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"It`s a secret you can`t keep" is the first Black Lemon campaign aiming to increase our brand awareness and to establish ourselves on the market in order to best satisfy our customers` needs. The campaign is creating awareness by engaging the viewers to follow the appeal: It`s a secret you can’t keep.

Black Lemon Advertising is a student run advertising agency which offers advertising and promotional services through different media channels. We have a broad cultural experience and knowledge and we are motivated to offer

What the campaign is aiming to achieve:

high quality services to small and medium-

Increased brand awareness

sized companies. We are open minded and

Positive brand attitude

ready to integrate latest technologies into our

Interaction throughout social platforms

work and to adapt to social technological

Development of a strong internet



A Slice of Creativity


Several media channels had been used, migrating from offline to online with the purpose of reaching different audiences and providing the services requested by our clients. As a new entry agency, we have tried to engage to our customers by using channels they are accustomed to and also spread the news through word of mouth for future recognition. The usage of online media, gives us the opportunity to reach younger audiences which helps us collect fresh and objective feedback in regard to our projects.


It`s a secret you can`t keep. Brand awareness poster

University Newspaper ad

Print Ads

Word of mouth

Online 

Internet Magazines and Newspapers

Word of mouth

Digital Print

Public Relations

E-Mail Marketing

Social Media Platforms

It`s a secret you can`t keep - Black Lemon Advertising  

It`s a secret you can`t keep is the first Black Lemon Advertising awarenesses campaign which used multi media distribution channels.

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