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Summer 2005

Sentillion + Identix   See Increased ®

Adoption of Biometrics in Healthcare Industry


wo years and 29 customers later, Sentillion and Identix® have successfully blazed a trail in establishing biometrics as a viable authentication technology in the healthcare industry. What sets the Sentillion/Identix solution apart from the rest? According to Paul Roscoe, Sentillion Senior Vice President, Field Operations, it is the single platform-integrated solution offering from two industry leaders with the reputation and track record in deploying the solution. “Healthcare organizations are looking for a single one-stop shop for their identity and access management deployments. This includes stronger authentication technologies in the form of biometrics, Single Sign-On, Context Management, User Provisioning and Privacy Management. Through the Sentillion/Identix partnership we are able to offer a single platform approach to customers allowing them to focus less on worrying about integrating technology and more on their core business. Customers feel great about the solution and they are saying that it has revolutionized the industry,” said Mr. Roscoe.

According to Bill Spooner, Senior Vice President and CIO of Sharp HealthCare, one of the largest users of the Vergence/ BioLogon solution, single sign-on and context management has made their clinical workflows more efficient and the use of biometrics enhanced their authentication methods and eliminated the need for users to remember any passwords at all. Other users of the Vergence/BioLogon solution are New Brunswick Health Authorities, Cleveland Clinic Health System, Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services as well as 25 other healthcare organizations.

and helping them be productive while ensuring system security and patient confidentiality. This process is known as user provisioning. Sentillion introduced in 2004, Provisioning Manager, which automates user account creation, account updating and, when necessary, the termination of accounts. As for the Vergence AuthenticatorIdentix BioLogon solution, one exciting new initiative is to combine proximity technology, which identifies a user, with biometrics to authenticate the user. This combination delivers a “no touch” sign-on process. This is particularly useful in the caregiver environment where users have little time to focus on logging in.

Now, Sentillion and Identix are ready to face the next identity and access management challenge as momentum shifts to solutions that will enable healthcare organizations to manage their complex healthcare user base and associated applications while meeting their needs for knowing who the users are

“Healthcare organizations are understanding the value of IT in the clinical delivery process. They recognize the benefits of Electronic Health Records. They also realize that in order to truly achieve that, caregiver access needs to be considered and made easy for users to log into systems,” said Mr. Roscoe.

Sentillion’s product, called Vergence simplifies access to healthcare applications and was designed specifically to meet the productivity, privacy and security needs of hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare providers. The integration of Identix® BioLogon® fingerprint authentication software with single sign-on technology enabled doctors, nurses, and other caregivers to gain immediate access to their healthcare systems using a touch of their finger, without having to sign into each clinical application individually.

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Mobile Identification: Hennepin County Sheriff Recognized as National Sheriff of the Year

Customer Service: Our Customers’ Success is Our Success

Product Spotlight: BioLogon® Improves Security and Reduces Costs

FaceIt Technology Helps Swedish ePassports Become ICAO Compliant


Biometric SOLUTIONS That Work

Implementing solutions and supporting our customers is what makes us the industry leader


mplementing a biometrics solution is not as simple as installing a fingerprint reader and a piece of software on a PC. In fact, we all know that in order to be successful, careful planning of the overall system and customer environment must be done up front, especially when dealing with the enterprise. As more and more government agencies and corporate entities look to implement large-scale solutions, the experience and expertise that we have gained over the last 20+ years along with our role in developing industry standards, is proving invaluable.

? = Hennepin County Sheriff Patrick McGowan Recognized as National Sheriff of the Year! Major Identix® customer recognized for leading his agency into the future. The National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) recently recognized Sheriff McGowan as “Sheriff of the Year.” Meeting the high NSA standards, Sheriff McGowan is revolutionizing the effectiveness of his department and Minnesota law enforcement. IBIS is one example of the Sheriff’s leadership. Since 1999, Sheriff McGowan has been involved in spearheading this mobile identification project, which helps to identify subjects in the field, making officers more effective. Today, Hennepin County leads the way with the largest deployment of IBIS units in the U.S.

In the biometrics world, it is true that technology plays a critical role in the success of any program. But, perhaps equally important, is understanding how to effectively build a biometric solution that reduces the need for integrating multiple components, speeds the implementation process and minimizes risk as system needs grow and change. Providing a win-win, standards-based offering that benefits integrators and end users alike is what has positioned Identix to be more competitive in the marketplace. Take the healthcare industry for example, where Identix has teamed with Sentillion to provide a cutting-edge, biometrically-enabled single sign-on solution. Or in the mobile identification space, where Identix was the first to market a remote identification device that allows officers to save time and maximize resources by being

