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JUL-AUG 2013 P 6.00

The Cool new peppermint conditioner p9 finally! liquid hand soap to clean caring, helping hands



kids shampoo & Body wash

for boys and for girls




the first,the only


clarifying shampoo p6

Pro-Philippines Pro-Poor Pro-Environment







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When you see this logo, it means the items are not available in retail supermarkets and may only be purchased from your nearest Human Nature Dealer or Branch.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 30 days – absolutely. That’s the way it’s been and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Because you deserve Only the Good.


The launch of every new magalogue is preceded by a lot of new excitement and speculation over new products. Our dealers are always curious to see what innovative products have we dreamed up of once again to help transform every Filipino home into a greener and more conscientious household. July is no exception as we unveil more groundbreaking products in hair care, protective care and other categories. As the Philippines continues to post impressive growth numbers wowing the rest of world that is still reeling from an economic crisis, social enterprises and other movements for nationbuilding are fighting for a slice of the pie that can directly benefit the poorest members of society. Our biggest campaign this year is the “Farmers’ Fund Drive”, a sales drive with an audacious goal of selling 50,000 units of Bug Shield Oil and Lotion wherein 100% of the profits will go to establishing modern citronella producing farm enterprises in Bukidnon in partnership with Gawad Kalinga. Your support of Human Nature goes a long way towards achieving this goal. Together, we can build a better future for the Philippines where everyone benefits and no one is left behind. With resolute hope,

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Dear Friends,



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is about loving our beautiful Philippines, loving our rich environment, loving our Filipino countrymen, and loving our families. Every Human Nature home care, personal care and beauty product is a testament to this love as they feel as good on your skin as they do in your heart. We’ve captured our love in every bottle so that we can share it with you for you to enjoy and to share with others.

OURPHILOSOPHY As a social enterprise, rather than maximizing profit like most businesses, we aim to optimize profit considering what is best for our country, our people and the poor in all our decisions. PRO-PHILIPPINES

Our products are formulated using only ingredients that can be grown in the Philippines. Even our packaging is made in the Philippines though sourcing overseas may be cheaper. In doing so, we help make our local economy stronger.


Through our partnerships with Gawad Kalinga and other organizations, we aim to develop world-class organic farms and other enterprises that will multiply the income of poor communities as we help create the market for their products and produce.


Our natural and organic products are free from harmful and toxic chemicals that may seep back into our soil and water. By using natural and organic products, you not only free yourself from health risks but you help preserve our environment as well.

OURDREAM We aim to be the global standard of a business with a heart. Our goal is to help inspire and nurture social enterprises to scale up and be as big – or bigger! – than Human Nature, and in a much shorter time than it took us. The Philippines has so many world-class products created by people who care. By supporting local social enterprises, we firmly believe we can uplift the poor communities in no time. (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


OUR PRODUCTS is the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines.

100% NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS Did you know that 1 in 3 adults nowadays will suffer from cancer in their lifetime? A huge number of scientific studies link synthetic chemical ingredients in everyday products with cancer, hormone disruption, fertility problems, asthma, acne, speeding up ageing, etc. Shocking, but true! Start protecting yourself and your family! In the past, tobacco companies said smoking was harmless. Today, we know it’s not true. It’s about time we knew what our beauty products are doing to us too. Check the ingredients on the label first, read up on them, and know what they do to our bodies. products contain only safe, pure, world-class natural ingredients. Many products labelled as natural are mostly synthetic with a few natural extracts thrown in. With Human Nature, you can be sure your skin is touched by...

Only the Good.

Natural Care Labs:

The Merging of Science & Nature takes pride in the science that goes into every product formulated by our Natural Care Labs. We are at the cutting edge of research into natural ingredients, some of which we are the first in the world to use (e.g. coco nectar). It can take months or years for our scientists to research and fully test their natural formulations. Afterwards, the same products undergo safety assessments by leading dermatologists and breakthrough products go for further clinical studies at independent thirdparty labs. All this to ensure that you get the most innovative, genuinely natural products, guaranteed tested and safe.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) awarded Human Nature the distinction of being the FIRST Filipino cosmetics and personal care company to be truly animal cruelty-free. PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world based in the USA.


Reading the label. How important is it?

Back labels are there for a reason, and in a world where the term ‘natural’ is loosely used, you’ll want to stay on top of the game and be knowledgeable when it comes to harmful ingredients to avoid. “Petroleum-based ingredients [ e.g. propylene glycol, PEGs, isopropyl alcohol ] pose risks of cancer, genetic damage and reproductive toxicity including infertility, to unsuspecting consumers and their infants and children” - Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman of The Cancer Prevention Coalition

OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS Optical brighteners, an alternative to bleach, are found in some laundry detergents to makes fabrics appear brighter. They can often cause skin irritation and some, like triazine-stilbenes, do not break down easily and can accumulate in the environment, where they can be toxic to aquatic life. [ ]

How they work:

PHOSPHATE INGREDIENTS Phosphate ingredients, once common in laundry and dishwashing detergents, have been found to trigger harmful algae blooms when wastewater is discharged into our waterways, rivers, lakes and oceans. Because of these harmful algae blooms, 25 states in the U.S. have banned phosphates in household laundry and dishwashing detergents. [ cleaners/content/decoding_labels ]


Studies have shown a correlation between phthalates and premature breast development in girls younger than eight years old and the concentrations of the phthalates in their blood. Other research suggests that exposure to some phthalates affects the sexual development of baby boys. [ Toxic Beauty, Samuel S. Epstein, MD. ]

Optical brighteners are deposited on your clothes and transform UV DEA (Diethanolamine) There is no room for trial light waves making the fabric DEA can react with other and error. And unless appear whiter. They don’t really ingredients in the cosmetic get your clothes any cleaner, formula to form an extremely potent you want to treat they just make them appear carcinogen called N-nitrosodiethylamine yourself like a science whiter and brighter. What (NDEA). NDEA is readily absorbed through experiment, we say… the skin and has been linked with stomach, they do though, is stay esophagus, liver and bladder cancers. on your clothes as Read the Label! [ ] chemical residue. You can detect optical SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) TRICLOSAN brighteners using A study appearing in Triclosan is an endocrine a special UV or Exogenous Dermatology disruptor and may interfere black light and confirmed SLS to be a with normal functioning of the will notice your very “corrosive irritant” to thyroid hormone and estrogen, clothes literally the skin by stripping your skin and eerily and is also associated with of protective oils and moisture. glow. allergies. [ ] [ ]

PETROLEUM BY-PRODUCTS Petroleum-based ingredients (e.g. propylene glycol, PEGs, isopropyl alcohol) pose risks of cancer, genetic damage and reproductive toxicity, including infertility, to unsuspecting consumers and their infants and children. [ Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Chairman of The Cancer Prevention Coalition ]

SYNTHETIC COLORANTS The Organic Consumers Association says that you should avoid FD&C “at all costs,” as many of them may raise your risks of contracting various forms of cancer. [ ]

MINERAL OIL, PARAFFIN, PETROLATUM Mineral oil, paraffin and petrolatum coat your skin like plastic, clogging pores and creating a build-up of toxins. They also slow cellular development, which can cause premature aging, and can lead to cancer and disruption to hormonal activity. [ ] PARABENS The EWG Skin Deep database indicates that parabens are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation. [ ]

Learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your personal care products at The Environmental Working Group is a U.S. non-profit group dedicated to protecting consumers from health problems attributed to harmful chemicals in every day products.

