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DESPERADOS HOUSEWIVES Original Title : Desperados Housewives Pub. Date: 11/01/2017 225 x 310 mm 48 p. 10,60 € World rights available


exico, 1911 – the end of Profirio Diaz’s dictatorship. In the small village of Tetecala, the routine is well-established: the men wield colts and cultivate the art of doing nothing, while the women take care of the housework and the education of the children… but not for much longer. Carried by the wind of change of the upcoming revolution, three sisters, Delfina, Pandora and Maria, decide to change the order of things. From now on, they will be the bandidas, the gunslingers, the terrors of the desert – and men had better brace themselves.


Amazing Ameziane, raised on Frank Miller comics and soul music from the ‘70s, is the author of Bagmen, an ultra-noir detective fiction published by Lombard, and a biography of Muhammad Ali. Sybille Titeux is a plastic artist with a degree from Ensad. She is passionate about literature and writing is now her main activity.

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Original title : Raoul en milieu naturel Pub. Date: 29/03/2017 220 x 220 mm 96 pages 12,95 € World rights available


ittle Raoul, 5 years old, is quite a handful and has strong opinions on just about everything. He never misses an occasion to share them with those around him, including his parents, his little sister Mimi – and basically everybody else, in a disarmingly cheeky way. With her elegant drawing stroke, Véronique Pot captures scenes from everyday life with incredible relevance and a sense of humour that really hits the spot everytime.

A French teacher, Véronique Pot sketches the naughtiness and the quick-witted answers of his 5 years old eldest, but not only: “I’m overdoing it a bit, thankfully!”





vol. 1

vol. 2

• Original Title : Draak • vol. 1 published in february 2016, vol. 2 upcoming in september 2017 • 230 x 305 mm • 48 p. • 10,95 € •W  orld rights available

Tome 2


vol. 2

•O  riginal title : Les Champions d’Albion • Pub. Date: 17/05/2017 • 230 x 305 mm • 54 p. • 12,95 € • Rights sold to Spain, Belgium & the Netherlands


comic book filled with medieval adventures, magic and fantasy!

The Albion’s Champions are a team of warriors, gathered in absolute secrecy by Eleanor of Aquitaine, after the assassination of her son, the good king Richard of England. First volume is set up in France and England, right before the crowning of John Lackland. Second volume takes place in Spain, and revisits a myth in the history and in literature: EL CID! A series filled with adventure, magic and history.



he vikings’ everyday life is disrupted when a nosy tourist arrives in their village. He wants to see everything and know all there is to know about Vikings and their domestic dragons. But it’s one disaster after another for our visitor, who might soon regret his holiday destination choice. Life can get exhausting as well as unsettling with our beloved Vikings’ recurring flubs, their looting expeditions, their ever-lasting quarrels and the attack of the snow dragons!

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Original title : Inferni Pub. Date: 22/03/2017 230 x 305 mm 64 p. 11,95 € World rights available



fter the divorce of his parents, Anton, aged 9, goes to live with his aunt, a grim widow living alone in a gloomy and dreadful mansion. He discovers that the large house is occupied by small rowdy and mischievous creatures… that only him can see, and who seem to have elected him as their undisputed leader! Overcoming his fear and his uneasiness, Anton starts slowly bonding with his aunt and the occupants of the mansion… Only to discover that his late uncle has left him a quite strange legacy: being the hell’s gate keeper!

David Boriau is a comic book story writer. He has written works such as Passages Secrets, published by Casterman, or Harlem sur la route du Diable published by Physalis. Grelin is a cartoonist and a comic book author. He has published works such as the series Hazard et la Colo with Soleil, or boufbowl with Ankama.

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vol. 2

Original title : Kami Pub. Date: 08/2017 220 x 295 mm 64 p. 12 € World rights available


n a fantasy world where deities walk side by side with men, Nura, a young priestess, is trying to save her friend, god Belsem, one of the founding Gods of the city of Velhdi. The young Duke of the city has already forbidden the cult of several founding Gods, causing them to disappear completely. Nura is determined to stand up for her friend and face the Duke, a despotic man whose intentions are much darker than they seem…

Jean-Gaël Deschard and Juliette Fournier both graduated from the Pivaut School in Nantes. They have created two books together, Bunny (2013) and Diosphere (2015) published by EP editions.


