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Stephanie Garrard

DAVID NIEPER TODAY David Nieper is a British Fashion brand that has been designing and manufacturing luxury women’s clothing for over 50 years. The brand supports sustainable manufacturing in the UK and every part of the manufacturing process takes place in their studio and workrooms in Derbyshire. Their classic and elegant collections combine the best of British design with quality manufacturing, to ensure international appeal. There is an ever growing desire for clothes that are exquisitely made and this is where David Nieper its strengths. This proposal aims to further promote the brand with a fresh outlook. The Cruise Collection enables David Nieper to target a more specific consumer, and in turn push sales and brand awareness.



The New Branding for David Nieper keeps the use of monograms, further developing it into something more current and fresh. The original design font is very classic and from a font family that is often associated with older people and brands. Although David Nieper is a clothing brand for mature women, we’re moving into a time where people don’t want to be defined by their age, but by their style and lifestyle. Therefore it is important that the branding reflects this.




Flat-agers are totally changing the way people live their lives past 60. This generation think very differently about money rather than previous generations did. They have it, and they like to spend it. 50% of over 50’s control almost 75% of the UK’s wealth. These Flat-agers like to spend their money on the pleasures in life. They haven’t given up on life past retirement, instead they want to experience the exotic and the rare in style.


At 65, Linda describes her style as classically simple with a twist. She likes the ability to mix up her look – to be eclectic. Caring more about the comfort of clothes and how she feels than if something is on trend. As an avid collector she looks for treasures wherever she travels, saving them as past memories. Travel is the only thing one can spend money on to en richer experience. An older woman who exudes style, class, elegance and a hunger for culture regardless of her age, she is the perfect Nieper woman - the muse for this 7 collection.

THE COLLECTION For a Casual day Traveling, sight seeing, visiting or relaxing on the ship. This outfit is perfect for keeping and looking cool.

70’s high neck and long sleeves for sun protection.

A-line tunic with slight flare at hem and cuffs

Outfit all about comfort and ease to slip in and out of

Very fine cotton Knit Jersey

New take on ‘Boating’ top with printed ink stripes

Very British and simple styling


High elastic waisted trousers

Loose and light linen fabric

Knife pleats creatinga very soft flare

Collection Designed by Leisa Hughes 9

THE COLLECTION With lots of layers and hidden details this outfit can take you straight from day to night with ease and style.

Elastic Waistband trousers with resersable featre to block colour

V-Neck Swimming Costume

3/4 Length with Slight Flare


Silky blouse with over sized Bishop sleeve and button stand

Reversable Cover-up White light cotton silky print

Long A-Line tunic

Oversized Kimono shape, with 3/4 length sleeves and long flared A-line shape

Collection Designed by Leisa Hughes 11


Lookbooks will be shot in a variety of holiday locations. These will be locations around the Caribbean and Mediterranean, as these are hot spots for cruises. Each month a new Lookbook and location will be released online and these images will lead to the specific pieces. Creative direction and styling inspiration for these shoots comes from Vogue’s Brazils Cigana Do High Shoot in April 2014, styled and edited by Viviana Volpicella.


PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Flat-agers have an interest in adventure and discovery. This Cruise Collection focuses more on the adventure off the boat that the actual journey. In order to get the most out of voyages not only is it vital to be an adventurer but also to have some knowledge of where and what to visit, in order to get the most out of the experience. We propose collaboration for David Nieper with The Lonely Planet Guide books, the perfect travel companion. This would work by creating each Lookbook (as mentioned before) in a different location per month endorsing the top places to visit, as suggested by Lonely Planet. Each customer who buys from the Cruise Collection will receive a Lonely Planet Guide book with their purchase. This will benefit Davis Nieper as it builds a relationship with the consumer, creating consumer loyalty that brings the consumer back time and time again. Not only will this increase sales but also, through word of mouth, create further brand awareness in turn increasing its number of consumers. In this way we aim for David Nieper to stand 15 strong in British design and be the port of call for stylish women who have the money to experience their expeditions in luxury, comfort and style.




WEBSITE RE-VAMP Flat-agers are keen on technology and can use it. Considering that the majority of David Nieper sales are made out of store via the catalogue or website, this is a key area to improve. The website will go from basic and boring to a more and uplifting and interactive site. This is where the monthly changing Lookbooks will be available to view and make purchases from. The simple layout and hierarchy of information makes it clear for the consumer to navigate in order to make their important purchase.




To this...

From this...


DELIVERY Orders will be individually wrapped and packaged in protective boxes, including the Guide book they have requested with their order, just in time for their trip.


2014 Stephanie Garrard

David Nieper  
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