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



deep, purifying clean for hair that

Bounces with Li new DEALER EXCLUSIVE

Allow your hair to breathe from chemical shampoos and styling products, environmental heat and stress with our Natural Clarifying Shampoo. It’s enriched with natural fruit acids to eliminate build-up, residue, and impurities. Betaine and aloe vera work in a rich,foamy lather to soothe your scalp and moisturize your strands so you get hair that’s light, bouncy, and oh-so-soft!

Natural Clarifying Shampoo 100% Natural

P 319.75 500ml P 149.75 200ml 6


h Life

Beauty Tip:

Tired of your usual shampoo? Instead of rotating between a natural and chemical one, jazz up your routine by switching between our Strengthening or Moisturizing Shampoo and our new Clarifying Shampoo. A genuinely natural hair care routine will result in hair that’s genuinely healthy and beautiful too!

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


Strong & S locks tha Get salon-worthy waves in a few easy steps! Watch our video at www. humanheartnature. com/loosewaves

Natural Strengthening Shampoo 96.4% Natural Available in Soothing Aloe & Cool Peppermint scent

P 289.75 500ml P 129.75 200ml P 44.75 50ml


CREAMFoamŽ technology for hair that’s naturally beautiful Hydrolyzed protein for stronger, fuller hair Philippine coco nectar for vitamins, minerals & amino acids to keep hair healthy

&cks Stunning that last all season “

After only a week of trying out the product, my hair fall tremendously lessened. - Girlie


Natural Strengthening Conditioner 99.5% Natural


Available in Soothing Aloe & Cool Peppermint scent

P 299.75 500ml P 144.75 200ml P 49.75 50ml

New and improved formulation for softer and smoother hair with less tangles Hydrolyzed protein to help fight hair fall Sunflower, avocado and soybean oil for extra shine and hair that’s so much healthier

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


Lock in lush “

& Gorg

I get the best hair day everyday. - Janice

As seen in SMILE Magazine (June-July 2013)

Natural Moisturizing Shampoo 96.4% Natural

Available in Lush Vanilla and Mandarin Fresh scents

P 289.75 500ml P 129.75 200ml P 44.75 50ml


CREAMFoam® technology for nature’s nourishment Avocado oil with omega-3 for rich moisture Philippine coco nectar for vitamins, minerals & amino acids


Gorgeous hair Intensive Hair Mask Transform weather-beaten hair into wondrous and beautiful locks! Rich in vitamins E and B-complex, our natural Intensive Hair Mask deeply moisturizes thirsty tresses for stunning salon-gorgeous hair that’s always in season. Available in Rosemary and Jasmine scents

P 299.75 200g P 99.75 50g

Natural Moisturizing Conditioner 100% Natural

Available in Lush Vanilla and Mandarin Fresh scents

P 299.75 500ml P 144.75 200ml P 49.75 50ml

Seaweed extract for a healthy luster Avocado oil with omega-3 for rich moisture Organic virgin coconut oil for an extra dose of softness

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



Beauty Tip:

Build the day and night Hair Serum routine! During the day, hair is subject to pollution, heat and other environmental stress that could damage it. So, give your locks proper protectection with our Hair Serum! Complete your routine by letting your hair soak all the goodness at night to help restore your hair’s healthy state.



Treatment “

I really love this product! When I started using this, I said goodbye to buhaghag (unruly) hair. It makes my hair smooth and shiny. Plus, I really love the scent - Mila

As seen in PREVIEW

and CANDY Magazine

10 THINGS TO TRY (April 2013)

PREP SCHOOL (June 2013)

100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum Our 100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum’s light, silicone-free formula deeply nourishes your hair with soybean, broccoli, and sunflower oils for frizz-free protection by day and healthy nourishment by night.

P 249.75


Save P50!



P 199.75

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

Style your way to fantastic-looking hair with an easy updo. Watch our video at www. humanheartnature. com/topknot


Refreshing L

Get the


Transform your skin from rough to smooth and g

I love this product! It’s gentle on my skin yet effective. My face feels smooth after every use but not dry/tight. It doesn’t irritate my skin too, which is always a good thing. I like that this product does what it claims to do :) - Aya

Purifying Facial Scrub 100% Natural

Scrub those blues away! Eliminate dull and dead skin cells with its 5 beautifying actions: • Scrubs away dirt • Exfoliates dead skin cells • Smoothens skin texture • Makes skin glow • Keeps skin healthy

P 104.75 14


As seen in CODENAMEAYA.COM Reviews (13 March 2013) and MeGA Hot & Fresh (April 2012)

ng Look of Glow

mooth and glow naturally with 100% only the good

100% perfect for super sensitive skin. No redness, itchiness, dryness, breakouts. Just smooth, soft, supple, clean skin. My weekend ritual. Thank you HN. Keep up the good work - Borex




Chemical exfoliants and peeling procedures sure give you an instant gratification – clearer, softer and smoother skin. But are you sure that’s all you’re getting? These ingredients and procedures intentionally scrape off the outermost layer of your skin, thus making your skin more fragile and prone to pigmentation leaving it drier and more sensitive. So keep skin healthy and choose only the good! (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


Removes stubborn makeup • Overall body moisturizer Helps lighten dark undereye circles • Helps lighten dark spots and pimple marks • Undereye moisturizer • Helps prevent and diminish the appearance of stretch marks • Helps soften and lighten underarms • Softens feet soles, knees and elbows Helps diminish fine lines around the eyes • Helps soften cuticles and dry skin • Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful • Helps relax tired, puffy eyes • Helps relieve itch and redness caused by insect bites • Nourishes and conditions eyelashes • Helps lighten dark lips • Adds shine to dull hair Helps ease dry and itchy scalp • Helps improve skin condition after sunburn Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving • Helps calm skin and ease rashes Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections • Helps hydrate dry patches on face Helps lighten lesions and scars

My Tita got 2nd degree burns on her hands after accidentally spilling boiling water. She was prescribed to use sunflower oil, and in just a few months, the burns have gradually vanished! This oil also works wonders on my face, elbows, and other troubled body parts. Miracle oil, indeed! - Adrian Val Olonan

As seen in

Sunflower Beauty Oil 100% Natural

P 274.75 P 149.75

100ml 50ml

BY Mayenne Carmona (April 23, 2013)



CANDY EDITOR’S PICKS (December 2012)



I have been using this on my pimple scars for a month or so now and amazingly some of the scars have lightened and some are already completely healed. I also used these when I had insect bites on my legs and noticed the same effect. It’s very effective! - Sheeluh



(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



Give your skin what it needs.