•O  riginal title : Fakir, adapted from “The extraordinary journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an Ikea wardrobe” • Fall 2017 • 220 x 295 mm • 48 p. • World rights available



breathtaking thriller, by Maxime Chattam a bestselling and internationally acclaimed author !

A worrisome shadow is prowling around the forests of Oregon… First, a man is found dead with an horror-struck expression on his face. Meanwhile, women vanish in the dead of the night, as their spouses are asleep. No sign of breaking and entering either… Then, an odd epidemic outbreak spreads: lethally poisonous spiders invade the houses in Portland. The number of victims grows and so does the hysteria. What if a single person was behind all this? What if he wasn’t human? Joshua Brolin and Annabel O’Donnel decide to get involved in the investigation. The former FBI profiler and the detective from New York will get tangled in the web and face the unimaginable: a new generation of killers….


Maxime Chattam is a novelist. He has published numerous successful thrillers, translated worldwide. Michel Montheillet is an illustrator. He has worked in fields as varied as advertising, animation, children’s publishing and graphic novels.


•A  uthors : François Dimberton & Alexis Chabert • 230x310 mm • 80 p. •P  ub. Date: 30/09/2015 • 14,95 € • Rights sold to Japan

graphic biography that pays a tribute to one of the greatest French artists of all time - a painter, a film-maker, and above all the singer-songwriter of some of the most beautiful songs in French chanson: Serge Gainsbourg. A poet and an agitator, a great seducer in spite of his “cabbage head” as he fancied calling it, Gainsbourg is a flamboyant character who has spanned the French art scene with his influence. Today, he has become the icon of an era. An enthralling biography splendidly enhanced by the talent of the drawer, Alexis Chabert.

A friendly Indian fakir from Rajasthan goes to Paris to buy a bed of nails at Ikea’s. But nothing will go as planned. In spite of himself, he will end up trapped in a wardrobe about to be shipped to England on a truck where a group of illegal immigrants are hidden... It is the beginning of a fantastic adventure, which tackles a contemporary issue in an original way.




he comic book adaptation of Romain Puertolas’ best-selling novel! Translated in 39 languages, 500 000 copies sold in France. A movie is coming soon.





•A  uthors : Philippe Chanoinat & Fabrice le Hénanff • 230x300 mm • 80 p. •P  ub. Date: 21/10/2015 • 16,95 € • Rights sold to USA, Germany,Italy


•O  riginal Title : La Trilogie du Mal, adapted from the eponymous series of novels by Maxime Chattam. • 3 volumes complete series • 240 x 320 mm • 56 p./vol. • 13,95 €/vol.

hen he enters Studio Sun in 54 to record his first single, Elvis is far from imagining that he is going to revolutionize music and stir up the youth all around the world. This comic book tells the story of a young lad coming from nowhere, who is going to become the biggest star in the world. To this day, all those who call themselves rock’n’roll musicians – whatever the kind – owe him a little something. Elvis’s legend will never die…

BARDOT • • • • • •

 uthors : Rodolphe & Alexis Chabert A 230x300 mm 80 p. Pub. Date: 16/11/2016 14,95 € World rights available


rigitte Bardot is one of the first French stars. Her stunning beauty and her sulky pout made her an international sex symbol. She was the muse of the greatest movie directors, fashion creators and singers of her generation. She was dazzling, and so was her career… But who was Brigitte Bardot? Was she as insolent, provocative and sensuous as she was often described? This biography takes us back to Brigitte’s beginnings, tracing back the major steps of her life as an artist, until she decided to dedicate herself to her real passion: advocating the cause of animals.