Identix® IBIS System continues to grow at Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office IBIS System brings Mobile ID to Minnesota. From November 2001 to date, the IBIS System has been used to conduct over 4,000 searches of individuals stopped at remote locations, many of whom had false or no ID and lied about their identity. By using a handheld device that captures forensic quality fingerprints and photos, being able to tap into multiple databases – such as the state AFIS and the warrants and arrest databases – and getting real time results in less than three minutes wirelessly, the IBIS System is changing the way that Minnesota law enforcement deals with random encounters, in which up to 40% of people claim to have no identification.

able to identify someone in the field who claims to have no identification on them. Our success with the Department of State in implementing the largest facial recognition system in the world is another example of how Identix has worked with our customers to ensure successful outcomes. Our success is attributable to providing superior solutions, but also being able to service our customers in a way that helps to ensure their investment goes a long way. This is what separates Identix from the others. At Identix, we are more than a vendor. We have trusted relationships with our customers at all levels. We take great pride in our ability to partner with our customers. And we have demonstrated a proven ability to build and deploy large-scale complex biometric systems that work. And, at the end of the day this is what we believe matters the most to our customers. Superior algorithms and cutting-edge technology will always be crucial elements for biometrics and it is our foundation for success, but implementing solutions and supporting our customers is what makes us the industry leaders that we are. — Regards, Joseph J. Atick, President and CEO

Hennepin County initially deployed 23 IBIS handhelds in November 2001 which resulted in 679 remote searches and 110 hits in an 18 month period (November 2001 – July 2003). In August 2003, the Hennepin County mobile ID program was expanded; existing handhelds were upgraded and an additional 50 IBIS handhelds were deployed. Today, a total of 35 agencies within Hennepin County are participating in the mobile ID program, which has resulted in over 4,000 searches and the identification of over 950 suspects in the field. Database search capability has also been expanded to provide access to the MN Law Enforcement Management System (LEMS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Projects are underway to read driver’s licenses and provide citation support.

For law enforcement, this has a direct impact on their effectiveness. “Today we are catching people that previously were able to slip through our system. The IBIS System is an important tool in our everyday battle against crime,” Sheriff Patrick McGowan said. The program was deemed so successful that it was adapted for a jail registration environment. Since January 2004, more than 14,000 searches have resulted in 10,900 identifications, a testament to the extremely high rate of recidivism and the value that IBIS adds in speeding up the identification process when individuals are processed in corrections facilities.

Product Spotlight



Improves Security and Reduces Costs


anaging passwords for network security is no longer an issue of mere convenience. Government agencies and corporations know that there are inherent risks in fraudulent network access. Users must have access to these networks and applications to be productive yet, security is paramount to ensure the integrity of data and intellectual capital. Passwords alone do not suffice. User authentication with BioLogon® software greatly simplifies login and password management.

With BioLogon®, administrators have the ability to centrally configure all workstations and user policies from any workstation. Workstations within a single domain can be configured with a compatible fingerprint reader, like a BioTouch® USB 200. Centralized credential management provides the ability for customized network and security policies and allows enrolled users the flexibility to log on to their Windows and Novell domains from any fingerprint-enabled workstation on the network. Once an organization has switched to BioLogon the benefits in terms of convenience and cost-savings are immediately visible. Users experience the same log

on interface for all their applications and platforms, even when logging on at another workstation. Since the application supports both PCs and thin clients, BioLogon brings security and convenience to all users in an enterprise– regardless of whether the environment is Windows or Citrix, or a blend of both. IT departments find it much easier to enroll users and experience greater productivity as help desk resources are no longer monopolized with password reset requests. BioLogon enhances enterprise security because unlike a password, a fingerprint cannot be shared with another registered user. An audit trail ties a person to a transaction, making identity fraud highly unlikely. And, for organizations seeking the ultimate in security, multi-factor authentication can be employed to further protect credentialing. BioLogon can also be embedded into third party applications to provide strong authentication into single sign on and other applications. A Software Developer Kit is provided along with the standard software, making it quick and easy to extend the benefits of BioLogon to custom Windows applications and building a unique differentiator to other offerings on the market.

The Benefits of Biometric Authentication Reduces Costs • Fewer password-word resets means fewer help desk calls resulting in immediate cost savings

Our Customers’ Success is Our Success …

• Ability to easily combine fingerprint biometrics, smart cards and passwords for multi-factor authentication

Prior to the sale, a lot of effort goes into understanding customer needs and project requirements. Responsibility for getting that information and strengthening the rapport with our customers usually lies with our pre-sales engineering team. Pre-sales engineers translate customer requirements into technical proposals, custom solutions and off-the-shelf product sales. They act as a bridge between the customer, on one side, and our product management, proposal management and engineering teams on the other, creating project plans and timeframes that will make a solution complete and successful.