Whether your skin is normal, oily or dry, we have something refreshing and superiorly clean designed for you. 18



Philippines’ luxurious secret to clear skin

My skin loved the Balancing Facial Wash from first use! My face felt soft, supple, and there was no shine! I love how the tiny scrubs soothe the little rashes on my forehead and around my nose. After just 2 weeks, the rashes are gone! – Maria Esperanza Fatima

For OILY OR combination SKIN

Strike the perfect balance of clean and fresh with our Balancing Facial Wash and Toner, made with the prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry, Manila Elemi, a great antibacterial ingredient that leaves your skin clear and shine-free without the chemicals.



Balancing Facial Wash

Balancing Face Toner

P 199.75 P 79.75

P 184.75 P 99.75

99.85% Natural

200ml 50ml 200ml

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

200ml 100ml

P 169.75 Save P15!



Save P10!


P 189.75

100% Natural



Nature’s powerful anti-oxidant

This product is true to its promise! The dryness + tightness I used to experience have dramatically lessened, and it has only been half a month since I made the switch from chemical facial products to HN. My skin feels like it belongs to a 21-year-old again! – Frances


Even the most beautiful and fragile face needs to be nourished! Fight the dangers of everyday free radicals with Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner that contain tomato extract, a great antioxidant that soothes and helps repair skin leaving it unbelievably smooth, soft and healthy – inside and out.



Nourishing Facial Wash

Nourishing Face Toner

P 199.75 P 79.75

P 184.75 P 99.75

99.85% Natural

200ml 50ml 200ml

As seen in


200ml 100ml

P 169.75 Save P15!

(15 March 2013)



Save P10


P 189.75

100% Natural


Nutritional powerboost from nature

I needed something that would clean my skin thoroughly because I apply makeup daily and it has to be mild enough for my extremely sensitive skin. This facial wash does the job! It’s mild, refreshing, and cleans really well! My new favorite cleanser!

– Celine


Transform your skin from dull and dry to soft and supple with Hydrating Creamy Wash and Face Toner. Packed with moringa, that contains 7x more Vitamin C than oranges, 4x more calcium than milk and 4x more Vitamin A than carrots, its luxuriously creamy formula removes dirt, makeup and impurities while keeping skin hydrated and stunningly smooth all the time!



Hydrating Creamy Wash

Hydrating Face Toner

P 199.75 P 79.75

P 184.75 P 99.75

99.85% Natural

200ml 50ml 200ml

As seen in

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

200ml 100ml

P 169.75 Save P15!



Save P10


P 189.75

100% Natural

(22 March 2013)


15Ways to

Protect & CALM

your skin with the POWER OF NAtural


Vitamin E · Vitamin C · Vitamin A · Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 · Vitamin B5 · Vitamin B12 · Vitamin D Selenium · Lecithin · Zinc · Potassium · Iron Calcium · Magnesium

My face became unbelievably youthful and glowing within only a couple days of using the Day Moisturizing Fluid! Now I can flaunt my skin and leave the house with no make-up!

– Angeli

Moisturizing Day Fluid with 15 Natural Vitamins & Minerals 100% Natural

Moisturize and protect your skin from environmental stress by feeding it its daily dose of 15 natural vitamins and minerals. Our moisturizing day fluid gives your skin a fresh, healthy glow from within and even has an extra dose of natural Vitamin E, nature’s richest antioxidant, to help fight free radicals and sun damage.


100ml 50ml

P 249.75 Save P25!



P 274.75 P 149.75

As seen in skincerely-yours.blogspot.COM Reviews (5 March 2013)

After the third night of using a full regimen of HN products, I was extremely happy and surprised that my skin has calmed from my seborrheic dermatitis flare up! Among the 4 products, I feel that the night cream did the most part in calming my skin. Thanks so much for brilliantly making this product! – Joyce

Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen

100% Natural

Calm your skin while you sleep and let radiant beauty bloom the morning after! Our moisturizing night cream has powerful plant collagen that helps renew your skin while you get your beauty rest – when skin absorbs nutrients the most. With a host of other skin-essential vitamins and minerals, it helps generate cells so you wake up to supple skin and a refreshed healthy glow, without traces of tired or puffy eyes. 100ml 50ml

P 249.75 Save P25!


(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


P 274.75 P 149.75



Highlight the

Natural Beauty Perfectly Glowing You of a

100% natural make-up that cares for your skin, as much as you do.

Now comes with a natural brush!


Sun kissed

Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

Perfect Glow Mineral Blush

100% Natural

100% Natural

Beautiful make-up always begins with getting the base right. Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation’s medium to full coverage formulation works in harmony with your skin using natural Vitamin E, bamboo powder and multi-functional rice powder. Delight in long-lasting coverage with a soft focus effect that makes pores appear less visible given you a polished look from day to night!

Mineral Blush with natural Vitamin E that gives cheeks the right glow to enhance your naturally blushing beauty. It gives more intense color pay-off and now comes in a more elegant and bigger packaging that includes a mirror and natural brush. Now you can get that perfect glow anytime, anywhere!

P 450.00 Save P45!



P 495 7.5g

Also available in refills that come with a brand new sponge!

P 295.00 Save P30!


Blush available in 2 shades:

Pink Bloom

As seen in 13 May 2013


Foundation available in 4 shades:



P 325 7.5g

P 295 4.3g





medium morena Caramel


True to its name, Sun-kissed gives your cheeks a nice healthy, glow. I love how highly-pigmented this blush is, and how both shades can work well for just about any skintone. This product is now my favorite blush! – Czjai (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


up Light Lips your

Moisture & Color


II love the rich color and the yummy feeling of the minty scent. The color doesn’t go off easily and blends well with my lips even after eating! It also moisturizes well and keeps my lips supple and smooth-looking. It’s like one of my high-end lipstick but in a form of a lip balm with a cheap price. – Maria Ana

Tinted Lip Balm Pet a

100% Natural



Pink Orchid

Flame Tree Island Kiss


Save P10!


P 69.75


Get the best of both worlds in lip care! Enjoy a hint of color and rich nourishment in one soothing lip balm that readies you for that natural pout! A feel-good blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and all-natural plant oils keeps your lips soft and moisturized all day! Available in 3 shades: P 79.75 4g

Tr o p i


loom lB

Let your

Bloom skin

Orient Pearl

Even when you’re going for that fresh, no make-up look!