• Original title : Lulu et son dragon • Pub. Date: 19/04/2017 •3  2 p. • 9,95 € • World rights available

L MISS POTIMARY’S PECULIAR STORE •O  riginal title : L’Étrange boutique de Miss Potimary • Ingrid Chabbert & Séverine Lefèbvre • Pub. Date: 25/01/2017 • 230 x 305 mm • 54 p. • 10,95 € • World rights available


etty is nine years old. On her birthday, she enters the strange shop of Miss Potimary - a proper shambles overflowing with weird stuff and amulets. Betty sets her sights on a delicate Japanese secret box. The strange Miss Potimary warns her: this box holds mysteries, and it must not be used randomly! Back to her place, the little girl struggles to solve the puzzle, but with no success. A few hours later, in the middle of the night, the mechanism finally opens… Betty and Dare-Dare, her pet mouse, are sucked in by a powerful whirlwind and find themselves cast 30 years in the past!


ulu is a little girl with one and only great passion: dragons! She loves them in every shape and form and from every angle. Her favorite thing? Drawing them! One day, a storm breaks as Lulu is drawing her most beautiful dragon drawing. The ink and color run to the floor: what a pity! The same night, something knocks on Lulu’s window. She almost falls flat on her back: the dragon from her drawing has come to life, in full-size! His name is Zygo and he is really neat. He quicky takes her discovering the island of dragons.

Ingrid Chabbert is the author of numerous comic books for children. Cédrick le Bihan is a graduate from Emile Cohl school in Lyon. He is currently working on the series Mulo (Dargaud) with Pog.




TESS • • • • •

Original title : Tess Pub. Date: May 2017 48 p. 9,95 € World rights available


fter using a strange shampoo of her own making, Tess discovers that her incredible blonde mane of hair is magical! You wouldn’t believe it, but her hair is now acting of its own will. Now that’s a daffy power that Tess will have to learn to control! A little modern times Rapunzel, Tess is a goofy super-heroine who will experience many adventures!

In another life, Christine Naumann-Villemin was a speech therapist. She started inventing stories for her little patients in the first place… and today she’s writing them! A make-up artist by day and a cartoonist at night, Sess first got himself noticed for his blog, in which he told the story of the arrival of his first child…. It became Papa pas prêt, published by Warum!

SOCIAL KIDS • Original title : Social Kids • Authors : Mike Zonnenberg & Giovanni Jouzeau • Pub. Date: May 2017 • 48 p. • 10,60 € • World rights available


orking-class youth depicted with humor and cynicism: a French comedy à la British! Léo and Paul are two friendly teenagers who live in a working-class neighborhood. Their favorite way to pass the time? Sitting on their favorite bench and sharing some French fries. To sum it up: they have it good. However, they also have to sneak around to avoid Big Bobby whom they owe money to, dodge the mayor’s attempts to put them on the right track, and clumsily try to flirt with neighborhood girls. 9


vol. 5


•O  riginal title : Les Filles au chocolat, adapted from Cathy Cassidy’s series of novels. •P  ub. Date : 22/03/2017 •4  8 p. •1  0,60 € •R  ights sold to UK/USA

oney is 15 and she is the eldest of the Tanberry sisters. She is moody, self-centered, often sad and a bit of a drama queen; however, she can also be sweet and charming. Honey has trouble dealing with her parents’ separation and her mother’s new life, so she decides to go live with her dad who has recently moved to Australia. There, she finds out that life isn’t that easy: her dad, whom she put on a pedestal, has a new partner and her new high school is a really strict place. When compromising pictures mysteriously appear on her private profile on social media SpiderWeb, everything goes to hell...


vol. 8

•O  riginal title : Mistinguette • Pub. Date : 21/06/2017 • 48 p. • 10,60 € • Rights sold to UK/USA


he winter break is here, and Mistinguette goes to get some fresh air in the countryside at her grandmother Angèle’s. Along with her younger brother, her cat, but also her uncle Etienne, a musician who needs a break in order to find inspiration, our young heroine isn’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of being isolated at her Grammy’s house. However, in one of her incursions into the attic, Mistinguette finds drawings and little notes she used to exchange with Maël, a boy living in the neighborhood. After remembering the lovely times they spent together, Chloé has only one thing in mind: meet him again!



