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The colors, the color is part of the light spectrum, and, finally, is vibrational energy. this energy affects humans differently, producing different sensations which we are normally unaware. But the people who work in marketing and publicity agencies, advisors image of company, industry and fashion designers etc.., Are well aware of this, and the colors used to consistently associate the type of product you want to get sell and functionate and do it with words, images and, in the first instance, with colors. We will show then the properties of the basic colors generally accepted


White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity and virginity. He is considered the color of perfection. White means safety, and cleanliness, faith, health ď‚ž

Yellow symbolizes sunlight. It represents joy, happiness, intellect and energy.

The pale yellow represents caution and is dingy, deterioration, illness or jealousy and envy.

The light yellow represents intelligence, originality and joy.


Represents enthusiasm, happiness, attractiveness, creativity, determination, success, encouragemen t and stimulation. It is a very hot color, so it creates a feeling of warmth



represents the earth, steadfastness, simplicity, confort, friendliness, confidence

Green is the color of nature par excellenc It represents harmony, growth, exuberanc fertility and freshness.


It is associated with royalty and symbolizes power, nobility, mistery, luxury and ambition. Suggests wealth and extravagance.

Pink Color is an emotionally relaxed and influences the feelings making them friendly, soft and deep. It makes us feel affection, love and protection. We also relieves loneliness and makes us sensitive people.


The black represents power, elegance, formality, death and mystery.


after learning the meanings of colors learn that phrases to use shopping

Read the following conversation

Salesclerk: Can i help you? Customer: yes, thank you. How much are these gloves? Salesclerk: The gray ones? They’re $18 Customer: Oh!, that’s not bad. Do they come in black? Salesclerk: No, sorry, just gray Customer: Ok. Um, how much is that scarf? Salesclerk: Which one? The blue and orange? Customer: No, the yellow one Salesclerk: Let’s see… it’s $ 24.95 Customer: It’s really pretty. I’ll take it.

these are just some examples of phrases that can be used when buying 

Opening times

• what times are you open? • we're open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday • we're open from 10am to 8pm, seven days a week • are you open on ...? Saturday , Sunday • what time do you close? • what time do you close today? • what time do you open tomorrow?

                  

can I help you? I'm just browsing, thanks how much is this? how much are these? how much does this cost? how much is that ... in the window? Lamp that's cheap that's good value that's expensive do you sell ...? stamps do you have any ...? postcards sorry, we don't sell them sorry, we don't have any left I'm looking for ... the shampoo a birthday card

 could you tell me where the ... is?  washing up liquid  where can I find the ...?  toothpaste  have you got anything cheaper?  it's not what I'm looking for  do you have this item in stock?  do you know anywhere else I could try?  does it come with a guarantee?  it comes with a one year guarantee  do you deliver?  I'll take it  I'll take this  anything else?  would you like anything else?

 are you in the queue?      

next, please! do you take credit cards? can I pay by cheque? I'll pay in cash I'll pay by card could I have a receipt, please?

 would you like a bag?

      

I'd like to return this I'd like to change this for a different size it doesn't work it doesn't fit could I have a refund? have you got the receipt? could I speak to the manager?

Open Closed Open 24 hours a day Special offer Sale Clearance sale Closing down sale Good value Buy 1 get 1 free Buy 1 get 1 half price Reduced to clear Half price Out to lunch Back in 15 minutes Shoplifters will be prosecuted

                  

Enter your PIN Please wait Remove card Signature

bakery o barber's o Bookstore o butcher's o cake shop o candy store o children's wear o clothing store o coffee shop o confectioner's o dairy store o delicatessen o Drugstore o

dry cleaner's o estate agency o fishmonger's o florist's o fruit shop o furniture store o gas station o greengrocer‘s o grocery store o hairdresser's o hardware shop o herbalist's shop o

   

           

florist's fruit shop furniture store gas station greengrocer‘s grocery store hairdresser's hardware shop herbalist's shop music store newsstand optician's perfumery pet shop Pharmacy shoe shop

              

ice-cream parlour ironmonger's jewellery store kiosk ladies' wear Laundromat Mall market men's wear shopping center sports store Supermarket toy store travel agency vegetable store video store

35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%

Complete the word map with words from the list Action Reality show Electronic Game show Heavy metal Horror

Musical Reggae Salsa Science fiction Soap opera Talk show

Entertainment Music


• Action • Horror • Science fiction

• Electro nic • Heavy metal • Regga e • Salsa • Soap opera

TV Programs • Reality show • Game show • Musical • Talk show

    

   

Marissa: do you like country music, Brian Brian: no, I don’t like it very much. Do you? Marissa: yeah, i do. I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift Brian: i think i know her, does she play the guitar? Marissa: yes, she does. She’s a really good musician. So what kind of music do you like? Brian: i really like hip hop Marissa: oh, yeah? Who’s your favorite singer? Brian: Jay-Z. do you like him? Marissa: no, I don’t. I don’t like hip hop very much.

