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Pamper yourself with the best on town spa treatments

Feeling tired? Is your skin lacking lustre or looking pale? It is time to rejuvenate it with the best spa treatments. Often our busy schedule leaves no time to cater to our body needs. Often this takes a toll on our health. But now give yourself the best spa services and live in the pink of health. IMMEDIATE RELEASE

12th May, 2014- We know that you have a hard time handling your work pressures and keeping up with other activities and that is the reason we at Antoinette Boudoir Newstalgica skin care spa NYC bring you the best spa experience. We are not all about massages, but we have some best treatments for your skin and hair too. We know that you spent too much time working and munching on junk food to fill your tummy. If you have been looking out for High Enema NY it is at our spa that you will get it. We have expert and skilled hands that work on your body. It is not just a spa that takes care of your skin, but we also make sure that you have a healthy body. Here are a few treatments that we have to offer:        

African American facials NYC Microdermabrasion Body tanning treatment Cellulite reduction Colonic therapy Therapeutic Massages Body detoxification Hands and foot care

We are the experts in spa treatments and that’s the reason we have special treatment for different parts of your body. We value every single customer that visits our spa and this is that’s why we have designed separate private chamber for each of our customers. The ambience of our private chamber it will make

you feel distressed and relaxed. We know that you work really hard so our staff serves you the best service. With our detoxification service you are definitely going to back in your best shape. So call us today and book an appointment with our therapist. Contact Antoinette Boudoir Newstalgica Spa 11 West 46th Street, 4Th Floor, Manhattan Midtown, New York, NY 10036 (212) 938-1099

Pamper yourself with the best on town spa treatments