•O  riginal title : Le Journal d’Aurélie Laflamme, adapted from India Desjardins series of novels • Pub. Date : 21/06/2017 • 72 p. • 12 € • World rights available


urélie Laflamme is a 14-year-old girl—a bit shy, pretty funny and very clumsy—who feels like she’s been left behind on Earth by some extraterrestrials after an intergalactic journey! Aurélie is still grieving the loss of her father. Her sense of humor and her determination helped her overcome this ordeal. But once you turn 14, a whole new range of explosive emotions inevitably show up to complicate your life. With humor and sensitivity Aurélie faces the hazards of teen life….


vol. 4

•O  riginal title : Enola Holmes, adapted from Nancy Springer’s series of novels “The Enola Holmes mysteries” • Pub. Date : 21/06/2017 • 64 p. • 12 € • World rights available


ady Cecily Alistair is kept prisoner and is to be married against her will. Enola must set her free!

London, May 1889. Enola meets Lady Cecily Alistair who is flanked by two chaperones. The young woman, obviously distressed, gives Enola her pink fan which contains a secret coded message: a cry for help. Enola finds out that Cecily is kept prisoner until her wedding with Bramwell, her far from lovable cousin. Elona decides there and then to help her, and then she realizes that her brother, Sherlock, is invested in the same mission. But Enola is determined to investigate on her own...


• Original title : La famille trop d’filles, adapted from Susie Morgenstern’s series of novels • Pub. Date : May 2017 • 48 p. • 9,95 € • World rights available


he Arthur family is not your ordinary family. First, there are 6 girls: Anna, Cara, Bella, Dana, Flavia and Elisa. Did you get them all? And a boy, Gabriel, the youngest one. Ariane, the mom, is a great reporter, and Arthur, the dad, is an engineer who travels the world to install a revolutionary software. It goes without saying that those two are rarely home… Anna is the eldest in the family, and since her parents work in remote places, she is the one taking care of her five sisters and her brother. She would like to spend more time with her friend Sophie, but between the poems to be recited, the shoelaces to be tied and the slices of bread to be buttered, how could she find the time to go to a pajama party? 11

• Original Title : Conduite interdite •P  ub. Date : 29/03/2017 •1  80x250 mm •1  40 p. •1 8€ •W  orld rights available

A WHERE THE LAND ENDS •O  riginal Title : Là où se termine la terre • Pub. Date : 18/01/17 • 190 x 255 mm • 260 p. • 20 € • World rights available


here the land ends is the story of Pedro. It is the story of Chile, between 1948 and 1973. Through the childhood and teenage years of Pedro, we relive the turbulence of the quarter of a century of Chilean history, punctuated by the Cold War, the Cuban revolution and the hopes that came with the election of Salvador Allende.

Désirée and Alain Frappier wrote this documentary fiction four-handed. She is a journalist and a writer. He is a painter, a graphic artist and an illustrator. Together, they wrote numerous works for young readers and graphic novels.


fter spending 5 years in London, Nour Al-Hadad and her parents go back to Saudi Arabia. For the young woman, the homecoming is quite difficult. On top of wearing the headscarf, she resents the fact that she is not allowed to drive as a direct violation of her freedom. Indeed, a decree promulgated in 1981 strictly bans women from driving in the whole kingdom. Submitted to her father’s authority, and more generally to the authority of the whole rigorist society, Nour is struggling to define herself as a woman until she joins a group of women who are determined to claim their independence. On November 10 1990, they are 47 to take the wheel, marking the birth of a feminist movement in Saudi Arabia.

Chloé Wary is a student at Auguste Renoir Technical School of Applied Arts. Dévoilée is her first novel. It is freely inspired from testimonies gathered by Clarence Rodriguez in Révolution sous le voile.




FALL ON DEAF EARS •O  riginal Title : Tombé dans l’oreille d’un sourd • Pub. Date : 01/02/17 • 180 x 250 mm • 192 p. • 18 € • World rights available


regory and Nadège are filled with happiness at the birth of their twins, Charles and Tristan. Yet their universe falls appart when the diagnosis is announced: Tristan is deeply deaf. How then, as hearing parents, can they help their son blossom in our society based on hyper-communication? How can they respect his own identity in this world that actually leaves little space for alterity?