OBJECT PRONOUNS ME YOU HIM HER IT US THEM Do you like country music? Yes, i do. I love it. No, i don’t. I don’t like it very much  Does she play the piano? Yes, she does. She plays very well. No, she doesn’t. she doesn’t play an instrument 

Do they like Green Day? Yes, they do. They like them a lot. No, they don’t. they don’t like them at all,  What kind of music do you like? I really like hip hop  What does she play? She plays the guitar  Who do they like? They like Cold Play 

1. A: I like Kings of Leon a lot. ____ you know _____ ? B: yes, I ____, and I love this song. Let’s dowload_____. 2. A: _____ you like science fiction movies? B: Yes, I _____. I like_____ very much. 3. A: ________ Kevin and Emma like soap operas? B: Kevin_____ , but Emma ______. She hates _____. 4. A: what kind of music______ Noriko like? B: classical music. She loves yo-yo Ma. A: yeah, he’s amazing. I like_____ a lot.

Do you like TV?  What programs do you like?  Do you like video games?  What games do you like?  Do you play a musical instrument?  What instrument do you play? 

GROUP WORK Write five questions about entertainment and entertainers. 

Then ask and answer your questions in groups.

What kinds of … do you like? (music, TV programs, video games)

Do you like …? (reggea game shows, action movies)

Who´s your favorite …? (Singer, actor, athete)

Our Group Favorites  What´s your favorite kind of …?  Music _____________________  Movie _____________________  TV program ________________  What´s your favorite …?  Song ______________________  Movie _____________________  Video game ________________  Who´s your favorite …?  Singer _____________________  actor ______________________  Athlete ____________________

 

Listen and practice. Listen to Dave and Susan at the soccer match. Which team does each person like?

Dave: I have tickets to the soccer match on Friday night. Would you like to go? Susan: Thanks. I´d love to. What time does it start? Dave: At 8:00. Susan: That sounds great. So do you want to have dinner at 6:00? Dave: Uh, I´d like to, but I have to work late. Susan: Oh, that´s OK Let´s just meet at the stadium before The match, around 7:30. Dave: OK. Why don´t we meet at the gate? Susan: That sounds fine. See you there.

      

Would; verb + to + verb Would you like to go out on Friday? Yes, I would. Yes, I´d love to. Thanks.

Would you like to go to soccer match? I´d like to, but I have to work late. I´d like to, but I need to sabe Money. I´d like to, but I want to visit my parents.

Contraction I´d= I would

1. A: I have tickets to the baseball game on Saturday.would you like to go? B:________________________________________________________ 2. A: would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night? B:________________________________________________________ 3. A: would you like to go to a pop concert with me this weekend B:________________________________________________________ 4. A:________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ B: yes, I`d love to. Thank you! 5. A:________________________________________________________ B:well. I`d like to, but I have to study 6. A:_________________________________________________________ B: yes, I would. They`re my favorite band


What does this text message say?

Text message abbreviations

M= U= R= C= 4= 2=

am you are see for to

L8 = W8 = GR8 = THX = LUV = NITE=

late wait great thanks love night

GROUP WORK Write a text message to each person in your group. Then Exchange messages. Write a response to each message.

Scan the article and look at the pictures. In what year did each event take place?

She has many hit singles and several Grammy awards. With her band the Black Eyed Peas. She has fans all. Over the world. She´s a Singer, a rapper, a songwriter, A fashion designer, and an actress. Her name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, but her fans call her Fergie.

1975 Fergie is born on March 27 in California.

1984 Fergie starts acting, doing the voice of Sally in the peanuts cartoons. She also stars in the popular TV show Kids Incorporated, with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

1991 Fergie forms the all-female band Wild Orchid.

2003 Fergie records a song with the band Black Eyed Peas. The ban Likes her, and she records five more songo n the álbum.

2004 Fergie joins the Black Eyed Peas.

2005 Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas win their first Grammy award for “Let´s Get It Started.”

2006 Fergie makes a solo álbum and has six bing hits. “Big Girls Don´t Cry” is her first worldwide number one single.

2008 Fergie records “ That Ain´t Cool” with Japanese R&B singer kumi koda. She becomes famous in Japan.

2009 Fergie acts and sings in the movie Nine.

Read the article. Then number these sentences from 1 ( first event ) to 8 ( last event ). _______ a. She sings at the World Cup concert. _______ b. She is born in California. _______ c. She acts and sings in a movie. _______ d. Her band wins its first Grammy. _______ e. She forms her first band. _______ f. She i son TV with Jennifer Love Hewitt. _______ g. She becomes very popular in Japan. _______ h. She has her first worldwide number one song.

Dear Reader: We have reached the end of this small English guide, hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot. Until next time PS: Always remember to practice English anywhere situation because English is fun.


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