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the Jane Goodall Institute

for wildlife research, education and conservation

JGI Mission:

To advance the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment for all living things.

Task: To

develop a brand positioning for the JGI product line while sustaining Dr. Jane Goodall’s legacy after she is gone.

Insight: Jane’s Animal


continuing innovative approaches towards world sustainability, show an understanding it is not cause and effect but rather they work harmoniously.


Positioning: JGI is the

As Jane’s equity remains in her chimpanzee studies and the first to discover the similarity between chimp and human, she continues to develop new programs and approaches through JGI to help create world sustainability.

THOUGHT LEADER on the harmonious balance between animals, humans, and the environment.

Connections Plan: The four symbols that are identified with JGI are used with each step of the plan it corresponds with.



Jane Goodall



Good for All


Roots & Shoots


Brand Architecture: Leader

Jane Goodall


Jane Goodall

Organizing Brand

Jane Goodall Institute

Branded Programs Orchestrators of Change

Good For All

Roots & Shoots

Individuals/Participants/ Members

Win on Cause

Push Jane

The JGI product line is pushing Jane first to bring people in to learn about the cause. As Jane continues to age her awareness continues to decrease. We want to win on the cause to bring people in and then push Jane.


Emotionalists Self-Restrained Emotionalist Advocate Activist

These individuals are 18-35 years of age, making resourceful choices and going green when it is convenient and the choices are comparable in quality. They feel they can make a difference on a individual level and see how different causes can be personally relevant.

Logo Redesign: It

brings together the harmonious balance and ties the imagery back to JGI. It can live after Jane is no longer with us while sustaining her legacy.

Bag Clip: Makes the

coffee bag stand out on the shelf while solving a consumer need.


Microsite There is a tracking number on the package for the consumer to enter in to show where their money is going to and the progress that is being made there. It will track how much you have contributed overall to JGI.

J340G94I8 Gets our product into new retail distribution outlets and aligns JGI with a socially responsible company that is developing new sustainable products for third-world countries.


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JGI Case Study  

jane goodall institute campaign

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