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• Original Title : Draak • vol. 1 published in february 2016, vol. 2 upcoming in september 2017 • 230 x 305 mm • 48 p. • 10,95 € •W  orld rights available

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vol. 2

•O  riginal title : Les Champions d’Albion • Pub. Date: 17/05/2017 • 230 x 305 mm • 54 p. • 12,95 € • Rights sold to Spain, Belgium & the Netherlands


comic book filled with medieval adventures, magic and fantasy!

The Albion’s Champions are a team of warriors, gathered in absolute secrecy by Eleanor of Aquitaine, after the assassination of her son, the good king Richard of England. First volume is set up in France and England, right before the crowning of John Lackland. Second volume takes place in Spain, and revisits a myth in the history and in literature: EL CID! A series filled with adventure, magic and history.



he vikings’ everyday life is disrupted when a nosy tourist arrives in their village. He wants to see everything and know all there is to know about Vikings and their domestic dragons. But it’s one disaster after another for our visitor, who might soon regret his holiday destination choice. Life can get exhausting as well as unsettling with our beloved Vikings’ recurring flubs, their looting expeditions, their ever-lasting quarrels and the attack of the snow dragons!

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Original title : Inferni Pub. Date: 22/03/2017 230 x 305 mm 64 p. 11,95 € World rights available



fter the divorce of his parents, Anton, aged 9, goes to live with his aunt, a grim widow living alone in a gloomy and dreadful mansion. He discovers that the large house is occupied by small rowdy and mischievous creatures… that only him can see, and who seem to have elected him as their undisputed leader! Overcoming his fear and his uneasiness, Anton starts slowly bonding with his aunt and the occupants of the mansion… Only to discover that his late uncle has left him a quite strange legacy: being the hell’s gate keeper!

David Boriau is a comic book story writer. He has written works such as Passages Secrets, published by Casterman, or Harlem sur la route du Diable published by Physalis. Grelin is a cartoonist and a comic book author. He has published works such as the series Hazard et la Colo with Soleil, or boufbowl with Ankama.

KAMI • • • • • •

vol. 2

Original title : Kami Pub. Date: 08/2017 220 x 295 mm 64 p. 12 € World rights available


n a fantasy world where deities walk side by side with men, Nura, a young priestess, is trying to save her friend, god Belsem, one of the founding Gods of the city of Velhdi. The young Duke of the city has already forbidden the cult of several founding Gods, causing them to disappear completely. Nura is determined to stand up for her friend and face the Duke, a despotic man whose intentions are much darker than they seem…

Jean-Gaël Deschard and Juliette Fournier both graduated from the Pivaut School in Nantes. They have created two books together, Bunny (2013) and Diosphere (2015) published by EP editions.


Foreign Rights catalogue 2017  
Foreign Rights catalogue 2017