Mineral Pressed Powder 100% Natural

I really like the Mineral Pressed Powder! It’s the perfect shade for my skin and it controls oil effectively without clogging my pores. I recommend using this with a brush for flawless application. – Kara

Never hide! Enhance your true Filipina beauty without masking your face with impurities. Our lightweight Mineral Powder is packed with multi-functional rice powders, absorbing excess oil to keep your skin silky smooth and shine-free all day, everyday! So go out there, be confident!

P 325 9g Also available in refills that come with a brand new puff!

P 195 9g rt



k Qua



Available in 4 shades: medium

Orient Pearl Island Shell Sand Dollar


morena Boracay Bronze

Mineral Blush Ro

sy Cheek


7 cosmetic brands that are safe for pregnant women 12 April 2013

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


As seen in

100% Natural This lightweight, sheer mineral blush has Vitamin E that makes it healthy for the skin. Its silky texture glides on smoothly and natural shades give you a healthy-looking glow that’s perfect for that naturally flushed look everyday! P 225 3.5g Available until supplies last in 4 pretty BUY 1 FOR P 195.003.5g shades: Rosy Cheeks, Pink Quartz, Petal BUY 2 FOR P 295.003.5g Save as much P155! Bloom, Tropical Rose



Lucky in Love


M CSolor hine


Sweet Nectar

F irst Kiss Coral Kiss

Lipsticks available in 4 shades


Mineral Hydrating Lipstick 100% Natural

Rich in color and hydrating comfort from the nourishing blend of cocoa butter, passion fruit seed oil and sunflower oil. Delight in these perfect Filipina hues for gorgeously soft, healthy lips!

P 195.00 Save P30!



P 225 4g

Mineral Lip Gloss

100% Natural

A swipe of gloss will make lips look healthier and fuller! Get luxurious shine with this all-natural sheer tinted gloss with passion fruit seed oil that adds nourishment to your lips, leaving them soft, smooth and tingly.The fuss-free, mess-free packaging makes this a beauty staple for instant touch-ups! Save P30!



P 195.00

P 225 8.5ml

Cleansing Oil 100% Natural

Pink Hibiscus

Coral Beach


P 350 195ml


Island Berry

Lip Gloss Available in 3 shades

Leave no trace of unwanted pore-clogging dirt, make-up and oil! Let your skin breathe and cleanse with a natural make-up remover that takes off even the most stubborn waterproof mascara! It also works double-time as it moisturizes your skin while getting rid of all impurities. So cleanse and bare your natural beauty!

P 295.00 195ml Save P55!

Experience the

Moisturizers Power of NatURAL

on your Lips

This is the BEST lip balm I have ever tried in my entire life! I glide it on my lips at night and wake up with very soft and moisturized lips. When I use it before I put on my lipstick, my lips don’t dry up at all! I can go for hours without re-application and my lips still feel smooth, soft, and moisturized. I love it! – Erika

Must try:

Peppermint flavor for lips that always feel fresh, always minty cool!

100% Natural Lip Balm Kiss dry, dull lips goodbye! Give it some TLC with 100% Natural lippies infused with lip pampering moisturizers to give you soft, kissable lips! This nourishing blend of cocoa butter, beeeswax and pure natural oils gives your lips the perfect glide!

P 59.75 Save P10!



P 69.75 4g

Crude oil is for your car not for your lips! A lot of women use lip balms without realizing they contain petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin, synthetic chemicals derived from crude oil – the same one used to make gasoline for your car! Switch to an all-natural lip balm that’s made with none of these harmful chemicals! (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

Also available are 2 fun and sweet flavors that give satisfying scent-sation to your lips:




Be a part of our

Farmer’s Fund Drive 100% of the profits from every Bug Shield Oil and Lotion sold will fund the development of sustainable livelihood for our new partner farming communites in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Join us as we show the farmers our

commitment to help end poverty for them!

Bug Shield

100% Natural | DEET-free Your trusted citronella insect repellent now packs an even more powerful punch against pesky mosquitoes with our new and improved Bug Shield Oil and Lotion. Now infused with soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil for an added boost of protection and an even better scent!

Moisturizing DEET-Free Oil P 159.75 100ml P 99.75 50ml Save P10!




P 149.75

Non-Sticky DEET-Free Lotion

P 94.75



DEET which is used in many insect repellents, was developed for military warfare and not for daily, long-term use. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to DEET kills brain neurons and affects the central nervous system.

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224






Triclosan, an ingredient usually found in chemical sanitizers is classified as an irritant and may also post health risks linked to endocrinal and reproductive problems. It also harms the earth as it releases toxins in the environment.*

Spray Sanitizers

100% Natural | Triclosan-free Keep your hands clean so that every touch is pure and safe. Our 100% natural spray sanitizers are clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs on contact. They can even clean surfaces, disinfect rooms, toilet seats and more! Don’t leave home without one! Available in refreshing Cool Burst (in 50ml only), Citrus Burst & Tropical Burst scents

P 174.75 Save P15!





P 189.75 200ml P 59.75 50ml




Sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), are chemical surfactants added to cleaning products to break down grime and dirt easily – but they’re also found to be skin irritants toxic to the environment! So we use coco fatty acid sulfates instead: they’re natural sulfates that clean just as well as SLS/SLES but are completely biodegradable and proudly manufactured here in the Philippines!

Natural Hand Soap

99.99% Natural | Triclosan-free The soaps that clean your hands are the very same ones that pollute our environment with toxic chemicals. Show the world how your little hands can make a big difference with our natural hand soap. Free from harmful chemicals, it helps keep our earth greener and your hands soft and well moisturized with every wash. Available in Energizing Citrus scent

P 139.75 P 59.75

200ml 50ml (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash

Available in Tangerine Thunder for Boys & Ocean Apple for Girls,

96.4% Natural

Childhood is the perfect time to explore a world of wonder. Encourage your kids’ imagination to take the lead - even as they splish and splash in the bath with our yummyscented Natural Shampoo & Bodywash.

P 289.75 500ml P 129.75 200ml P 44.75 50ml

Lather away icky dirt and grime with its unique Protein Care System that keeps your little one smelling oh-so fresh. Now you can stay worryfree when you give them unlimited opportunities for play!

Kids Spray Sanitizers

100% Natural | Triclosan-free

Bid those bacteria and germs bye-bye with our triclosanfree kids spray sanitizer that’s clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs on contact. It’s very handy, making it the perfect school day companion for your kid! Now, you can stay worry-free even when they’re out and about. Available in Bubbly Gum & Candy Cane scents* 50ml

*while stocks last


P 49.75 Save P10!