The BioLogon® Difference


More Convenient • Fingerprint access to enabled applications and supported platforms in a single-step • No passwords to remember Enhances Security • Biometrics provide stronger authentication versus passwords alone – security and convenience under one umbrella

Flexibility: BioLogon provides flexible and granular account and resource management, allowing you to control how network resources are accessed and by whom. SDK Interfaces: BioLogon allows any third party to quickly embed biometric authentication that is fully integrated with existing Active Directory services. Simplicity: BioLogon’s centralized credential store allows enrolled users to log on quickly to shared resources from any workstation within the domain. User biometric account credentials are easily established, with enrollment generally taking less than 15 seconds! Mobility: BioLogon offers the ability to use biometric credentials from remote locations. The remote access feature stores biometric information locally, authenticates users and establishes connections. Security: BioLogon software is a comprehensive security application that uses Identix’ advanced fingerprint technology for credential authentication

Kirsten Nobel,  Ph.D. Sales Engineer Kirsten works with all types of customers – international, federal, law enforcement and system integrators – on face and fingerprint biometric implementations. She works throughout the pre-sales phase, whether it is a customer that is just at that initial stage of exploring biometrics or one soliciting a detailed proposal. As a Sales Engineer, Kirsten has a detailed understanding of the products and professional services required around those products to successfully implement and deploy a biometric solution. She is an expert in analyzing technical information, adept at presenting it to customers. Kirsten determines what a customer requires from the system; expected response time, number of users, what demographics will be stored in the database, what quantity, types and size biometric records will be stored, etc. All this technical information is critical, as it ensures the projects are scoped correctly and that ultimately the system will

perform to customer needs. Kirsten’s close partnership with the customer helps educate on what biometrics can do for a complex project and make the implementation more effective – a real value-add for customers! Kirsten also supports Identix’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Paul Griffin, in biometric standards development work. She is Identix’ primary representative on the International Committee on Information Technology Standards (INCITS) M1, supporting Dr. Griffin in preparing documents for the International Standards Organization SC37 meetings. Kirsten’s contribution helps to keep Identix in a leadership position in developing and implementing standards, an important effort that will facilitate significant adoption of biometrics in the coming years. Kirsten has a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive science and studied neural mechanisms of visual perception in her graduate work. Her background in pattern recognition helps her understand how the face and fingerprint algorithms work and her experience making technical presentations enables her to effectively explain the algorithms and our products. “I truly enjoy working with potential customers and explaining how our technologies fit their needs and solve real-world problems. Later, it’s gratifying to watch what we do post-sale to make it all happen,” said Kirsten. What is Kirsten’s biggest challenge? “Frequently multiple opportunities arise, and my desire to always exceed and deliver to the high-end of customer’s expectations, makes it a challenge to keep up with the sporadic nature of the business cycle,” she said.


Identix  FaceIt Technology Helps Swedish ePassports Become ICAO Compliant ®


Effective October 1, 2005, the Swedish government is on track to issue its citizens with biometric ePassports.

The Swedish National Police Board selected the Snabbfoto team in October 2004 to deliver an enrollment platform that ensures compliance with international standards for machinereadable travel documents. The addition of Identix facial recognition to the Speed Identity solution will also help ensure that Sweden’s biometric passport complies with international interoperability standards (ISO 19794-4 and 5).

At the time of application for a new Swedish passport, a photograph and a signature from the applicant are captured in a Speed-Identity photo station, which is placed adjacent to the officer handling the passport application. Using advanced software tools from Identix, the photo station verifies that the quality of the captured photo is in line with international standards, and that the photograph is suitable for verification by facial recognition software. The software measures a wide variety of aspects including resolution, pose, contrast and other parameters that would otherwise be difficult to discern manually. Live enrollment will allow for paperless processing for the majority of the applicants resulting in a faster and more efficient passport application process.

The integration of quality assurance will also facilitate decision making for the officer capturing the data. “The solution from Snabbfoto, which integrates Identix’ facial recognition technology, was the only solution that complies with all our requirements,” said Thomas Wahlberg, Project Manager for “New Travel Documents” at the Swedish National Police Board. “The solution from Snabbfoto supports our vision of the new application process in an efficient manner.” Speed Identity Group Executive Vice President Magnus Svenningson said, “We conducted an extensive competitive analysis of multiple facial recognition technologies prior to putting together our team. Identix was a cut above the rest, clearly demonstrated by their ability to

provide multiple biometric technologies, long-standing experience in implementing ID programs and the fact that they co-authored the required standards. Given their strong understanding of the requirements and Sweden’s program goals, Identix was a logical choice.” Fingerprint data will be added in the next phase of the project to comply with European Union mandates. The project will also include enrollment of passport and visa data according to EU Decision 2004/512/EG at approximately 100 Swedish legislations around the world.


hanks to a team led by Swedenbased Snabbfoto AB and its business area Speed Identity, approximately 250 SpeedCapture™ passport enrollment kiosks which integrate Identix® FaceIt® facial recognition technology will soon be operational in 100 police stations all over Sweden.

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