Grégory teaches applied arts in a vocational high school. That is where he met Audrey Levitre, who teaches literature and history. Together, they embark on a comic book adventure and publish their first album, Les Twins (Delcourt) inspired by Grégory’s twins. One of them is actually deaf, and Grégory has a lot to say on the subject…

FOAM •O  riginal Title : Écumes •P  ub. Date : 15/02/17 •2  00 X 260 mm •8  8 p. •1 8€ •W  orld rights available


hese two women love one another, and after years of waiting, hoping and despairing, a baby is expected to come. But the pregnancy is complicated and the worst happens. They will have to start over and struggle against the pain. Loving, escaping on the grounds of their lost child and the notebooks that are filling themselves will help them get their heads above water, far from the Spumes.

Ingrid Chabbert is the author of over sixty books for young readers. A couple of years ago, she added a new string to her bow: comic books writing. For Écumes, her first graphic novel, she found inspiration in her personal history. Carole Maurel is a Gobelins graduate and works in the field of animated films and edition as a storyboard artist and an author.



 riginal Title : Première génération O P  ub. Date : 24/05/2017 180x250 mm 1  60 p. 1 7€ W  orld rights available


n 1991, Kei is 6 years old and she lives in Hong Kong. Her father has been living in France for a year, where he wants to make a living as a painter. After selling five paintings, he can bring his wife and daughter to Paris. “Mom, are we going to stay in Paris for a while? - We just visit dad for a few days, then you have to go back to school!” Kei Lam didn’t just stay for two weeks as planned... She grew up in France, had to make huge efforts to “fit in” and today sees herself as a person of mixed-race. Her story is about first generations, those who followed their parents’ migration and had to build themselves a multicultural identity. This is a lighthearted and honest testimony, which is also a search for identity and a quest for freedom. Born in Hong Kong, Kei Lam grew up in Paris and got her degree as an urban planning engineer. Led by her passion for art, she became an illustrator. She finds her inspiration in everyday life routine and creates a colorful universe, filled with the things and the people that surround her.


• Original Title : Petit traité d’écologie sauvage • Pub. Date : 01/03/2017 • 165x240 mm • 120 p. •1 4€ • World rights available


magine a world where the leaders have suddenly adopted the Amazon Indians worldview. From now on, it is accepted as true that plants and animals have an intellectual and sentimental life similar to the human one. The Western culture only subsists in a few French regions, where a Jivaroan anthropologist studies it and campaigns for its conservation. Alessandro Pignocchi puts our relationship with nature upside down and talks to us about ecology and anthropology through comical situations and delightful misunderstandings. Irresistible and edifying!

Alessandro Pignocchi is a researcher in cognitive science and art philosophy. He has published two works published by Odile Jacob. In 2016, he took up illustration and comic books with Anent, Nouvelles des Indiens jivaros (Steinkis).





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 riginal title : KO à Tel Aviv, Intégrale O Author : Asaf Hanuka 205x275 mm 200 p. 22 € Rights sold to USA/UK, Germany, Italy, Korea, Croatia, Serbia Shortlisted in Angoulême’s selection in 2015, Award of the Best Author in Lucca (2015), Eisner Award in 2016.


saf Hanuka’s book is alternately cynical and tender, funny and poetic. KO in Tel Aviv is the complex and beautiful portrait of a disenchanted citizen, a bewitched husband, a miffed landlord, a cynical artist and an anxious overprotective father – in short, a character that is irresistibly endearing… The subtle perspective of Asaf Hanuka on the world is illustrated with a remarkable graphic inventivity.