P 59.75



Also available in Pineapple Pawikan and Tangerine Tarsier scents P 289.75 500ml P 129.75 200ml P 44.75 50ml

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



Give your baby

the mildest care “

from top to toe

I’ve been using this since my baby was a month old and she’s eight months now. I use it on her after I put on the Human Nature baby lotion and everytime I change her nappies. It’s also very useful for rashes or insect bites. - Celeste 36

Studies show that massaging your baby with sunflower oil lessens the risk of developing skin infections by 41%.* Ideal for infant massage Helps prevent and soothe diaper rash Helps protect against skin infections Helps heal little bumps, boo-boos and insect bites Gentle cleanser for the ears and belly button



*Dr. Leslie Baumann, Cosmoceutical Critique: Sunflower Oil

Natural Baby Wonder Oil

100% Natural

Infant massage provides wonderful bonding moments for you and your little one. With every gentle rub of our 100% Natural Baby Oil, you can be sure that baby’s development is nurtured with Mother Nature’s special touch. Made with premium-grade sunflower oil, it helps stimulate brain nerves and lower stress levels for a stronger immune system. It also helps to soothe diaper rash, itchiness and irritation. Keep baby’s skin healthy and supple without exposing them to harmful chemicals!

P 129.75 100ml (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


My two kids both have very dry skin and my youngest has skin asthma. We tried a host of mild cleansers recommended by their pediatrician. They would be ok for about a few weeks then the rashes would return. Then I tried Human Nature baby wash and lotion and I’m happy to say that we’ve been using it for a year and no rashes! - Joyce



Natural Baby Wash 99.3% Natural

Shower your baby with the purest and mildest ingredients from head to toe with our Natural Baby Wash. Touches of lavender, rosemary, and chamomile extracts delicately cleanse and soften baby’s skin. Dermatologist-tested and free from harmful chemicals, our calming and nourishing formula makes it perfect for baby’s delicate skin!

P 289.75 500ml P 129.75 200ml P 44.75 50ml 38

Natural Baby Lotion 100% Natural

Exposure to harsh elements can make skin prone to dryness, infection and irritation. Since babies’ skin is 10 times more sensitive than yours, they need an extra amount of TLC. Give your little one a natural skin treat with our 100% Natural Baby Lotion. Enriched with a delicate blend of sunflower oil, avocado oil and aloe vera, natural glycerin gently seals in the moisture for baby-soft, healthy skin.

P 129.75 200ml P 44.75 50ml (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224




Chemical bar soaps contain the harmful ingredients EDTA and BHT. EDTA is a known penetration enhancer which makes the skin absorb the chemicals from the soap. BHT, on the other hand, is banned in most of Europe and Japan because of its carcinogenic properties. Over two years in the making, our Natural Cleansing Bar is 100% free from these and other harmful chemicals!


I highly recommend especially to those with sensitive skin. My skin

feels clean and supple without feeling

dry and without the strong — Michelle soapy smell!

Cleansing Bar

100% Natural| Fragrance-free Embrace the purity of nature with our 100% Natural Cleansing Bar. Rich natural glycerin gently cleanses your skin while leaving it hydrated and supple. Cold-processing keeps our cleansing bar at peace with the earth while its fragrance-free formulation cares for even the most sensitive skin.

P 59.75 Save P5!


(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


P 64.75 120g



TAKE IT FROM THE EXPERT Human Nature’s Respect Your Body Campaign is a big help for us health care professionals in reaching out and creating more awareness among women. There are a lot of products now in the market that are very deceiving and promise unbelievable results, but let us not forget the basics which is carefully reading the label first. Know what ingredients can harm your health and switch to the healthiest alternative. What you use for your body is as important as what you eat. Dr. Judy Ann Uy-De Luna M.D. FPOGS

Obstetrician-Gynecologist St. Luke’s Medical Center

You deserve only the safest & purest care for your most intimate area Use Human Nature’s Natural Feminine Wash for 7 days straight and we guarantee you’ll feel cleaner, fresher, and better cared for! Or your money back.*

42 Feminine Care

DID YOU KNOW? Many chemical feminine washes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). According to the Danish Institute of Public Health, SLS damages the skin proteins and disrupts the skin barrier allowing ready penetration of carcinogens. *visit your nearest Human Nature Branch or call Human Nature at 224 – 2222 for more details.


cooling sensation

Natural Feminine Wash Chamomile Cool

Natural Feminine Wash Chamomile Fresh

P 167.75 P 62.75

P 159.75 P 54.75

with cooling sensation 98.66% Natural 200ml 50ml

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

200ml 50ml

P 149.75 P 49.75

200ml 50ml Save as much as P10!


200ml 50ml Save as much as P13!


P 154.75 P 54.75

98.66% Natural


DeOdorant CARE

Is Your Deo Really

Pure & Natural? WHY RISK IT?

Are these toxins worth putting on your body? Definitely not! Here’s a heads up on chemicals you should steer clear from: • Aluminum salts – found in most antiperspirants and linked in studies to Alzheimer’s disease* -should not be used by people with kidney problems* • Parabens – can cause DNA damage and hormone disruption ** Sources: *Is antiperspirant toxic? ( underarm-care/tips/is-antiperspirant-toxic.htm) **’Dirty Dozen’ Cosmetic Chemicals To Avoid (

Premium Deodorant 100% Natural

Whoops! Are you sure that “natural” deodorant is really natural? Read the label first and make sure they’re genuinely safe for your body! Our All - Natural Premium Deodorant may not be an antiperspirant, but it guarantees to protect, smoothen and help lighten underarms using only superior natural oils and extracts with absolutely zero harmful chemicals!

P 94.75 44


P 89.75 Save P5!



Available in Powder Fresh and Happy Pink scents

To ensure all day protection: • shake bottle well • apply liberally • reapply as often as needed especially during active days

I’m paranoid to use harsh deos since it’s been linked to all sorts of illnesses. When I tried this HN deodorant, I was so surprised! IT REALLY WORKS! I’ve been using this deo for a month now and not once did I get smelly! I love this deo! - April

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224




that will

take your breath away

Healthy Lotion 100% Natural

Our 100% Natural Healthy Lotion is infused with one of nature’s most remarkable moisturizers, avocado oil, to nourish your skin like never before. Containing an innovative formula so lightweight, fast-absorbing and teeming with vitamins, it leaves your skin incredibly smooth and healthy! Available in Berry Bliss and Vanilla Delight scents.

