Rights catalogue 2017  
Foreign Rights catalogue 2017