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AIESEC Oman Internship Program, 2013

“The global youth network that impacts the world through leadership development experiences”

AIESEC in Oman | PO Box 1055 Al-Athaibah, Postcode 130, Muscat, Oman Phone: +968 961 88 473 | |

CONTENTS A history of 65 years

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Why Global Talent? The Process

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AIESEC | A history of 65 years “Present in over 124 countries and territories and with over 80,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC strives toward our original goal “peace and fulfillment of humankind potential” through exchange and youth’s soft skills development. We continue to be dedicated to cultural understanding and, by forging a new generation of leaders who are passionate about our causes, believe the next 65 years of our history will be still more distinguished than the first”

Fact Sheet 124





international internships


volunteer experiences


leadership expereinces


conferences annually

AIESEC Oman AIESEC in Oman was established in 2008, and since then we’ve delivered membership experiences to over 400 locals and realized 150+ international youth exchanges. Currently AIESEC Oman has 100+ student-members who study in the ledaing universities of the Sultanate, including Sultan Quaboos University, College of Banking and Financial Studies, Middle Eastern College, Waljat College, Higher College of Technology, Sohar University. AIESEC in Oman is a not-for-profit, international, and non-governmental organization by Omani youth to develop Omani youth, becoming the future leaders the Sultanate needs.  Our members achieve this through conferences and managing operations in a business-world manner. Our activities in Oman involve proividing international volunteer and professional internship opprtunties.


We make it easy to source interns from abroad WHY?

AIESEC offers international talent sourcing service – our Global Talent Program – by which organizations gain access to a pool of trainee candidates from around the world. Through a customized needs assessment, we guarantee the provision of highly qualified individuals.


1. We collaborate with you to create the job description 2. We filter and select the best candidates from an over 115 countries’ network 3. We provide health insurance and housing arrangements. 4. We maintain a support system throughout the length of the internship


1. Acquire special technical and language skills for project-based needs. 2. Gain international market knowledge for current or future international operations. 3. Train international talent domestically. 4. Develop your leadership pipeline for satellite offices.

AIESEC interns are not included the Omanization polices due to the support of Ministry of Higher Education, which recognizes the organization as a high value adder to the experience and development of young professionals




*The amount of 500 RO should be paid, 450 RO for the intern maintenance and 50 RO for administrative costs. AIESEC allocates the intern, provides cultural guide and takes care of visa issues.


AIESEC Internship Program Possible Job Description  -> Advanced Teaching

 -> Child (Youth) Education  -> Foreign Languages Education   -> Introductory Teaching   -> Linguistics -> Subjects Education

Intern Global Supply H.E. Dr. Abdullah Al Sarmi

Undersecretary - Ministry of Higher Education

Sultanate of Oman

“AIESEC gives Omani Businesses the chance to access an international talent pool to fulfil their business needs in temporary roles while building future local capacity.”

Why do we have the best profiles ? -> Language advantage -> Stable channel for needed HR -> Cost effectiveness -> Interns with relatively great soft skills due to AIESEC experience or AIESEC selection


AIESEC Internship Program Possible Job Description Advertising + Public Relations <- Brand & Trademark Management  <Consumer + Buyer Behavior <Customer Relationship Management <-   Import & Export <-   International Marketing <Market Research & Evaluation <-   Product Planning, Development & Control <Retail + Sales Marketing <-

Intern Global Supply Nelson Mandela President South Africa 1994-1999

“I commend AIESEC´s continuing efforts to develop the future business leadership of our country”

Why do we have the best profiles ? Language and culture advantage <Geography presence of AIESEC <Quality of intern’s communication skills and <experience in marketing field Cost effectiveness <AIESEC experience and leadership qualification <-


AIESEC Internship Program Possible Job Description -> Auditing   -> Cost accounting   -> Financial accounting   -> Introductory accounting   -> Managerial accounting   -> Purchasing   -> Social & Ethical Editing-Reporting   -> Social Accounting   -> Taxation

Intern Global Supply The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 2003

“AIESEC has an impressive record in promoting closer links between education and industry through their exchange internship programmes. The work of AIESEC is crucial in giving

Why do we have the best profiles ?

the opprtunity for dialog

Long term talent pipeline benefits with high quality

and cooperation between young people most likely to shape the future of their countries in the future.”

interns posessing: -> Specific academic background and working experience -> Great soft skills and value set ->Cost effectiveness -> International market understanding


AIESEC Internship Program Possible Job Description Web Development and Management <Software Development and Programming <Database Management <Systems Analysis and Design <Network Management & Data Transmission <Software Development and Programming <Systems Analysis and Design <Mobile Technology <-

Intern Global Supply Martin Alvarez, General Manager DELL Central America

â&#x20AC;&#x153;AIESEC is an organization that develops our more valuable resource: the people.I have seen through years how the passion and energy of this organization

Why do we have the best profiles ? Language advantage <High quality professionals <-

have formed leaders in all over the world, one of them is meâ&#x20AC;?

Cost effectiveness <Interntional experience <Interns from the best universities worldwide <Interns with specific academic background and <working experience 7

AIESEC Internship Program Possible Job Description -> Automotive Engineering -> Civil Engineering -> Chemical Engineering -> Electrical Engineering -> Electronics Engineering -> Environmental Engineering -> Industrial Engineering -> Telecommunications Engineering

Intern Global Supply Jimmy Carter, President of USA, 199771981

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The work of AIESEC has contributed to the growth of understanding, the exchange of information, and the recognition of legitimate interests among organizations doing business throughout a major part of the world.â&#x20AC;?

Why do we have the best profiles ? -> Quality of interns from Top universities (background, communication skills, ability and experience in marketing field) -> Geographic presence of AIESEC -> Language and culture advantage -> Cost effectiveness


OUR PARTNES National Gold Partners

National Media Partner

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National Knowledge Partner

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AIESEC in Oman | PO Box 1055 Al-Athaibah, Postcode 130, Muscat, Oman Phone: +968 961 88 473 | |

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