P 199.75 200ml P 64.75 50ml 46

by editors of top magazines COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY PICK (May 2012)



This lotion has proven that switching to all-natural products is far better than continued usage of preservative-laden products! - Chen


Most, if not all, chemical lotions contain mineral oil which studies have shown is the #2 cause of premature skin-ageing - the sun is # 1.* *Source: Toxicology of Personal Products (

Hand & Foot Salve

100% Natural Time to give your hardworking hands and heels the happy hour they deserve! Slather on our concoction of doctortrusted, 100% natural moisture-rich Hand and Foot Salve. It has soothing oregano, spearmint, and lemon balm extracts to transform your dry, overworked skin to skin that’ll make others go my-oh-my!

PREVIEW Beauty Workshop Top 10 Bestseller (October 2012)

Available in Strawberry scent and Eucalyptus scent with mild cooling sensation.

P 129.75

50g (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


home spa

in guilt-free


Each tube contains spa-like bliss... simply amazing! - Adrian

Bamboo Body Scrub 100% Natural

Experience paradise in a tube. Our Vanilla Paradise has all-natural bamboo scrubs and black rice to gently yet As seen in effectively exfoliate deep-seated dirt, leaving your skin WOMEN’S HEALTH radiant, polished, and so much softer. Love Your Bikini Body


P 119.75 Save P10!



P 349.75 200g P 129.75 50g

(March 2013)

Body Butter Cream 100% Natural

Made with a fusion of nature’s potent ingredients, our anti-oxidant packed, deeply moisturizing buttery cream will transform your dry skin into velvety, supple skin. Available in Berry Bliss and Mango Passion scents. P 274.75 200g P 109.75 50g 50g Save P10! (Mango Passion only)


P 99.75

This Body Butter Cream is one of the best products of Human Nature so far. It is extremely moisturizing. - Jessica

As seen in CANDY MAGAZINE Beauty Picks (February 2013)

Massage Oil 100% Natural

* Source: The Benefits Of Self Massage (

P 360.00 P 195.00

195ml 95ml

P 350.00 P 190.00

195ml 95ml Save as much as P10!


Did you know that self massage can tone muscles and increase mental alertness?* Our natural massage oils are 100% free from harmful chemicals and will heal your hardworking body and mind anytime of the day.

Available in Rejuvenating (with eucalyptus & rosemary essential oils) and Calming (with lavender, orange & lemongrass essential oils) scent fusions.

I wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated! Using this massage oil became my night cap daily regimen. - Agnes

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


MEN’s care



that men and women

are raving about Best cleansing bar ever!

- Hailey

No parabens, BHT and synthetic fragrances that can disrupt male hormones**


with powerful deepcleansing bamboo carbon known in East Asia as the “Black Diamond” No triclocarban, chemical sulfates that pollute the environment* w PEith C PP O EROL M ING IN T

Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar with Energizing Peppermint 100% Natural P 79.75


P 72.75 Save P7!


Offer 120g

The best cleansing bar I ever tried. It’s refreshing, cool and definitely one of a kind. - Arnel

*Triclocarban ( **‘Dirty Dozen’ Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid (

Pure Strength has finally dared and changed the game! I don’t suffer from even dandruff specks, my hair revived... thanks to that epic bamboo carbon! - Adrian With fusion of VCO, avocado oil, and aloe vera that cleanses while effectively moisturizing


with black diamond carbon that absorbs impurities to help prevent itchy scalp naturally So you think you have dandruff? Most men think they have dandruff when in fact it could just be dry scalp aggravated by chemical shampoos or build-up caused by insufficient rinsing. Save your scalp. Shift to natural and RINSE WELL.

Pure Strength Black Diamond Natural Shampoo with Revitalizing Peppermint 96.4% Natural P 299.75 P 149.75

500ml 200ml

P 139.75 Save P10!

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

Offer 200ml



knocK OUT BODY ODOR This facial wash is very effective in removing oil and cleaning my face. A must try for all men out there! - Red Loaded with deep cleansing bamboo carbon and scrubs

Charged with cooling and energizing menthol

No eco-pollutants like chemical sulfates

Pure Strength Oil-Fighting Face Wash 100% Natural

P 149.75 100ml P 89.75 50ml


P 129.75 P 79.75

100ml 50ml Save as much as P20!


It really does what it says. The best deo for my hubby. - Jane Charged with 100% natural

antibacterial ingredients that effectively kill odor-causing bacteria Keeps skin healthy by allowing it to sweat

No aluminum salts linked to Alzheimer’s disease* No harmful chemicals that could harm you or the environment

Pure Strength 100% Natural Deodorant P 89.75


P 84.75 Save P5!

Offer 50ml

To ensure all day premium protection, shake bottle well and reapply as often as needed especially during active days.

*Are antiperspirants toxic? ( *Are antiperspirants toxic? ( (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



new B






Pinay & Proud Zippered Tote


P199.75 Human Nature Tote

Designs: Future Full of Hope, I Help Goodness Grow Size: L 15.5” x W13.5” x D 3” | Strap: L 35.0” x W1.5”

P149.75 54

P139.75 D



P 74.75

Save P14.25!



Pinay & Proud Toiletry Pouch Size: L 6.0” x W 6.0” x D 2.25”

Designs: Orange Birds, Green & Pink and Brown & Orange Size: L 18.0” x W12.0” | Base: L 6.0” x W12.0”

Trese is a silkscreen printing and sewing enterprise committed to empowering GK Blue Eagle Village community members, Kapitbahayan (KB) officers, and out-of-school youth. By creating innovative Trese products, community residents acquire valuable work skills that can aid them in developing self-sufficiency and securing future employment opportunities.








Pilipinas Hair Tie


Colors: Bright red & apple green

P 49.75 Save P10!


Less for Self Blue Shirts (Adults) XS L 24.6” x S L 26.2” x M L 27.0” x XL L 30.0” x

W 18.2” W 19.0” W 20.0” W 22.5”

Size 6 Size 10



Less for Self White Shirts (Kids)

L 19.0” x W 14.0” L 20.5” x W 15.0”

P199.75 H


Pinay & Proud T-Shirt Colors: Gold, Pink XS L 24.6” x W 18.2” S L 26.2” x W 19.0” M L 27.0” x W 20.2”

P289.75 (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


The Philippines’ only

artisan chocolate from bean to bar

Theo and Philo was a big hit in Paris, France during the “Grand Philippine Exhibition-Archipelago of Exchange” Exhibit. It was one of the products presented by the Philippine Government to all invited guests in the event.

new variant

new variant

To preserve their quality and rich flavors, Theo and Philo bars are unavailable for delivery. But you can always drop by your nearest Human Nature store to fulfill your chocolate craving!

Siling Labuyo

Ready your taste buds for a daring kind of hot chocolate: a rich dark chocolate bar peppered with feisty siling labuyo to keep you wanting more.


Take the choco-citrus classic up a notch. Real calamansi rinds perk up this dense and creamy dark chocolate bar for truly Pinoy flavor with a twist.