News from the Jivaro Indians •O  riginal title : Anent, Nouvelles des Indiens Jivaro • Author : Alessandro Pignocchi • 190x265 mm • 164 p. • 20 € • World rights available


nent tells with much humour and self-mockery the story of Alessandro’s stay with the Amazonian tribe of Jivaro Indians. Fascinated by the work of the anthropologist Philippe Descola, who was a specialist of this people, he gives us a clever and personal reading of his work. But is the mind-blowing experience described by the anthropologist within everybody’s reach? Anent explores the fantasy that can be awakened in an urban Westerner by a rich, complex and deeply animistic society – in which mysteries are guarded jealously…


• • • • • •

 riginal title : Avery’s Blues O Authors : Angux & Tamarit 200x280 mm 88 p. 17 € Rights sold to Spain


ississippi, 1935. Avery wants to become a world renowned bluesman. To succeed, he is ready to sell his soul to the Devil. But the Devil doesn’t care about his soul already too vile and corrupted… To seal the Deal, Avery must bring a pure and innocent soul to the famous crossroad. The soul of young Johnny, a poor kid from the neighborhood, will do. But things are not always as they seem. Dark souls and pure hearts hide and reveal themselves along the pages of this endearing and devilish graphic novel.

15 15

•O  riginal title : L’Algérie c’est beau comme l’Amérique • Authors : Olivia Burton & Mahi Grand • 180x250 mm • 180 p. • Pub. Date : 21/01/2015 • 20 € • Rights sold to USA


In the 1990s, she asks her grandmother to write her memoirs, but all she gets from her is a tired smile. And yet, as she is sorting through her things after she passed away, Olivia stumbles upon a file that is intended for her ; inside are all her memories from Algeria. Ten years later, she decides to go there to compare these stories with reality. She goes alone, taking with her the contact number of some local man named Djaffar…

Public rumor grows. A culprit is found and yet he stays invisible; the rumor deprives him of his identity. The same events happen again and again and yet we don’t seem to understand their meaning. The rumor distorted them. This narrative will take your breath away!

•O  riginal title : Amelia, Première dame du Ciel • Author : Arnü West • 200x260 mm • 104 p • Pub. Date : 21/09/2016 • 18 € • World rights available n 1920, Amelia Earhart’s first flight determines her whole future: flying will be her life. From 1922, she starts setting record after record: first woman to cross the Atlantic in 1928, then first woman to do it solo in 1932… In 1937, she undertakes a round-theworld trip and disappears in the Pacific.


• Original Title : Tu sais ce qu’on raconte • Authors: Cazanave & Rochier • Pub. Date : 18/01/2017 • 210x275 mm • 80 p. • 15 € • World rights available



A feminist activist, an accomplished adventurer, a beloved pioneer and a relentless lover, Amelia Earhart was all that…


he granddaughter of Pieds-Noirs, Olivia has always heard about Algeria. But between nostalgia, picture postcard images and war wounds, she has always been quite uncomfortable with this heritage.





hen the Gabory kid comes back to his hometown, which he left a few years earlier after a dramatic car accident, people start talking; details get sharpened; different versions of the story proliferate and people get worked up...that is until the masterful, tragic final ending!

TZIGANES • • • • • • •


 riginal title : Tsiganes O Authors : KKrist Mirror 230x320 mm 128 p Pub. Date : 19/10/2016 17 € World rights available

• • • • • • •


n April 6th 1940, a decree “constraints all nomadic people to be under house arrest and under police surveillance”. Vichy will make sure it is enforced. Near Saumur, more than 3000 Gypsies are committed to a concentration camp run by the French gendarmerie; the living conditions are unimaginable. Kkrist Mirror has met with several witnesses and he also wants to pay a tribute to Father Jollec, who gave his life for the Gypsy community. This is an exceptional and indispensable document about nomadic population under the Second World War.


O  riginal Title : Sécurité, open your bag A  uthor: Lénaïc Vilain  ub. Date : 08/03/2017 P 1  75x240 mm 1  60 p. 2 0€ W  orld rights available

énaïc is a security agent...but not in any old place! He works at the Eiffel Tower’s East Pillar! With a team of agents who are as overwhelmed as he is, he has to keep lines of Japanese tourists organized, answer a wave of questions he doesn’t have answers for, and, above all, he has to inspect bags, but quickly because you can’t slow the pace down. When security madness is upon us... Open up your bags please!

