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Senior Thesis 1 I Paul Carlos I Fall 2011 I PUCD 4205F I CRN 5339

WHAT WILL I BE MAKING? The main focus of my project is to create a visual representation of the true illness. To show the faces of real people who have experiences with schizophrenia. The best way to do this is with a website that is open for all. It will be user-generated; where participants can fill out a form and share a story. They can also share their picture or choose to be quoted or have a picture chosen for them. It’s highly visual but by hovering you can see names and by clicking through you can narrow in on each individual submission.

RESOURCES/ TIME NEEDED I will be drawing on my skills in HTML/CSS and javascript/jquery programming. The website will need to be clear, concise, but visually interesting to all potential visitors. The entire campaign will also need to be generated by the schizophrenia community so I will need to outreach and build relationships with other organizations for schizophrenia awareness. After more extensive feedback regarding the website, I will begin designing print collateral to draw more people to the website. January: begin building supporting components on website-layout drafted. February: set up database for website wall - get feedback, test submissions. March: sketch out all aspects of campaign- draft supporting material, identity April: design and begin implementing print collateral: involve initial participants. May: install all aspects of campaign and process submissions to website.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Schizophrenia is one of the most stigmatized mental illnesses. People have many misconceptions about it; they confuse it with Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka multiple personality disorder), bipolar and think that all schizophrenics are violent, dangerous, and sociopathic. It is a genetic brain disorder that can be treated and controlled and of the 1 in 100 people diagnosed with it, many can continue to live normal lives. My dad was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 8 so it’s always been apart of my life and I’ve had personal experience with how painful the stigma can be. It is because of this stigma that is hard to open and talk about the illness; which can cause a feeling of shame or embarrassment about it. By not talking about schizophrenia, all of the misconceptions and misrepresentations can live on.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who is touched by schizophrenia and needs a safe place to come together and open up about it. For both those diagnosed with the illness and anyone close to somebody with it. It’s for everyone who is in need of a truthful visualization of the illness and the people behind it.

END GOAL My project aims to make people more comfortable with schizophrenia by opening up a conversation about it; the only way that the stigma behind it can be erased.


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Final Booklet:Thesis 1  
Final Booklet:Thesis 1  

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