Green Mango & Salt

Uniquely Pinoy in flavor, these bars infuse a light tangy kick of green mangoes in a chocolate base for a sweet, sour, and salty fusion. Also available in Milk Chocolate and 70% Dark Chocolate



gross wt.



Over 200 years ago, the Philippines was the 4th leading coffee producing nation. Reawaken the excellence of our industry one cup at a time.

new Pulag Blend


Medium, balanced, fragrant (Strength: 6/10)

Amuyao Blend

Rich, nutty, distinctly macho (Strength: 9/10)

Maynila Blend

Fearless and charming (Strength: 7/10)

P295.00 200g Also available in Apo Organika Blend and Sierra Madre Blend in original packaging while supplies last Treat your palate to the finest flavors of the Philippines! Kape Maria’s premium coffee beans are sourced from coffee farmers all over the country then hand-roasted to bring out their deepest flavors.

Available in Regular and Super Fine Espresso

P295.00 200g Make the bold choice with Café de Sug Sulu Coffee. Made with whole roasted premium Arabica beans from Sulu. Do your share in brewing peace in the South. This coffee’s flavor kickstarts your day while proceeds benefit GK Sulu’s Sibol school. (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


Made from water hyacinth leather — Philippines’ answer to Italian leather, the softest and most sought-after leather in the world! — each Jacinto & Lirio signature piece is ingeniously designed for the smart and classy. B

This eco-friendly case fits all iPads* and can stand both horizontally and vertically. Luxury velvet cushion protects your gadget from dents and scratches.


Jacinto & Lirio’s collaboration with GirlTank, a global community of women changemakers, paved way in establishing community -based facility through Toyota’s Mothers of Invention Award given at Women in the World Summit by Newsweek/The Daily Beast. Grab this eco-chic journal and support stylish, sustainable and empowering initiatives.


P 499.00 Save P100!


P 349.00



Medium Journal



Dimensions: 8.6”x 6.6”

Small Journal

Dimensions: 6”x 4”

iPad Case

Dimensions: 9.8”x8.3” *except the iPad mini



P 1,499.00 Save P100!



Save P50!

As seen in METRO ECO REPORT BY ANNA OPOSA (May 2013) and MEG 30 UNDER 30 (June 2013)

Bayani Brew is a natural and healthy blend of lemongrass, pandan leaves, and a hint of calamansi brewed by the nanays of GK Bulacan. An allnutritious, all-delicious, all-Filipino beverage made especially for nation-builders!

Classic Flavor P 45.00 400ml Gift Pack P 195.00 (4 Classic bottles + box)

Shelf life: 2 months from the production date


(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


Made of natural grains, aromatic herbs, and essential oils, each pillow purchased at Human Nature stores provides a sewing community in San Nicolas, Bulacan with an income 4x higher than the

usual piece rate.







Small Pillow: P599.00

This design while stocks last

Dimensions: 6”x 11” Color: Plain light green B

Shoulder Pillow: P999.00 Dimensions: 7”x 20” Color: Mocha


Are those gadgets keeping your daughters glued to the screen? Bring back the simple joys of childhood and let your child have playtime she’ll remember. Bring home to your little princess this cuddly Isabel Rag Doll from Anthill, that’s just as endearing as her! Play dress up with it, too.


These cheerful little Pinay dolls are crafted from colorful scraps of cloth by HOME, an urban community of mothers in Cebu.



Isabel Rag Doll: P549.00


Dimensions: 13.5” x 3” x 18” Color: Pink B

Princess Gown: P199.00 (Dress only; doll not included)

Doctor’s Gown: P149.00

(Gown & stethoscope only; doll not included) (02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224



Showcase of other social enterprises METRO MANILA Flagship Store 463 Commonwealth Ave. Brgy. Matandang Balara, Q.C. (02) 224-2222/ (02) 224-2223 customer.service@ @HumanNaturePhil Antipolo Branch G/F Comoda Ville, 267-269 Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo, Rizal (02) 654-9176/ (02) 654-3238 0943-5977399 antipolo@ @hnantipolo NOW OPEN! Cainta Branch G/F, Rublou Market Place Ortigas Ext. cor. Brookside Gate 3, Cainta, Rizal (02) 213-4813 / 0917-5225577 @HNCainta Manila Branch 1310 Bambang St. cor. Fermin Tubera St., Sta. Cruz, Manila (02) 254-7477/ 09177628887/ 0933-3677156 @HNManila


Para単aque Branch Unit R06, Santana Grove 7202 Soreena Dr. cor. Dr. A. Santos Ave., Paranaque City (02) 828-4572/ 0925-5550599/ 0918-9904383 NEW LOOK AND SITE IN JULY! Pasig Branch Quorum Centre, 73 C. Raymundo Ave, Pasig City (02) 508-7176/ 09175225577 / 0939-4179780 /0932-4554281 OPENING IN JULY! UP Village Branch Unit 9-D Mahinhin St. UP Village, Q.C. (02) 332-7885/ (02) 332-9858 0905-4513468 humanheartnature.quezoncity LUZON Cabanatuan Branch FMN Industrial Corp, Maharlika Hi-way, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija (044) 464-0083 / 0927-2031532

Lucena Branch Purok Silangan, Maharlika Hi-way, Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City 09175604536 OPENING IN JULY! Naga Branch Ground Floor, JP II Atrium Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City (054) 472-1174 / 0905-2628635 Olongapo Branch Unit 1-3, Subic Creative Center Subic Commercial and Light Park Manila Ave., cor. Dewey Ave. CBD Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City, Zambales (047) 603-1471/ 0915-9329300 @HNOlongapo Palawan Branch Tiangge-Tiangge Lacao St. cor. Carandang St. Brgy. Maningning, Puerto Princesa, Palawan (048) 434-1731/ 0926-4220510 0939-8865431

San Fernando, La Union Branch F. Ortega Hi-way cor. Zamora St., Brgy. II, San Fernando City, La Union 0999-9967166 / 0905-9176077 NEW SITE AND NEW LOOK IN JULY! San Fernando, Pampanga Branch 3M Building, MacArthur Hi-way, San Agustin, San Fernando City, Pampanga (045) 963-5958/ 0932-625 5339 @HNPampanga San Pablo, Laguna Branch G/F G Square Bldg., Barleta St. cor. Malvar St. San Pablo City, Laguna (049) 503-1096 0922-8108627/ 0917-8343539 @HNLaguna Santiago Branch Heritage Complex, Maharlika Road Malvar, Santiago City, Isabela (078) 305-1440 / 0917-8087453


The Social Enterprise category at the Laguna branch

Why are your prices cheaper than other natural & organic products?

Our friendly and accommodating store staff

Freshly-brewed coffee,free all the way!