BANGALORE • • • • • • •

 riginal Title : Bangalore O Author: Simon Lamouret  ub. Date : 29/03/2017 P 1  80x250 mm 1  40 p. 1 8€ W  orld rights available


angalore has neither Kolkata’s outdated charm, nor Bombay’s spicy madness or New Delhi’s historical greatness; however, it didn’t prevent Simon Lamouret from capturing the essence and energy of this city by drawing its jammed motorway junctions, its concrete houses built in a hurry and its thick crowds. Beyond the folklore of the Hindu Gods, the ragged poor and the colorful markets, this fascinating travel diary transports us deep into the heart of contemporary India.

17 17


• • • • • •

THE BUTCHERY  riginal title : La Boucherie O Author : Bastien Vivès 300 p. 185x240 mm 29 € Rights sold to Spain, Italy, Germany


he autopsy of a romantic relationship, La Boucherie depicts the joys and sorrows of an anonymous couple. Bastien Vives thus paints the picture of many love stories… the kind with a bad ending.

Created in just one month after a breakup, this book evokes, with subtle touches, the complexity of romantic relationships through intimate scenes mixed with humorous and metaphorical stories.


GREEN ALMONDS Letters from Palestine

 riginal title : Un bébé à livrer O Author : Benjamin Renner 300 p. 230 x 190 mm 29 € World rights available

he first book of Benjamin Renner ! I is a well-known fact that babies are delivered by storks…. Except that here, the bird just broke a wing. It dumps the baby on three buddies: a moronic duck, a raving rabbit and a grumpy pig! The road is fraught with dangers, but the delivery has to be made! This cartoon-style road movie explains where babies come from and gets lost on the way… For those who like Tex Avery, Gaston Lagaffe, Road Runner, the Raving Rabbids, the scrat from Ice Age, Bugs Bunny, and all these kinds of things…

• • • • • •




ME & I •O  riginal title : MOI JE, in extenso (Omnibus edition of vol. 1&2) • Author : Aude Picault • 328 p. • 105 x 150 mm • 15 € • World rights available


OI JE is the first book published by very talented artist Aude Picault. First released in 2005 by Warum, it immediately meets his fans. With her unique style – both very simple and sophisticated – Aude Picault restitutes the daily life of a girl, just like her, with humour, ingenuity ... and just a hint of cynism. OI JE is the first book published by very talented artist Aude Picault. First released in 2005 by Warum, it immediately meets his fans. With her unique style – both very simple and sophisticated – Aude Picault restitutes the daily life of a girl, just like her, with humour, ingenuity ... and just a hint of cynism.

• • • • • •

 riginal title : Les Amandes Vertes, Lettres de Palestine O Authors : Delphine & Anaël Hermans 152 p. 200x260 mm 18 € Rights sold to USA


wo sisters are writing to each other. One of them is in Palestine and works as a volunteer in several relief programmes, navigating between her Palestinian and Israeli friends. The other one is a cartoonist who stayed home in Liege, Belgium. This graphic/epistolary novel was born of their correspondence, and it is an attempt to render an intricate reality through the prism of a young woman’s experience, who is trying to share her feelings and her adventures with her sister.


 riginal title : Rôles de composition O Author : Jimmy Beaulieu 112 p. 210x280 mm 18 € World rights available


oémie is an actress from Quebec. She loves life, meeting new people and has a string of lovers. Between the excitement of finding new partners and the development of a steady relationship, she moves from one woman to another, living a life that doesn’t quite fit society’s standards.

An intimate tale of modern women between Montreal, Berlin and Paris, illustrated in an explicit and sexy way.

MY FOX AND ME • • • • • •

 riginal title : Goupil ou face O Author : Lou Lubie 144 p. 170x240 mm 15 € World rights available


ome people have a dog, a cat or a goldfish. Lou has cyclothymic disorder: a mood disorder classified under the bipolar diseases family. What should you do when you find a little wild fox inside your brain? Can you tame it? Domesticate it? And how can you be happy when you have to live side by side with such an unpredictable creature? Promoting scientific popularization, this opus is based on the author’s personal experience and depicts the reality of a mental disorder which is still little known in a humorous and sensitive way.




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