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•O  riginal title : Fakir, adapted from “The extraordinary journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an Ikea wardrobe” • Fall 2017 • 220 x 295 mm • 48 p. • World rights available



breathtaking thriller, by Maxime Chattam a bestselling and internationally acclaimed author !

A worrisome shadow is prowling around the forests of Oregon… First, a man is found dead with an horror-struck expression on his face. Meanwhile, women vanish in the dead of the night, as their spouses are asleep. No sign of breaking and entering either… Then, an odd epidemic outbreak spreads: lethally poisonous spiders invade the houses in Portland. The number of victims grows and so does the hysteria. What if a single person was behind all this? What if he wasn’t human? Joshua Brolin and Annabel O’Donnel decide to get involved in the investigation. The former FBI profiler and the detective from New York will get tangled in the web and face the unimaginable: a new generation of killers….


Maxime Chattam is a novelist. He has published numerous successful thrillers, translated worldwide. Michel Montheillet is an illustrator. He has worked in fields as varied as advertising, animation, children’s publishing and graphic novels.


•A  uthors : François Dimberton & Alexis Chabert • 230x310 mm • 80 p. •P  ub. Date: 30/09/2015 • 14,95 € • Rights sold to Japan

graphic biography that pays a tribute to one of the greatest French artists of all time - a painter, a film-maker, and above all the singer-songwriter of some of the most beautiful songs in French chanson: Serge Gainsbourg. A poet and an agitator, a great seducer in spite of his “cabbage head” as he fancied calling it, Gainsbourg is a flamboyant character who has spanned the French art scene with his influence. Today, he has become the icon of an era. An enthralling biography splendidly enhanced by the talent of the drawer, Alexis Chabert.

A friendly Indian fakir from Rajasthan goes to Paris to buy a bed of nails at Ikea’s. But nothing will go as planned. In spite of himself, he will end up trapped in a wardrobe about to be shipped to England on a truck where a group of illegal immigrants are hidden... It is the beginning of a fantastic adventure, which tackles a contemporary issue in an original way.




he comic book adaptation of Romain Puertolas’ best-selling novel! Translated in 39 languages, 500 000 copies sold in France. A movie is coming soon.





•A  uthors : Philippe Chanoinat & Fabrice le Hénanff • 230x300 mm • 80 p. •P  ub. Date: 21/10/2015 • 16,95 € • Rights sold to USA, Germany,Italy


•O  riginal Title : La Trilogie du Mal, adapted from the eponymous series of novels by Maxime Chattam. • 3 volumes complete series • 240 x 320 mm • 56 p./vol. • 13,95 €/vol.

hen he enters Studio Sun in 54 to record his first single, Elvis is far from imagining that he is going to revolutionize music and stir up the youth all around the world. This comic book tells the story of a young lad coming from nowhere, who is going to become the biggest star in the world. To this day, all those who call themselves rock’n’roll musicians – whatever the kind – owe him a little something. Elvis’s legend will never die…

BARDOT • • • • • •

 uthors : Rodolphe & Alexis Chabert A 230x300 mm 80 p. Pub. Date: 16/11/2016 14,95 € World rights available


rigitte Bardot is one of the first French stars. Her stunning beauty and her sulky pout made her an international sex symbol. She was the muse of the greatest movie directors, fashion creators and singers of her generation. She was dazzling, and so was her career… But who was Brigitte Bardot? Was she as insolent, provocative and sensuous as she was often described? This biography takes us back to Brigitte’s beginnings, tracing back the major steps of her life as an artist, until she decided to dedicate herself to her real passion: advocating the cause of animals.


Foreign Rights catalogue 2017  
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