The Kids’ Corner at the Olongapo branch

Traditional wooden toys and good old storybooks for your kids in tow at the kids play area VISAYAS Bacolod Branch Room 201, 2/F VSB Bldg., 6th Lacson St., Bacolod City (034) 435-8279 / 0916-4771739 @HNBacolod Bohol Branch 2/F Everglory Bldg. C. Gallares cor. C. Putong St. Tagbilaran City (038) 500-3464/ 0908-7701756 @HNBoholBranch Cebu City Branch Unit 3, The Strip, Osmeña Blvd. Capitol Site, Cebu City (032) 236-0549/ (032) 412-9696 0932-5354914 Iloilo Branch G/F 168 Gloria Bldg., Ledesma St., Iloilo City (033) 300-1002/ 09209828509 Mandaue Branch G/F The Orchard Cebu Hotel & Suites A.S. Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City (032) 421-1344/ (032) 381-0178 0928-7797071/ 0917-3221853 0922-8365442/43/44 @HumnNaturMndaue

Ormoc Branch Jose & Ester Tan Bldg. 2/F Door #5 Aviles St., cor. Rizal St., Ormoc City, Leyte (053) 255-8442 / 0908-2942172 Tacloban Branch 165 Avenida Veteranos St. Brgy. 23-A, Tacloban City (053) 327-8637/ 0922-6756593 MINDANAO Cagayan de Oro Branch Sia Bldg. cor Arch. Bishop Hayes St. & Don Apolinar Velez St., CDO City (088) 852-4207 /0906-5286062 0933-5696278 Davao City Branch Unit No.10 Plaza del Carmen A. Loyola St. Bo Obrero, Davao City (082) 295-2976 / 09233739104 / 0923 747 6384 Zamboanga Branch G/F Guan Seng Bldg. Almonte cor. Tomas Claudio St. Zamboanga City (062) 992-0311/ 0917-7222432 zamboanga

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

Our ingredients are the same or even better than higher priced brands but we chose to greatly reduce the usual profit margins and be affordable so all Filipinos can use products that are good for them and the environment. Only when millions use products free from harmful chemicals can we truly make a difference in our environment and in the lives of Filipino farming communities.

Why do your products carry a 1 year shelf life compared to 2 or more years for chemical products? We believe that using fresh ingredients is always the best. Our preservatives are 100% free from harmful chemicals and help extend the life of our products to 12 months which is a reasonable time for a product to be completely used up. Longer than that.. well, let’s just say fresh is best!

Why do I have to store natural products below 35°C and out of direct sunlight? Just like with fresh fruits and vegetables, high temperature and direct sunlight can trigger discoloration, hasten deterioration and affect the color or scent of the product. Since Human Nature products are 95% 100% natural, you can expect the same reaction with our products. Most of the time, product efficacy remains the same even if scent and color is affected. To preserve the look and quality of all natural products, it is important to store them below 35°C and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Can people still be allergic to natural & organic products? There are people who are inherently allergic to natural substances such as bee pollen, honey or eggs. However, synthetic chemical substances have a much higher likelihood of causing allergies and irritation. Since our products are 100% free from these irritating chemical substances, there is less likelihood of allergic reactions to our products. Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. - the company behind Human Nature - is registered with the FDA with LTO # RD-II-MM-CT-0458


pet care

It made my dog’s

fur smooth and glossy

after just one bath; my dog’s skin isn’t as irritated as it was before; and we noticed new

fur growing on the bald patches on his

skin after we started using this shampoo on him. - Anna

Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo

96.4% Natural

Available in Tangerine Treat

P 349.75 64


What harms humans, harms us pets, too! Parabens, surfactants and synthetic fragrances can harm me and my furry friends – just like it can harm you! Plus, you might not even realize it, but you can be exposed to these toxins just by washing us with chemical shampoos! So in reality, what harms us pets, harms humans too!

The Philippines is the

“Center of the Center” of Marine Biodiversity in the world. -

It’s going to need some tough loving.

Our Philippines sits at the heart of the Coral Triangle, the global center of marine biodiversity. And yet chemical detergents, notorious for the poisonous effects they have on aquatic life threaten our oceans. Cleaning your home need not come at the expense of caring for our seas. Tough Love by Human Nature lets you be tough where it matters and loving where it counts. Tough on dirt, grease and grime. Gentle on our oceans and seas.

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224


HOME care

Don’t underestimate the light formula as this cuts through

Everything you look for is in this bottle!

Mabula siya, doesn’t dry my hands,

grease swiftly and rinses off easily in half

and perfectly gets rid of grease kahit sobrang dami pa niyan. – Joan

the time, with lesser water consumed. It leaves no slimy soap residue! – Allyn



99.97% Natural | 93.65% Locally Sourced Doing the dishes ain’t fun especially when you’re draining toxic chemicals back in our waterways.With its perky grapefruitorange scent, your dishwashing chore will never be a bore! Non-toxic. Biodegradable. 100% No harmful chemicals. P 99.75 P 169.75

250ml 500ml

P 159.75 Save P10!



Over 80% of the ingredients used in Tough Love products are locally sourced! This means the more you use this product, the more livelihood you are able to generate for the Philippine economy!


Did you know that your chemical dishwashing liquid and detergents may do more harm than good? Turn to page 5 to find out why you need to steer clear of phosphates and other harmful chemicals!

I tried the liquid detergent on my wool items and next-to-skin baselayers. Wool is very sensitive and a wrong detergent could make it shrink. Human Nature has done NO HARM to my sensitive garments. You saved me from dry cleaning and detergent specialized for wool ordered from US. – Jojo

Despite the commercial fabric softeners & detergents, none compare to this. The citrus smell is just a bonus. My beddings & towels have never been happier. – Bettina

Don’t go soft on dirty laundry! Make sure your family’s clothes stay clean and fresh with no harsh chemical residue leftover leaving the fabric kinder to their skin. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. 100% No harmful chemicals.

Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent

Tough Love Natural Liquid Detergent

Fresh, clear scent

Citrus Scent P 329.75 950ml

100% Natural | 80.67% Locally Sourced

(02) 224-2222 / (02) 224-2224

P 299.75 950ml Save P30!


P 199.75 1000g as packed

100% Natural | 91.95% Locally Sourced


See pages 50-53


P 149.75 100ml P 89.75 50ml

P 129.75 P 79.75


50ml Save as much as P20!

P 149.75

P 139.75 Save P10!

P 79.75

P 72.75 Save P7!


P 89.75



P 84.75



Save P5!


We’ r e Now Mobile! Only the Good, on the go Visit on your smartphone

Since the beginning, promised you top-quality, genuinely natural products and total customer satisfaction – or your money back. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, wherever you purchased it, just return it within 30 days or get in touch with our friendly Customer Service Team, and you’ll get a replacement, refund, or credit for it – absolutely. That’s the way it’s been and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Because you deserve Only the Good.



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